Be Like Mike

2021 January 21
by bc3b

Few patriots have contributed (and sacrificed) more than My Pillow founder Mike Lindell.

  • When COVID-19 started, Mike dedicated part of his production facility to making face masks (shades of patriotic companies changing over to support the war effort during WWII).
  • He has made major charitable contributions
  • Mike has been a staunch ally of Donald Trump and stood by him through thick and thin

Now it appears Mike’s patriotism and support for Mr. Trump is hurting him financially as leftist buzzards circle. Pushed by leftist pressure, QVC, Kohl’s, Bath Bed & Beyond and Wayfair have announced they are dropping My Pillow. Bath Bed & Beyond claims it’s because of lagging sales. But companies don’t make a major announcement they are dropping a brand for lagging sales. They do so to virtue signal.

If there ever was an American success story, it would be Mike Lindell, a former drug addict who became a very successful businessman creating jobs for hundreds of Americans. But, since Mike isn’t a liberal, his success isn’t celebrated by the media. The same is true of conservative women. The media always has glowing press and photo shoots for Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris and negative press about Sarah Palin and Malania Trump although both are much more beautiful.

We can only beat the left by employing their own tactics against the woke, like boycotts. With its broad range of products, P&G is a perfect target.

74 million Americans and their families pack a lot of financial clout … if they are organized.

Will you join me?

See the source image See the source image Michelle Obama | Page 236 | the Fashion Spot

Mike Lindell, Beauty and the Beast. Someone forgot to change when she got out of bed, but Vogue called her glamorous.

The Price of Freedom

2021 January 19
by justrand

[updated from a Price of Freedom from several years ago]

The first section of T.H. White’s book ‘The Once and Future King’ became the basis for the Disney movie ‘The Sword in the Stone’.  In T.H. White’s retelling of the Arthurian legend   Merlin changes the young Arthur (“Wart”) into various creatures to teach him life lessons.

During one of Wart’s episodes he is changed into an ant, and as he enters the ant colony he sees a sign that reads: “EVERYTHING NOT FORBIDDEN IS COMPULSORY”.  Even as a young child when I read that I felt a chill run through me…and now as an adult I feel that same chill.

When I read the book in the early 60’s there were layers upon layers of American history, culture, traditions and laws that insulated me and America from this “everything not forbidden is compulsory” philosophy ever becoming the standard for our life.  Sure, the USSR, Red China, North Korea, et al, were all suffering under such a decree…but America??  NEVER!

Well, “never” turned out to be pretty short-lived.  Who knew?  Those layers-upon-layers of protection have been stripped away, and now a puppet is about to be installed in the basement of the White House, and his puppet-masters will move quickly to dictate every aspect of our lives.

Biden’s puppet-masters will make sure we know that T.H. White’s phrase works in both directions:

“Everything not FORBIDDEN is COMPULSORY”


“Everything not COMPULSORY is FORBIDDEN”

For our own good…of course. And if you DARE to question ANY proclamation by the Biden Regime, you will be labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”.

Almost every media outlet has been hosting panels of “experts” PRAISING what Twitter, Facebook and the rest of BigTech are doing to censor voices and the news.  These “experts” routinely declare that we Americans have “too many choices” for where we get our news and other information.  They also routinely support government oversight of “news”…to fight against “disinformation”, of course.  For our own good.

If we will all just COMPLY with the new regime, TRUST them to “screen” our news, OBEY their orders limiting our choices (food, fuel, etc), and DISARM ourselves, then America can become the “paradise” the Left has screeched yearned for.

But wait, there already IS such a “paradise”!!

  • There everything not forbidden is compulsory…and vice versa.
  • Everything is recycled
  • Virtually ZERO use of fossil-fuels
  • NO squabbling or disagreeing
  • NO nighttime “light pollution” (perfect for star-gazers!)
  • Near 100% reliance on public-transit, and public housing
  • Full Government “oversight” of all news and information

Where, you ask, is this paradise?  North Korea!!  Yes, comrades, and all this awesomeness is coming here starting tomorrow!

