Press Attacking Obama; Even Helen Thomas

2009 July 2
by bc3b

You know things are getting bad when even the stooges are standing up and being counted against staged press conferences and town hall meetings. It appears “openess and transparency” is little more than CrOOK County corruption.

Hat tip:

“Did someone say stooge?”

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  1. 2009 July 2 5:48 am
    chekote permalink

    Pretty amazing. Eve Helen Thomas.

  2. 2009 July 2 5:48 am
    chekote permalink

    I mean even Helen Thomas.

  3. 2009 July 2 6:06 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Keep this in mind, unlike the rest of the mid-30yo crowd of WH chumps she is the only one there who would really know the difference. She was there during the Nixon administration so she knows first person, Nixon vs Obama administrations are like.

    She’ still a flake tho’

  4. 2009 July 2 6:11 am
    chekote permalink

    Dr. Dog,

    I think a lot people in DC will soon realize how unfounded their charges against Bush/Cheney were.

  5. 2009 July 2 6:15 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Hope so, for Obammy has pretty much codified everything Bush did. I find it interesting that O last week signed an EO for indeterminate detention and barely a peep out of the far left. hypocrites.

  6. 2009 July 2 6:18 am
    chekote permalink

    Dr. Dog

    The press was too busy with Michael Jackson to report it. But the left wingers are paying attention. They will speak up.

  7. 2009 July 2 6:18 am
    drdog09 permalink

    There is a God above. Spectre has a primary challenger for his ‘democratic’ senate seat. Sestak is challenging. For all his machinations Spectre is all the way back to where he was when he was a first term Senator.


  8. 2009 July 2 6:46 am
    justrand permalink

    chekote: “The press was too busy with Michael Jackson to report it.” did something happen to Michael Jackson? 🙂

    but seriously, I would hate to be a celebrity about now…especially and older one! ’cause the Obama Regime is gonna need a lot more “Michael Jackson” distractions…and soon!

    Gibbs, btw, INVITED the Press Corps to come back TODAY and ask about the questions from the “Town Hall”. Considering that there were exactly SEVEN questions, and they were ALL planted and/or hand-selected, the Press briefing today may have some early fireworks!

  9. 2009 July 2 6:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The entries in the unemployment pool were —

    KH – 9.64%
    JR – 9.7%
    Chek – 9.8%
    Boosh – 10.2%
    Dob – 10.6%

    BLS reported 9.5% [source]

    KH is the winner.

    Me, I was out on the wrong end of the limb sawing it off.

  10. 2009 July 2 6:49 am
    justrand permalink

    the worst thing about my prediction of “9.7%” is that now the Obama Regime is gonna exploit it!! I can see Robert Gibbs now:

    “Justrand predicted a 9.7% unemployment number, but it was only 9.5%…so the economy actually IMPROVED!!”

    I hate being a pawn! 👿

  11. 2009 July 2 6:49 am
    chekote permalink

    Runners World: Tell me about a memorable run during the campaign that really stands out.

    Sarah Palin: Oh, my gosh, the one that really stands out I’m embarrassed to death to repeat. I went for a run at John McCain’s ranch a couple of days before the debate with Joe Biden. …..
    Then I fell coming down a hill and was so stinkin’ embarrassed that a golf cart full of Secret Service guys had to pull up beside me. My hands just got torn up and I was dripping blood. In the debate you could see a big fat ugly Band-Aid on my right hand.

    Runners World: I don’t remember news reports about it.

    Sarah Palin: Heck no! I made those guys swear to secrecy. And I probably should have gotten a couple stitches. But I was insisting with these guys, “Absolutely not, let’s just wash it out.” I appreciated how much care they took to help me out. So anyway, I have a little scar on my hand, and I’ve seen a couple of pictures from the debate or of me waving to someone on the campaign trail with that Band-Aid and I think, nobody else knows about it.

    Runners World: So the Secret Service guys kept silent?

    Sarah Palin: They did! And I have this great respect for them that they’ve kept silent all these months later.

