Huck Slams “Shameful” Treatment of Obama

2009 November 20
by bc3b

Someone forgot to tell me it was Be Kind to Democrats Week:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tells Newsmax that some of his fellow Republicans are calling him a RINO for defending President Barack Obama against personal criticism.

“So be it. It is total hypocrisy for us [Republicans] to rail at the way Bush was treated, and then do the exact same thing. It’s disgusting,” Huckabee said of those who have labeled him as Republican in Name Only. “I care about issues and will fight on those, but just because someone doesn’t think like me doesn’t mean that he or she hates America.”

Speaking at a meeting of the Hudson Union Society to discuss his forthcoming book, “A Simple Christmas,” Huckabee railed at those who had derided the president’s stopover at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in October as “just a cheap photo op.”

“No, I think it was the commander in chief of our military paying respect to a dead soldier,” Huckabee said. “I’m grateful that he did that, and I was proud of him for doing that. And I think we all –– as Americans –– should give him credit for that.”

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Hat tip: NewsMax

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Anyone want to play Santa at a Huckabee Family Christmas?

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  1. 2009 November 20 4:10 pm
    MFG permalink

    Huckmentum wants to be President, BC, your girlfriend needs to get moving on her Presidential plans

  2. 2009 November 20 4:11 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Why does Huckabee have to add his voice to the chorus of the sycophants who will defend our pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief? Does he really think that viewpoint is not being expressed?

    Rhetorical questions of course. The has already picked up “Washington DCitis” without actually being in Washington D.C.

  3. 2009 November 20 4:13 pm
    beej permalink

    yeah, so why’d he bring his camera crew, sherlock?

  4. 2009 November 20 4:20 pm
    bc3b permalink

    “Huckmentum wants to be President, BC, your girlfriend needs to get moving on her Presidential plans.”

    MFG – Making statements like this won’t help the Huckster. Why would any Republican be interested in defending Obama? I have heard Huck is upset because Palin won’t appear on his show. Maube Sarah just hates bad music.

  5. 2009 November 20 4:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    Huck is his own worst enemy at times…this is one of them.

  6. 2009 November 20 4:22 pm
    INC permalink

    Huck just lost any hope of political office.

    No Obama apologists need apply.

  7. 2009 November 20 4:23 pm
    TLS permalink

    If Huck wants to support Obama on any item, fine. But why does he lecture people who voice an opossing opinion? He is in essence chastising us not to chastise the prez.

  8. 2009 November 20 4:23 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Huck sucks. This conduct of his will not be forgotten. Huckabee, you pathetic worthless spineless liberal dolt.

    I dragged myself by the stones to vote for the awful McCain, but you? NEVER.

  9. 2009 November 20 4:24 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    That’s right INC, the moron just threw it away.

    This was a Charlie Crist moment, ie, hugging Obama for stimulus funds. Huck is BAKED and he does not know it yet.

    Good riddance.

  10. 2009 November 20 4:26 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    MFG remains strangely hypnotized by McCain, and Huck. It’s like he’s a bird and they are snakes, and once he makes eye contact he cannot look away.

    Must… Support …… RINOS……..

  11. 2009 November 20 4:26 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    If Huck annouced he was running for Senate against Lincoln if she votes for cloture on the HC scam he could gain back some of my respect….

  12. 2009 November 20 4:26 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    This is exactly why this egomanical idiot (mr. McCain) was not elected president:

    “Our amendments will be our alternative,” he adds. “We’ll propose a group of reforms to bring down costs, from malpractice reform and enabling people to purchase insurance across state lines to rewards for wellness and fitness and cost-savings for small businesses. Cost is the fundamental schism here. Republicans know that the focus needs to be on bringing down costs. The Democrats, meanwhile, are intent on changing the whole system.”

    NO NO NO – we will always lose this debate to D/statist promising free goodies at someone elses expense!

    This debate needs be framed in CLEAR TERMS with Conservaitve holding the moral high ground:

    “But the problem is that Democrats don’t need the public option to engineer a “federal takeover of our health care system.” All they need is the power to force Americans to purchase insurance.

    If the government can force Americans to buy coverage on the threat of fines or even imprisonment–an option that Nancy Pelosi has pointedly refused to rule out–every other government diktat becomes small potatoes by contrast.

    Therefore, instead of wonkishly droning about the public option, Republicans should counter Democrats’ grand appeals for “universal coverage for all” with equally grand appeals for “medical freedom for all.” They should stand together on the Capitol steps and issue the health care equivalent of Reagan’s Berlin Wall ultimatum: “Mr. President: Tear up this mandate.”

    Republicans have to offer a principled critique of ObamaCare that delineates the sharp moral choices that Americans face. The current health care battle is the domestic policy equivalent of the Cold War. Democrats are on the side of command-and-control mandates that deprive individuals of choice. Republicans should position themselves on the side of market-based solutions that empower–not enchain–patients.”

  13. 2009 November 20 4:27 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    MFG, if you think Huck is the answer after what Bush did, well, you need to start drinking.

