A Secret Weapon, Dare We Use It

2010 August 12
by drdog09

Bush goes on a surprise USO handshake tour at DFW airport. More pics here. With a plot hatches.

Regardless of what you personally think of Bush, there is use for the man yet. Consider if you will that Bush went on a USO tour around the country in the next 90 days. Just doing what he is doing here. No political discussion. No hints of matters in the election. Just photo ops. The mere comparison of the Approachable Leader vs the Mousslini Imperalist speaks volumes without saying a word. But there would be outcomes not of the Administration’s liking —

  • Most likely it would sink the ‘Blame it on Bush’ meme this administration has had since they took office once and for all. (and breaks the unwritten rule, not to speak ill of the former occupant.)
  • Tears into the personality differences of the two Presidents.
  • Puts the sacrifices the troops are making front and center on everyone’s minds. Even if it is for a fleeting moment.
  • And the long shot — forces Obama to go on tour even if the local Dims don’t want him. Obama’s personality could not handle being upstaged like that. Heh.

Well there it is. It would have impact.

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  1. 2010 August 12 10:20 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    I heard that POTUS Bush was at the airport because he was returning from Haiti. All the same you can see genuine appreciation, respect and enjoyment.

  2. 2010 August 12 10:43 am
    MI Conservative permalink


    If that is true why hasn’t the MSM covered his trip to Haiti?? Is your post true?

    Everytime Jimmy Carter travels to tear down the US they have it on the front page!

    I presume Bush went there on a humanitarian trip while Michelle is vacationing in Spain. And yet no mention of it?

    What the hell is going on in the frickin’ media?

    Not mad at you Judy, just all the implications of your post if it is correct.

  3. 2010 August 12 10:45 am



  4. 2010 August 12 10:57 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Sorry MI … when you google the first item that pops up is a small local tv station in North Carolina Research Triangle area

    POTUS Bush visits Haiti

    The second is a Singapore news organization, and the 3rd is yahoo news… so looks like it didn’t make ObamaMedia outlets.

    I saw it on Facebook because one of my conservative friends posted a story.

  5. 2010 August 12 10:59 am
    mulletover permalink

    If Obama went on a USO tour as an ex-president, he would be booed off the map.

    In his case, the troops only respect the office, not the man-boy.

  6. 2010 August 12 11:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Mullet, agreed. That’s why Bush doing something like this would be so ‘in yo’ face’ to the man-boy.

  7. 2010 August 12 11:15 am
    mpthompson permalink

    DrDog, I would have no problem with Bush going on a USO tour and would love to see it happen. However, as much as Bush loves and appreciates the troops (which I believe is genuine), this doesn’t change the fact he often demonstrated utter contempt for conservatives within the GOP. As the symbolic (if not actual) head of the GOP, he did a massive amount of damage to the political causes we hold most dear, something I really can’t forgive him for. Conservatives throwing in the towel on Bush set the stage for the devastating losses to the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 — something I do largely blame Bush for. I don’t hate Bush, but I recognize that he is not a conservative and I no longer have a lot of respect for him. Let Bush retire peacefully to Texas and please let’s not let him insert himself as conservatives attempt to rebuild something he had a hand in tearing apart.

  8. 2010 August 12 11:20 am
    mpthompson permalink

    BTW, I don’t believe Bush is attempting to insert himself into anything political which is perfectly fine with me. Anything he can do to help the troops is OK in my book, even just greeting them at the airport and giving photo ops at an airport which is heaps more than Barry will ever do.

  9. 2010 August 12 11:33 am
    justrand permalink

    mpt: “However, as much as Bush loves and appreciates the troops (which I believe is genuine), this doesn’t change the fact he often demonstrated utter contempt for conservatives within the GOP.

    I seperate Bush the politician from Bush the C-in-C…and always found the C-in-C Bush to be a man with profound respect and love for our military…and their genuine affection for him in return shows!!

    so i can be pissed at President and Politician Bush…but still respect and admire him for this…and for his visit to the wounded at Ft. Hood after the massacre..

  10. 2010 August 12 11:34 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I don’t disagree with your points. But you, I and the other members of the BJG are in tune politically. The vast number of voters would not know or consider Bush’s foibles vis a vis conservatives. They will only see the surface of photos like the above, which is fine for the purposes I outline. This is akin to subliminal messaging.

