Muslim Family Sues Park District for Discrimination

2010 December 30
by bc3b

A Muslim family is suing an Illinois park district for discrimination and, naturally CAIR is supporting them. It appears they were refused admittance to a pool because they weren’t wearing “appropriate swimming attire” but rather traditional Muslim garb.

If they were truly devout Muslims, they would have avoided the pool as as not to expose themselves – and more importantly their children – to scantily-clad women.

Hasidic Jews also would have been turned away from the pool if they arrived in their traqditiuonal attire. The difference is that Hasidic Jews wouldn’t expect to be admitted to a public swimming pool. If these people aren’t happy here, they have an option: return to their third world hellhole.

Until we drop the political correctness and tell these people to conform, it will get worse.

Muslim family sues Illinois forest preserve, claiming anti-Muslim discrimination. A family of Muslims from Lyons, Illinois (near Chicago), is suing the Cook County Forest Preserve because they claim they were all discriminated against due to Muslim attire. Unsurprisingly, CAIR is involved in the lawsuit and filed two complaints on behalf of the family in Cook County Circuit Court. The lawsuits demand monetary compensation for what is alleged discrimination when a pool in Lyons refused the family entry because they were wearing inappropriate swimming attire. Though the prohibiting incident happened more than a year ago in August of 2009, CAIR is only now getting around to suing the aquatic center for what it says is anti-Muslim discrimination.

To me, this action by CAIR of filing lawsuits on behalf of the Muslim family smells fishy and retaliatory. As in, vengeful—and when I say vengeful, I mean without merit. For instance, CAIR is demanding monetary compensation to this family. That begs the question, Whatever for?! If they were apparently refused entry to the pool due to discrimination, how can you put a legitimate price tag on that? What was the so-called “monetary” damage to them being forced to go home again? The price of gas, perhaps, for one way of travel to the pool?!!

Mahmoud Yaqub says that he and his wife, the headscarf-clad Faten Alaraj, brought their two young kids to the Cermak Family Aquatic Center back in August of 2009. He further says that his wife was barred because of her Muslim attire of a long dress and a headscarf, which, by the way, are inappropriate swimming attire anyway. Additionally, he and the two kids were also turned away by pool employees because their own clothing’s material was allegedly inappropriate for swimming.

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The current Miss USA is Muslim. She didn’t have any trouble finding an “appropriate” swimsuit or sue to compete in a burka.

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  1. 2010 December 30 5:15 am

    The end result will be for the taxpayers to build them a seperate swimming facility.

  2. 2010 December 30 5:23 am
    bc3b permalink

    That’s pretty much what George Washington University has done. They have allocated one of its 20 hours of free swim time for women-only because of the demands of Muslim students.

    As long as we keep capitulating, Muslims will keep pushing the envelope. As the article notes, this is the second time that this family (backed by CAIR) has sued a park over so-called Muslim discrimination.

  3. 2010 December 30 6:15 am


  4. 2010 December 30 6:37 am
    bc3b permalink

    One of the major sponsors of the Miss USA contest (in addition to Donald Trump) is Farouk, a company based in Houston, Texas that manufactures and markets curling irons and other equipment for beauty salons.

    Farouk is owned by Farouk Shami, a Muslim who ran in the Texas primary for governor as a Democrat in 2010. I am sure the fact that Farouk is a sponsor and a Muslim woman won is purely coincidental.

  5. 2010 December 30 7:50 am

    Is she an NFL cheerleader too????????????

  6. 2010 December 30 8:19 am

    zero toe.

  7. 2010 December 30 9:03 am

    You have to look closer, bro

  8. 2010 December 30 9:49 am

    Who wants to get that close?? not me, scrawny bitch.

  9. 2010 December 30 9:54 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    I would have been turned away if I had shown up in inappropriate swimming attire. I understand that many swimming pools prohibit cut off jeans and require a swim suit. The wife could have kept her head covered by wearing a bathing cap… I think you can still find those things. She could have also worn a scuba diving suit and all her skin would have been covered.

    I agree if one is that devout then they should not be visiting a place where they know people will be exposing their skin.

    I have my own religion. My religion prohibits me from having to publicly accommodate the idiotic requests and traditions of other religions in taxpayer funded public places. It prohibits me from having to be around anyone who treats a woman as a less than equal human being.

    Public swimming pools should not be required to accommodate any religious traditions. Their rules are designed for the public health and safety of swimmers and for the accommodation to the greatest number of users of the facility.

    However, it is against my religion to have to swim with any Muslims around. I expect to be accommodated.

    Oh… I found this video a worthwhile comparison.

  10. 2010 December 30 10:26 am
    bc3b permalink

    I remember going to the city pool as a youth and the life guards inspected us (mostly kids) for rashes, ensured that we had a proper swim suit, etc. Had I tried to swim in my street clothes. which at the time were shorts and a tee-shirt, I would have been refused admitance.

  11. 2010 December 30 10:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    If we are to truly have separation of church and state, which the left demands, there should be no special accommodation based on religion. And there usually isn’t … except for Muslims.

    I am sure there are some fundamentalist Baptists and Evangelicals who believe that women wearing a swimsuit like Miss USA and sinners, but they avoid public pools rather than try to force their own beliefsw on the rest of society.

  12. 2010 December 30 10:57 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Thanks for the clean up….

    This is just another example of creeping Sharia law…and we need to stop it. I want Sharia stopped and all this Muslim BS stopped first and foremost because I am a feminist. Any culture, religion, or tradition that treats women the way they are treated under Islam has no place in civilized society.

  13. 2010 December 30 11:10 am
    mulletover permalink

    One good thing about Miss USA.

    No suicide vest there.

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