Another Stunning Surprise

2009 August 11
by MFG

Never saw this coming

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  1. 2009 August 11 8:35 am
    mpthompson permalink

    I don’t believe the new numbers are out from the CBO. Anyone care to bet it exceeds $2 trillion?

    Also, given that the legislature is in charge of any final budgets that approved in Washington, we can’t let Obama get away with laying this at the feet of Bush and the Republicans as he does at every opportunity given. The Democrats have been in charge of three budget cycles now and the results have been disastrous.

  2. 2009 August 11 9:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    Through July the 2009 deficit is $1.3 trillion. $1.8 trillion will almost equal the entire fecicit for the Bush years.

    The July 2009 decicit alone was $180 billion (larger than the deficit for some entire years).

    It’s definitely time to reducing government costs. Cancelling the nplanes was a symbolic first step. Trimming government employee wages and benefits (just like companies running in the red) will have a much bigger impact.

    Regardless, I can’t forgive Bush for running up a $2.135 trillion debt. He is hardly blameless.

  3. 2009 August 11 9:05 am
    MFG permalink

    I bet it’ll be close to $2 trillion MP

  4. 2009 August 11 9:08 am
    mpthompson permalink

    I absolutely agree, Bush is not blameless. The guy did to the Republicans what Obama is doing to the whole country. However, Bush isn’t responsible for trillion-plus year-to-year deficits.

  5. 2009 August 11 9:10 am
    bc3b permalink

    Rasmussen Daily: Zero is -7; 49 approve/50 disapprove overall.

    Obama may be the best thing that happened to the GOP in years. The question is: Will the country survive Obama?

  6. 2009 August 11 9:21 am

    Talk about even more bad news from the job market…

    (Ignore that it was actually some how published in the NYSlimes)

  7. 2009 August 11 9:36 am
    MFG permalink

    Who’s going to hire in this environment?

    Taxes going through the roof, mandatory health plan coverage for your employees or penalty taxes if you don’t, you’d have to be a lunatic to expand at this time…

  8. 2009 August 11 9:38 am
    conservativetony permalink

    This is going to be a very depressing outlook,” predicts former CBO director Douglas [[[Holtz-Eakin, top adviser to Republican John McCain]]] in last year’s presidential election. “They have just a nightmare in terms of these health care bills, which do nothing but make things worse.”

    I’m not sure about anybody else, but I could NEVER trust any adult male with a hyphenated name. I always want to think the worst and figure either his wife made him hyphenate their last names or his wife isn’t a woman.

  9. 2009 August 11 9:38 am
    mpthompson permalink

    you’d have to be a lunatic to expand at this time…

    I heard California and the Federal Government are still hiring. Just saying…

  10. 2009 August 11 9:57 am
    MFG permalink


  11. 2009 August 11 10:19 am
    INC permalink

    Today I drove by Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu. The owner is the man who wrote this piece in May that was in The American Thinker:

    Letter from a Dodge dealer

    On Thursday, May 14, 2009 I was notified that my Dodge franchise, that we purchased, will be taken away from my family on June 9, 2009 without compensation and given to another dealer at no cost to them….

    My business is being stolen from me through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. We did NOTHING wrong.

    This atrocity will most likely force my family into bankruptcy. This will also cause our 50+ employees to be unemployed. How will they provide for their families? This is a total economic disaster.

    Today the lot was empty except for a handful of cars. It was really a sad thing to see. A big sign said, “OPEN,” but the showroom looked empty of cars from the road.

    As a direct result of policy and actions, Obama and his minions are culpable for this hardship–which is being repeated in numerous ways across the country.

  12. 2009 August 11 10:28 am
    mulletover permalink

    The Obama Administration is a criminal enterprise. What they are doing to this country is as evil as the worst despots the world has known. There is no punishment equal to their deeds.

    Bush was a sore big toe, Obama is terminal cancer with heart and kidney disease thrown in to complicate things.

    Pray for America and its good citizens.

  13. 2009 August 11 10:35 am
    mpthompson permalink

    I see Obama is going to have his own Town Hall Meeting today to try and justify government takeover of American health care. I think the number one impediment to this whole process is Obama himself. He seems to have simply lost credibility with a large majority of the electorate that was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Getting it back is going to be incredibly hard, if it is possible at all.

