Remembering Gregg Harold Smallwood

2010 September 11
by justrand

I never met Gregg Smallwood…but after reading about him and the wonderful messages left for him I wish that I had. We were in the military at the same time for a while, and our paths may actually have crossed. But I got out of the service, and Gregg remained, ultimately serving his country faithfully for nearly 20 years. He was within months of retirement when an insane group of fanatics crashed an airliner into the Pentagon, right near where Gregg was working.

He left behind a loving wife and three daughters…and a nation, including me, grateful for his service and sacrifice. We need such men as Gregg, now more than ever. We are the poorer for him having been taken from us.

He and his family were planning to move to Texas…he rests now in Section 64 of Arlington National Cemetery, within a few hundred yards of where he was murdered.

Gregg Harold Smallwood’s Navy career took him across the United States and the South Pacific. The 44-year-old information systems technician first set sail on the Henry B. Wilson, a guided missile destroyer, in November 1976. He then served in San Diego and Kingsville, Tex.

Smallwood, who rose to the rank of chief in his specialty, moved to the Navy Communications Area Master Station in Guam in October 1979 for two years. He then left the Navy for seven years, returning in 1988 to serve on the frigate Reasoner. After a couple of stints in California, Smallwood traveled to the Indian Ocean to work at the Naval Computer Telecommunications Station in Diego Garcia. In July 1998, he joined the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. Source: The Washington Post

Godspeed, Gregg, and may God bless and keep your family safe, and unburden their hearts as they move through life.

God bless America…we must NEVER forget!

Photo credit: M. R. Patterson

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  1. 2010 September 11 11:30 am
    JustMary permalink

    That was a beautiful tribute, Dad.

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