OK, You Can Talk to Your Neighbors Again

2009 August 18
by drdog09
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Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.2.1 <flag@whitehouse.gov>… The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service.We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck (state 14).


With that the snitch line appears to be no more.

I will grant its good, but lets not fool ourselves. There is an internal reason the White House stopped this. Something tactical that gave them pause from an exposure sense that they considered too inopportune to continue with.

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  1. 2009 August 18 7:53 am
    JustMary permalink

    I think the “Go Flag Yourself” campaign worked as intended. HA

  2. 2009 August 18 7:56 am
    INC permalink

    Like all statists, they are morphing the snitching to a different name:

    MM has this comment and an excerpt from Reality Check:

    Rather than shut down the entire fiasco, they are expanding it:

    Suggesting New Topics for Us to Address Through the Reality Check Site

    The Reality Check website exists to inform public debate about health insurance reform – not stifle it. As the President said, “We are bound to disagree, but let’s disagree over issues that are real.” To that end, we’ve seen incredible response from website visitors who are using the tools provided on the site to share videos and other content with friends and family.

    To better understand what new misinformation is bubbling up online or in other venues, we want your suggestions about topics to address through the Reality Check site. To consolidate the process, the email address set up last week for this same purpose is now closed and all feedback should be sent through: http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/contact

  3. 2009 August 18 7:58 am
    INC permalink

    Legal Insurrection has this:

    At the “reality check” web page, people are encouraged to report “myths”…

    But once landing at the contact form, you are cautioned: “Please refrain from submitting any individual’s personal information, including their email address, without their permission.”

    So the White House still is asking people to report information to it, and if someone just happened to include her neighbor’s name and e-mail address, well that would just be an unintended consequence.

    So is the White House still running its fishy flag operation? Depends on what the meaning of “flag” is.

  4. 2009 August 18 8:58 am

    If the gloves doesn’t fit…

    Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases.

    The scientists fabricated blood and saliva samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the blood and saliva. They also showed that if they had access to a DNA profile in a database, they could construct a sample of DNA to match that profile without obtaining any tissue from that person.

    “You can just engineer a crime scene,” said Dan Frumkin, lead author of the paper, which has been published online by the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics. “Any biology undergraduate could perform this.”

  5. 2009 August 18 9:15 am
    bc3b permalink

    Damn –

    I was planning to sell a frequency program to the Federal Government through which citizens could earn points for ratting on their friends and associates (with bonuses if these friends/associates were sent to reeducation camps). Points could be redeemed for Barack Obama merchandise or NAZI and Soviet memoribilia.

  6. 2009 August 18 9:28 am
    MFG permalink


  7. 2009 August 18 10:46 am
    drdog09 permalink


    That does bum me out. I had my eye on a Russian Officers coat. Was going to use my OFA loyalty card. only two punches left and the coat would have been mine. Bummer….

  8. 2009 August 18 10:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases. — refer by KH

    The problem with DNA evidence is that it is exclusionary evidence. The absence of DNA is the only proof that someone raped, or was not at a crime scene. Problem is way too many crime scenes would be tainted with the perp and others. Murder for example is overwhelming committed by persons who know each other. Which means DNA is already existing prior to event at the event itself. Which of course DNA does not come with a time stamp.

  9. 2009 August 19 1:41 am

    Exactly Dr. which is why I’ve never been a fan of dna “banks”, or is use beyond as you say as “exclusionary evidence”.

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