Freedom to speak (and disagree), make choices (even bad ones), and be self-reliant, is often messy…and hard.   But every time a choice is taken from you, whether by force or by a “nudge”, your freedom is diminished that much more.  Every time you withhold your opinion lest you be perceived as “un-civil” you’ve surrendered a portion of your freedom.  Every time something it taken from you for the “common good”, your freedom is eroded that much more.

You do not have the luxury of simply living your life and minding your own business any more, for the armies of those intent on minding your business FOR you are growing every day.

Tyranny is neat, clean and sterile…“bad” choices are not possible!  We Americans, on the other hand, have always insisted on making on our own choices, and living with the consequences of those choices…even the bad ones.  That’s a price we’ve always been willing to pay.  I pray we’re still willing to pay it, for it’s the Price of Freedom

Russia, Russia, Russia; but Not China, China, China

2021 January 18
by bc3b

The Communist Chinese have been interfering in US elections for more than 25 years, dating back to Chinese money bundlers when Bill Clinton ran for president in the 1990s. Because the Chinese Communists always contribute to the Democrats, the media refuses to look into it for fear of what it might find (and have to bury).

Honest reporters (normally an oxymoron these days) have learned it is detrimental to their careers to investigate stories the left doesn’t want investigated (e.g. Sharyl Attkisson and Lara Logan).

There is far more evidence of voter fraud in 2020 than in 2016 when a washed-up former British intelligence agent, in search of pub money, put together the fake dossier linking Russia with Trump. While the media questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election for four years, it is labeling anyone questioning the results of the 2020 election as an extremist trying to tear the country apart.

Here’s a story you won’t see on CNN:

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, according to a letter transmitted to Congress.

In the letter (pdf), Ratcliffe alleges that intelligence about China’s election interference was suppressed by management at the CIA, which pressured analysts to withdraw their support for the view.

Citing a report by the Intelligence Community’s analytic ombudsman Barry Zulauf, the director of national intelligence said that some analysts were reluctant to describe China’s actions as election interference because the analysts disagreed with the policies of President Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner published Ratcliffe’s letter and the ombudsman report on Jan. 17, 10 days after publishing an original report on the documents. The ODNI didn’t immediately respond to requests from The Epoch Times to authenticate the documents.

“Based on all available sources of intelligence, with definitions consistently applied, and reached independent of political considerations or undue pressure—that the People’s Republic of China sought to influence the 2020 U.S. federal elections,” Ratcliffe wrote.

The report by Zulauf was sent to Congress on Jan. 7 alongside an intelligence community assessment of interference in the 2020 election. In the report (pdf), Zulauf states that the analysts working on Russia and China applied different standards to their reporting on election interference. While labeling Russia’s activity as clear election interference, the analysts were reluctant to do the same for China.

“Given analytic differences in the way Russia and China analysts examined their targets, China analysts appeared hesitant to assess Chinese actions as undue influence or interference,” Zulauf wrote.

“These analysts appeared reluctant to have their analysis on China brought forward because they tended to disagree with the Administration’s policies, saying in effect, I don’t want our intelligence used to support those policies.”

Neither the ombudsman report nor the letter from Ratcliffe includes details on China’s meddling. Zulauf redirected an interview request by The Epoch Times to the ODNI, which didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request.

Read More:


27% of US Cable Users Plan to Drop It in 2021

2021 January 17
by bc3b

About 40 years ago, when moving from Dayton to Elkhart, the one positive is that our new house had cable. We lived south of Dayton and had a decent antenna. All that meant was that we could get NBC on Dayton’s channel 2 or Cincinnati’s channel 5. In Elkhart, I could get all the Cubs games and Braves games for free. CNN actually broadcast real news, hosted by Lynne Russell or Bernard Shaw. ESPN was new. It was hokey with lots of games, relatively few talk shows and avoided politics.

There weren’t that many channels on cable then – maybe about 20, but it wasn’t expensive. That all changed. Little cable companies got swallowed up by larger ones. Rates kept rising as cable companies kept adding channels with little minimal appeal. There are only about 2-3 free baseball games a week on ESPN and CNN morphed from a news channel to political propaganda. People are getting fed up and they have plenty of live streaming options so they are “cutting the cord” in increasing numbers – from around 15% last year to a projected 27% in 2021.

