Grassroots vs. Astroturf!!

2009 August 19
by INC

Grassroots vs. Astroturf!!

As more news on health care continues to break, this is a health care open thread to post what you’ve seen, heard and think.

H/T: Astroturf cartoon from TobyToons, used by permission.

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  1. 2009 August 19 11:15 am
    INC permalink

    In the Sarah Palin thread below, Justrand had this link:

    Democrat: Grassley’s fear of euthanasia in ObamaCare is an “act of treason”

    Hot Air also had this headline that linked to a story at Real Clear Politics:

    Video: Another day, another unhappy AARP crowd (Video at RCP).

    I happened to be in the area and drove by the building yesterday. The parking lot was full with overflow onto the grass. TV trucks from two stations were there. I immediately thought it was a town hall I hadn’t heard about, but at home I couldn’t find it mentioned on the web.

    Brevard County trends conservative and votes Republican.

  2. 2009 August 19 11:23 am
    INC permalink

    HT: RedState

    More information at the Stop the Abortion Mandate website.

  3. 2009 August 19 11:46 am
    BCL permalink

    Ex-ACORN Vegas director to testify against group

    From Drudge

  4. 2009 August 19 12:03 pm

    The bus is coming for the Vegas director…

  5. 2009 August 19 12:03 pm
    INC permalink

    From Michelle Malkin:

    SEIU Watch: Obama to rouse Purple Army in special conference call

    She says: And never forget Andy Stern’s organizing philosophy:

    Asked about his organizing philosophy, Andy Stern summed it up this way: “[W]e prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn’t work we use the persuasion of power.”

  6. 2009 August 19 12:10 pm
    INC permalink

    Via Gateway Pundit/Yid With Lid, Judicial Watch blog has this on ACORN Nevada field director, Christopher Edwards:

    ACORN Director Pleads Guilty

    A high-ranking official at the taxpayer-funded leftist group that conducts fraudulent voter registration drives has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for organizing a scheme that illegally paid workers to register new voters….

    ACORN’s shady quota system is illegal in Nevada as well as most states and the Chicago-based community group with strong ties to President Obama faces criminal charges across the nation. As part of Edwards’ guilty plea, he is cooperating with authorities and will testify against several high-ranking ACORN regional officials.

  7. 2009 August 19 12:34 pm
    INC permalink

    Neil Cavuto interviews Senator Jim DeMint:

    Transcript is here:

    SEN. JIM DEMINT (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: Whatever they call it, Neil, this is a government takeover.

    Now, they — they may try to call it a co-op. They can call it a public option. But you know they are all on record saying they want a single-payer government system. So, any Republican now that helps them pass a bill is helping them pass a government takeover of health care.

    He goes on to say:

    So, any Republican senator who helps them pass something with — with a government stamp on it, the way they are talking about, is, I think, just betraying the American people.

  8. 2009 August 19 12:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Keeping with the graphic theme, here’s one Rockwell would not appreciate.

  9. 2009 August 19 12:43 pm
    janzam permalink

    One thing I’ve noticed is that when one political party is in power (now it’s the dims) everybody is busy sweeping the dirt out, long hidden under that party’s rug. They did it with the republicans, always accusing, nitpicking, doing investigations (the dims are far more adroit at this, though, than the republicans), and the like.

    Just reading the comments on this short thread, canon fodder is being made out of SEIU, ACORN, AARP, abortion, euthanasia, astroturf –not bad for only 6 comments!

    Maybe being in power helps a party keep itself clean, because all the microscopes are aimed at their practices.

    As a side note: I heard today that AARP received 60,000 member cancellations this past July, alone! Of course, with a membership of 40 mil, this is hardly a dent. But, it still sends a message to the AARP higer ups that it’s members are not happy with it’s embrace of Obamacare.

  10. 2009 August 19 12:55 pm
    janzam permalink

    “When I am president, I will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely….” Barak Obama

  11. 2009 August 19 1:04 pm
    aureliusx permalink


    The mother of the man that was previously engaged to one of the daughters of Sarah Palin is pleading guilty on a drug charge!!!!!!!!

    Mom of Bristol Palin’s former fiance pleads guilty

    This is huge news, huge!

  12. 2009 August 19 1:07 pm
    aureliusx permalink

    By the way, Sarah Palin is just the former governor of Alaska, a quitter, a lightweight, and is irrelevant to the national discourse. Nobody cares about her.

  13. 2009 August 19 1:11 pm
    aureliusx permalink

    Of course the press would write news stories on every bad thing that happens to every person connected by three or fewer degrees of separation to Obama, right?

    Of course they would! It’s just that nothing bad every happens to any of those people, who are all perfect.

    Certainly it would warrant a major story though if it were to happen. After all he is the actual president, not an irrelevant hick from Moosebutt Alaska.

  14. 2009 August 19 2:08 pm

    “Mom of Bristol Palin’s former fiance pleads guilty”

    You know what this means right?

  15. 2009 August 19 2:10 pm
    aureliusx permalink

    something about somebody not being able to.. something… country.. lead… Palin…

    where’s yahoo, he would know.

