Who Will Speak for Conservatives?

2011 January 13
by bc3b

On November 5, just a few days after the election, Democratic strategist Maark Penn appeared on Chris Matthews Hardball Show and stated rather bluntly that President Obama needed an “event similar to Oklahoma City” to “reconnect with the voters.

The President, with the assistance of his friends in the media, turned the Tucson tragedy into Obama’s “Oklahoma City” event. Unlike Bill Clinton, Team Obama was grossly commercial and left nothing hidden. As mulletover so aptly stated, last night was the first event of the 2012 election.

Unlike previous memorial events (with the exception of Paul Wellstone’s) last night was crass and commercial. With the theme “Together We Thrive” and 14,000 logoed T-shirts, Obama used a national tragedy to advance his 2012 campaign and reconnect with voters. Tucson is a medium-size city. You don’t just have 14,000 extra large blue T-shirts sitting around waiting to be logoed. Getting 14,000 T-shirts logoed and shipped to Tucson takes a lot of planning and coordination. Given the short time frame, the shirts cost a minimum of $5 each or $70,000 – $80,000 total.

Team Obama knew exactly what it was doing – holding the memorial on a major university campus ensured there would be an energized audience to support the President. Obama gave a long (36 minute) speech, nearly three times as long as his presentation at the Ft. Hood memorial service. He was definitely the center of attention. He called for civility from all sides (e.g. don’t be too critical of my programs or too enthusiastic in fighting them and besides the media has already accomplished its mission of trashing Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and conservative talk radio hosts). 

Besides, Obama can stand above the fray: he has the media and unions to do the dirty work.

But, the event was obviously a success as everyone from MSNBC and NPR to NFC and National Review raved about Obama’s performance. Some comments were made about the crowd cheering and the venue, but no one questioned whether Obama had exploited the tragedy, the appropriateness of the T-shirts or how the shirts got there and who paid for them.

This begs the question: who will speak for conservatives?

National Review has become far more centrist since Rich Lowry became editor and the Weekly Standard is no better. FNC also has been moving to the center in recent years as liberal contributors now outnumber conservative ones. According to Politico, FNC President Roger Ailes told the FNC Team to “tone it down” and last night’s panel was the most favorable to the President the network could have selected: Charles Krathammer (a Washington elitist and one of few people who loves the sound of his own voice as much as Barack Obama), Chris Wallace (one of the network’s most liberal hosts and the son of Mike Wallace) and Brit Hume, who is pretty middle of the road. Perhaps the network is afraid of being cut-off from the administration or Fox TV losing the BOR Super Bowl pre-game interview, perhaps it is just afraid or maybe it isn’t committed (to anything except money).

That brings the defenders of conservatism down to a small number of courageous Republicans who aren’t afraid of the media (Sarah Palin, Jim Demint, Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence and some of the newly-elected conservatives) and talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin (who the left are trying to muzzle by reinstating the Fairness Doctrine)  and conservative sites like Drudge, Free Republic and BJG.

How effect will Obama’s atrategy be? We will see in coming weeks as teh 112th Congress goes back into session.

                It appears the SEIU was in attendance too

                                                 So many questions … so few people asking them.

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  1. 2011 January 13 6:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    Whether one likes CNN, MSNBC and the network news departments or not, you have to admire the commitments their management teams have to their political ideology. Any of them could significantly increase their ratings and profitability by moving to the right.

    Rupert Murdoch, on the other hand, is only committed to money. He hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in 2012. Murdoch has a monopoly on everyone to the right of the CNN viewer (60%+ of the market). FNC is like RINOs – moving as far to the left as possible without losing its following.

  2. 2011 January 13 6:26 am

    “New US jobless claims jumped unexpectedly last week to to 445,000”

    …time to get back to work folks

  3. 2011 January 13 6:28 am


    Great thread, BTW

  4. 2011 January 13 6:33 am

    1. BC

    If a real conservative new network was created then FOXnews’ ratings would be lower than MSNBC and CNN.

  5. 2011 January 13 6:33 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    excuse the repeat….


    Free t-shirts handed out at “Memorial” service? Branding a memorial service? What genius in your administration came up with that one?

    But, just one more a minute Mr. President, “Together we THRIVE”?

    Excuse me… Thrive? THRIVE? THRIVE!!!! At a “memorial” service. No one is thriving… They are dead… six people dead… they aren’t THRIVING. Their families aren’t THRIVING… THEY ARE GRIEVING…

    THRIVE? THRIVE? “TOGETHER WE THRIVE”… except for the six dead people and their grieving families, and those struggling with gunshot wounds … they are healing…

    NO Mr. President, no one is “THRIVING” except maybe for the political opportunists who thought that printing up t-shirts to hand out at a “memorial” service with a CAMPAIGN slogan on them.

