Show The Long Form Already

2009 July 14
by JustMary

Dear Obama,

This will NEVER go away until you bring out the long form of your birth certificate.

Now we have a soldier refusing deployment on the grounds that:

he “would be acting in violation of international law by engaging in military actions outside the United States under this President’s command. … simultaneously subjecting himself to possible prosecution as a war criminal by the faithful execution of these duties.”


A short while ago, Obama launched a website, an online town hall, if you will, in the hopes of getting to answer questions from the public. Guess what most of the questions said? “Where is your long form birth certificate?” The second most popular question was “Why do you keep deleting posts asking where your birth certificate is?”  Now you have WND putting up billboards (funded by their readers) asking the same question. Does the GOP have better things to focus on than this? Sure. Will this question ever go away until answered? No.


Hattip Drudge

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  1. 2009 July 14 7:56 am
    JustMary permalink

    BTW- I have a screen shot from June 3rd if anyone wants to see it- since those same posts have since been deleted.

  2. 2009 July 14 8:40 am
    mulletover permalink

    The pressure remains on the Kenyan. He obviously has something to hide.

    I always thought the Clinton machine had the goods on him, but I guess using it would be like planting an IED inside the democrat party.

  3. 2009 July 14 9:04 am
    janzam permalink

    Lots of libs and smug republicans sneer at the persistence of people who keep bringing up the “technicality” of Obama’s birth certificate. However, if he indeed was really born in Hawaii, not Kenya, why wouldn’t he simply dispell all the rumors by real proof, rather than verbal defenses????

    In other words, push the teleprompter aside and produce the real deal! If he did this all the naysayers would disappear.

    Or, maybe he was born in Kenya, after all…….

  4. 2009 July 14 9:18 am
    mulletover permalink

    That’s the obvious question, Jan. Equally as troubling as the birth certificate is the fact he has scrubbed his entire history including passports, college records, travel, etc.

    It’s like he never existed prior to the 2004 Democratic convention.

  5. 2009 July 14 9:22 am
    JustMary permalink

    It’s like he never existed prior to the 2004 Democratic convention.

    Exactly, and that is not the mark of someone who is on the up and up.

  6. 2009 July 14 9:37 am
    chekote permalink

    I think this is a dead end. If I were Obama, I would refuse to address this issue. Let the opposition make a fool of themselves and waste precious resources.

  7. 2009 July 14 9:39 am
    justrand permalink

    the ink MUST have dried on the new docs by now…which makes me wonder why they don’t produce them! Kinda like the Rose Lawfirm books of Hillary. Ken Starr chased those for TWO YEARS! Then they magically showed up on a credenza in the White House with ZERO explanation…and were bland beyond belief.

    (a) they always WERE bland…and the point was to keep Starr thinking he was on the right trail!
    (b) it took 2 years to MAKE them bland! (or for people who knew they WEREN’T bland to be silenced)

    the point is that Starr wasted 2 years

    so while I think there IS something worth discovering…I thinks the odds of us ever actually discovering it are near 0%

  8. 2009 July 14 9:40 am
    justrand permalink

    uh oh…chekote and I agree! 🙁

  9. 2009 July 14 9:44 am
    chekote permalink

    Both Honolulu newspapers announced Obama’s birth in 1961. Unless you can prove that his parents knew in 1961 that Obama would run for POTUS in 2008, this story is a dead end.

  10. 2009 July 14 9:53 am
    JustMary permalink

    The chances can be near 0 that 0bama would show it voluntarily, but that isn’t going to stop the questions. My reasoning for posting this today was that there are Military men and women who are going to follow this guy’s lead. This will only get bigger.

  11. 2009 July 14 10:05 am
    janzam permalink


    Supposedly, according to Obama’s Kenya’s grandmother, he was born in Kenya and then whisked back to Hawaii. Once the mother got back to Hawaii, shortly after his birth, it would have been relatively easy to print a birth announcement, as if he were born in Hawaii.

    It was obvious that his Mom wanted Obama to be an American citizen (all the advantages are here). If he was indeed born in Kenya, it was probably because she couldn’t get back to the states in time to have the birth in Hawaii. Another technicality…..