  14. 2009 November 20 4:28 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Wiley, Huck sucks. Let someone else beat Lincoln after she votes for Obamacare tomorrow.

  15. 2009 November 20 4:29 pm
    TLS permalink

    Huck is BAKED and he does not know it yet.

    That’s because the gop keeps telling him he’s a front runner.

  16. 2009 November 20 4:30 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    TLS…..yep. Unreal, is it not?

  17. 2009 November 20 4:31 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I think Huckabee is emotionally unstable, McCain is too, but Huck is worse.

    Huckabee was the worst of the GOP lot in 2007, except for Rudy.

  18. 2009 November 20 4:31 pm
    MDefl permalink

    Huck has a 0% chance at POTUS and is the sole reason that the ultimate RINO headed up the GOP ticket.

  19. 2009 November 20 4:33 pm
    bc3b permalink

    “So be it. It is total hypocrisy for us [Republicans] to rail at the way Bush was treated, and then do the exact same thing.”

    Not “total hypocracy” but payback. This we can’t be like the Dims and must take the high road has worked real well for the GOP, hasn’t it?

  20. 2009 November 20 4:33 pm
    MFG permalink

    Yahoo #10

    I’m not a fan of Huckmentum

    I have always admired McCain’s courage

    And he got you Palin, right?


  21. 2009 November 20 4:33 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    beej – so true about having a camera crew. Why if he was so respectful. Add that to his comments recently about having a photo op with the troops at Ft Hood, says a lot.

  22. 2009 November 20 4:34 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    The MSM would like nothing better to than to push Huck as the “Heir Apparent” for the GOP in 2012. Could they get so lucky that the GOP will follow the bait a second time in a row?

  23. 2009 November 20 4:34 pm
    MDefl permalink

    I actually like Rudy but you knew that already!

  24. 2009 November 20 4:34 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    We are not doing the exact same thing, we are not. Obama DOES hate the USA.

    The left LIED about Bush we are TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA.

    That is not “the exact same thing”.

    Huckabee, stupid idiot, coward, liar. Shows you how stupid, blind, and liberal this MORON HUCKABEE really is.


  25. 2009 November 20 4:35 pm
    justrand permalink

    Huck and McCain both seek the adoration of the NY Times, et al. They want to be all things to all people. That is NOT what we need right now.

    We need people like Sarah Palin who will call it EXACTLY like they see it.

  26. 2009 November 20 4:35 pm
    MDefl permalink

    He has a nice TV show. He should stick to that or run for the Senate in AR.

  27. 2009 November 20 4:36 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I actually like Rudy but you knew that already!

    I know, he has a law and order image, and when he talks about health care and national security he sounds great.

    Too liberal for me on the other issues. His record is statist IMO.

  28. 2009 November 20 4:36 pm
    MDefl permalink

    Is Bush slaming Hussein?

  29. 2009 November 20 4:36 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    This we can’t be like the Dims and must take the high road has worked real well for the GOP, hasn’t it?

    The Dims count on this fact. The shameless are so quick to use shame as their primary weapon of choice.

  30. 2009 November 20 4:36 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Right now FNC has a segment on lawyers who can’t get jobs. Hope I don’t run out of Kleenex.

  31. 2009 November 20 4:37 pm
    MDefl permalink

    Hey, we are not allowed to debate here since we all agree on everything. Isn’t that the meme?

  32. 2009 November 20 4:38 pm
    MDefl permalink

    So many lawyers – so little time to kill them all.

  33. 2009 November 20 4:38 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – did they run out of ambulances.

    bc3b – did you hear that Stephanie Spielman died last night?

  34. 2009 November 20 4:39 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Can’t we just ban MDefl? He’s agitating again. 😉

  35. 2009 November 20 4:39 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    MD, don’t forget the state slogan of WY….

    “Welcome to Wyoming…..we shoot lawyers in the face.”

  36. 2009 November 20 4:40 pm
    MDefl permalink

    I resemble that remark!

  37. 2009 November 20 4:40 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    No, Wes got MDefl’s ban, lol……

  38. 2009 November 20 4:41 pm
    MFG permalink

    This dissent must stop now!

    All non Christianists report to JustMary for summary execution

    That is all…

  39. 2009 November 20 4:41 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Wes begged to be banned at BJG, MD….

    Funny. like he couldn’t stop himself from coming here, but he hates us. So could we please ban him and save him from himself.


  40. 2009 November 20 4:42 pm
    MDefl permalink

    No matter – I am solidly on the Sarah Palin bandwagon and have been since the beginning. Everyone else in the GOP looks small compared to her.

    We needed a John Wayne and found him in a 5’5″, 120 lb, skirt wearing package.

  41. 2009 November 20 4:43 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Only 2 people have EVER been banned here, and they are probably the only two who ever will.

    Acroso. (he didn’t last a day, lol) and….


  42. 2009 November 20 4:43 pm
    MDefl permalink

    He is supposed to start his own blog btw.

  43. 2009 November 20 4:43 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    “Welcome to Wyoming…..we shoot lawyers in the face.”

  44. 2009 November 20 4:44 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Well, God Bless Wes. Maybe he and ? will get married…..