    Check out the photo

    Here is the caption: Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin waves with a bandaged hand as a result of falling while jogging, as she and her husband Todd Palin board her campaign plane at the Flagstaff, Arizona airport for the trip to St Louis, Missouri. Palin will face-off with her Democratic counterpart Joe Biden in the Vice-Presidential debate later on October 2, 2008. AFP PHOTO Robyn BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

  12. 2009 July 2 6:51 am
    chekote permalink

    I think Obama comes off badly in the townhalls. He just rambles on and on and says nothing new. He has the same talking points as he did during the campaign.

  13. 2009 July 2 6:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Karl Malden died yesterday. No 24/7 press coverage for him. I mean look at his lifestyle — stayed married to the same woman, middle road politically, wasn’t a perp, didn’t abuse drug or alcohol, solid citizen, President of the Motion Picture Academy — I mean what a loser.

    Obama can’t expect any political cover from that guys life.

  14. 2009 July 2 6:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Are green shoots sprouting?
    Poison ivy and hemlock
    New lows coming soon. — Anonymous

  15. 2009 July 2 7:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well now I realized the Press was in bed with the Obama administration. But it appears they mean that literally — link

  16. 2009 July 2 7:11 am
    justrand permalink

    Kibuki theater,
    Town Hall smoke and mirror show.
    Refunds requested!

  17. 2009 July 2 7:12 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Speaking of global warming (weren’t we?), the average June temperature in LA was 5 degrees below normal. The coolest June in 27 years.

    Cap and Trade is urgently needed!

  18. 2009 July 2 7:14 am
    chekote permalink

    Mortgage-Rescue Plan to Cover More Borrowers

    Wednesday’s move is the latest indication that the refinance program, announced in March, has fallen short of expectations. In mid-June, the administration said 20,000 borrowers had refinanced under the program. The administration had previously said that the plan could help four million to five million borrowers who owed 80% to 105% of their home’s value.

    At this rate, how many years will it take to reach the five million projections? I believe 62 years. Somebody please check my math.

  19. 2009 July 2 7:16 am
    chekote permalink

  20. 2009 July 2 7:26 am
    justrand permalink

    chekote…62 years?? This country doesn’t have 62 MONTHS at the rate things are going. So if you’re off a decade or three…it won’t matter! 🙂

  21. 2009 July 2 7:32 am
    justrand permalink

    hattip Instapundit (and TheOnion, of course)

    I haven’t had my 1:1…yet!

  22. 2009 July 2 7:54 am
    chekote permalink

    I wonder if any of the European courts that issued arrest warrants for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld are also going to issue arrest warrants for Iamdinnerjacket, the mullahs for the killing Neda and other protesters.

  23. 2009 July 2 8:00 am
    janzam permalink

    A little side-note on those latest gloomy unemployment figures:

    Those unemployment numbers released today contain some chilling results. For example, note the business and professional job losses. While Democrats love to play class warfare and belittle the misfortune of the rich, they refuse to acknowledge that those professionals are the highest wage earners. Except that they aren’t earning wages now, hence no tax receipts. Get your erasers out and prepare to recalculate the Obama deficit.

    First post on the Wizbang Blog

  24. 2009 July 2 8:50 am
    janzam permalink

    Obama’s Rasmussan poll numbers continue to fall. The approval index is a steady -2.

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

  25. 2009 July 2 9:00 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Jan, there’s no need to worry about unemployment. Besides, I think everybody on this blog has already decided to secede, or least move to a state that could join a state that is seceding.

    Anyhow, here’s a handy CHART to help you decide exactly where you want to live.

    You can choose the criteria that’s important to you and your family or you can mix and match.

    Want to live where the beer tax is cheapest?
    Is cell phone tax your thing?
    How about highest per capita income?
    Sick of traffic congestion?

  26. 2009 July 2 9:04 am
    janzam permalink

    Great statistical analysis of the states, Tony!

    Too much to read and absorb at the moment. But, am bookmarking it for later use.