    By all indications the birth certificate inquiry is a wild goose chase, as obama and his henchmen seem to hold all the cards to obfuscating, making his opponents look like part of the “vast right wing conspiracy” of Hillary days.

  12. 2009 July 14 10:05 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Obama: Unemployment will keep ticking up for ‘several months’… Drudge

    Lets see….single=1, couple=2, few=3, some=4, handful=5, several=7

    Is he telling us to look for even higher unemployment rates into the 1st qtr 2010? Good luck with the midterms, Democrats.

  13. 2009 July 14 10:08 am
    janzam permalink

    Tony — Obama puts his finger into the wind and then predicts.

    But, in actuality he doesn’t have a clue about most events in which he is creating policy to “correct.”

  14. 2009 July 14 10:13 am
    chekote permalink

    My reasoning for posting this today was that there are Military men and women who are going to follow this guy’s lead.

    I hope they don’t. Please explain the birth announcement in the Honolulu newspapers?

  15. 2009 July 14 10:17 am
    chekote permalink


    Why would Obama’s mother travel to some Kenyan village in 1961 to give birth and whisk the child back home? You do realize that in 1961 international travel was not as common place as today. Why do you believe some Kenyan grandmother and not officials at Hawaii’s Department of Health who have confirmed the records? Why do you believe the Kenyan grandmother and not the Certificate of Live Birth released by the State of Hawaii which has been reviewed by independent parties?

  16. 2009 July 14 10:18 am
    chekote permalink

    BTW, pregnant women were not allowed on international flights if in their 8th, 9th month.

  17. 2009 July 14 10:31 am
    BCL permalink

    Jan nailed it at 10:05 am. Anybody can probably get a birth announcement printed. It’s hardly an official document.

    Why do you believe some Kenyan grandmother and not officials at Hawaii’s Department of Health who have confirmed the records?

    duh, why would his grandmother lie? You don’t think officials would lie? They do it all the time.

  18. 2009 July 14 10:38 am
    chekote permalink

    It’s hardly an official document.

    An official Certificate of Live Birth has been released by Hawaiian authorities. Further, Hawaian officials have confirmed the validity of the document. I don’t believe the Kenyan grandmother because I will bet you anything she also believes in witchcraft. Besides, according to whom did she said that. Do you have a youtube clip showing the grandmother saying that Obama was born in Kenya. You guys want to waste your time and energy on this? Go right ahead. I am sure it will make Obama very happy.

  19. 2009 July 14 10:42 am
    mulletover permalink

    chekote, all your questions pale in significance to the question as to why Obama completely erased his history. Do you not find that troubling? I do.

    I would find it troubling for any public official, much less the POTUS.

  20. 2009 July 14 10:45 am
    INC permalink

    Pamela Geller does a round up of info on this every once in a while. This isn’t going away. Here’s her last one.

    Obama Scrubs the Web of All Birth Docs

  21. 2009 July 14 10:48 am
    justrand permalink

    Justmary…please make this into its own thread…I just don’t know how to do it! (I’m a dummy)

  22. 2009 July 14 11:10 am
    chekote permalink

    Conservatives seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot with this non-story. Obama must be jumping for joy.

  23. 2009 July 14 11:40 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Conservatives seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot with this non-story. Obama must be jumping for joy.–Chek

    Chek, ask anybody who doesn’t know you (hell, ask anybody) to read those two sentences and guess what party you belong to.

  24. 2009 July 14 12:02 pm
    chekote permalink


    If the GOP is going to spin its wheels pursuing this story, they can do it without me.

  25. 2009 July 14 12:06 pm
    janzam permalink

    Belated response to Chek’s comment —> Why would Obama’s mother travel to some Kenyan village in 1961 to give birth and whisk the child back home? You do realize that in 1961 international travel was not as common place as today.

    My understanding was that Obama’s mother was living in Kenya during most of her pregnancy. It was the fact that international travel wasn’t common, especially in women during their last trimester of pregnancy, which is the reason she couldn’t make it back to deliver Barak in the states.

