New Face of the GOP????

2009 August 13
by bc3b

In my best Bob Uecker voice (from the movie Major League), “Yes, they love their RINOs here in the GOP.”

The Washington establishment as already wetting its collective pants over the future possibilities of Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO.

National conservative columnist George Will penned a gushing piece to that effect after he got a rare, close-up look at billionaire former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and her well-funded campaign to become the next Republican governor. “Although California is a blue state, it has had Republican governors for 30 of the last 43 years,” he wrote. “The Republican revival nationally might begin here next year.”

Fox News pundit Fred Barnes, the executive editor of the Weekly Standard, has also gone gaga over Whitman, turning California into a potential stepping stone for the GOP’s comeback.

“Everything is going to change after the 2010 election, when all these new faces will come into the Republican Party,” he recently predicted.

Whitman, who wasn’t even a registered Republican until 2007 has spent millions on an exploratory venture into becoming California’s governor (in the style of her good friend Mitt Romney).

Whitman said she supports abortion rights – including public funding for abortions – and believes tough gun laws like assault weapon bans and handgun control are appropriate for California.

Asked if she would favor cutting benefits such as welfare or health care to illegal immigrants, Whitman said that although border enforcement is important she would not support such cuts, because “whether they’re legal or illegal (immigrants), those benefits go to children … and we have to protect the children.”

–San Francisco Chronicle (02/12/09)

So, how will Whitman be different from Arnold?

Since she takes a liberal stance on immigration, abortion, gun control and other issues I guess Meg Whitman is acceptable to the Beltway/Manhattan East Side cocktail crowd, if not the grass roots.

Mark Kirk of Illinois also takes a liberal position on virtually every issue from abortion to gun control to cap and trade, but the GOP establishment is very excited about the possibility of him running for the senate. Kirk was one of eight Republicans in the House to support Cap and Trade, enabling it to pass.

The power structure within the GOP is seriously out of step with the rank and file. The best solution: don’t support the RNC or your state parties. Contribute only to those candidates you deem worthy.

Here’s the full article on Whitman.

RINO.jpg RINO image by bombtownmice           

Meg Whitman: closer to Debbie Stabieow than Sarah Palin in more ways than one.

Hat tip: SanFrancisco Chrolicle

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  1. 2009 August 13 4:26 am
    bc3b permalink

    Before the Society for the Preservation of RINOs arrives, I am not saying don’t vote for RINOs against Democrats. What I am saying is lets work to defeat RINOs and donate your money directly to conservatives like Jim DeMint and Michele Bachmann rather than to the GOP, where Meg Whitman and Mark Kirk types often receive preferential funding.

  2. 2009 August 13 5:20 am
    phineas gage permalink

    Where is IDMP when you need him?

  3. 2009 August 13 5:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I always say look at a person’s total experience and you will know them too well. Meg Whitman is a loser. I am sure the thinking in the GOP is she can self fund, can speak well, and has been successful. Well two out of three I guess is ok. But if you look at her ‘success’, aka eBay it ain’t so rosy.:

    * She rode a Web 2.0 environment for 8+ years.
    * Converted eBay from P2P selling to online stores. Disaster in my view and CraigsList seems to agree as most P2P selling occurs there now. Very profitably I might add.
    * Several acquistions are now being dismantled. Most notably Skype. Oh and the funny thing about Skype. Whitman spent megamillions on the buy, has not seen a payback, and worse of all? She bought Skype but does not own the Intellectual Property behind it. That whole issue is now headed for the courts.

    eBay Stock

    I certainly hope Whitman does not make it in KA. If she does she will never see a toll road she does not like.

  4. 2009 August 13 6:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    Another thing about CraigsList is that you can find “escorts,” which can come in handy if you are married to Debbie Stabenow, Meg Whitman or Airiheada Huffington.

  5. 2009 August 13 6:27 am
    bc3b permalink

    I get frustrated by these “Beltway” types who support anyone with an R after their name if they think he/she has a chance to win.