    I can already predict how the scenario for this town hall meeting in New Hampshire will play out. He’ll be smooth talker, but inevitably won’t be able to help himself and say something stupid, offensive or both. We’ll then be treated to 3 or 4 days of the White House spokesmen and MSM telling us Obama really did mean the sky is blue when we heard with our own ears him make the claim the sky is green with purple polka dots.

    I think the fundamental issue is that the majority of American voters simply don’t want the government to create another huge, impersonal bureaucracy when those already created are poorly run and teetering on insolvency. No amount of raking over the minutia of the health care bill is going to change that basic fact.

    I guess time will tell, but I think Obama’s BS has passed its expiration date.

  14. 2009 August 11 11:11 am
    MFG permalink

    From your keyboard to God’s eyes, MP

  15. 2009 August 11 11:26 am
    conservativetony permalink

    The sad fact about Obama is his SS (No, not Hitler’s personal bodyguards) I’m talking about his Stubborness and his Stupidity.

    If he were to come out in a town hall anywhere and simply say, “I made a mistake, I thought this is what the people wanted. I was misinformed and I apologize.”

    In one week, his poll numbers would shoot up 10 points. If Congressional Democrats were to follow suit, their poll numbers would also rise. Too bad for them they are all SS.

  16. 2009 August 11 11:34 am
    mulletover permalink

    Rush has described Obama’s town hall appearance as “overproduced.”

    Sounds about right.

  17. 2009 August 11 11:40 am

    “and say something stupid, offensive or both. ”

    You mean like him saying UPS and Fedex do a good job but the US Post Office doesn’t? Yeah way to sell government intervention and insult the USPO workers…. lol

  18. 2009 August 11 11:40 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Obama is already caught in a lie at the town meeting. Has the guy not heard of the Internet?

    From the NRO Campaign Spot:

    Obama Pretty Blatantly Lies About Single Payer at New Hampshire Town Hall

    I have not said that I am a supporter of a single-payer system,” Obama tells the crowd in New Hampshire.

    The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, August 19, 2008: “Obama Touts Single-Payer System for Health Care”:

    Barack Obama said he would consider embracing a single-payer health-care system, beloved by liberals, as his plan for broader coverage evolves over time.

    “If I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system,” Obama told some 1,800 people at a town-hall style meeting on the economy.

    In related news, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

    Although, aren’t we are war with Eurasia? I forget.

  19. 2009 August 11 11:45 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Did Obama actually compare the USPS to UPS/FedEx? He does realize the USPS is granted a monopoly for delivering “mail” in the United States. It’s actually illegal for companies to compete against the USPS. UPS and FedEx are courier services and perform a different function than mail.

  20. 2009 August 11 11:57 am
    brucefdb permalink

    By the way, did you notice on the yearly deficit chart that the real acceleration of the deficit started in 2007. What else started in 2007? Democrat control of Congress.

  21. 2009 August 11 12:12 pm
    bc3b permalink

    INC –

    The two closed Chrysler dealerships closest to me are trying to get by selling used vehicles (pre-owned as they like to say in the industry) and servive, but they do not appear to be faring well. Obviously Cash for Clunkers didn’t help used car sales.

  22. 2009 August 11 12:25 pm

    MPT – He did… major screw up.
    Drudge has it up now
    “OBAMA ‘UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems’… Developing… “

  23. 2009 August 11 12:27 pm

    It was really funny when I heard it cause I rewinded the tivo cause I couldn’t believe that’s what he just said… I had a total WTFO moment.

  24. 2009 August 11 12:37 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Hey, I’m not doing much these days. How long do you think I could keep my mouth shut before exposing myself? Of course, I doubt they need workers in the SF Bay Area. It’s already leftist La-La land.

  25. 2009 August 11 12:55 pm

    Well if they fire you…. sue for ideological discrimination. 😉

  26. 2009 August 11 12:56 pm

    Or tell them your a tranny or something … Rule 4 right?… use there own system against them.

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