2010 October 14
by ip727

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  1. 2010 October 14 6:44 am
    Havok permalink

    who ever chose the colors for the parties? Seems to me the democrats should be red because they are the commies.
    Anyhow, I hope your vid comes true.

  2. 2010 October 14 7:01 am
    justrand permalink

    Dude…that rocked…gotta watch it again!

    p.s. to Havok, I agree completely! I think they used to flip-flop the colors every election cycle and no one noticed…then the Bush-Gore election somehow set them in stone.

  3. 2010 October 14 7:17 am

    Can somebody post highlights from the COD-Coons debate from last night? She kicked ass!

  4. 2010 October 14 7:23 am
    mulletover permalink

    That’s a nice wave, and I am pretty confident about the House getting 45 or 50, and maybe even more. That bodes well for the 112th Congress, and an end to new extreme left legislation.

    I am most worried now about the lame duck session. Those key Senate races that will be seated immediately are critical to stop Obama’s push to screw America before he loses his majorities.

    West Virginia – close, but looking good.
    Illinois – Kirk may be in trouble without the military vote.
    Delaware – the Marxist will win.
    Florida – Rubio is critical, but not a pickup.

    New York – Guilabrand is the likely winner, and is seated in January.
    Colorado – ???

    Look for the democrats to push card check, carbon legislation, spending, and who knows what else in the lame duck session.

    It could be a disaster of immense proportions.

  5. 2010 October 14 7:30 am
    justrand permalink

    mullet, the Republicans can stop any “NEW” legisltation with filibusters. But the Dems will use the deem & pass and other tricks to push their agenda through. The Republicans need to use EVERY parliamentarian trick in the book to stall until January. I pray they’re up to the task!

  6. 2010 October 14 7:34 am
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    I am amazed that all the talking heads keep saying that unemployment we up “unexpectedly”

    By who?. Most village idiots know that unemployment is on the rise.

    I guess the typical village idiot knows more than the typical talking head and the government experts.

    I’m shocked.

  7. 2010 October 14 7:44 am
    justrand permalink

    RP, even more “amazing” is that Obama TOOK CREDIT for the economy during the ONE significant down-blip in unemployment (back in May, I think)…and has since decided it “Bush’s fault” again!! The media focus on this? Nah, not while Lyndsey Lohan is still being her whacky self!

  8. 2010 October 14 8:10 am

    If the enemy can use “deem and pass” bravo sierra, can we use the deem and repeal scenario as well?? 🙂

  9. 2010 October 14 8:35 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Eph, Go to CNN here —

    They hosted it, did a fair job on the debate in my view. They have it broken down in 4 segments and the recap is at the top of the piece. Though I hate to say the article is slanted.

  10. 2010 October 14 8:40 am


    I think its soooo funny how a “tax friendly” state like DE will elect a tax monger like Coons. Just proves how socially liberal the Northeast states have become. Abortion trumps tax relief. Like CA.

  11. 2010 October 14 8:50 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    #2 — exactly… the guy who first created the colored maps did flip the colors every election year…. but in 2000 the colors stuck so in 2004 the colors did not flip back…

  12. 2010 October 14 8:52 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Oh.. I know because I checked that Virginia was blue (carried by Dole) before I moved here and refused to live in red Maryland…

  13. 2010 October 14 9:03 am
    JustMary permalink

    That was cool! Here’s hoping!

  14. 2010 October 14 9:07 am
    drdog09 permalink

    We always talk that the bobble head MSM are nothing but a bunch of MaxHeadRooms.

    Well folks here might be the operative case that this is true!! A GenYer hacks into a local news room and changes their teleprompter content?

    True or a hack of a hack??

  15. 2010 October 14 9:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

  16. 2010 October 14 9:17 am
    bc3b permalink

    I did not see the debate, but later read some of the live thread at HA. Apparently COD did reasonable well although Wolf Blitzer and especially sone bimbo Delaware reporter who were moderating kept interrupting and trying to favor Coons.

    Her one gaff was not being able to state a SC decision she disagreed with so that naturally was the lead on this morning’s news.

  17. 2010 October 14 9:19 am

    RAS – CA:

    BOXER 49
    FIORINA 46

    BURN BABY!! BURN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 2010 October 14 9:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Why the Tea Party movement needs to brand itself a party whether they want to be one or not. If you don’t have control of your brand you lose control of your message.

  19. 2010 October 14 9:40 am
    drdog09 permalink

  20. 2010 October 14 5:55 pm
    JBoz permalink

    Very, very cool on the Demplosion piece. I’ve passed it around to many friends. I noticed that the wave seems to emanate from the Gulf of Mexico….is that by design, or coincidence?

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