  45. 2009 November 20 4:44 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    What, he does not like the HHR anymore? What about ? She doesn’t either?

  46. 2009 November 20 4:44 pm
    Sharp2edgedsword permalink

    great way to appeal to the base Huckster, oh wait, I fotgot, you were just trying to
    broaden the base, big tent all that…

  47. 2009 November 20 4:44 pm
    MDefl permalink

    Invalid is a tin foil wearing lunatic.

  48. 2009 November 20 4:45 pm
    MFG permalink

    The more voices the better

    The more blogs the better

  49. 2009 November 20 4:45 pm



  50. 2009 November 20 4:46 pm
    bc3b permalink

    gn –

    Yes, I did. She was a wonderful woman. Speilman was my favorite Lion in his playing days. A real class guy. He deserved better than the Lions.

  51. 2009 November 20 4:46 pm
    MFG permalink

    Except those that disagree with me

    Those need to be shut down by the Theocracy Police of course

    And the owners stoned to death, naturally…

  52. 2009 November 20 4:46 pm

    44. Maybe they already are? Do you believe anything ? says?

  53. 2009 November 20 4:46 pm
    Sharp2edgedsword permalink

    In the last go around Huck was my candidate of choice but now, I much prefer Palin.

  54. 2009 November 20 4:47 pm
    MFG permalink

    Who named ?

    Pretty funny…

  55. 2009 November 20 4:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Huck is his own worst enemy at times…this is one of them. — JR

    No problem for me. Just another RINO to cull from the herd.

  56. 2009 November 20 4:47 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Dennis Miller’s intro of Sarah Palin on his radio show today – Sarah, you’re twice the woman David Brooks is.

  57. 2009 November 20 4:47 pm

    “He is supposed to start his own blog btw.”

    I look forward to stinking up the joint

  58. 2009 November 20 4:48 pm

    56. LINK?????

  59. 2009 November 20 4:49 pm
    MFG permalink

    Acroso has a blog?

  60. 2009 November 20 4:50 pm

    24 – To Huck apparently it’s a distinction without a difference, this is not his first comment like this and he said this in a interview the hannity or someone last week.

  61. 2009 November 20 4:50 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Suprising decent info on real HC issues coming from PBS:

    “4. Obamacare won’t fix it. The NPR team did not come right out and say it, but its reporting points to this conclusion. Alex Blumberg put it this way:

    Markets are usually really good at controlling costs. When they work best, products come into existence like cell phones or stockings, they start expensive and then they get cheaper and better. But markets don’t guarantee that everyone can afford the things they need. Government can be good at that, ensuring universal access. But when you’re paying for everybody, it’s hard to control costs.

    For [economic historian] Melissa Thomasson, she says that either extreme — a competitive market system where consumers know what price they’re paying and what they’re getting, which would drive the cost of health care down, or a government-run system which would cover everyone — would be better than the accidental mixture that we have today: a really expensive system that doesn’t cover us all.

    Obamacare would pour even more cement over this broken system. It’s not a single-payer system that would cover everyone and control costs through price controls and rationing. Nor is it a market-oriented reform that would empower consumers by equalizing the tax treatment of health insurance and reducing the role of government in the market. Instead, it makes health insurance mandatory for everyone. It bends the cost curve up by subsidizing insurance without putting any real cost-control measures in place. And it creates a public option that would weaken the power of insurance companies to bargain with hospitals for better rates.

    Democrats have accused conservatives of spreading fear and misinformation about their health-care legislation. They might want to look into this new and most insidious propaganda arm of the conservative movement: NPR.”

  62. 2009 November 20 4:50 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Mdefl –

    I sometimes lurk at HHR. Acroso and ? were going round and round and she was kicking his/her/its butt. Acroso is at least two quarters short of a full gane.

  63. 2009 November 20 4:51 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Wow, poor woman. What a fighter she was. Her poor children.

  64. 2009 November 20 4:52 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Some of you are talking about who if not Sarah. First, I like Sarah BUT if not her how about Mitch Daniels the governor of Indiana?

  65. 2009 November 20 4:53 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    In the last go around Huck was my candidate of choice but now, I much prefer Palin.

    Oh. oops….. 😀

  66. 2009 November 20 4:53 pm
    bc3b permalink

    It looks like they’re getting ready to impeach Mark Sanford.

  67. 2009 November 20 4:54 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    What’s his record? Is he a spending cutter? Is he good on bill of rights?

  68. 2009 November 20 4:54 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I always thought Daniels was a goof fiscal, but socially lib. I don’t trust those types. Am I wrong?

  69. 2009 November 20 4:55 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    lol. Sanford.

  70. 2009 November 20 4:55 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Acroso has a blog?

    Yowser. I think I found it.

    Or at least that’s how I think Acroso’s website would look like based on his writing.

  71. 2009 November 20 4:57 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I always thought Acroso was Andrew Sullivan…

  72. 2009 November 20 4:57 pm

    I went from…

    Thompson to Huck to McCain.

    I just could not bring myself to vote for Romney in the primaries.

    Just shoot me now please!

