Soros to Invest Billion in Green Technology

2009 October 12
by bc3b

Billionaire investor George Soros is at it again. It’s great to be a billionaire. It’s even greater to be a billionaire and a special friend of the President and party in power so that you can have inside information. Soros has been convicted of insider trading before and the U.S. Government loaned Petrobras $2 billion dollars for oil exploration earlier this year (and shortly after Soros had made a major investment in Petrobras.

Now Soros is turning his attention  to green energy and is investing $1 billion in it.Could Soros have any information that you and I are not privy to? Nah!

In case you’ve forgotten, here are the details about the Petrobras loan from the U.S. Import Export Bank.

The more Soros makes, the more he can contribute to the Democratic Party and other left-wing causes like

Hat tip: Reuters and Fox News

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  1. 2009 October 12 5:34 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Thanks bc,

    Way to start a Monday!

    I’ve alread spilt my coffee, hit a pothole on the way to work and have this terrible clunking noise, and now I hit the ol’ blog and I have George Soros’s name looking at me.

    Gonna be one of those days.

  2. 2009 October 12 5:43 am
    bc3b permalink

    The more Soros profits, the more he can contribute to the left. It’s that simple.

    Notice who called out the Petrobras deal? Hint: it wasn’t Mitt Romney or John McCain.

  3. 2009 October 12 5:51 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Soros couldn’t possibly be getting inside information–that’s only for czars.

  4. 2009 October 12 6:19 am
    aureliusx permalink

    OK MI Conservative, let me cheer you up a bit.

    Line of the decade from Mark Steyn:

    “I suppose there are worse dystopian futures than legions of large-breasted women rampaging through the rubble of an economically ruined land.”

    (if you want to know how it all made perfect sense in context:

  5. 2009 October 12 6:31 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Does anybody here know anybody with Swine or H1N1 flu? or know of anybody?

  6. 2009 October 12 6:40 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Best News of the Week: According to RiShawn Biddle, Obama and his Education Secretary Arne Duncan really are using the leverage provide by federal stimulus money to force states to allow more charter schools. The teachers’ unions “feel betrayed.” Hope that’s not just for show. … P.S.: This unashamedly pro-Obama article runs in The American Spectator. … P.P.S.: Biddle also says the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has helped create a “counterweight” to the NEA and AFT. Won’t make up for Vista! But it’s a start. … P.P.P.S.: If there are well over a million students in charter schools now, and the federal government is pushing them to grow like Topsy, at what point does a vicious circle set in, with public schools losing their even moderately motivated students, causing them to decline even further, causing even more students to leave, etc.? Not that this public school death spiral would be such a bad thing. We should just be prepared for it. The way we should have been prepared for GM. …


  7. 2009 October 12 7:01 am
    drdog09 permalink

    or know of anybody?

    Personally no. Though the TV stations here have mentioned about a half dozen cases.

  8. 2009 October 12 7:04 am

    Ins. co study says Senate Finance bill to increase cost average of 4k in premiums per family per year.

    I’m reminded of “Energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”.

    BTW I was trying to think this morning of one this the US Government got involved in that has ever ended up reducing costs. I could not think of one.
    (maybe darpanet\internet while a stretch that was about all I could come up with)

    North Korea fires 5 missles and declares a no-sail zone around it’s nation starting october 20th.

  9. 2009 October 12 7:08 am

    Scientist nabbed at the collider project was in fact in communication \connected to Al Qaeda. woohoo! more of those warm and fuzzy’s.

    Happy monday, hope we’re all here Tuesday. 😉

  10. 2009 October 12 7:11 am

    “Does anybody here know anybody with Swine or H1N1 flu? or know of anybody?”

    Same apparently a dozen or so cases appeared in GA since the first outbreak.

    Personally while I’m sure dangerous, me thinking things are being blown out of proportion at this point. You know… never miss out on a good crisis and all.

  11. 2009 October 12 7:11 am
    MI Conservative permalink


    The quote really did not cheeer me up till I tried to visualize it in a strange sort of way.

    I placed Pelosi at the head of the “legions of large-breasted women.”

  12. 2009 October 12 7:12 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Yes, My boss’s daughter is in intensive care at U of M medical center and the diagnosis is Swine Flu.

  13. 2009 October 12 7:15 am

    aureliusx’s legions.

  14. 2009 October 12 7:20 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    ip-at least that photo got me to laugh. The day may turn out after all. HA

  15. 2009 October 12 7:22 am

  16. 2009 October 12 7:25 am
    janzam permalink


    Is your boss’s daughter in ICU because of the gravity of her flu symptoms, or because she has been diagnosed with the H1Ni virus? Also, how old is she?

    Where I live, I know of no one with the flu..yet. But, people seem to want to take the vaccine. I simply don’t trust the vaccine.