    As soon as she was could, though, she traveled back with her newborn son to Hawaii, where I think the announcement was printed and where Barak was raised, mostly by his grandmother.

  26. 2009 July 14 12:11 pm
    janzam permalink

    Again there are a lot of “technicalities” and unintended consequences at play in Obama’s birth.

    I don’t think it was his mother’s intention that his birthplace should be some place outside of the US. It just happened that way. And, therefore, she covered it up, as best she could, when she re-entered the US.

    As I understand Hawaii, in those days, were pretty casual in their records etc, so it may have been very easy to have slipped this one by, especially being that Obama’s grandmother was a high profile banker, and probably had strings she could pull.

  27. 2009 July 14 12:11 pm
    chekote permalink

    My understanding was that Obama’s mother was living in Kenya during most of her pregnancy.

    Where did you get this from?

  28. 2009 July 14 12:13 pm
    chekote permalink

    As I understand Hawaii, in those days, were pretty casual in their records etc, so it may have been very easy to have slipped this one by, especially being that Obama’s grandmother was a high profile banker, and probably had strings she could pull.

    And why would his grandmother pull strings? Did she know in 1961 that her grandson was going to run for POTUS? I know we don’t like Obama being president, although I am beginning to think that RWY is right that Mac wouldn’t been much better.

  29. 2009 July 14 12:14 pm
    janzam permalink

    As drdog would say, “just sayin….”

    Everything I’ve heard and read make it entirely possible that Obama, via an error in his mother’s judgment, is not a real natural born citizen.

    It also makes it all the more realistic, given the rigors he has gone through, the brick walls he has errected so people can’t really get an up front and close encounter with his authentic birth documentation.

  30. 2009 July 14 12:17 pm
    janzam permalink

    Chek — pleeese

    No one knew, of course. But, it was far more advantageous for him to be a US citizen from birth than not to be one. That, his grandmother knew. Later, when he went to Indonesian, or some place, he got a dual citizenship from that country. But, it was just common sense and good practice to make it seem that her grandson was US born.

    As it turns out, she was right!

  31. 2009 July 14 12:18 pm
    INC permalink

    I’m with you, Jan. I didn’t pay much attention to this until I saw the number of docs spanning his entire life that cannot be accessed. The big question is always, why? Why all the brick walls?

  32. 2009 July 14 12:20 pm
    janzam permalink

    Prior to the election, Chek, I read everything I could on just “who” Obama was. This included numerous articles and David Freddoso’s book, The Case Against Barak Obama. It was among some of these sources that I picked up tidbits here and there, and pieced them together.

  33. 2009 July 14 12:22 pm
    janzam permalink

    My gut reaction to what I read was that Obama was definitely born in Kenya, and there is a massive cover-up to abort any claims of this. And, quite frankly, it has been successful!

  34. 2009 July 14 12:24 pm
    janzam permalink

    But, I don’t go around politicizing this hypothesis, as I think the powers that be have checkmated access to Obama’s real birthplace. But, the public knows, and that is why it isn’t going away.

  35. 2009 July 14 12:27 pm
    janzam permalink


    Yeah, it certainly raises lots of red flags when so many of Obama’s records/documents are intentionally blocked, doesn’t it?

  36. 2009 July 14 12:38 pm
    chekote permalink


    With Pelosi’s blessing, Dems push ahead with probe of CIA

    Does anyone still have any doubts that Pelosi was behind the CIA story?

  37. 2009 July 14 12:41 pm
    chekote permalink

    The big question is always, why? Why all the brick walls?

    Like what? The Certificate of Live Birth was realease in June 2008. Where Obama has attended school has been well documented. You believe that Obama’s mother went to Kenya while pregnant instead of staying in Hawaii with Obama’s father while he was attending college. Why would she go to Kenya?

  38. 2009 July 14 12:47 pm
    janzam permalink

    Chek — If she wasn’t dead then the best person to ask would be her!

    However, the portrait painted of her is of a wondering non-conformist — an anthropology student who wondered the world instead of staying and attending to financial or family responsibilties. Living in Kenya fits such a personality profile.