  73. 2009 November 20 4:57 pm
    bc3b permalink

    gn –

    If not Palin – Michele Bachmann.

  74. 2009 November 20 4:58 pm

    66 – That should be entertaining distraction from HC for a week.
    Unlikely but I’m partial to Thune, don’t even know if he’s even interested though.

  75. 2009 November 20 4:58 pm

    71. I thought that was Wes?

  76. 2009 November 20 4:59 pm
    MFG permalink

    No, Acroso is more conservative

    I always thought Chekote was Andrew Sullivan, she actually sounds like him a lot of the time

  77. 2009 November 20 4:59 pm
    JustMary permalink

    I went from Hunter to Thompson to Romney to Palin.

  78. 2009 November 20 4:59 pm

    I always thought Acroso stood for some happy place… you know like Acroso Mental Heath Facility or something.

  79. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm
    MFG permalink

    Mitt because there really wasn’t anyone else…

  80. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Palin/Bachmann or Bachmann/Palin in 2012. Either way, it would sew up the male, non-metrosexual vote right there.

  81. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm
    JustMary permalink

    I was one of Huck’s biggest critics…..I take no pleasure in patting myself on the back while I tell ya’ll I was right about him. K maybe a little….but I think most of you knew he was all kinds of wrong too.

  82. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm
    bc3b permalink

    MPT –

    Too much white space.

  83. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm
    MFG permalink



  84. 2009 November 20 5:00 pm


    I acually think ? is a man!

  85. 2009 November 20 5:01 pm
    MFG permalink

    Acroso, start a blog!!

  86. 2009 November 20 5:01 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    JM, you are in good company. That was about my progression as well.

  87. 2009 November 20 5:01 pm
    MFG permalink

    Really, EPH?

    ? seems very much a female in tone etc

  88. 2009 November 20 5:02 pm

    Shabbot dinner!

  89. 2009 November 20 5:03 pm

    87. Book it – a dude indeed

  90. 2009 November 20 5:03 pm
    MFG permalink

    When do the executions begin?

    JustMary, what is the time frame on that…???

  91. 2009 November 20 5:04 pm
    mpthompson permalink


    Who really knows!

  92. 2009 November 20 5:05 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Why in the heck are we all sitting here “wondering” what a Senator from a deep red state where the damm bill has a popularity ratings worse then the smell of Rosie’s panties after a 5 burrito bender (24/65 against it)!

  93. 2009 November 20 5:05 pm
    MFG permalink


  94. 2009 November 20 5:06 pm
    MFG permalink

    15 yards and loss of down for that MP

  95. 2009 November 20 5:08 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    MP – only the shadow knows for sure.

  96. 2009 November 20 5:08 pm

    I appreciated Huck raising the profile of the fair tax, still do, but president… sorry not going to get my support, Senator from AR, no problem, I don’t know why he doesn’t do that, it’s there for the taking if he wanted an easy was back into politics.

    Right now in my view I don’t think he’s going to run for 2012.

  97. 2009 November 20 5:08 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Sarah is on BOR trashing Obama. The Huckster won’t be happy about that.

  98. 2009 November 20 5:09 pm
    TLS permalink

    I went from Hunter to Thompson to Romney to Palin – JM

    Being in CA, we had no choice by the time it came to our primary. I supported Romney at the end because their was no one else left but McCain (and I think you know how I feel about McCain). If fact, I don’t support Tim Pawlenty because he has been called a young McCain because of his “big tent” views. I’ve had enough circus tents, thank you.

  99. 2009 November 20 5:10 pm

    WEC because I’m HC’d out for the day my friend, Saturday’s vote is already over with and the gop aint gonna do jack to stall it.

  100. 2009 November 20 5:10 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    It was so bad in Ohio we had Huckabee or Paul. What a choice, so Paul it was.

  101. 2009 November 20 5:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    How about some good news for today?

    Drinking alcohol every day cuts the risk of heart disease in men by more than a third, a major study suggests.

    The Spanish research involving more than 15,500 men and 26,000 women found large quantities of alcohol could be even more beneficial for men.


    Bottom’s up!!

  102. 2009 November 20 5:11 pm
    JustMary permalink

    High noon tomorrow, MFG

    Hey- perhaps folks would be up for poetry night tomorrow instead of tonight since we will be watching the healthcare vote? I actually picked up a new prize this time if we could ever declare a winner on prize nights. Winner of the next poetry night gets a copy of Going Rogue, winner after that will get the prize from the time before. Need a big enough show of hands though if we are to do it tomorrow.

  103. 2009 November 20 5:13 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Now Sarah is trashing Ivy Leaguers and praising common sens, which she infers they lack. Now, she’s P.O.ed Frum and Brooks. That’s not like Sarah. She’s usually nicey-nicey.

  104. 2009 November 20 5:13 pm

    Rudy->Thompson->Romney->Opening a Vein, at least Palin got me out to the polls though, Chambliss would have been toast (originally ) if it was Lieberman I wasn’t going to vote period.