  6. 2011 January 13 6:34 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    #2 — unemployment is THRIVING

  7. 2011 January 13 6:37 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    National Debt is THRIVING

  8. 2011 January 13 6:37 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Federal spending is THRIVING

  9. 2011 January 13 6:38 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Size of government is THRIVING

  10. 2011 January 13 6:38 am
    beej permalink

    Who will speak for conservatives? I only see one national voice. I love Michelle, Mike, and the rest of the crew, but no one captures the national eye and ear like Sarah. Someone better step up to the plate soon, because I don’t see anyone who compares to her in the field of known players.

  11. 2011 January 13 6:39 am

    “One in 45 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing last year, or a record high of 2.9 million homes. That’s up 1.67 percent from 2009.”


  12. 2011 January 13 6:40 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    thrived or throve\ˈthrōv\thrived also thriv·en\ˈthri-vən\thriv·ing\ˈthrī-viŋ\
    Definition of THRIVE
    intransitive verb
    1: to grow vigorously : flourish
    2: to gain in wealth or possessions : prosper
    3: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances —often used with on
    — thriv·er \ˈthrī-vər\ noun

    Oklahoma City anyone?

  13. 2011 January 13 6:41 am
    beej permalink

    Eph, don’t tell me anyone really thought that the last news on the unemployment figures was anything more than a seasonal bump…sheesh. What is unexpected is that the morons are able to continue with their unabated idiocy.

  14. 2011 January 13 6:41 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Foreclosures are THRIVING

  15. 2011 January 13 6:42 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Answer to question —WE WILL….millions strong will speak

  16. 2011 January 13 6:42 am
    Havok permalink

    Hey All, I am back. Just moved to my “gulch”.
    Anyhow, for Judy and anyone else…
    kind of long.

    (you can pause it by clicking on it.)

  17. 2011 January 13 6:43 am
    bc3b permalink

    Obama can say any lie and knows it won’t be questioned. Congresswoman Giffords opened her eyes for the first time January 9, three days before Obama visited her.


  18. 2011 January 13 6:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Personaly, I don’t think we need a speaker or forum.

    When the SS checks start bouncing the revolution will begin — http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/257061/us-way-toward-losing-aaa-credit-rating-kevin-d-williamson

  19. 2011 January 13 6:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

    OK, great minds and all that.

    How about this one — Prez’s Memorial service may exclude the shooting of the federal judge as a count of murder — http://www.politico.com/blogs/joshgerstein/0111/Obama_speech_undercuts_federal_charge_for_judges_murder.html

    If the judge was not on official biz, it is not a federal issue.

  20. 2011 January 13 6:49 am
    Havok permalink

    Yeah bc3b, the video I posted has a lot to do with that.

  21. 2011 January 13 6:51 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    cost of oil is THRIVING
    health insurance premiums are THRIVING
    class warfare is THRIVING
    divisive society is THRIVING

    …false, factless, accusations against innocent people of being accessories to murder by liberal media, pundits, and liberals are THRIVING

  22. 2011 January 13 7:14 am

    18 BC,


  23. 2011 January 13 7:19 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    #24 — Obama ratings will THRIVE (for a short time)

  24. 2011 January 13 7:20 am
    justrand permalink

    I really need to try and keep my emotional distance from things like last night’s spectacle. Obama’s words were actually fine, but the venue and attendees (14,000 college students all wearing souvenir t-shirts) were not.

    The Democrats are all over the tube this morning swearing it was “not a pep-rally”. They protesteth too much…for it was a pep-rally, and they know it.

    Still, I need more emotional detachment from this…and I will strive for it.

  25. 2011 January 13 7:35 am
    mulletover permalink

    The storyline is that obama rose above the fray, that he had a healing effect on the nation, that he alone brought the nation together in common purpose. I have heard pundit after pundit repeating those talking points.

    Now where have I heard this line before?

    Oh yeah, it was the campaign of 2008. Only obama could heal the nation’s wounds, cross the racial divide, move beyond the partisanship of President Bush and the Republicans.

    Who would possibly fall for it again?

    Well, the great unwashed, and the rinos, and the rino pundits.

    Hook, line, and sinker.