    Former CIA Director: No one told me not to tell Congress. Link The man the NYT should have talked to!

  39. 2009 July 14 12:54 pm
    chekote permalink


    Obama’s mother got pregnant before married. So she marries Obama’s father and promptly leaves for Kenya so she can give birth in an African hut. Makes sense to me.

  40. 2009 July 14 12:56 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I don’t believe the Kenyan grandmother because I will bet you anything she also believes in witchcraft. — Chek

    Chek, Sir Issac Newton believed in mideveal alchemy, that still does not mean that non-relative Newtonian physics is a sham.

  41. 2009 July 14 1:01 pm
    janzam permalink

    Chek — She followed Obama’s father over to Kenya to be with him. As I have said multiple times, I don’t think it was ever her intention to give birth over there, as I read somewhere she attempted to come back before his birth, but it was counterindicated because she was too far along in her pregnancy.

    These are only pieces of the puzzle — details if you will, followed by logical conjecture.

  42. 2009 July 14 1:12 pm
    janzam permalink

    I wonder if you even read the link provided by JustMary’s provocative thread, comparing and contrasting the CB (Certificate of Birth) versus the one that Obama has shown, which is a COLB, a Certificate of Live Birth. Apparently this birth certificate is used only to authenticate that a live birth occurred, but doesn’t say “where” it occurred.

    It goes on to say that when Hawaii was a young state this was frequently used by people born outside the country, as long as they had one parent who was a legal resident of Hawaii.

    Bingo! This fits Obama’s situation perfectly!

  43. 2009 July 14 1:26 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I was not aware that RWY permitted photos of his gun cabinet.

  44. 2009 July 14 1:39 pm
    janzam permalink

    It’s hard for me not to see it as a ploy by Democrats to distract from the fact that the stimulus bill is a dud, health care is going badly, and cap-and-trade looks like a disaster. The base always enjoys beating up on Cheney, and the press likes that stuff, too.

    But, again, let me make sure I’m not missing something. Cheney ordered the CIA to look into sending out squads to kill al-Qaeda leaders after 9/11. Call me crazy, but that’s what I assumed they’d been doing all along. I’m far more scandalized that such plans haven’t been up and running for eight years than I am by the fact that Congress wasn’t briefed on a plan that had never been put into action. (I can only hope the plans were tabled because it was determined that cruise missiles and UAVs worked better than CIA assassins). Oh, but wait, Congress was in the loop.

    …..The games politicians play with each other!

    The Chaney “Scandal”

  45. 2009 July 14 1:39 pm
    chekote permalink


    Why would Obama’s family go through all this coverup in 1961? Obama qualified for American citizenship based on his mother. No need to hide the location of birth. I guess his family knew in 1961 that Obama was going to run for POTUS. So they took care of registering his birth as in Honolulu four days after his birth. Same with newpaper announcements. His mother gave birth and immediately boarded a plane and whisked her son to Hawaii to get him American citizenship when she could have just gone to the American Embassy in Kenya and done the same.

  46. 2009 July 14 1:57 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    We’ll all know soon enough. When the immigration ‘debate’ sparks up, look for a 300-page document drop a 4AM prior to the vote. Nobody will read it, but in it will be the tools to relieve any ‘illegal’ of any wrong doing AND nullify whatever articles that deal with eligibility (2 and 10, I believe.)

  47. 2009 July 14 1:57 pm
    janzam permalink

    Chek — Last time I’m going through this with you. It’s all speculation anyway, on both your part and mine.

    However, if Obama was born in Hawaii why didn’t they just issue a conventional birth certificate? If Obama was born in Hawaii, why have so many documents, that earlier would have referenced the original place of birth be deleted or blocked from viewing?

    Obama’s mother was a leftist anthropology student who lived on the dole much of her life, marrying men of distinct ethnicity, different from her own. She seemed to like standing apart from the norm.

    The grandparents, however, were more conventional having white collar jobs, Kansas roots etc. It seems to me that the grandparents prevailed in smoothing over any flaws in Obama’s birthplace. Maybe this would have influenced or determined what kind of benefits their daughter could get from the govt., as she had no income, being in school all the time. I really don’t know.