  105. 2009 November 20 5:15 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    EPH, here is a link to Sarah’s interview with Dennis Miller. It’s pretty good and Dennis has a lot of good lines as usual. The David Brooks comment comes at the start of Part II which you will hear even though it says this is just part I….just sit thru a few seconds of silence.

  106. 2009 November 20 5:16 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Cheers, Dr., and to your health!

    TLS you are awesome…..

    WEC, you are indefatigable.

    KH, heh, …. you are a randy bugger. 😀

  107. 2009 November 20 5:16 pm
    TLS permalink

    jm – I’m in

  108. 2009 November 20 5:17 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Need a big enough show of hands though if we are to do it tomorrow.

    I’m in with a shot at second…..

    Actually, I have no chance at second, now that everyone has raised their game.

  109. 2009 November 20 5:17 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Now she’s praising Reagan. JEB will be pissed.

  110. 2009 November 20 5:18 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Thank God for that bc3b 103, she is taking on the media, the elitists and the ivy leaguers, well…that’s redundant. What, exactly, have those people ever done that is productive? I have been dying to hear an R have the balls to do this for 20 years! God it sounds good.

  111. 2009 November 20 5:19 pm

    What time it Beck’s thing from The Villages tomorrow?

  112. 2009 November 20 5:19 pm
    TLS permalink

    Rudy->Thompson->Romney->Opening a Vein

    KH – you are quickly becoming my favorite quick wit, and considering present coming, that’s quite an accomplishment!!

  113. 2009 November 20 5:20 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    KH – I think 3:00

  114. 2009 November 20 5:21 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Actually, I have no chance at second, now that everyone has raised their game.

    C’mon Batman, you know you always start as the favorite and humility isnt your game…. 🙂

  115. 2009 November 20 5:22 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    What time it Beck’s thing from The Villages tomorrow?

    I want to go to that, wifey wants to watch the UM-OSU game. She’s going to be sorry, UM sucks and OSU is not great but more than good enough for the Wolverines tomorrow.

  116. 2009 November 20 5:22 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #99 I am pretty much too – gotta go run a few miles to take out my frustrations since I cant legally go out and beat some CrappyCare supporters senseless (I am not an SEIU memeber) lol

    The wonderfully accurate photo in #91 put me over the top on the fun meter lol

  117. 2009 November 20 5:23 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    C’mon Batman, you know you always start as the favorite and humility isnt your game…

    Not when I can cry, that’s for sure.

  118. 2009 November 20 5:23 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #113 Is that gonna be on Fox?

  119. 2009 November 20 5:23 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Anyway, if we have a pithy tomorrow I will make my first entry…anyone know a word that rhymes with ‘muck’?

  120. 2009 November 20 5:24 pm

    gnqanq – Thanks, I think fox is covering it, hopefully they do was setting my tivo atm didn’t know if that was a scheduled re-run or for the live event.

  121. 2009 November 20 5:24 pm
    MFG permalink

    Poetry sure, what time? I want to make sure I get the benediction in on time

    I don’t want to Barack that up like I did last time

  122. 2009 November 20 5:25 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    um, bluck? Shluck? Gruck? Nope, can’t think of any real words than do….

  123. 2009 November 20 5:26 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    You know, if Commie care “passes” tomorrow,

    There won’t be anything pithy about our poetry.

    “Profane Poetry Night” more likely…..

  124. 2009 November 20 5:26 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Oh, I got it! Huck!!!!

  125. 2009 November 20 5:27 pm
    TLS permalink

    Actually, I have no chance at second, now that everyone has raised their game.

    Heck man, we’re just trying to catch up to you!! By don’t worry, your legecy being inducted in the Pithy Poetry Hall of Fame is immenent.

  126. 2009 November 20 5:28 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Huck a doodle doo!
    *uck a doodle doo!

  127. 2009 November 20 5:28 pm

    TLS I can not take credit for that… many posters had used that phrase during the primary at PP (I’ll open a vein before voting for mccain) and the day I voted I borrowed it in a post announcing I had done what I said I’d never do, and pushed the touchscreen for him. I still remember getting rightfully slapped cause I’d not read it over and spelled vein vain – not being vain I refused to correct it. Good times, well some of them anyway.

  128. 2009 November 20 5:29 pm

    121 – lol, nice we all need to start using that phrase more.

  129. 2009 November 20 5:29 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Heck man, we’re just trying to catch up to you!!

    aw. The last couple nights of PithPo have been AWESOME, and IP, JR, JM and I are no longer the only game in town…..

  130. 2009 November 20 5:30 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Good times until Colonel Douchington the IIIrd showed up……

  131. 2009 November 20 5:31 pm

    for a good yuk, take a look at huck, that fat little schmuck.

  132. 2009 November 20 5:34 pm
    MFG permalink

    Embrace the epiphany you partisan you!

  133. 2009 November 20 5:34 pm
    MFG permalink

    JokeLeaf doesn’t seem to be posting any more at ObamaPundit

    Has Poli finally run him up the street?

  134. 2009 November 20 5:35 pm
    TLS permalink

    KH – I wasn’t posting here then and I appreciate your honesty but believe me, that is not the first time you have made me bust out laughing!

