Gallup: Dem Identification at 22-year Low

2011 January 6
by bc3b

It appears the people at Gallup have all sorts of bad news for the Democrats today.

An interesting point to note. While the Dems have slipped five points in two years, they are still two points higher than Republicans (at 29%). More than 40% of voters have been conservative in recent ideology preference polls taken by Gallup and  Rasmussen, something that Karl Rove, Charles Krathammer and other so-called “brilliant pundits” seem to have missed. November 2010 was a repudiation of Obama-Pelosi-Reid and liberal poilicies, hardly a ringing endorsement of the GOP.

PRINCETON, NJ — In 2010, 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, down five percentage points from just two years ago and tied for the lowest annual average Gallup has measured in the last 22 years. While Democrats still outnumber Republicans by two points, the percentage identifying as independents increased to 38%, on the high end of what Gallup has measured in the last two decades.

Party Identification Annual Averages, Gallup Polls, 1991-2010

These results are based on aggregated data from 21 separate Gallup and USA Today/Gallup polls conducted in 2010, encompassing more than 25,000 interviews with U.S. adults. Gallup has computed annual averages for party identification since 1988, when it began conducting most of its polls by telephone.

The Gallup Daily tracking poll, initiated in 2008, shows similar party identification figures for 2010 — 32% Democratic, 28% Republican, and 37% independent. The tracking data also show the same trend toward declining Democratic identification coupled with greater increases among independents than Republicans.

While there is usually some year-to-year variation in party identification at the aggregate level, the changes are typically not large. Thus, the five-point drop in Democratic identification over the past two years, from the party’s 22-year high of 36% (tying the 1988 figure) to its 22-year low of 31%, is notable.

Perhaps equally significant is that the percentage of Americans identifying as Republicans has increased only slightly to 29% during this time, and remains on the low end of what Gallup has measured the past two decades.

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Hat tip: Gallup Organization

No PumpkinHead; it was a conservative victory, not a RINO win.

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  1. 2011 January 6 10:05 am

    RAS says R+3

    Gallup says D+2

    … and the MSM polling data says D+15


  2. 2011 January 6 10:11 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Of the people who identify themselves as Republicans, I wonder how many also identify themselves as moderates. I’ll bet less than 20%. Yet, the moderates hold the power.

  3. 2011 January 6 10:43 am

    Independents~~~gutless wonders afraid to admit their true leanings.

  4. 2011 January 6 11:23 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    giggle, giggle, giggle….

    and then this whiner whines away.

    Look at all the damage Obama managed in two years… I suspect that it isn’t going to get any better for him and by 2012 Gallup will show a switch as those firebrand new Republicans will help re-brand the party. Now if I can find a way to get Cantor to shut-up and do the job everyone else wants done by leading the way.

    Okay — and as to this whiner’s closing pout about “de-funding investments in our children” …


    I say STFU.

    First, for purposes of full disclosure I don’t have children so that automatically makes me an objective expert on children for the rest of you who do. I wonder why so much of my earnings are spent on investing in other people’s children. They’re your kids… you pay for them.

    AND second, and most important, if all this Democrats’ “investing” in children is what has created the ill-mannered, lazy, clueless, unrealistic, violent, rude, badly dressed (i.e. the almost naked the females and the pants around their knees showing the world their BVDs males), brimming with a misplaced belief in entitlement, caterwauling, unimaginative, pampered, soft, uncreative, obnoxious, misguided, misdirected, loud-mouth know nothing know-it-alls bouncing around every mall, movie theatre, street corner, and public transportation system, then for the sake of the universe STOP INVESTING NOW!

    In the world of “investing” not only has these investments proven to be absolute losers, but that money has been pour down a pit of destruction feeding a gluttonous, gelatinous blob that will soon ooze out over what remains of civilization and slime us into oblivion.

