Rubio v. Crist: The Not One Red Cent Revolt

2009 May 18
by INC

Last week bc3b posted on the announcement by Florida Governor Charlie Crist that he was a candidate for the U. S. Senate. This brought anger and consternation from numerous bloggers on the web for various reasons and some were discussed on that thread.

The first reason is that Marco Rubio, a young conservative Republican had already announced his candidacy.  David Freddoso of National Review described his interview of Rubio in a column on May 13:  Rubio’s Party: A young conservative challenges Governor Crist. It’s an excellent far-ranging interview on Rubio’s principles and policies.  Read it!

Other reasons dealt with Crist and were outlined in Erick Erickson’s Tax Hiker Runs for Senate in Florida: Charlie Crist Delenda Est, and Dan McLaughlin’s Charlie Crist Picks A Fight Republicans Don’t Need. I linked to a RedState Diary, Crist vs any Conservative that is also worth reading as background.  She referenced a National Review column of April, 2008 that contained some information on how Crist likes to play the issues to his political advantage.  She also linked to a Orlando Sentinel column from April, 2009: Crist, Obama share scary similarities.

So we had a grass fire ready to burn–a young, articulate conservative v. a political opportunist RINO.  The spark was provided when Sen. John Cornyn announced that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would support Crist.

On Wednesday, May 13, Erick Erickson announced he had opened a Facebook group for those who wanted to pledge no money and no support to the NRSC for the 2010 election.  He started out saying not one dime, but a group of bloggers decided a dime was too much!

Last Friday, the Not One Red Cent blog began with this statement in their sidebar:

On May 12, 2009, The National Republican Senatorial Committee betrayed its mission, betrayed Republican voters, and betrayed the Reagan legacy.

The NRSC sided with an establishment candidate, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, in a Senate primary against young conservative leader, former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Republicans across the country were outraged by this action, which is only the latest betrayal of grassroots conservatives by the out-of-touch GOP elite in Washington.

The word went forth among conservative activists: Do not give money to the NRSC. The current chairman, Sen. John Cornyn, must resign. His replacement must pledge to keep the committee neutral in contested primaries. Let Republican voters — not party elites — choose Republican candidates.

This is where the conservative grassroots rebellion begins. When the NRSC asks you for money, tell ’em:


They’ve already put up numerous posts. Be sure to check these out:

Erick Erickson: Republicans ‘Begging’ To Shut Down Facebook Group

I’ve been getting all sorts of emails begging me to shut this group down.
Instead, please consider inviting ten friends each.

Michael Bates: Explaining the History of NRSC’s War on the Grassroots

Behind the Rebellion: ‘Not One Red Cent’ in the Green Room

We were standing outside the Continental Lounge in Rosslyn, Va., while the young Republican operative explained it to me.

“All they care about is getting their chairmanships back, and they don’t care how they get there,” said the operative. “They don’t want to spend any money, so they were looking for a self-funder.”

“They” are Republican senators, and what my friend was explaining was the otherwise inexplicable decision of the National Republican Senatorial Committee to endorse Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race — 15 months before the primary!

The battle between the base and the entrenched GOP leaders is now joined.

Florida GOP Grassroots Fight Back Against National Party’s Blunder

Crist Out of Favor with Florida Grassroots Republicans

The Editors of Babalu Blog Endorse Rubio

As Robert Stacy McCain wrote:

But this latest move — well, it was a screw-up too far, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the spark that ignited a grassroots inferno.

H/T: Not One Red Cent (, Hot Air’s Green Room

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  1. 2009 May 18 10:24 am
    phineas gage permalink

    I liked this

  2. 2009 May 18 11:03 am
    ip727 permalink

  3. 2009 May 18 11:16 am
    gerryowen permalink

    The NRSC SHOULD be recruiting candidates, and self funding is a legitimate consideration, now that McCain/Feingold has erased our fund raising advantages (THANKS,JOHN!!!).

    However, I think they should step back from Endorsments before the Primaries, and not dime in spend until after the primaries as well.

    I DON’T think they should be going after Cornyn. It is a counter productive mistake to make this a fight about a junior member of the leadership team. Make the fight about Crist v Rubio, about Policies and Principles. In the long run, it doesn’t matter WHO is in charge of the NRSC, as long as they are competent (as opposed to what the LAst Chair was) and Cornyn is one of the better Conservatives.
    Hold their feet to the fire, not one red cent until they change their evil ways, but let’s avoid eating our own if at all possible.

  4. 2009 May 18 11:25 am
    phineas gage permalink

    Note the decision was 5-4, IP.

    We may not laugh for long.

  5. 2009 May 18 11:48 am
    gerryowen permalink

    Now Oakleaf is attacking MFG personally in the comments over an PP.

    What an ass. He needs to just move on out and get a Daily KOS Diary or something.

  6. 2009 May 18 2:36 pm
    bc3b permalink

    It appears Florida will be the first battleground in the war for the soul of the GOP, which I expect to take place between now and 2012.

    I believe it is going to be a bloody war and I am not sure if the GOP will remain intact. There is a total disconnect between the rank and file of the party and the “Establishment,” which is primarily interested in preserving its power.

    Gerryowen is right. Until the RNC mends its ways, conservatives should contribute to individual candidates or conservative PACs.

    By the way Gerry, I don’t think I formally welcomed you to BJG. It’s nice to have you here.

  7. 2009 May 18 3:19 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Down with Crist. Defeating him is especially important since whoever wins the R nomination will win the seat. There is no need to listen to any “Tom Ridge talk” in this election.

    Further, although Rubio has stated he wants immigration enforcement plus a guest worker program, which gives me pause as Bush stated the same in 2000 and was lying, Crist is a declared amnesty supporter and McCain booster.

    Let’s not enlarge the RINO caucus any further in 2010. Rubio for Senate.

  8. 2009 May 18 7:20 pm
    gerryowen permalink

    Thanks Bc3b!

    I missed everyone. I have been hitting the blogs less and less in a world turned upside down- it is good to be in the somewhat sane crowd again….;)

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