The Price of Freedom

2010 April 30
by justrand

Many of the original versions of the Fairy Tales we’re familiar with were pretty gruesome because they were intended to serve a specific purpose: scare children into or out of some action!

If the bridge over the local creek or river was rickety, and the child was too small to understand the danger…then a troll might be said to be living underneath it!  To keep children out of the forest, until they were big enough to deal with its real hazards, a Big Bad Wolf (or a werewolf!) might be said to be living there.  And so on.  Mostly benign, and mostly well intentioned.

Other types of “Fairy Tales” were developed over time as well.  These too were told to children, but some were aimed more at adults.  The tales that grew up about Gypsies are one example.  People feared those strange travelers, though sometimes with good reason…and in truth the Gypsies themselves created some of the tales.

In Europe, however, a far more sinister type of “Fairy Tale” began: the “Evil Jew”.  Children and adults were routinely told that the Jews were responsible for damn near everything bad.  And just as the villagers in other Fairy Tales would sometimes go into the forest to defeat the werewolves or dragons, the villagers in Europe would sometimes go into the Jewish section of town to “defeat” the Jews.  These events were known as Pogroms, and they show the ultimate dark side of “Fairy Tales”: demonization of groups of people.

Several groups in America today are receiving the ‘demonization’ treatment: Republicans, Tea Party goers, and Caucasians being chief among them.   Many people fall into all three, and are thus fully and clearly evil (p.s., if you’re “Male” on top of those three, you might as well turn yourself in…and don’t even get me started on “Christians”!).

When was the last time you saw a movie or TV show, or read a book, where the hero was a “Republican”?  Nearly 100% of the time if a political designation is made then the hero is a Democrat, and if there is a true villain then he or she is a Republican.  ‘The American President’, with Michael Douglas as the Democrat and Richard Dreyfuss as the Republican, is the perfect example.  Dreyfuss played the Republican Presidential nominee as though he were an evil troll, yanked out from under the bridge and dressed up in a suit.  Trip trap…trip trap…

Then there are those evil Caucasians, especially MALE Caucasians, going through life looking for any opportunity to oppress someone.  President Obama went out of his way to exclude them from his consideration in a speech the other day.  Naturally, if they do everything he says, and cease all dissent of any kind, then they may yet prove themselves worthy of his divine attention.  They can but hope.

Lastly there are the angry, demented Tea Party people.  They were originally dismissed as irrelevant, but once it became clear they weren’t, the full-on demonization started.  When the Tea Party people didn’t cooperate by actually ACTING like “demons”, a ham-handed attempt was made to “prove” that they were.  A group of Black Congressmen walked through a Tea Party protest during the ObamaCare debacle and then promptly claimed the “”N-word” was hurled at them…and that they were spit upon!  The media was careful not to bother investigating and just ran with the story…which promptly fell completely apart. 

What to do?  Apparently the answer is that even if the Tea Party people refuse to BE violent, they should be treated that way anyway, and thus a new phase appears to have been entered. 

 On April 28, 2010 a couple hundred Tea Party folks, average age 55 or so, met in Quincy, Illinois to “welcome” the President to town.  They sang ‘God Bless, America’…whereupon riot police were called out.  [You’ll be happy to know that the President is safe, and appears to have been shielded from the hate-filled lyrics of that hateful song.]

A new Fairy Tale has been written, that of riot police being needed to “quell” [the newswire word] a Tea Party rally.  A line, and perhaps the Rubicon, has been crossed…maybe irreversibly.  The Left will increasingly demand that the Tea Party creatures be stopped, and their rallies “quelled”.  They’ve invested too much in writing and publishing this and other Tea Party Fairy Tales to stop now.

I’m afraid the Price of Freedom just went up…and it did so in a little town in the “Land of Lincoln”, of all places.

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  1. 2010 April 30 9:59 am
    Havok permalink

    Well I guess I am a myth, a legend, a monster!


    An HK-91 carrying troll….look out for my .308 wrath!


  2. 2010 April 30 10:06 am
    justrand permalink

    Havok, I am likewise a monster (just armed differently) 🙂

    At least we’re not those scary blue-haired Grandmas from Quincy, Illinois armed with lawn-chairs! No wonder the SWAT team was needed!

  3. 2010 April 30 10:19 am
    drdog09 permalink

    SWAT you better back up! Don’t make me use this.

  4. 2010 April 30 10:34 am
    beej permalink

    I bet the riot police felt like idiots.

    right, left, hup two three four, back on the sidewalk….how much did it cost to dispatch these guys? The worst that happened was they got their black uniforms sweaty.

  5. 2010 April 30 10:39 am
    beej permalink

    A few years back, when Arik Sharon expelled the Jews from Gush Katif, the jack booted thugs…I mean Israeli swat teams and special police…who, by the way wore black and rode horses…would ride in on the protesting settlers. Batons, boots, etc were readily used. (got pics of this) Back then, I thought, if this could happen in Israel, to our kith and kin in a democratic society, could it happen here?

    Nah, I thought…we have the constitution to fall back on, we have every right to protest. They don’t actually have a constitution such as ours.

    Hmmm. Apparently I was wrong. I think it’s going to be a long, hot summer. November can’t get here soon enough.