  27. 2009 July 2 9:17 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Don’t anybody tell MFG, but GM is selling the corporate golf course

  28. 2009 July 2 9:19 am
    durman permalink

    Now that Helen has dared to cross our dear lightbringer, watch the obamaloids attack her for her competency and age. True, they might have a point, but wouldn’t have done so if she just knew her place…

  29. 2009 July 2 9:21 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Lots of neat stuff in there, Jan

    I found out that here in Montana, we’re number 1 in the traffic death rating and we also have a number 2 rating in the number of people who hunt and fish.

    So if I combine the two, I can see there a lot of people in Montana who die while on their way to hunting and fishing.

  30. 2009 July 2 9:26 am
    justrand permalink

    durman, I was thinking that same thing! the new theme for the Obama Regime: Old people under the bus…NOW!

    the IG for Amtrak was just forced to “retire”…coincidentally on the same day that he wrote a report essentially accusing Amtrak of malfeasance! The new IG is (again, “coindentally”) a former Clinton and Obama fundraiser! wow…what are the odds of THAT??

  31. 2009 July 2 9:29 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Helen Thomas / John McCain 2012

    A campaign of the for the ages.

  32. 2009 July 2 9:31 am
    conservativetony permalink

    That should’ve been

    A campaign of the for the ages.

  33. 2009 July 2 9:34 am
    durman permalink


    No one is safe when they dare cross the dear leader…

    Cue “Queen”

    Boom, boom, boom: “Another one under the bus!”

  34. 2009 July 2 9:49 am
    aureliusx permalink


    amusing re Helen Thomas but don’t read too much into it…

    She is driven only by liberalism and arabism— and only wants Obama to move faster… it’s like us complaining about Romney or something. Details, details.

    The country will either go fast down the toilet, or even faster if Helen has her way. not the other direction.

  35. 2009 July 2 9:55 am
    aureliusx permalink

    Obama loves criticism from the left BTW. Makes him look “moderate”.

  36. 2009 July 2 10:02 am
    justrand permalink

    uh oh
    A/P: “Obama says he is ‘deeply concerned‘ about rising unemployment”

    The last time Obama was ‘deeply concerned‘ about something it was the Iranian people being pummeled and killed! You might recall he missed an easy 3 foot-putt as a result!

    I can only hope the rising unemployment doesn’t hurt his handicap!

  37. 2009 July 2 10:02 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Speaking of Obama, when’s his next presser? or his next town hall? Its been over 12 hours.

    I’m personally waiting for him to reveal the good part about a 9.5 unemployment rate.

  38. 2009 July 2 10:16 am
    MFG permalink

    Unemployment high
    Green shoots what a freaking joke
    Country down the tubes

  39. 2009 July 2 10:20 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Coulter has a pretty good analysis of the wise latina.

  40. 2009 July 2 10:42 am
    booshkindoggin permalink

    Nothing demonstrates the absurdity of DC than the Old Arab defending the integrity and objectivity of the WH press corps.

  41. 2009 July 2 10:54 am
    bc3b permalink


    “Speaking of global warming (weren’t we?), the average June temperature in LA was 5 degrees below normal. The coolest June in 27 years.

    “Cap and Trade is urgently needed!”

    The same was true in Chicago and I presume Detroit (although we only keep records on mugging, murders and non-sales of cars here).

  42. 2009 July 2 11:00 am
    justrand permalink

    the EPA report that was suppressed until AFTER the House vote on Cap & Tax indicated even the EPA expects the Earth to COOL until the year 2030 at least.

    since the mixture of FACTS and Congress-Critters is considered highly explosive it is probably just as well that they didn’t have any to base their votes on. heck, the Bill contained a PLACEHOLDER…so they were voting on thin-air anyway!

  43. 2009 July 2 11:11 am
    justrand permalink

    I didn’t realize that Obama said THIS yesterday at his “townhall meeting”:
    “It’s [stimulus Bill] done its job

    I guess “its job” was to put an additional 2 MILLION people out of work!

