Coulter: “Zeke Emanuel Is on My Death List”

2009 August 14
by bc3b

Usually Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel” stinks. Last night was an exception as (surprise) Ann Coulter threw out a few sound bites.

Not even Democrat Pat Caudell, Jimmy Carter’s pollster, was able to defend the Obama health care plan or the media. In fairness to Pat, he is probably the world’s sanest Democrat.

In today’s Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Obama is at -8 with 48% approval/52% disapproval.

Last night Sarah Palin sat down at her keyboard to write a new Facebook page basically saying thanks for eliminating the Death Panels, but this thing still sucks and generally attacking the Obama administration.

Looks like a fun day.

Hat tips: Real Clear Politics, Rasmussen Reports, Sarah Palin’s Facebook

ann.jpg Ann Coulter image by Soulm81

“Zeke Emanuel is on my death list.”

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  1. 2009 August 14 7:05 am
    justrand permalink

    good ole Doc Zeke Emanuel is now crying “FOUL!” Claiming his words were taken “out of context”. Of course, his words were provided in FULL CONTEXT…but the “out of context” dodge is the Left’s favorite “Get of Jail Free” card.

  2. 2009 August 14 7:15 am
    INC permalink

    Sarah Palin:

    I just learned that Dr. Emanuel is now distancing himself from his own work and claiming that his “thinking has evolved” on the question of rationing care to benefit the strong and deny the weak. [2] How convenient that he disavowed his own work only after the nature of his scholarship was revealed to the public at large.

    Last week at Hot Air commenters gave these two links on Ezekiel Emanuel.

    This is the abstract from The Lancet, January 31, 2009:

    Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions

    This is the nine page pdf of the article.

  3. 2009 August 14 7:26 am
    INC permalink

    I like the way Sarah is going after the entire bill. She has everyone’s attention and people will read what she wrote. It will be reported.

    It’s interesting to see Facebook become a political platform. She has no need of a press secretary or to call pressers. She can simply write down what she thinks.

    If I may say it, she is pulling a Reagan in the 21st century. Only instead of traveling and speaking in various places for GE as he did, through the web she can reach many all at the same time.

  4. 2009 August 14 7:29 am
    BCL permalink

    I saw that show with Coulter. She jokingly said that if there is a Death Panel she would like to be on it. If she could be on it she would be all for it. She said she had her own list.

  5. 2009 August 14 7:32 am
    INC permalink

    Funny! Coulter is always good for zingers. The Dems always freak, but she makes her points through hyperbole and they stick.

  6. 2009 August 14 7:37 am
    brucefdb permalink

    There is no thinner skinned being on the planet than a leftist.

    By the way, apparently GEICO has bowed to pressure from left wing groups and will no longer sponsor Glenn Beck (per Red State). I wonder if that means Dr Dog’s lizard is a troll?

    Progressive has also agreed to not sponsor him, but they are owned by a huge leftist, so no surprise there.

  7. 2009 August 14 7:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    Sarah Palin now has more than 750,000 people following her on Facebook and the number is growing by about 25,000 a day.

  8. 2009 August 14 8:33 am
    JustMary permalink

    Should I start with the A’s? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. 2009 August 14 8:58 am
    mpthompson permalink

    good ole Doc Zeke Emanuel is now crying “FOUL!” Claiming his words were taken “out of context”. Of course, his words were provided in FULL CONTEXT

    I hadn’t read that, but that is wonderful. The light of day is the best disinfectant against these people.

    When the “out of context” card fails to work, they’ll then switch to the “it was just a hypothetical exploration of possibilities” card. As if the Nazis and Stalinists didn’t spend decades exploring their hypothetical ideas before they came to power.

    In the end, I hope Dr. Zeke has the balls get in front of the American people and explain his ideas. The elitist “ethicist” will have a pretty tough time selling his lofty, enlightened ideas to us neanderthals who cling to our bibles and guns.

  10. 2009 August 14 9:06 am
    bc3b permalink

    Dr. Zeke isn’t a medical doctor, but rather an ethicist (you know – someone with no ethics)

  11. 2009 August 14 9:54 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Dr. Zeke is also a breast oncologist. Can you imagine going to that guy for cancer treatment knowing that in the back of his mind he was evaluating whether you were worthy of saving or not. After all, we can’t take the Hippocratic too seriously, can we.

  12. 2009 August 14 10:30 am
    drdog09 permalink

    A Reagan parable updated for a Palin age —

    [Zeke] Blah, Blah, Blah….
    [Palin] Excuse me a@# h%^$ but I paid for this Facebook page so get the hell off it….

  13. 2009 August 14 10:33 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I wonder if that means Dr Dog’s lizard is a troll?

    Nah, second cousin to the lizard on TV. He’s a conservative and not well like when Flygiving comes around before the winter hibernation. 🙂

  14. 2009 August 14 10:38 am
    CheshireCat permalink

    When Granny comes home with some pills in a plastic bag
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    Obama will give her a hearty high five then
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The Emanuels will cheer, the Kevorkians will shout
    The eugenicists they will all turn out
    And the old folks will all be dead by Christmas time next year!

    Get ready for the Jack Kevorkian Jubilee
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    He’ll give Dr Obama three times three
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The Doctor of Life and Death degree is ready now
    To place upon Obama’s Godly brow
    And he will feel so happy and gay
    When Pallbearers carry Grandma and Grandpa to the funeral home

  15. 2009 August 14 10:47 am
    justrand permalink

    CheshireCat…that DEFINATELY needs to re-posted for our “Death Panel Poetry Night”! Congrats!! 🙂

  16. 2009 August 14 10:50 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Why not just give the ‘Cat’ the trophy now.

    You need to do a bumper sticker night to give us poetically challenged types a chance. 🙁

  17. 2009 August 14 10:51 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Just kidding, I like the poetry…..well, if I have had a glass of wine I appreciate it more.

  18. 2009 August 14 11:14 am
    justrand permalink

    I like the idea of a “Brassy Bumper Stickers” night…have to con JM into it! (won’t take muc conning!)

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