  17. 2009 October 12 7:31 am
    janzam permalink

    On the John Batchelor show last night they were talking about how Timothy Geithner calls friends at Goldman Sachs every day. Then I noticed this news note today:

    CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino reports that “Rival banks are eagerly awaiting this week’s earnings announcement from Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) not only for the third-quarter results but for how the firm deals with up to $20 billion in bonuses just a year after it received federal bailout money during the height of the financial crisis.”

    With third quarter earnings expected to ring in at more than $2 billion, Goldman is prepared to pay out some hefty bonuses. The problem? Given that Goldman Sachs received a taxpayer bailout only a year ago, paying out massive cash bonuses now could lead to a significant public relations backlash.


    Conflict of interest comes to mind.

  18. 2009 October 12 7:34 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Fox sniffing at Dobbs as a pickup? —

    Certainly, Fox continues to aggressively bolster its on-air talent, most recently with the hiring of John Stossel, the libertarian investigative journalist from ABC News, for its spin-off channel, Fox Business. The business channel is also keen on another administration critic, Lou Dobbs, who met for dinner with Mr. Ailes last month, according to two people with direct


  19. 2009 October 12 7:40 am
    justrand permalink

    Mornin’ folks. Yup, it’s gonna be a helluva week…

    – North Korea lights off a few “fireworks” to celebrate Obama’s “Peace” Prize
    – Obama announces “unprecedented bi-partisan support” for ObamaCare…then Bob Dole says “You’re mis-quoting me!”…and now there’s no “bi-partisan support”.
    – CBO admits it “cooked the books”, by using 10 years of REVENUES against 7 years of EXPENSES. Oops.
    – Kalifornia admits is broke…just 10 weeks after the budget was passed amidst claims “All is well!”

    and we’re just warming up!

  20. 2009 October 12 7:45 am

    Yes, My boss’s daughter is in intensive care at U of M medical center and the diagnosis is Swine Flu.

    Negates nothing that I mentioned though.

    btw U.S. Bishops just pulled support for all current healthcare bills, calling them all unacceptable.

  21. 2009 October 12 7:46 am

    Let’s hope the GOP has the nuts to run this

  22. 2009 October 12 7:46 am

    On the moderately good news front: Pentagon orders massive new bunkerbuster weapon, should have some stock by end of the year. Hmm.

  23. 2009 October 12 7:48 am

    Running it in CA might be ok (course it will not happen), running it elsewhere would be a waste of ad dollars.

  24. 2009 October 12 7:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    running it elsewhere would be a waste of ad dollars.

    Runs on Beck this afternoon, half the world has seen it by noon tomorrow.

  25. 2009 October 12 7:59 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    She is 19 years old and the symptoms were that bad that they took her from local hospital to U of M.

  26. 2009 October 12 8:00 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    btw U.S. Bishops just pulled support for all current healthcare bills, calling them all unacceptable.


    Gosh, for once I’m proud of them and being Roman Catholic.

  27. 2009 October 12 8:22 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Some other potential good news for United States on the energy and economic front from a link appearing on Drudge.

    Now the question is, will the American people be smart enough to elect leaders that will allow such domestic resources to be exploited to their full potential.

  28. 2009 October 12 8:27 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Did Al Gore or Barack Obama help develop this new gas technology??

  29. 2009 October 12 8:30 am

    Gosh, for once I’m proud of them and being Roman Catholic.

    MI conervative

    Don’t cheer too soon, thay may be taking that position because obamacare doesn’t go far enough, or their only opposition is to the funded abortion portion.

  30. 2009 October 12 8:34 am
    mpthompson permalink

    With regards to the H1N1 vaccine, everyone will have to make up their own mind. However, for what it’s worth my wife, my kids and I will be getting the vaccine when it’s available. I realize there is a LOT of distrust of the government these days, but with regards to H1N1 we are really talking about science rather than politics. Despite some notable screw-ups, vaccines have saved millions upon millions of lives. Along with sanitary improvements vaccines are among the major reasons why our lifespans have increased significantly over the last century.

    I figure my chances of getting H1N1 this flu season are probably about 1 in 5 and the odds of being put in the hospital by H1N1 probably 1 in 1000. However, the odds of being put in the hospital by the H1N1 vaccine 1 in 1,000,000. I’ll take those odds any day.

  31. 2009 October 12 8:40 am

    “their only oposition is to the funded abortion portion.”

    Bingo, sell outs otherwise.

  32. 2009 October 12 8:42 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Hey, I’m surprised they didn’t ignore the abortion part now days.

  33. 2009 October 12 8:45 am
    drdog09 permalink

    mpt, great article on the gas reserves. We will probably be stupid tho’. The ‘drill here, drill now’ crowd did not seem to carry the day.