  44. 2009 July 2 11:47 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Oh joy! Obama is out there again. That’s right Obama, keep talking. I hope I get to see him tomorrow, too.

    I don’t care what he says, but plastering his face in public after the employment numbers were just released doesn’t seem to be something I would do If I was handling Obama.

  45. 2009 July 2 11:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    “It’s [stimulus Bill] done its job”

    That’s why unemployment is up at a time when seasonal jobs are traditionally at their highest point of the year.

  46. 2009 July 2 11:48 am
    chekote permalink


    You mean Anti-Stimuls Bill (H/T: MDefl at HHR)

  47. 2009 July 2 11:56 am
    justrand permalink

    next month the deficit projection re-cast for 2009 comes out…it now appears it will SOAR!

    and the unemployment #s will most likely be adjusted upwards

    if those two things DO happen, then the Press Corps may finally follow Helen Thomas’ “lead” 🙂 also, I would expect the Dems in Congress to start considering the NEGATIVE effect of having the Big “O” on their side!

  48. 2009 July 2 12:02 pm
    janzam permalink

    From Hedgehog Report:

    In simple words (what other words could I use) here is how I define the “Obama effect”. Any economic uncertainty that is generated by the actions or plans of President Obama and the Democrats in DC will have a negative effect on economic growth. Based on historical precedence we have a huge fiscal stimulus out there plus a huge monetary stimulus so where is the growth? So where are the jobs? The “Obama effect” is killing economic growth and hindering job creation.

    The Obama effect

  49. 2009 July 2 12:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “It’s [stimulus Bill] done its job”

    heh. That’s odd, only 14% of the money has been spent!

  50. 2009 July 2 12:10 pm
    janzam permalink

    Delving deeper in Rasmussen polls, only a week ago 47% favored Obama’s economic policies. Now it has dropped down to 42% — a difference of 5 pts. for Obama, in the wrong direction!

    The demographics of his decline portend more bad news for Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress. Only the youngest voters support him on fiscal policy, and only barely, 52%-46%.

    H/T HotAir

    I look at this as all good news for a “recovery” in the common sense department!

  51. 2009 July 2 12:13 pm
    bc3b permalink

    No one bears a greater responsibility for the election of Barack Obama than the media. While they sent literally hundreds of investigators and reporters to Alaska, they refused to check out any alligations against Obama.

    They portrayed him as experienced and qualified although he was neither because he was the “cool black guy.” While they may get tougher on Obama, it is doubtful these idiots have learned their lesson. They will be ready to follow the next charismatic leftist down the path to destruction.

  52. 2009 July 2 12:16 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    You are probably right. My hope is that the MSM keeps getting cratered and they start dropping like flies in the economic department. The fewer there are, the less influence they have on the general population.

  53. 2009 July 2 12:16 pm
    janzam permalink

    That’s odd, only 14% of the money has been spent!

    DrDog, I’ve heard that the reason so little has been spent is that banks are leveraging the money — making loans that give them back the highest interest rate for their money. They are not trying to help the “credit market,” per se, only themselves.

    When the banks finally do start doling out the money, it will flood the market with over-printed money, driving the dollar down and stimulating inflation.

    So, what good will this flatulent stimulus really have on our economy?

  54. 2009 July 2 12:19 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Yep. Also shows you how ‘shovel ready’ this program is — like not really.

  55. 2009 July 2 12:21 pm
    janzam permalink

    The media bears the responsibility of reporting the “truth” via news to the people. It is supposed to be a reflecting glass of what is really going on in the world, not a script of how they want things to turn out.

    he MSM has been an abysmal failure at it’s job!

  56. 2009 July 2 12:22 pm
    bc3b permalink

    You guys are forgetting that the world as we know it would have ended had the stimulus package not passed on Friday, February 13, 2009.

  57. 2009 July 2 12:24 pm
    bc3b permalink

    About 10 years ago those in the media officially stopped being journalists and became propagandists.

  58. 2009 July 2 12:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    About 10 years ago those in the media officially stopped being journalists and became propagandists.