    But, it is sheer nonsense to keep going back to the whole POTUS thing, as that is just a distracting red herring in piecing reasons with known details of Obama’s early history.

    And, the big question is that if everything is copasetic, why has Obama taken the steps he has taken to obfuscate track records of his birth certificate???

    He should hang a banner outside the WH with the long form fully legible if it was NBD!

  48. 2009 July 14 1:59 pm
    beej permalink

    Chek: are you being deliberately obtuse?

    Even in 1961 Hawaii, the value of having your child have an American citizenship was recognized. If Mexicans come illegally across the border and give birth in Wal Mart parking lots because of the value of the children’s citizenship, anchor birth reasoning not withstanding, why would Obama’s mother not want him to be born in America? Would she want her child to have Kenyan citizenship while she had an American one? What would the legal ramifications be? What if Obamadad wanted custody of Obamaboy? It would have nothing to do with being potus, but really have everything to do with having that potential, that opportunity.

    For a campaign that has spouted endlessly about transparency, and having a media following that easily publishes the top secret workings of what our country does to protect ourselves against our enemies…producing these correct and official documents should be NO PROBLEM. There is a shadow on him because of the appearance of wrong doing, because of the appearance of hiding something…like JFKerry and his problems…they never went away, either.

  49. 2009 July 14 2:02 pm
    janzam permalink


    I think it is going to be increasingly more difficult to pass off these bulky bills in ways they can never be read, analyzed and fully debated before a vote.

    The public is sensing a dirty deed is being done, which is why the numbers are turning against the dims. I think, like Morris said, that soon some of the more conservative dims will be looking out for their own reelection needs rather than continuing to illuminate the greatness of “O” by passing his bills without a first glance!

  50. 2009 July 14 2:04 pm
    justrand permalink

    actually that’s not correct, chekote

    US Law at the time Obama was born: “If only one parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of one’s birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for minimum ten years, five of which must be after the age of 16.’

    Barack Obama’s father was not a U.S. Citizen, and his mother was 18…thus she could not have lived 5 years AFTER the age of 16 in the U.S.

    As to why go to any lengths to ensure his citizenship…you’re kidding, right?. They naturally wanted him to be an American citizen…for all the benefits that thus accrue. They didn’t need a crystal ball showing him being elected President to desire that.

    U.S. law was changed a tad in 1989…but in 1961 those were the rules…whether the facts bear out or not.

    Still, I actually agree that since they will NEVER let us know the truth, this is a moot point. (it would NOT be a moot point if he was a Republican)

  51. 2009 July 14 2:05 pm
    janzam permalink

    Good succinct points beej.

    I’ll hand chek over to you now, as I keep going over the same thing with apparently no clarity on Chek’s part.

  52. 2009 July 14 2:05 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    I hope you are right, Jan

    Otherwise, under my scenario, the dimwits will be running Ahnnold as a third party candidate.

  53. 2009 July 14 2:06 pm
    janzam permalink

    (it would NOT be a moot point if he was a Republican) Can you imagine the field day the press would have with this one?

  54. 2009 July 14 2:14 pm
    CheshireCat permalink

    Not to worry everyone, the Mad Hatter has given me his personal assurance that he has seen Barack Obama’s Certification of Live Immaculate Conception.

  55. 2009 July 14 2:22 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    Immaculate has always been one of my favorite words in the English dictionary. I’m not Catholic, so I rarely see it being used. Thanks, CC for your contribution today.

  56. 2009 July 14 2:30 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Somewhere, sometime………..the immaculate cover-up will fail.

  57. 2009 July 14 3:01 pm
    chekote permalink

    No wonder the conservative movement is in the toillete. *sigh* All of you go back and look at the loops and leaps of imagination that you have to go through in order to make the case that Obama is not an American. Do you think that Elvis is still alive? What about Michael Jackson? Look, here is Michael Jackson’s ghost:

  58. 2009 July 14 3:28 pm
    justrand permalink

    chekote: “No wonder the conservative movement is in the toillete”

    this thread does not represent the ENTIRE “conservative movement”…just a sidebar discussion.

    the “conservative movement” is alive and well…see the Sarah Palin thread for an update!!! 🙂

  59. 2009 July 14 3:36 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Good work guys. Jan, you are very patient. Love the gravatar and comment Cheshire Cat.

