Project 2,996: 9/11 tribute to Gregory Thomas Saucedo, 31

2010 September 11


This young man went to work on 9 Sept, 2001, as millions of other Americans did. But, he was not like most Americans. He was a proud member of the New York City Fire Department and, as such, he knew that he may be required to place his life on the line in service to others. He was part of a proud fraternity that includes other firefighters, policeman and members of our military services.

No-one knows exactly what emergency response will cause dear cost to be paid, but all know that it is a possibility. What caused this young man from East 57th Street in New York to enter such a profession? According to a website dedicated to his memory, Link, He always stopped to wave at firefighters.

He would grow up to be a leader and a brave man who loved his family, his city and the country. He developed great leadership qualities as the captain of his High School Football team. He developed a great work ethic when he was very young when he delivered papers, worked at a deli and sold lottery tickets. Young men who develop a good work ethic can achieve major accomplishments if their lives, and he did. He was an avid weight lifter who graduated from the NYC fire education Academy and recieved Certificates of Appreciation from the New York City Fire Department for his work in the department.

He was a nice young man with lots of friends and lots of reasons to want to live a long life. He had many things in his favor, not the least the love of his family. Regardless of these reasons to live, he willingly responded to the alarm on that day which was to carry him into the World Trade Center and thus give his precious life for his fellow men and women of New York City and the United States of America. He was a credit to the the New York city Fire Department, his fellow citizens and to his country.

A quote from James Michener in his novel “The bridges at Toko RI” comes to mind: “Where do we get such young men”. Thank God that we do get them, because the do, indeed, make a difference.

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