    Yes, I believe that is the same day the stop using the term reporter.

  59. 2009 July 2 12:45 pm
    janzam permalink

  60. 2009 July 2 12:47 pm
    janzam permalink

    Question: If Obama becomes a Democratic “George Bush,” with low ratings etc., will the MSM turn on him, because he is no longer “The One,” or will they continue to fawn over and try to prop him up?

  61. 2009 July 2 1:02 pm
    bc3b permalink

    MSM will continue to prop Zero up. He’s young, cool, far-left, a minority – evenything they are looking for in a President.

  62. 2009 July 2 1:06 pm
    janzam permalink


  63. 2009 July 2 1:21 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Speaking of the media, here’s an interview John Ziegler had with Mike Allen of Politico. Earlier in the day Allen called Sarah Palin “a circus act” on the Morning Joe. Interviewing Mike Allen about Palin is like interviewing Chekote on Alaska’s Governor. Like our favorite loon, Allen stumbles a lot, constantly repeats himself, totally ignores the governor’s record and offers absolutely nothing of substance. Here’s the interview:

  64. 2009 July 2 1:34 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Obama himself is toast. Has nothing to do with personality. His problems are structural. —

    * He is only able to work his magic in the ‘set piece’ environment of a prestaged event. Hence the packing of ‘plants’ in the lastest townhall.

    * He lacks the ability to see, define, and act on an opportunity. The biggest one of his career landed in his lap and he let it fall between his knees. The Iranian situation would have been earth shaking with a more nimble President. A long shot gamble to topple the mullahs in order to defuse nuclear arms expansion, wound Syria and destroy Hamas would have rewritten the rules in the ME.

    * He cannot govern. In principle because he has never had to. His entire career is one lone campaign, never staying in a position long enough to have the effects of his stupidity catch up with him.

    * He is a statist to the core. Enterprise to him is something to tax. Sadly his statist views hark back to the Jimmy Carter era. Barely relevant then and not worth a plug today.

    O as a result is locked into positions that will not work, holding views that he will not wish to stray from. The Hope and Change is really We Hope He Changes. But he won’t.


  65. 2009 July 2 1:45 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    Next you’ll be telling us the marble columns in Denver weren’t real.

  66. 2009 July 2 1:52 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    drdog09 –

    Next you’ll be telling us the marble columns in Denver weren’t real.

    Ok, I won’t. But they reflect the man that stood before it. Lightweight, fake, and disposable.

  67. 2009 July 2 2:06 pm
    theghostofreason permalink

    On the lighter side, today marks the beginning of the double dip recession. (If we are not already in the latter beginning stages of a depression.) 🙂 Rainbows and unicorns people…… rainbows and unicorns.

  68. 2009 July 2 3:06 pm
    janzam permalink

    Great article after the posting of the 9.5% jobless report.

    H/T Instapundit

    America isn’t hiring precisely because of government policy. Small business owners, who are usually the first into and the first out of the job pool, are standing by the fence and watching. They are paralyzed by regulatory uncertainty. If they hire someone who ends up doing poorly, will they be able to fire that person? Will they have to pay their health care bills after they’ve been terminated? If so, for how long? Who will pay for all these stimulus checks? If it will turn out to be small business, why would they hire instead of keeping costs low to prepare for the big tax bill? Where will the market move? Are you in the right business or are your clients in a politically disfavored industry? Are your clients in health care (being nationalized), autos (already nationalized), banking (somewhat nationalized) or any energy production process which uses carbon (pulverized)? Until you know, you don’t grow, and until you grow your market, you don’t grow your payroll.

    Why isn’t America hiring

  69. 2009 July 2 3:12 pm
    janzam permalink

    It appears that Chase and Wells Fargo are two banks who will accept California’s IOU’s.

    TARP Banks begin to accept California IOU’s

  70. 2009 July 2 3:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Wasn’t there somebody on this blog always on point about banks issuing private money? Looks like they got their wish. The CA IOU’s are the equivalent of private scrip and two banks are accepting them. Smells like currency to me.

