Gallup: Democrats Drop to All-time Low

2010 April 8
by bc3b

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ favorable rating of the Democratic Party dropped to 41% in a late March USA Today/Gallup poll, the lowest point in the 18-year history of this measure. Favorable impressions of the Republican Party are now at 42%, thus closing the gap between the two parties’ images that has prevailed for the past four years.

Republican and Democratic Party Favorable Images, July 1992-March 2010 Trend

Gallup last measured party images in late August/early September of last year. At that point, the Democratic Party enjoyed an 11-point favorable image advantage over the Republican Party. Now, the favorable ratings of the two parties are essentially tied.

The images of the two major parties have particular significance in a midterm election year. For example, the favorable rating of the Democratic Party exceeded that of the Republican Party by 52% to 37% just prior to the 2006 midterm elections, in which the Democrats gained 31 House seats.

Americans’ current 41% favorable rating of the Democratic Party is five points lower than the party’s previous low, recorded twice in 2005.

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  1. 2010 April 8 4:45 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Sooner or later polling firms are going to have to change their polling models and get rid of the Dem + 6 to +10 points or lose all credibility when November comes along.

  2. 2010 April 8 4:47 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Even with this gallop result I can hear Harry Reid saying all is well and America loves Obama and the liberal agenda.

  3. 2010 April 8 4:55 pm

    1. The pollsers will change 4 days beore the election.

    Like I said a month ago, I would looooooooove to see ONE poll with D+0.

    just one baby!

    Hussein at 38% with D+0 folks

  4. 2010 April 8 5:28 pm
    bc3b permalink

    MI Cons –

    Did you see Hoekstra on Hannity?

  5. 2010 April 8 5:30 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    yup I sawed him. Maybe we can get a pro business gov.

  6. 2010 April 8 5:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Even with this gallop result I can hear Harry Reid saying all is well and America loves Obama and the liberal agenda. — MIC

    And he does!! Stealth stop by Stealth stop as he rolls Nevada under his bus. Reid is such a Maroon.

  7. 2010 April 8 5:36 pm
    justrand permalink

    the Dems are counting on the LSM to rescue them…and the LSM will do EVERYTHING they can to do so.

    I personnally don’t think the Dems CAN be rescued at this point…but we gotta keep the pressure on!

  8. 2010 April 8 5:42 pm
    bc3b permalink

    When has either party ever had a House leader that represented a district as far from the mainstream as Pelosi’s district?

  9. 2010 April 8 5:44 pm
    bc3b permalink

    MI Cons –

    I don’t consider Michigan voters very bright. Nonetheless I cannot believe they reelected an airhead like Gov. Jenn.

  10. 2010 April 8 5:52 pm
    justrand permalink

    bc3b, sadly out in here in Kalifornia we have several Far-Left Loony-Toon Congress Critters. But THEY aren’t 3rd in line to the Presidency!

    For America to have Piglosi two heartbeats away is a national tragedy…I mean that.

  11. 2010 April 8 6:45 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Communists are deplorable and it is dismaying they would have more than 30% support in the country.

    Nevertheless as always, the Rs are following the Dems left. The further left the Dems go, the further left the Rs go.

  12. 2010 April 8 7:34 pm
    INC permalink

    They’re going to go lower. Obama is a millstone around their neck. Later this year the Dems will be pretending they never heard of him.

    A commenter mentioned this at HA and I thought it was snark, but Drudge linked to FOX News:

    Obamas to Appear on “American Idol”

    The President and First Lady took time out of their busy schedules on Wednesday to sit down for a taping with “American Idol” as part of the hit show’s fundraising event set to air next week.

    There’s no getting away from the guy.

    Drudge also had links to:

    GINGRICH: Obama ‘most radical president ever’…
    LIMBAUGH: Obama ‘inflicting untold damage on this great country’…
    PALIN: Obama’s Nuke Stance Like Kid Who Says ‘Punch Me in Face’…
    LIZ CHENEY: Obama Putting America on ‘Path to Decline’…
    SAVAGE: ‘Obama The Destroyer’…

  13. 2010 April 8 7:36 pm

    I actually listened to Savage tonight on the way back from my daughter’s class

    Man, he is halarious!!!!

  14. 2010 April 8 7:37 pm

    “PALIN: Obama’s Nuke Stance Like Kid Who Says ‘Punch Me in Face’…”

    The real PUNCH will be 8 Republican Senators helping to ratify this military gutting shitplate

  15. 2010 April 8 7:50 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Okay, all you racists. Hell has frozen over.

  16. 2010 April 8 7:58 pm
    INC permalink

    Eph, I can’t imagine–the voter ire will be immense.

    Gnqanq, that’s a tragic story.

  17. 2010 April 8 8:08 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gnqanq, Rhodesia was a food EXPORTER. Blacks in Rhodesia had the lowest infant-mortality and longest lifespan in all of Africa.

    As Zimbabwe they are a disaster! And you’re right, for the NY Times to FIANNLY admit it is fairly remarkable. Yup, it’s remarkable when the NY Times gets ANYTHING right that doesn’t support their narrative.

  18. 2010 April 8 8:15 pm
    TLS permalink

    Eph, the other day you asked why some of us stay in CA. Here’s why:

  19. 2010 April 8 8:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I don’t know why the reporter had to go half way around the world for that. If its devastation and wildlife he wants all he has to do is drive to Detroit or East St. Louis. Plenty of destruction to see in town and out. And as far as wildlife, heck the Crips&Bloods and MS13 provide that every night.

  20. 2010 April 8 9:17 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Obama is at 43/48 in the Fox News Poll – CrappyCare is 39/54…..and now this Gallup!

    Authoririans are in full denail mode – check out this clueless commiebo (commime bimbo)!

    From’s Health Policy Scholar Micheal Cannon:

    “Supporters of ObamaCare are shifting into full-denial mode.

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) recently told an incredulous town-hall crowd that ObamaCare does not, in fact, require you to purchase health insurance.

    Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s announcement came as a surprise to those of us familiar with the bill, which added to Subtitle D of the Internal Revenue Code a new Chapter 48, whose first section (Section 5000A) is titled, “REQUIREMENT TO MAINTAIN MINIMUM ESSENTIAL COVERAGE” (see p. 126; all-caps in original). Subparagraph (b)(3) even provides for “PAYMENT OF PENALTY” if you don’t comply with the “REQUIREMENT.”

    ObamaCare’s supporters are still looking for ways to hide what they’ve done.

    Repeal the bill.”

    I agree!!!!!

  21. 2010 April 9 4:20 am

    The real PUNCH will be 8 Republican Senators helping to ratify this military gutting shitplate


    They had best do it before Nov, as that will be their last chance for awhile.A 50/50 senate would be unlikely to ratify.

  22. 2010 April 9 5:25 am
    TLS permalink

    Stupak is official:

    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who had a central role in the health reform fight as the leader of anti-abortion Democrats, plans to announce Friday that he will not run for reelection, a Democratic official said. Without Stupak on the ballot, the seat becomes an immediate pickup opportunity for Republicans.

  23. 2010 April 9 5:52 am

    He saw the handwriting on the wall.He should stay and face the music.

  24. 2010 April 9 5:59 am

    Christie must be doing something right

  25. 2010 April 9 6:03 am
    TLS permalink

    IP, your comment the other day about the virus killing the host was spot on. Unions have outlived their usefullness.

  26. 2010 April 9 6:08 am

    Unions have outlived their usefullness.


    Yes, but someday they will be a good source of protein.

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