  6. 2010 April 30 10:47 am
    justrand permalink

    beej, sooner or later, but before November, Riot Police WILL violently break up a Tea Party…claiming “provocation”. 100% guaranteed.

    I truly believe the Rubicon HAS been passed.

  7. 2010 April 30 11:02 am
    JustMary permalink

    Obama wasn’t made to feel like enough of an ass to discontinue this practice, so yeah I think we will see it again. Only this time, there will be planted “crashers” who will conveniently be on camera causing trouble. After all, when one doesn’t find trouble, one makes it- if they are desperate enough to see their fantasies realized.

  8. 2010 April 30 11:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    Justrand –

    Don’t be foolish. Everyone knows heroes are always liberal, trnasgendered, mixed race, left-handed Muslims. Geesh! I though everyone knew that.

  9. 2010 April 30 11:06 am
    justrand permalink

    JM, yup…they’ll make sure they get the excuse they need to weigh in with “appropriate force” 👿

  10. 2010 April 30 11:10 am
    beej permalink

    This is pretty depressing. I know that too many things have been compared to pre-WWII Germany, and to the lead up to the Holocaust, but wow. If people would only open their eyes to what is happening…and not buy into the propaganda the Machine is fast and furiously spinning out…I can’t believe that ‘they’ compare needing documentation to confirm your eligibility to be on American soil to Nazi Germany, but see no similarities in the blatant power grabbing and squelching of opinion and rights of this administration. That’s what should be expected, I guess, because the word has been mis-used, over-used, and had the meaning changed in the last 10 years. Thank you, you leftist teachers, for not teaching the truth.

  11. 2010 April 30 11:15 am

    WASHINGTON, April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that he is dispatching a team of attorneys from multiple divisions within the Justice Department to New Orleans to meet with the U.S. Attorney and response teams and to monitor the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Yeah that’s going help solve the problem

  12. 2010 April 30 11:16 am
    janzam permalink


    I am always captivated as well as educated by your “Price of Freedom” commentaries. However, IMHO this may be one of your best!

    You bring out the demonization of one ideology versus another so well. What you lay out is the emotionalism the left always injects into what should be conventional national debates. How the left is able to snare people into their way of thinking is by creating scenarios of good guys (them) and bad guys (us). It really works too, because most people have a band-wagon mentality, and want to be on the team that is thought of as benevalent, compassionate, and “good.”

    So, far it has been an effective technique, won elections, fogging the philosophies of the Constitution which the right always seems to be fighting to maintain.

  13. 2010 April 30 11:18 am
    janzam permalink

    BTW — Nice to see you again, beej. 🙂

  14. 2010 April 30 11:33 am
    justrand permalink

    janzam, as one scary person to another: thx! 🙂

  15. 2010 April 30 11:35 am
    beej permalink

    Aw thanks janzam…haven’t really been gone, just lurking and silent. 🙂

  16. 2010 April 30 11:39 am

  17. 2010 April 30 11:42 am
    mulletover permalink

    Let’s see. Do I want Boehner as Speaker, or do I want Pelosi?


  18. 2010 April 30 11:58 am
    janzam permalink

    Hard decision, isn’t it, Mullet!!!

  19. 2010 April 30 12:09 pm

    Jan Hayworth == Franken? Really that’s how you see it?

  20. 2010 April 30 12:10 pm

    Disregard that… I thought I was reading that here.

  21. 2010 April 30 1:54 pm
    booshkindoggin permalink

    Here’s another of those “Going Galt?” ruminations that seem to be increasingly appearing, this one by conservative columnist Doug Patton writing in Human Events.

  22. 2010 April 30 2:02 pm


  23. 2010 April 30 2:03 pm
    justrand permalink

    more and more I see signs of people looking to find ways to “go Galt”, but the problem is letting go of the life and lifestyle to which one is accustomed.

    However, when the government is going to TAKE that life/lifestyle anyway, the decision makes itself! 🙂

  24. 2010 April 30 2:04 pm
    justrand permalink

    excellent, IP. I’m hoping Texas becomes one big “Galt’s Gulch”…but just in case we’ve got one carved out in the mountains! 🙂

  25. 2010 April 30 2:46 pm

    23 – Long as I have internet I’ll survive… food is over rated. 😉
    In all seriousness your right though. Take the above joke… I tried when I was in HI not to use the internet for a couple days and it was a lot harder then I thought.

    That said if it gets so bad I feel the need to detach from it all then the reasoning for trying to keep my fingers in the flow of the news cycles will have been lifted… I’ll not want to know wtf is going on.

  26. 2010 April 30 2:56 pm

    Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I haven’t watched the nightly news in decades.

  27. 2010 April 30 2:59 pm

    I will tell you I have seen the benefits of skipping at least BOR and more and more of the others.

  28. 2010 April 30 3:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    I still watch Beck, but that’s about it.

    KH, the internet is our means on connecting and organizing…and thus Obama will need to move to dramatically restrict it soon.

  29. 2010 April 30 3:34 pm

    28 – Watch the FTC and the FCC on that front – but then you knew that cause you watch Beck. I do fast foward though him, though it’s the least, happens sometimes when he gets repetitive or I already am up to speed and don’t need the background he’s good at providing.

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