    My suggestion is not to emesh Bush again in the GOP politically. Rather it is to foster the social comparison and get under Obama’s skin. Bush going around and doing USO photo-ops will drive the WH nuts. Obama will feel compelled to do something, it will be on the campaign trail and it will be stupid because it will be forced. And I will take unearned errors on my opponents part any day of the week when it come to political battles.

    Strategie, immer Strategie!

  11. 2010 August 12 11:39 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Possibly. However, how would the vast numbers of voters see the photos as the MSM would surely just ignore it?

    Personally, I would like to see repeats of the Town Hall meetings from last year as Democrats are on the campaign trail. It would be a bit harder to do as they events are more controlled, but where it can be done it would be great.

  12. 2010 August 12 11:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    MI Conservative –

    I went to Haiti once (it truly is a hellhole) and the media didn’t cover my visit either so Bush has no reason to complain.

  13. 2010 August 12 11:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    The bad news just keeps coming:

    Youth Unemployment Hits All-time Record.


    We may be in worse shape than we imagined. I can only guess at what the media is trying to bury.

  14. 2010 August 12 11:44 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Oh, it would be great to see inflammed voters rip through the town halls again. But the Dims are already back pedaling n that and doing voice conferences. So that venue is probably closed for incumbents. But if it was a opportunity, yes it should be pursued.

    As to distribution. Yes that is a tad tougher as the MSM will ignore it. The torch would have to be carried by the blogs and other alternate media venues. It can be carried out, it just will be harder to do.

  15. 2010 August 12 1:01 pm
    bc3b permalink

    More Bad Economic News

    Houses lost to foreclosure up 6% fromlast year.

    See Drudge. AP story: cannot link.

  16. 2010 August 12 1:06 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Survey USA has Carly ahead of Boxer by 5:


  17. 2010 August 12 2:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    RWY, I don’t love Bush, fact I think his 2nd term sucked. But…..

    “If Hitler invaded hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” – Churchill

    Best way I know to express it. I despise Obama with a passion, so I will make peace with the devil if it means Obama loses in the trade.

  18. 2010 August 12 2:16 pm



  19. 2010 August 12 2:45 pm


  20. 2010 August 12 2:52 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    No need to start anything it appears. The Lefties are eating their own without our help. But another bag of popcorn would be appreciated.

  21. 2010 August 12 3:04 pm

    I missed it. I’ll check.

  22. 2010 August 12 3:05 pm

    Never mind, I misread your comment 😳

    I’m trying to do too many things at once!

  23. 2010 August 12 3:32 pm
    justrand permalink

    the Left IS eating its own…and about damn time. 👿

    As for the Indies…I think most of them would find the sight of Bush spending time with returning troops to be refreshing…a HUGE difference from the Code-Pink reject we currently have defiling the role of Commander in Chief.

  24. 2010 August 12 3:34 pm

    “Eph, you and me in a crowd of lefties could really start some crap flying…..”

    They dont call me Eph “Don King” Rove for nothin bro!

  25. 2010 August 12 3:37 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Don Rickles is more like it.

  26. 2010 August 12 3:38 pm

    Jackie Mason??

  27. 2010 August 12 3:40 pm

    You guys should see me over at the HHR with all my 75 aliases.

    Hide the women and children please!!!!

  28. 2010 August 12 3:43 pm

    Speaking of aliases on the HHR, where’s IP ???

  29. 2010 August 12 3:56 pm
    bc3b permalink

    INC –

    I don’t mind at all. It enhanced the thread. Clients took up most of trhe middle of my day.

    I cannot remember a day with as many negative financial stories as today.

  30. 2010 August 12 3:59 pm
    justrand permalink

    bc3b: “I cannot remember a day with as many negative financial stories as today.

    Sadly, I think you’re going to wind up looking back on today as a GOOD day. I feel like the economy is teetering.

  31. 2010 August 12 4:12 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    Well, if the economy is teetering let’s just hope that at the worse we slip into a malaise reminiscent of the Carter days. A full blown depression is too terrible to contemplate in terms of the suffering it will inflect on millions in this country.

  32. 2010 August 12 4:32 pm
    justrand permalink

    or, mpt, the tyranny Obama and his minions will try to impose of us. They will have collasped the system…just as they intend.

  33. 2010 August 12 6:05 pm
    mulletover permalink

    IP went fishing.

  34. 2010 August 14 4:32 am

    GW was always a genuine class act when it came to this sort of thing. Other then contrasting it with the fake, characterless, and classless piece of shit currently in the WH, and some of those of the past, not sure why politics would enter into discussing this event.

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