  60. 2009 July 14 3:45 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    Chekote, nobody really ‘cares’ about the birth certifiate stuff. It is brought up as an aside from typical issues, but it is an issue that won’t go away.

    Let me put it another way. Have you ever worked with somebody who outproduced you while you personally knew they were cutting corners or perhaps you knew a fellow student that seemed to always get high marks, but you knew them to be lazy and not that bright? Of course you did, because we have all had to deal with these type of individuals.

    However, to most people it doesn’t matter that there are people who haven’t had to jump the same hurdles you had to, or climb as steep a latter. We go on doing the best we can in our jobs and in our classes and in our lives knowing that our efforts are ours alone.

    This doesn’t mean we ignore the cheaters and liars; it also doesn’t mean we are going to inform to the boss of our suspicions or tell the professor we think somebody is cheating or call city hall because the only reason your neighbor’s grass is so lush is because he waters on days he shouldn’t be.

    Obama is a liar, that much is a fact. That much is proven every time he refuses to release is birth certificate. He’s a cheater because he knows the people who would normally be asking about his past (the msm) have been silent. Just remember that there are people who simply desire to play ball want to have an equal chance of winning. These people are the first to jump in and and shout ‘cheater’ if they think they aren’t getting a fair shake. We used to call these people wistleblowers, now, acording to you they are only creating problems for themselves and us.

    Personally, I say we have other means at our disposal to beat these liars and cheaters, but also I say LET THESE PEOPLE SPEAK THEIR MIND. They have every right to make sure the game is played fairly.

  61. 2009 July 14 3:56 pm
    janzam permalink

    An excellent post, Tony.

    As an aside, I would like to add that this whole dialogue with Chekote was dealing with one facet of Obama — one that he most probably will be able to ride out.

    But all these allegations, the out of sync events in his life, his lies, failed policies, lack of promised transparency will add up and eventually weigh on his presidency. Hopefully the tonnage will make it impossible for him to be elected to a second term.

    That’s what all this “fleshing out” is really all about.

  62. 2009 July 14 4:07 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Obama is a liar, like Clinton was, and tries to hide his past, like Clinton did. You never saw that with previous Dem presidents like Carter, LBJ, or JFK, not that I was around for it.

    JFK had a little of that “you don’t want to know” vibe going on, I have heard…

    Anyway, Clinton lied about everything he ever did. He lied about nothing, just for the practice. ‘

    Everything that we ever accused him of,

    Raping women
    taking illegal donations
    witness tampering
    selling national security
    dodging the draft.

    With the exception of drugs and murder, proved to be right on the money. And there was plenty of circumstantial evidence for those, too. Has there ever been an administration with so many dead bodies lying around, for example?

    Clinton was a scumbag, a liar, a rapist and a criminal. It’s a fact.

    Now, Obama is behaving in the same way, except for the sexual exploits, and we wonder if he’s lying too.

    Perfectly natural to suspect him, and in time we will be proven right, like we were with Clinton.

  63. 2009 July 14 4:10 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    The idea the you seal up your records generally means you have something to hide. It may be nothing, but it probably is not. Why hide it, then?

  64. 2009 July 14 4:44 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Beej! Nice to see you again!

    Again, this issue will NEVER go away, and frankly, it shouldn’t. If it wasn’t an important requirement, it wouldn’t be in there. If it wasn’t important- why make McCain jump through the hoops? He is a usurper until he proves otherwise, imho.

  65. 2009 July 14 4:45 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Hi, beej! Missed you!

  66. 2009 July 14 4:49 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    Thanks, Jan.

    Yahoo is correct: the lies coming from the left’s standard bearers are almost unreal. In fact, some of the accusations against Clinton were such that any normal man (read that as Republican) would never have been elected president, let alone serve 2 terms.

    These guys get away with so much crap, its sickening.

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