  16. 2009 August 19 2:15 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    But there sit’s O’s bro in a hut in Africa. He probably turned down a position with ACORN.

  17. 2009 August 19 2:25 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Oh Levi is living it up as Kathy Griffin’s date, got a druggie for a mom, possibly posing in teh nood…..yeah, I can see how dumping his a$$ would make Bristol look bad. He is a catch! This still means that Palin is um wait….better off….no wait….it’ll come to me.

  18. 2009 August 19 2:55 pm
    INC permalink

    The Weekly Standard in God Teams Up With Obama links to a Politico post about a conference call Obama did with a 1000 rabbis.

    “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” Obama went on to say, according to Moline’s real-time stream.

    So if Obama’s on God’s team, which team is the other 54 percent of Americans on?

    Also at Politico:

    ALSO: Moline tweeted that the call’s hold music was “Deutschland Uber Alles,” which he thought a bit of a “mistake.”

  19. 2009 August 19 3:02 pm
    INC permalink

    What a lying demagogue. I can’t decide if “Deutschland Uber Alles” was a Freudian slip or just arrogance.

  20. 2009 August 19 3:15 pm
    booshkindoggin permalink

    Could be that yesterdays Greedy Geezers morph into today’s Angry Age’d. As we noisy, pushy Boomers swing into the Golden Years, we may not be inclined to go gentle into that good night of endless health care purgatory or coerced Soylent Green. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have a more urgent meaning when they start to slip away.

  21. 2009 August 19 3:52 pm
    justrand permalink

    booshkindoggin: “yesterdays Greedy Geezers morph into today’s Angry Age’d”

    And gettin’ angriER the more they tell us to SIT DOWN & SHUT UP!

    Don’t wanna!

  22. 2009 August 19 3:56 pm
    INC permalink

    Re: Deutschland Uber Alles

    A commenter at HA said, “The music was chosen by the company carrying the conference call, not the White House or the RAC.”

    and then wrote:

    “I think God may be trying to send them a subliminal message not to trust his new “partner”.”

  23. 2009 August 19 3:56 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    There’ll be a lot more of this. America has elected an evil man, not merely a liberal one.

    They will learn this, as time passes.

  24. 2009 August 19 4:08 pm
    justrand permalink

    “Deutschland Uber Alles” was the HOLD MUSIC Obama used for a Conference Call with Rabbis???? Sweet Jesus. Did he end the call by reminding the Rabbis that “Work Will Make you Free”???

    Note: in Germany it is ILLEGAL to play “Deutschland Uber Alles”. ILLEGAL.

  25. 2009 August 19 4:25 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Well, it is the national anthem…..

  26. 2009 August 19 4:29 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    well, the third verse is the national anthem, techincally……

  27. 2009 August 19 4:36 pm
    justrand permalink

    no. ‘Das Deutschlandlied’ is the National anthem (“The Song of Germany”)

    “Deutschland Uber Alles” means “Germany Over All”, and was the theme the Nazis.

  28. 2009 August 19 4:41 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Same song. It was never officially titled DUA….

  29. 2009 August 19 4:45 pm
    justrand permalink

    same tune…I agree. The “Deutschland Uber Alles” lyrics were made illegal to sing in Germany. During World War II the Nazis made “Deutschland Uber Alles” their official them.

  30. 2009 August 19 4:46 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    In 1945, after the end of World War II, singing Das Lied der Deutschen and other symbols used by Nazi Germany were banned for some time by the Allies. The described border near the Memel river in the East was now a thing of the past. Germans were expelled up to 500 km to the West, behind the Oder and Neisse rivers. Also, the call for “protection and defiance” and even for “unity and justice and freedom” was not welcome, as Germany was occupied, under martial law and split among four Allies plus Poland. As after the first war, some bitter parodies were written to reflect the situation.

    After its founding in 1949, West Germany simply did not have a national anthem for official events for some years despite the growing need for proper diplomatic procedures. Different songs were discussed or used, such as Beethoven’s Ode An die Freude (Ode To Joy). Though the black, red and gold colours of the national flag had been incorporated into Article 22 of the (West) German constitution, a national anthem was not specified.

  31. 2009 August 19 4:47 pm
    justrand permalink

    Both the Nazi version and the present-day one come from the same song, ‘das Deutschlandlied’ composed by August Heinrich Hoffmann in 1841 from music by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

    Used in its entirety as the national anthem from 1922, the Nazis, once they came to power, only sang the first verse.

    Post World War II Germany sing just the third verse, and not the lines that inadvertent viewers were treated to on Monday which included ‘Deutschland Deutschland uber alles.’

  32. 2009 August 19 4:48 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yeah, what a huge screwup, and not only the territorial losses, but far worse and more shameful the crimes against innocent people.

  33. 2009 August 19 4:48 pm
    justrand permalink

    so we’re kinda both right 🙂

  34. 2009 August 19 7:48 pm
    Sharp2edgedsword permalink

    When in trouble, play the race card. MSNBC plays Goebels…

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