This Didn’t Happen Over Night

2022 August 11
by bc3b

How The Battle Over Elián González Helped Change U.S. Cuba ...

“I’m from the government and I am here to help.” There’s nothing scarier than a madman with an automatic weapon, especially if he works for the government.

It’s been going on in every Democratic regime since Bill Clinton’s when he selected Janet Reno as the first in a line of Heinrich Himmler wannabes to serve as attorney general. In addition to Elian Gonzales, Ms. (not sure if that’s her preferred pronoun) Reno gave us Waco and Ruby Ridge. Unfortunately, the media and the Republican Party stood by and did nothing – the media because it doesn’t attack Democrats and the Republicans have no balls.

Reno was followed  by Eric “Wingman” Holder and Janet Lynch. Now we have Merrick Garland. Holder raised weaponizing the Department of Justice and the FBI to an art form. Garland is following in his footsteps. Lynch actually was the best of the lot, which is like being the most honest person at CNN.

The Obama regime also weaponized the Internal Revenue Service with Lois Lerner attacking conservative organizations, removing their tax exempt status and subjecting them to audits. Again, the media and the Republicans did nothing.

Now Biden and the Democratic Congress passed a bill that adds 87,000 agents to the IRS, doubling its size. Anyone who actually believes these new agents will be going after billionaires and multi-millionaire tax cheats has been watching too much CNN. People like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk have the funds to hire the best tax accountants. They don’t have to cheat on their taxes. There are plenty of loopholes and their tax people can easily find them. That’s why Buffet and Zuckerberg pay a smaller percentage than a single mom working two jobs to get by.

This expanded IRS is going to be targeting the working class and small businesses, who don’t have the funds to fight back. Expect them to follow Lois Lerner’s footsteps and zero in on conservatives and anyone who speaks out against the government.

We live in a time when most of the world’s leaders – Pope Francis, Klaus Schwab, many “Fortune 500” CEOs, US bureaucrats and most Democrats – oppose democratic forms of government. If we don’t dig in now, it will soon be too late. It’s time for Republicans to realize that Democrats are involved in a death match. Marquis of Queensberry rules won’t work.

“Think of What They Could Do to You”

2022 August 9
by bc3b

Lara Trump, Fox News contributor and wife of Eric Trump.

Mrs. Trump has a point (and is stating the obvious).

If the FBI has become so emboldened that it will stage a surprise raid on a former president, what will it do to ordinary Americans?

The FBI was once the most respected law enforcement agency in the United States. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that a plurality of American voters disapprove of the FBI (47% – 46%). Many of the comments Rasmussen received in this poll referred to the FBI as Joe “Biden’s Gestapo.”

What happened? Not just the FBI, but the CIA and other intelligence groups were weaponized by Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama and the left realize they have a dishonest media firmly behind them so they don’t have any fear. As brain dead as Joe Biden is, he realizes the media is in his corner and will slant the “news” to make himself and the Democrats appear in the best possible light. They will suppress any negative that goes against its narrative (e.g., when a black man dies in police custody, it’s a lead story for weeks. When a black man kills a cop, as happened in Indiana last week, it gets buried).

FBI Director Christopher Wray demonstrated his disdain for Congress Friday when he said he had to catch a plane. Rather than a commercial flight, he was taking a luxury jet the FBI makes available to him for a personal vacation.

But the Department of Justice and the FBI are just the tip of the iceberg in the government’s attack on citizens who oppose the government’s tyranny. Congress just included 87,000 new IRS agents in a bill that proposes to combat inflation. Supposedly the 87,000 agents are going to go after multi-millionaires and billionaires who are dodging taxes, but who believes these 87,000 new agents won’t be going after low-hanging fruit (working class Americans and small business owners) and weaponized against conservatives in ways that would make Lois Learner proud.

Americans need to speak up. The GOP needs to make the Department of Justice and FBI’s overreach major campaign issues. If the GOP gains control of the House and Senate, it needs to replace Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy with real leaders who have the courage to end the rot and impeach Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray and Alejandro Mayorkas.

Heinrich Himmler | Biography, Crimes, Death, & Facts | Britannica Merrick Garland - Wikipedia

Are they really much different? Maybe we should get Garland and Wray spiffy uniforms.

CBS Documentary: Only 30% of Ukraine Aid Makes It

2022 August 6
by bc3b

Someone at CBS News will likely lose their job over this. In the first minute of this CBS documentary a Ukranian admits that only about 30% of the weapons sent to the Ukraine reaches the front lines. Approximately 7o% is diverted and sold by arms dealers to other countries and even terrorist groups around the world.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and all the world. That’s why the children of US politicians from Ukranian companies to buy influence in the United States.

The US government and its media allies have propagandized for Ukraine since the Russian invasion. They have lionized Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy as Ukraine’s George Washington even though Zelenskyy has imprisoned members of opposition parties and shuttered opposition media.

Congresswoman Loren Boebert posted this tweet about the CBS documentary:

Again, this admission comes in the very first minute of the documentary.

Just remember:

  • Defending Ukraine’s border is honorable; Defending the US southern border is racist.
  • Ukrainian nationalism is patriotic; US nationalism is part of white supremacy and must be eradicated
  • Ukrainian flags are cool; US flags are a symbol of bigotry and oppression

Hat tip: Lauren Boebert

You Might Be a MVE^….

2022 August 4
by drdog09

… If you have any of this displayed. here or here. (Confirmed by Veritas)

Ever used the phrase –

  • When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.
  • We are everywhere
  • I become ungovernable
  • His name was Duncan Lemp

Or maybe you consider that Ashi Babbitt is an unsolved murder and not an ‘accident’. Or if you are a member of Oath Keepers, which ironically many a sheriff is a member of. Or maybe you reside in one of the many states in dark blue States listed here.