  71. 2009 July 2 4:20 pm
    chekote permalink

    Mike Allen about Palin is like interviewing Chekote on Alaska’s Governor

    As a response to this unwarranted attack:

    Palin’s Greatest Hits

  72. 2009 July 2 5:53 pm
    phineas gage permalink

    Why is it unwarranted?

  73. 2009 July 2 6:47 pm

    “KH is the winner. “!!!

    How about that! Dumb luck!! 😉
    though technically I think I said less then (<) 9.64.

  74. 2009 July 2 7:00 pm

    “In the debate you could see a big fat ugly Band-Aid on my right hand. ”

    All due respect Govna..that’s not where my eyes were focused it was actually on bidens ‘annoyed look’ that you were holding up, though had anyone really noticed at the time you would have been attacked for getting a boo-boo.

    “As a response to this unwarranted attack…”

    lol yeah as if your running boo-boo post was meant positively, talk about getting petty.

  75. 2009 July 2 7:39 pm
    chekote permalink

    Why is it unwarranted?

    Because I said so.

  76. 2009 July 2 7:42 pm
    chekote permalink

    Krauthammer says Palin is not a serious candidate for POTUS

    I guess he too must hate her because she is beautiful.

  77. 2009 July 2 7:46 pm
    chekote permalink


    My boo-boo post is not petty. Unless you thought pointing out Gore’s dumb lies petty during the 2000 race. Palin is a phoney. That is why many who initially supported her are turning against her. And she is lazy too. She got a pass for her lack of knowledge during the campaign because she was plucked from nowhere and put on the national stage. However, she no longer is getting a pass because it has been months and she still has not improved her knowledge of the issues.

  78. 2009 July 2 8:00 pm
    durman permalink


    I would not consider Palin to be a “phoney” – that’s a bit too demeaning. She has a wonderful gift of genuinely caring for and relating with people – wonderful qualities to have in a politician these days – and its one that I continue to admire. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first with McCain. Now however, I also happen to think like Krauthammer: In order to be a viable candidate for president, she has to secure a better handle on “the issues” if she is to have even a chance of one day becoming president. Taking Palin out of the equation, ANY candidate had better have a grasp of the important issues that face our country. When Obomba gets done, I’ll wager that the country will look below the surface to find such a candidate – no more fluff over substance. If Palin could grow in her grasp on relevant issues today, call it “gravitas” or whatever – she could do it. I hope she is doing so now.

  79. 2009 July 2 8:25 pm
    chekote permalink

    Fine. Phoney is too hard. But she is not the person she appeared to be when she first came on the national stage.

  80. 2009 July 2 8:34 pm
    chekote permalink


    I too blamed the Mac campaign for many of the problems that Palin experienced before the election. I stil blame them for choosing someone who was so obviously unprepared for the national stage. They should have known better. However, after the election I expected Palin to the “hit the books”. So far I have seen no sign of it. She continues to believe that her “you guys” cutesy, real person routine is going to carry her through. It didn’t work in 2008. It won’t work in 2012.

  81. 2009 July 2 8:44 pm
    durman permalink

    Seems like they rolled the dice on Palin – can’t say I blame them, McCain would not have made it as far as he did. He would have faded & tanked anyway. Still, her life story is compelling, and that of her family, and I cannot abide the personal attacks on her and her family. That makes me incredibly angry. True, she is not what we had hoped for in terms of her preparedness on the issues, IMHO. Consider me a bit undecided.

    Her story seems best described at this point as “to be continued…”

  82. 2009 July 2 9:22 pm
    chekote permalink

    I think Romney would have done better especially in light of the financial meltdown. Mac didn’t even hold states like Indiana and North Carolina. I think Palin turned off as many as she attracted at the very best. But it is not her fault. Mac’s team should have done a better job in vetting her.

    As far as her life story being compelling, so is Obama’s. But neither was qualified for higher office. In 2012, people will be looking for competence not narrative.

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