    Isn’t it about time these over-protected progeny of baby mommies and daddies get a glimpse of the real world and start paying the consequences. Put these blobs to work washing dishes, flipping burgers, picking up trash, mowing lawns, or cleaning houses. Make them put the cell phones down, take the I-Pods way, shut off the wiis, shut down the internet, turn-off the computers, take away the video games, the car keys and the credit cards. Make them stay home and read a book — please the the sake of humanity do this.

    After all raised eyebrows and frowns mean nothing to these beasts. I can’t slap your kids smart when they misbehave, nor can I yell at them without risking at the least getting my car keyed or worse my throat slashed. In other words, your children are proving to be a losing investment. I can only dream about getting a refund on my investment. If fixing our bloated government and unsustainable debt is going to require that I take a hit and receive something less than what I paid into the social security system in order to not leave these carping fools with the bill, then I expect them to at least be worthy of my sacrifice.

    Oh – in other words – Ed Kilgore… your typical liberal bullshit speak about all these taxes and bloated government being for the benefit of the children doesn’t work on me… because the kids I see around me aren’t deserving.. and they reason they aren’t is because of your liberal progressive nonsense has created this mess.

  5. 2011 January 6 11:43 am
    justrand permalink

    the DNCC today announced that their 2012 campaign to re-take the House will be based around “RESTORING Nancy Pelosi as Speaker”.

    I swear I am NOT making that up!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least the Captain of the Titanic didn’t AIM for the iceberg!!

  6. 2011 January 6 11:53 am

    That boner killer has about as much chance of being “restored” as
    a fart surviving a hail storm.

  7. 2011 January 6 11:55 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  8. 2011 January 6 12:17 pm
    TLS permalink

    #4 Yesterday I was at the mechanic shop listening to the gavel change on CNN. The volume was low and there was a lot of noise in the room, so I couldn’t really hear Nancy Pelosi above a mumble (darn the bad luck!). But the one word I could make out OVER AND OVER was “children”. All I could think was thank God I can’t hear the whole thiing or I might lose it right here!

  9. 2011 January 6 12:26 pm
    beej permalink

    Judy. You always mince words, sweetie. You don’t need to be afraid to speak your mind. Take a deep breath and let the words flow.

  10. 2011 January 6 12:44 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    Well Beej… my New Year’s resolution is to be more direct, not hold back and speak my mind. 😉

    Needless to say I have stumbled across some relatively bad examples of today’s youth over the last few weeks. I’m not sure if it is the children or their parents I would like to grab by the back of the neck and shake until their teeth fall out — probably both.

    I have also come across some pretty decent kids that I think are worthy of the sacrifice.

  11. 2011 January 6 12:45 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    Oh — Thanks to whomever for the linking clean up!!!

  12. 2011 January 6 1:27 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    FYI — I wrote the above in #4 — before I read this

    but this is exactly what is going on inside of DC. This metro stop is next to my office. Last time I was downtown on a weekend leaving the office in the evening a gang of kids was runnnig around my building. I learned a long time ago to trust my instincts that when the hair on the back of your neck stands up — pay attention. It did that day. I had my cell phone in one hand with 911 already dialed waiting to press the call key, the keys to the car in the other and pulling my briefcase and gym bag behind me. I paid attention and kept my eyes on everyone. I was parked around the corner on the busy side of the building. I will never park on the blindside of the building ever again.

    Sadly, the trouble with DC is there are a lot of tourists milling around who aren’t paying attention and not seeing these kids as a threat. I suspect that come summer there will be several reports of events just like this and no doubt some tourist is going to be seriously injured.

    And not unlike the movie Crash where the Sandra Bullock character worries if she is being racist when she becomes concerned about the young black men walking on the sidewalk toward her and her husband … just before they are mugged and car-jacked mind you… in DC it is the young black females that are every bit as dangerous as the young males. In Baltimore I understand it is worse than DC.

    I would never get on a city bus these days. I would never go to a mall after dark anywhere that was accessible by public transportation.

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