A new report has suggested that more than a quarter of US cable TV subscribers are planning to cut the cord by the end of 2021.

According to The Trade Desk, 27% of subscribers plan on ridding themselves of cable this year, up from 15% who cut the cord in 2020 and significantly higher than the approximate 3 percent annual decline reported by eMarketer prior to 2020.

Significant factors contributing to this trend include increased budget pressures, and a broader availability of streaming services which account for 68% of TV viewing versus 28% for traditional TV viewing.

Live sports, once a safe subscription driver for pay TV operators, is also much more flexible in terms of consumption, with 39% of US sports fans now watching events via CTV. Only 30% of the surveys respondents said that live sports was the reason they were maintaining a cable TV subscription, down from 60% nine months ago.

The affordability of streaming services is also a factor in consumer habits. Over 50% of consumers said that they would be unwilling to spend more than US$20 in total per month on streaming services, with viewers more than five times more likely to prefer free or low-cost streaming TV on AVOD services.

Tim Sims, chief revenue officer, The Trade Desk, said: “Covid has accelerated cord-cutting trends that were already underway, to a point where less than 50 percent of US households today have a cable subscription. It’s not because US consumers have fallen out of love with TV, but that there are now more convenient ways of consuming it. That even applies to traditional cable mainstays, such as live sports. As more broadcasters launch and expand their streaming services, these gaps are only going to widen.”

The report also looks into the effect that the shift to CTV consumption is having on ad buying, with linear TV buyers making fewer upfront commitments in 2021 and ad buyers increasingly focusing on CTV marketing.

See the source image


2021 January 15
by justrand

Today the word “decimation” is commonly used to refer to an overall sense of destruction and ruin. Most folks hear the word and think if something was “decimated” it was utterly destroyed. But that is not the original meaning of the word.

Decimation was a form of Roman military discipline in which every tenth man in a group was executed by members of his cohort. As early as 471 b.c., and all the way into the 20th century, this discipline technique was used to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as cowardice, mutiny, desertion, and insubordination, and for pacification of the rebellious.

The word “decimation” literally means “removal of a tenth“. It was designed as an attempt to balance the need to punish serious offences when dealing with a large group of offenders.

In practice a group selected for punishment by decimation was divided into groups of ten. Each group drew lots and the soldier who drew the shortest straw was executed by his nine comrades, often by stoning, clubbing, or stabbing. The nine “comrades” were willing to do it, because the alternative was ALL of them would be executed.

Neat huh?

And here we are today. The Democrat/media/Socialist/BigTech/Woke cabal (lots of overlap there), is making it VERY clear: You can be the one being stoned/clubbed/stabbed (metaphorically or otherwise), or you can be one of the “nine comrades” doing the stoning! And if you wanna be one of the “nine comrades” you better pick up a rock quick and help identify candidates for stoning…before they identify YOU!

It’s essentially ‘Musical Chairs’…with more dire consequences. The “stoning” is, for now, not physical. But being stripped of your Civil Rights, losing your job, being publicly humiliated, and tagged with one or more horrible labels, may hurt just as bad.

Democrats across the country have called for citizens to rat out their neighbors. Companies are being encouraged (DEMANDS will come later) to look at the Social Media posts & contacts of employees and prospective employees, to identify those who rebel against the Leftist dogma. The media is actively calling for the expulsion of groups of people from all aspects of life for the “crime” of supporting Donald Trump.

“Decimation” can be VERY effective in changing behaviors. Just ask the Romans.

A Rarity – A Republican with Courage

2021 January 13
by bc3b

Arizona Representative Andy Biggs asks Liz Cheney to step down from her Republican leadership post.

Rep Andy Biggs
“No matter what happens this next week, President Trump’s America First agenda and movement will prosper. The radical left will not be able to stop what the president started.”
Liz just wants to complete her father’s unfinished work – starting World War III to keep the industrial-military complex busy.
Hat tip: Fox News