  135. 2009 November 20 5:36 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Quiet, Mexican lover…

    THAT was too much even for ME! I called you an amnesty TIT, lol, which was not quite fair, but to go after someone’s wife like that? Of course he meant it as an insult, not that it should be one.

    Fighting words.

    Even I would not insult a man’s wife, unless of course they were Democrats.

  136. 2009 November 20 5:37 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I mean, Democrat wives are slatterns and trollops of course.

  137. 2009 November 20 5:37 pm

    131 -LOL
    134 – Just paying it forward since I’m seriously poetry challenged. 😉

  138. 2009 November 20 5:38 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    No, he must have gotten some bad economic news and will now take an 18 month break……

  139. 2009 November 20 5:39 pm
    MFG permalink

    JL is quite a prize isn’t he…???

  140. 2009 November 20 5:40 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


    MFG and I used to fight like animals over at Poli.

    I called him an amnesty tit.

    He called me a confederate flag party chair and ordered me out of the R party.


    Well, we get along now because of our mutual hatred of communists.

  141. 2009 November 20 5:41 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    We used to curse at each other….

    you &_)(*()(* ) )$%^%^ #$%#$%^

    No you (*&( $%#$%^ *&()*

  142. 2009 November 20 5:41 pm

    133- No chit? Maybe I’ll go check in from time to time then see what poli is posting, I check out Varone’s other site couple times a week, spent most of election night on one of Michael’s election night conference calls – was alot better mood then the 2006 one I can tell you that! lol

    Yeah the mexican lover thing was like… WTF??? Then again I lost my cool a my fair share of times over there so I shouldn’t really be one to talk.

  143. 2009 November 20 5:42 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    KH was going to ban me from Poli when I called ? a wh*re……

  144. 2009 November 20 5:42 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    RWY, I remember those arguments. I remember you and I did not always agree. 🙂

    JM. I went from Thompson to well, nowhere.

  145. 2009 November 20 5:43 pm
    MFG permalink

    I liked fighting with Sandor a lot too

    That site was fun too, until JL wrecked it

  146. 2009 November 20 5:43 pm

    “Well, we get along now because of our mutual hatred of communists.”

    As we always should have – for the most part anyway.

  147. 2009 November 20 5:43 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    I think I drove Tina off the site, and maybe Wethal too. Wahhhh.

  148. 2009 November 20 5:43 pm
    MFG permalink

    Hey, RP, healthy again?

    Good to see you!

  149. 2009 November 20 5:44 pm
    MFG permalink

    Where are the folks from HangRightPolitics now…???

  150. 2009 November 20 5:44 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Sandor lost it with Jan. I argued with her a lot, but Jon lost it and screamed profanity.

  151. 2009 November 20 5:45 pm

    wait I though MFG was the welfare queen or something? or was that IDMP that called him that, actually I think it was, it’s ok his pet name for me was KnightRino, which sucked because I wanted it to be RinoKnight just sounded better. 😉

  152. 2009 November 20 5:45 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    I remain the lone voice of reasons you assholes bjg’ers.

  153. 2009 November 20 5:46 pm
    MFG permalink

    Yes, my stalker, IDMP!

    What a nut

    Every post had the same five words: shriek, rino, little r, ethanol and welfare queen

    What a ****

  154. 2009 November 20 5:47 pm

  155. 2009 November 20 5:48 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


    IDMP is gone from Poli now…..

    He called me a “Rino dumbfuqq” and a “Statist Piffler” because I said I supported ethanol.

    I laughed so hard I nearly peed all over myself.

    I only took up the ethanol argument to piss him off because he was so rowdy about it.

    And he was full of crap on his Tundra getting 20mpg too. I couldn’t let that one go, either.

    Good times.

  156. 2009 November 20 5:48 pm

    Dude I lost it with Sandor once or twice, I did liked him though – most days anyway, he was witty and pity.

  157. 2009 November 20 5:48 pm
    TLS permalink

    JM – Is there a theme for poetry tomorrow?

  158. 2009 November 20 5:48 pm
    justrand permalink

    I’ve been off watching Beck (Tivo’ed)…and missed the “vote” on a rare Saturday Pithey Poetry night…I’m IN!

    I better start rhyming now!

  159. 2009 November 20 5:49 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Jon Sandor rocked. You could not get away with any bullcrap with him at all.

  160. 2009 November 20 5:50 pm
    MFG permalink


    “Life Under HellCare”

  161. 2009 November 20 5:50 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Jon Sandor OWNED Leon Wolf at Redstate, so Leon banned him, that sissy.

  162. 2009 November 20 5:52 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    He even owned a congressman, Chris Cannon of UT3, who is now GONE.

  163. 2009 November 20 5:54 pm

    “Rino dumbfuqq” he called everyone that at some point… seemingly for no other reason then to stir up chit, it was so lame and boring that toward the very end after I banned him once for name changing and just general abuse (I think it was actually toward mfg) . After that he would just come on and go a tear about me banning him and I’d just banned him again because it pissed him off so much. Only other person I did that too was acroso, and that was not amusing and I gave up afterwhile as it was a futile effort without registration.