    If you watch FNC, you know Fred Barnes is as dumb as a brick. The more I read comments by George Will, the more convinced I am that he has lost his mind. Give up political writing and follow the Orioles – even though they suck.

  6. 2009 August 13 6:51 am
    justrand permalink

    you folks keep treating Kalifornia like it’s a real “State” or something. We’re not even a Banana Republic (’cause we don’t grow many bananas). The Governor in this “State” only has power if they have a (D) after their name, or are willng to act like a (D) 100% of the time.

    Kalifornia’s primary export: CRAZY! (Boxer, Pelosi, Waxman, Stark, …)

    We’re more and more like Michigan with better weather!

  7. 2009 August 13 7:49 am
    drdog09 permalink


    drdog09 –

    Another thing about CraigsList is that you can find “escorts,”

    Craigslist has taken so much heat over the whole ‘sex online’ thing you really have to know where to look. Its no longer in search or in a prominent category anymore.

  8. 2009 August 13 7:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Hey, KA is the number one grower of Weed. Can’t be all bad. 🙂

  9. 2009 August 13 8:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    Justrand –

    “We’re more and more like Michigan with better weather!”

    In defense of Michigan:
    – We’re in trouble because we’re primarily a one industry economy, the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia has a diverse economy
    – Michigan is the way it is because of the greed of union members; Kalifornia is like it is because you people are nuts. At least greed is rational
    – If I were starting a business and had to choose between Michigan and Kalifornia, I would pick Michigan in a heartbeat (a ton of available facilities, an incredible talent pool that is very affordable, lower business taxes, fewer environmental restrictions, affordable housing that is becoming more affordable every month, etc.) why any company is headquartered in the Peoples Republic is a mystery to me.

    The bad part: Michigan winters are a b!tch.

  10. 2009 August 13 8:37 am
    janzam permalink

    Tom Campbell, from Orange County, is also running. He has a fairly high name recognition in the state, so maybe he will be able to beat Meg Whitman out in the primaries.

  11. 2009 August 13 8:59 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Problem for Mich is that States like Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma have very good labor pools at 20% less then Mich., excellent universities, and tax rates way lower than Mich.

    Oh there is one other irony in comparing KA vs MI. As a logistical issue better to locate a plant in Long Beach than Kalamazoo. The pacific rim has as much of a taste for autos than does the US now. But Kalamazoo is logistically disadvantaged to service that market.

  12. 2009 August 13 9:04 am
    Havok permalink

    Sounds like another idiot to me.


  13. 2009 August 13 9:32 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    I agree completely. Virtaully any state in the South has a major advantage over Michigan. I was simply comparing Michigan to Kalifornia to show how bad Kalifornia has become.

  14. 2009 August 13 10:25 am
    Mike Thompson permalink

    Tom Campbell, from Orange County, is also running.

    Let’s hope he can beat Meg in the primaries. California can’t survive another Rino or Dem in the governors seat.

    In California there is some noise being made about Carly Fiorina, form HP CEO, running against Boxer for the Senate. Some hypothetical match-up polls show her beating Babs. I don’t know much about Carly’s political views, but she was a big supporter of McCain and was briefly a spokesperson during his campaign before being chased away by the MSM. As CEO of HP, my opinion of her is pretty low. She was a “celebrity CEO” more interested in hobnobbing with the rich and famous than actually running the company to the point it almost cratered before she was fired. “All hat and no cattle” as they say in Texas. She would probably fit right into the Washington establishment if she were to beat Babs.

    Being a conservative in California sucks. 🙁

  15. 2009 August 13 11:47 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Sigh, don’t get me started on Fiorina either. She’s another high priced loser. Every company she has touched has gone from good to bad under her ‘management’. Same woman who have her butt dragged in front of a congressional hearing on corporate espionage.

  16. 2009 August 13 3:13 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    New Face of the GOP? Let’s hope not. Good luck winning at election in the next 20 years if Whitman, Carly, or any of these Arnold-type know-nothing place holders take control of the party.

    As far as CA goes, who cares?

  17. 2009 August 13 3:14 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Dog has got it exactly right on Whitman and Fiorina. Nothing to add.

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