So what is the point?

Good Agents, Bad Leadership is a Myth.

When internal documents are unearthed that are training field personnel to a particular point of view that is no longer a process for proper police work but underpinnings for a Stasi-like organization.

Should the FBI ever show up at your office:

  • Be polite.
  • Take out your cell phone and turn on voice recording.
  • Invite a third party into the meeting. (Or if your lawyer is so inclined let them listen in.)
  • Neither confirm or deny anything other than name and place of residence.
  • At the conclusion of the meeting call your lawyer.

The FBI has been weaponized to be the Thought Police.

^ MVE: Militia Violent Extremism

Go Woke … Go Broke

2022 August 2
by bc3b

No major professional sport is in as serious decline as Major League Baseball (MLB).

MLB has been in decline since 2007, when attendance reached an all-time record of 79,484,718. It has declined every consecutive year since 2012. In recent times, MLB has had more than its share of problems: spoiled and unappreciative players, the time it takes to play a game, poor officiating, the disparity between major market teams (Los Angeles, New York and Houston) and smaller markets (Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore) San Francisco’s manager refusing to stand for the national anthem, etc.

But, perhaps MLB’s biggest problem is the failure to recognize its core audience – working class older whites – and appeal to it. In Rob Manfred, MLB likely has the worst (and dumbest) commissioner in all major league professional sports.

Manfred and baseball have gone totally woke and the sport is suffering because of it. Manfred laments the fact that only 8% of MLB players are US blacks. There are plenty of players of color from the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, but that isn’t good enough. Does anyone lament the over-abundance of US blacks in the NFL or NBA? Last year MLB moved its All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver because of pressure from Tony Clark, its black head of the players union, and Stacy “Queen of Voter Fraud” Abrams because of Georgia’s supposedly racist voter laws.

During the summer of 2020 (following George Floyd’s death) MLB teams had Black Lives Matter stenciled behind the pitcher’s mound for several weeks.

In 2022 every team except the Texas Rangers had a pride night. The Milwaukee Brewers went as far as to stage a pre-game drag show. The Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates collected contributions for GLBTQ+++ advocacy groups.

This year TV viewership of the All-Star Game fell below 8-million for the first time in modern history. MLB attendance is down 6.5% from 2019 (the last normal season). 23 of 30 teams have attendance declines in 2022.

MLB attendance down 4 percent as 6 ballparks set lows | AP News

Attendance for the Cleveland Guardians (who changed its name from the Indians this year) is down 30%. The team is actually exceeding expectations –  in second place in the American League Central Division, just a game behind the Minnesota Twins.

The Cleveland Indians were named in 1915 to honor and celebrate baseball’s first acknowledged Native American player, Louis Sockalexis, who was also the team’s most popular player. Perhaps renaming the team the Guardians – after one of the city’s bridges – wasn’t a smart idea. But, while it may alienate long-time Indians fans, it’s a hit with woke people in northeast Ohio. many of whom have no interest in Major League Baseball or its Cleveland franchise.

It well past time to tell woke liberals to go ‘f themselves and some of them actually can.

Cleveland Indians MLB Chief Wahoo Native American mascot controversy, Atlanta Braves Logo, team, fictional Character, cleveland png | PNGWing  Cleveland Guardians - Wikipedia

MLB logos – from first to worst … and the attendance fell with the team image.


This Just in from The Ministry of Truth!

2022 August 1
by justrand

We here at the Ministry of Truth! are partying 24×7 like it’s 1984.  Once upon a time our glorious leaders had to fret about the meaning of words…even the word “is”.

Take Emperor (emeritus) Bill Clinton…please:

It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement.”

Yet people scoffed at that crystal clear statement!  (and we know who ALL of you are who scoffed!)

Now, of course, it is accepted by all but a troublesome few (and we know who THEY are too!) that the meaning of any word relies solely on what WE, the Ministry of Truth, say it is…on any given day.  We are updating your NewSpeak dictionaries hourly, so we “insist” that you check them BEFORE saying or writing anything.  Or better still, just SHUT UP!  When we want your opinion we’ll let you know what your opinion is.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, on to the glorious transition we are all experiencing!

His eminence, Sir Paul Krugman, explained on unReliable Sources yesterday, that:

Jobs are abundant, although maybe the job market is weakening. Inflation is high, though maybe inflation is coming down. What does it matter whether you use the R word or not?  I’ve never seen anything as bad as the determination of a lot of people to say it’s a recession.  It’s above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

Sir Krugman then said:

If you ask people how’s your financial situation, it’s pretty favorable.”

When asked when the last time was that he personally bought gasoline or food, Krugman reached for a calendar from 1988…so his frame of reference is still being verified.

The point is that ALL IS WELL.  And any temporary transitory transitions to the non-recessionary uninflatable future are being well and truly handled as we transition to tomorrow as soon as today is over with.  Or something.  The official wording will be even BETTER worded…if that’s possible.

Once again, The Ministry of Truth reminds everyone to stay calm and only become panicky when told to do so…and then do exactly what we say!

And we remind you that we have ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia EastAsia Eurasia EastAsia!

This week’s Public Service Announcement

Big Brother Brandon president Biden reminds you all to get re-re-re-inoculated and/or re-re-re-boosted with the latest Covid vaccine.  He sends this reminder from his quarantine room where he is recovering from his 13th bout with Covid.  Uncle Joe insists he would have had Covid FOURTEEN times, if he hadn’t been inoculated and boosted 46 times.

So get in line for those awesomely effective vaccines and boosters!!