Who owns who…???

2009 July 14
by MFG

Your cat is smarter than you think

From ScientificBlogging.com

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  1. 2009 July 14 2:52 pm
    gerryowen permalink

    That is why I own two dogs……and a hamster.

  2. 2009 July 14 4:46 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Dogs have masters
    Cats have staff. 👿

  3. 2009 July 14 5:48 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I can has cheezberger…

  4. 2009 July 14 6:32 pm
    JustMary permalink

    I heart that site. 😀

  5. 2009 July 14 6:38 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Who made who? Who made you? Ain’t nobody tol’ you?


  6. 2009 July 14 6:44 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


    great song for playing loud with the top down…..hahaha ACDC what freaks…

    so is this one.


    20 years. Hard to believe…..

  7. 2009 July 14 6:53 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Even Ac/Dc doesnt like to pay confiscatory taxes. That’s funny.

  8. 2009 July 14 6:58 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    RWY…are you indulging in adult beverages tonight?

    My cats are cool, they jump on my shoulders and guide me around until I do the right thing. I enjoy the gift that God gives us in animals. Two exceptions, ants and roaches, these are both warnings from God about what life is like under left wing, Man is God type elitists.

  9. 2009 July 14 7:18 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    heh. No, no beer tonight. A man needs to hear a little guitar now and then…from bands that, though old, actually ….

    played instruments….remember when bands played instruments?

  10. 2009 July 14 7:41 pm
    phineas gage permalink

    I first saw AC/DC with Bon back on the 1978 If You Want Blood tour, and I’ve seen them about twenty times since.

    Fantastic live band. The singer has basically blown his vocal cords now, so that’s not so great, but they still blow away any other rock band. With Bon at their peak they were indescribable.

    Angus is a riot. Main reason I always liked these guys was their sense of humor. They basically still play the same cock-rock they’ve always played, and when the critics accuse them of just rearranging the same three chords and making the same album ten times over, they say ‘no, actually it was eleven.’

    Rock bands are way too self-important. That’s why Spinal Tap is so funny at lampooning their pretension. Led Zeppelin was the big rock band as I was growing up, and they were about the most intolerable of the lot. AC/DC was a great contrast to that. Also, all these rock bands had to have the pretty boy lead singer and the stud guitarist–AC/DC has a singer that looks like he’s from the loading docks and their two guitarists are about 5’3” and go about 130 lbs soaking wet.

    Probably about time for them to hang it up, but they’ve lasted well, and their success answers their critics. They’ve never pretended to be more than a simple rock band just doing what they like.

  11. 2009 July 14 7:46 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Angus is a great guitar player. They keep it simple. yahoo likey..

  12. 2009 July 14 7:47 pm
    phineas gage permalink

    He’s definitely underrated.

    I agree–for rock, stick to the basics. That’s all you need.

  13. 2009 July 14 7:51 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    They had a disc out in 1995 or so, called “Ballbreaker”. “Hard as a Rock” was the only track that was any good, and it took me a few listens to figure out he was singing about his package.

    More good guitar though….


  14. 2009 July 14 7:53 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I don’t care for lyrics that are too explicit, but I like guitar, so there it is….

  15. 2009 July 14 7:57 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


    I remember this one, too. Good.

  16. 2009 July 14 9:01 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    You guys are babies, I saw Van Morrison, Blue Cheer, Cream, The Doors, Janis Joplin and many more when I was stationed in Vallejo in the 60’s.
    That was the breakout time for great guitarists….unfortunately it was the breakout time for a lot of terrible stuff too, like LBJ’s Great Society program that ruined black society forever in this country.

  17. 2009 July 15 4:58 am
    phineas gage permalink

    Ballbreaker was one of only two crappy albums they have released, it’s the wrong one to listen to.

    One more reason why I like these guys–they’re the only group that has successfully integrated bagpipes into a rock tune. Bon wailing on the pipes in ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top…’ with Angus answering on guitar is one of the more surreal moments in rock.

  18. 2009 July 15 5:00 am
    phineas gage permalink

    ‘You guys are babies, I saw Van Morrison, Blue Cheer, Cream, The Doors, Janis Joplin and many more when I was stationed in Vallejo in the 60’s.’

    The 60’s sucked. I’m biased since I’m a ’70’s child, but the ’60’s is when all this crap with the self-indulgent libs started that we are still dealing with today.

    I don’t like the drug rock anyways. Just straight ahead stuff. Give me Chuck Berry from the ’50’s, Creedence from the ’60’s, and AC/DC from the ’70’s.

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