  164. 2009 November 20 5:55 pm
    TLS permalink


    “Life Under HellCare”

    or maybe Senators hiding under cover of darkness and weekend sessions to pass unpopular legislation that will enslave America forever?

    ok, maybe just “transparency”

  165. 2009 November 20 5:56 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Sandor was one sharp cookie.

  166. 2009 November 20 5:57 pm

    Between you and ? rwy she couldn’t deal with reading the abuse.
    I can’t blame her really – sh1t was real bad during the primaries and captain Epiphany wasn’t helping matters earlier that year either.

  167. 2009 November 20 5:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  168. 2009 November 20 5:59 pm

    161 – Didn’t leon drop by one of our thread some night? I seem to recall having some words or trying to make some peace about something that had gone on though it didn’t involve me having to do with him.

  169. 2009 November 20 6:00 pm
    justrand permalink

    p.s. to drdog, if you’re still hangin’ around tonight…I put a “thank you” on my Cost of Freedom post…but here it is again: “Thank you!”

    To all our posters and commenters here at BJG…I really do intend to collect up the best of BJG (including Poetry 🙂 ) and see what we can do with it! Whatever that is I still do not know!

    But a massive THANK YOU! to each and every one of you (including lurkers)

  170. 2009 November 20 6:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    ok, maybe just “transparency”.

    Most of those idiots on the Hill would not recognize transparency if they were looking through a window.

  171. 2009 November 20 6:02 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog, that video is proscribed! NONE dare question ObamaCare! I will, of course, have to report you to DHS, HS, CIA, FBI, NSA, WTF, and NBC.

  172. 2009 November 20 6:03 pm

    Well their motive do appear to be see-through so … 😉

  173. 2009 November 20 6:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    JR, thanks for putting this site together.

    Your article this morning was excellent.

    “… all right, enough of this mutual admiration stuff. I had a six pack of heart medicine and I know I only drank 5. Ahhh there it is behind the anchovies….”

  174. 2009 November 20 6:03 pm

    Miller interview was funny.

  175. 2009 November 20 6:05 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog, and thanks to my beautiful (and well armed!) daughter!

  176. 2009 November 20 6:05 pm

    Men of Harlech, march to glory,
    Victory is hov’ring o’er ye,
    Bright-eyed freedom stands before ye,
    Hear ye not her call?

  177. 2009 November 20 6:10 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    161 – Didn’t leon drop by one of our thread some night?

    He did, the night after amnesty crashed and burned, end of June 2007, and we cruelly mocked him. He tried to start in with some plug for Brownback, (Leon was working to get him the R nomination) and we told him to nancy off somewhere else, Brownback had voted for amnesty then changed his vote when he saw it losing.

    Erick Erickson, the only guy I Redstate that I trust, came by and thanked us for our help in beating the bill. Erick is a good honest man.

    Moe and Neil Stevens are RINO wimps.

  178. 2009 November 20 6:10 pm
    TLS permalink

    #170 lol!

  179. 2009 November 20 6:11 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yes, JR, that was a CAPITAL post. I read it at work this morning and was VERY impressed, the last 3 or so have been a good head and shoulders above your normal excellent work!

  180. 2009 November 20 6:11 pm

    OH that’s right it, it was about SwitchBack!

  181. 2009 November 20 6:12 pm

    btw 166 was in ref to Tina not sure it was clear who I was talking about.

  182. 2009 November 20 6:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I just love this piece. Its concise, unflattering, smashes egos, ruins a career and has a great lead graphic. Couldn’t happen to a better Liberal.

  183. 2009 November 20 6:12 pm
    justrand permalink

    thx rwy

  184. 2009 November 20 6:13 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yes, we had Tina and Wethal, and I chased them off. Stupid rwy…..

  185. 2009 November 20 6:16 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog, I read that this morning and smirked outloud! (SOL?)

    the LA Times used that ACORN enabler as their “Mother Theresa” of ACORN’s goodness…and meanwhile she was trying to set up a SLAVE TRADE!

    Breitbart continues to be vastly ahead of these morons!

  186. 2009 November 20 6:16 pm

    OMG I’d not see that yet Dr. Dog, LOL LOL!

  187. 2009 November 20 6:16 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    Ah, the good ole days before Poli destroyed his own site.

    Lester, and Mary. God, how many hours did I waste attacking those two.

    Knighthawk, do you have Merle Adams address? I corresponded with him a number of times, but lost his address. I really miss his cogent comments. Would like to get him over here.

  188. 2009 November 20 6:22 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    MFG, the arm is doing better, but still a long way to go. Thanks for asking.

    HRP folks are still so angry about the elections, they are not ready to come back out, yet.

    Anybody remember Mikey? Loved her typo’s. [Seventy two virgils].


  189. 2009 November 20 6:23 pm

    Mary Q and jeremy

  190. 2009 November 20 6:26 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Right Wing – can you name anyone you did not fight with? One, just one.