  34. 2009 October 12 9:07 am
    TLS permalink

    Here is some interesting info on the Petrobras deal. Everyone said Soroas had inside info in Aug before Obama invested $2 bil. But Soros actually bought the Petrobras stock back in April, about the time they were in talks with China for financial backing. It appears he had inside info then.

    Soros sold common stocks in Aug and bought Preferred stocks. Everyone reported that he made the change to improve his investment because the preferred stocks were cheaper and paid dividends. What no one reported that I could find anyway, was that Petrobras owed $2.4 bil in back taxes.

    If Soros made the switch just to improve his holding, it is strange because the common stock was around $6.80. So here is the time line of events.

    Soros bought Petrobras in April.
    8/7 – News release Petrobras owes $2.4 BIL in back taxes.
    8/14 – Soros trades to safer stockholder position. (Do the stock research, this stock sucks!!)
    8/19 – Obama pledges $2 BIL to Brazil, almost exactly the amount of their back tax bill.

    Did Soros have pre-knowledge or DID OBAMA JUST SHORE UP SOROS INVESTMENT with U.S. taxpayer funds??????

  35. 2009 October 12 9:19 am
    conservativetony permalink

    MPT, are you sure you want those shots?

    Flu Shots Delayed in Canada

    The study began after researchers in British Columbia this summer found a possible link between contracting H1N1 and receiving flu shots the previous season, for some people in the province.

    While this is a backwards way of making my point (flu shots possibly causing H1n1 instead of the other way around), it just goes to show that the vaccinations they have been pushing lately has not gone through any of the rigourous testing requirments of other drugs. One has to wonder why. I do.

    Also, Rush had some scientist on Friday explaining why he wouldn’t give it to his kids.

  36. 2009 October 12 9:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    Some of today’s headlines from Drudge:

    BBC: What happened to global warming?
    Montana cold breaks records…
    Record Cold temps in Idaho threaten potato crops…
    Austria: Earliest snowfall in history set to break records…
    Man has microphone cut off after asking about ‘errors’ in Gore film…
    Soros says aims to invest $1 Billion in green tech…
    Greenpeace activists clamber on to Houses of Parliament in climate change protest…
    Energy crisis postponed, new gas rescues the world…

    But, if Soros and Gore stand to benefit, we’ll push green neergy.

  37. 2009 October 12 9:46 am
    TLS permalink

    #37 yep, follow the money

  38. 2009 October 12 11:06 am

    Holistic Medicine

    Ahkmed the Arab came to the United States from the Middle East , and he was only here a few months when he became very ill. He went to doctor after doctor, but none of them could help him.

    Finally, he went to an Arab doctor who said: ‘Take dees bocket, go into de odder room, poop in de bocket, pee on de poop, and den put your head down over de bocket and breathe in de fumes for ten minutes.’

    Ahkmed took the bucket, went into the other room, pooped in the bucket, peed on the poop, bent over and breathed in the fumes for ten minutes.

    Coming back to the doctor he said, ‘It worked. I feel terrific! What was wrong with me?’

    The doctor said …. You were homesick.

  39. 2009 October 12 11:26 am
    JustMary permalink

    The JM household has never gotten flu shots of any kind, nor will we. We take Emergen-C, and vitamins every day in the winter, vitamins alone every day of the year. I add in grapefruit seed extract a few days a week as well.

  40. 2009 October 12 11:51 am
    phineas gage permalink

    Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which is not stored by the body in any significant amount. Thus any not utilized for daily needs is excreted in the urine. People using such supplements would save time by simply flushing their money directly. If you are a healthy person eating a balanced diet, that is all you need. And there has never been any proof that mega-doses of vitamin C do anything at all–as I said, all the excess is dumped.

    Vitamin supplements can be dangerous in terms of the fat-soluble vitamines, as these do accumulate in the body. Hypervitaminoses resulting from excessive intake of vitamins A and D are serious conditions.

    Regarding HIN1 and other flu vaccinations, each individual parent will have to decide, but I don’t see any reasonable reason to not vaccinate your kids. Influenza is a very serious disease, it ain’t just a bout of the common cold. Children and elderly with immature or weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable.

  41. 2009 October 12 1:15 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    PG thanks for your 41

  42. 2009 October 12 2:57 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Well, the vaccines had probs in the 70s, and many parents (me) have a problem giving their kids something that was approved on the spot and is suddenly called “critical” while no-one really knows the side effects.

    Vaccine rebellion in NY the other week shows that many health care pros aren’t too cool with it, either.

  43. 2009 October 12 3:03 pm
    phineas gage permalink

    As I said, it’s up to you as the parent. As it should be.

    I would, however, carefully weigh the risks and benefits.

    Influenza killed 50 million people less than a century ago. It has killed approximately a quarter of the people in the history of human civilization. It has serious street cred in human pathology.

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