  191. 2009 November 20 6:26 pm
    MFG permalink


  192. 2009 November 20 6:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Ahhh, Mary Q, the tautology that indicates that a 1000 monkeys typing for a century might have been able to write MacBeth.

  193. 2009 November 20 6:30 pm


  194. 2009 November 20 6:31 pm
    justrand permalink

    rwy and I had splendifrous fights on Poli! “luckily” JokeLeaf was there as a common enemy! 🙂

  195. 2009 November 20 6:32 pm

    I’m listening to the Dennis Miller show from today.

    105. Thanks

  196. 2009 November 20 6:38 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Right Wing – can you name anyone you did not fight with? One, just one.

    You, old friend…..

  197. 2009 November 20 6:38 pm

    “Knighthawk, do you have Merle Adams address? I corresponded with him a number of times, but lost his address. I really miss his cogent comments. Would like to get him over here.”

    I tried emailing him twice this spring a week or so apart @ (a comcast address) but both attempts bounced. Merle used to give me hope, I miss him.

  198. 2009 November 20 6:39 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    I love college football so much I am going to watch the first few nanoseconds of Boise St vs Utah St…..once Utah St is down three scores I’ll be done.

  199. 2009 November 20 6:40 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


  200. 2009 November 20 6:40 pm

    Jeremy was fun to play with…lol actually it was even more fun watching Ace and Him go at it, actually it was pretty amusing watching Ace and nearly anyone go at it, sometime he definitely went overboard, but I can’t say it was ever not entertaining.

  201. 2009 November 20 6:42 pm

    Me and Mary Q went at it like ? and RWY do probably even worse, lol, most of it was pre-split though.

  202. 2009 November 20 6:42 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    I remember many Poli moments…..I really got bashed when I supported the Dubai Ports Deal. The only thing worse than having Yahoo after you was if Ace was also on board. Those were fun days, though, because it seems benign compared to what is going on now.

  203. 2009 November 20 6:45 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    At one point I had a fellow Viet Nam compadre named Feral Cat and I heard later he really went over the deep end. He was an artillery guy.

  204. 2009 November 20 6:46 pm


    Thank you for your service.

  205. 2009 November 20 6:50 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Thanks Eph, but I was drafted so while I learned mightily from the experience there is nothing to thank me for my friend. What I learned most was to respect the Marines….and that is something since I was a Swabbie.

  206. 2009 November 20 6:51 pm

    Bruce it was nearly impossible to hang in those threads for more then a couple months and not get hit upside the head for some thing or other, eventually someone would always get up someone else’s butt about something.

    Let us not forget rwy and some other constantly calling “so and so is a sockpuppet! (usually of WBH), I demand an investigation!” 😉

  207. 2009 November 20 6:51 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    BTW…my comment 203 isnt clear, Feral Cat was a omnipresent Poli poster in the day.

  208. 2009 November 20 6:55 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    KH…WBH was steadfast wasnt he? There was another guy, Gerry Owen, that has posted here in the past….he posted infrequently but with military precision. When I saw his gravatar here it was, indeed, a gravatar of his unit (at least I think it was). Haven’t seen him here in awhile though.

  209. 2009 November 20 6:55 pm

    FecalCat? Yeah he went nuts one day with the puppets after being asked to stop, I booted him, I think that was the first person I ever banned (with the exception of the spammers and – CongressBob, but I repeat myself”. He appeared back a couple times as different name but I left it alone, as I did when OL was posting as someone else while on ‘break’ .

  210. 2009 November 20 6:58 pm

    “Feral Cat was a omnipresent Poli poster in the day.”

    LOL! I recall that tag

  211. 2009 November 20 6:59 pm

    Yup Gerry was good, it was nice to see him here, hell the majority were good from 2004-2006\2007, that why we all hung there I guess, mining the golden nuggets in the threads.

  212. 2009 November 20 7:01 pm
    justrand permalink

    brucefdb, we Marines just ASSUMED you respected us! 🙂

  213. 2009 November 20 7:04 pm

    Yeah WBH was persistent and unmovable, I will give him that, annoying too.

  214. 2009 November 20 7:04 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Sorry, JR, I was a big exception to the rule. Swabbies thought of Marines much like elitists think of Sarah.

  215. 2009 November 20 7:04 pm
    mulletover permalink

    This must be the “good ol times” thread.

    If I remember correctly, Stacie Slater was the original “Stay out of my uterus” contributor.

    Can anyone confirm?

  216. 2009 November 20 7:13 pm

    That name sure does ring a bell mulletover.

  217. 2009 November 20 7:25 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    /aorry FC went over to the other side. I liked him.

  218. 2009 November 20 7:26 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    /goodnight all.

    Arm tired.

  219. 2009 November 20 7:26 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Stacie Slater was the original “Stay out of my uterus” contributor.

    She freaked when I said the Nazis were leftists.

    That really blew her mind…..

  220. 2009 November 20 7:39 pm

    night RP – feel better.
    I’m gonna call it a night soon watch up on the tivo.

  221. 2009 November 23 5:05 am
    womansuporter permalink

    Mike Huckabee is a fool!!
    If he will be the candidate I will vote for a third party

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