  26. 2011 January 13 7:37 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    If it wasn’t a pep ralley the why the slogan? Why a slogan with the word thrive to memoralize the dead… I guess those daisies the dead are pushing up are thriving

  27. 2011 January 13 7:57 am
    justrand permalink

    judy, this event obviously had a lot of planning and preperation…and the White House would have had to be involved at every level. Obama’s people could have and SHOULD have stopped the “branding”, and could have and SHOULD have reminded those attending of the fact that this was a memorial service for the VICTIMS…and thus they should behave accordingly.

    I’ve been to a few memorial services in my life no one ever whooped and hollered. This event did not stoop to the level of the Paul Wellstone “Woodstock” event…but it tried to.

    Again, I can’t blame Obama for how people acted…but i can blame him for not reminding them how they SHOULD act.

  28. 2011 January 13 8:12 am
    mulletover permalink

    Here is a dem tool who likens the “thrive at the hive” to Selma or Birmingham of the 1960’s, or something.


  29. 2011 January 13 8:47 am
    JustMary permalink

    This is a great reminder of what presidential looks like, and what it shouldn’t look like. I still remember being so upset and afraid while I watched Reagan give that speech on tv. I felt comforted when it was over. I wasn’t cheering from my couch, I was crying, and I felt as thought he understood how kids like myself were feeling, and presented himself accordingly. I can’t watch the clip because it will bring me to tears, just for the simple wanting to go back to a time when our CIC wasn’t more interested in photo ops and propaganda than he was in protecting kids like me from those who wished to do our country harm.

  30. 2011 January 13 9:03 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    People under 50 shouldn’t vote.

  31. 2011 January 13 9:04 am
    bc3b permalink

    Getting 14,000 T-shirts logoed and delivered in such a short time frame requires a lot of coordination and about $75k. I am sure the direction and the money came from the White House.

  32. 2011 January 13 9:04 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people from California and New York shouldn’t be able to vote in national elections.

  33. 2011 January 13 9:06 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people shouldn’t vote who wore flowers in their hair in the 1960s who listened to Peter, Paul and Mary.

  34. 2011 January 13 9:06 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people who drink Boone’s Farm and consider themselves wine experts. I was going to coninseurs but I don’t know how to spell it.

  35. 2011 January 13 9:07 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people shouldn’t vote who think Burger King is fine dining.

  36. 2011 January 13 9:08 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people who think the New York Times is the best source for information.

  37. 2011 January 13 9:09 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people who think Democratic women are better looking than Republican women or better than bc’s cheerleader picks should not vote.

  38. 2011 January 13 9:09 am

    People who live in michigan and drink large mugs of beer shouldn’t vote or breed.

  39. 2011 January 13 9:09 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Enterprising individual that I have launched, to instantaneous great success, my own line of Memorial t-shirts, complete with slogans…

    For $19.99 you can now give your grieving friends and family members a souvenir to remember your big send off. Sizes are available in XS to XXXX in pre-shrunk 100% cotton.

    T-shirts are available in traditional mourning black but also in customized multiple of colors to reflect the cause of death. Did the departed pass from breast cancer? Well we have the ever popular pink. AIDS — well of course you want to issue RED t-shirts (although to not be confused in any way with Republicans you may want to choose our tasteful black t-shirt with the embossed giant red ribbon. Might I suggest the beautiful purple t-shirt if your beloved died from Alzheimer’s. And of course if your departed suffered from a bi-polar disorder or was an climate change deluded, environment wacko there is the ever popular GREEN.

    We have the standard slogans you can put on the t-shirts

    Gone but Not Forgotten
    Beloved (mother, father, brother, sister, friend)

    Including the name of the deceased and the birth and death dates.

    We can even silk screen on the image of a tombstone if you would like.

    Or maybe, you would like to use our customized marketing department where we can silk screen the image of the deceased’s astrological sign, favorite sports team, cartoon character, political rock star, or hobby.

    You may also want to consider our ever popular customized slogans from the somber to the hysterical.

    Some of our customer’s have used

    I told you I was sick
    See ya later
    I’ll be back
    Tell God Hello
    Quiet at Last
    Thought She’d Never Leave

    And if your grief is too severe to think of an appropriate slogan may we suggest the Barak Obama endorsed

    Together and Thriving…

  40. 2011 January 13 9:10 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people who think fishing with hooks is animal cruelty should not vote.

  41. 2011 January 13 9:11 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    And people who pick on people in Michigan should not vote. 🙂

  42. 2011 January 13 9:12 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    I guess I’m the only one who should be able to vote!

  43. 2011 January 13 9:15 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Looks like I am the only one voting!!!!

    ME — there all elections over…

    now who wants a czar job?

  44. 2011 January 13 9:16 am
    justrand permalink

    IP: “People who live in michigan and drink large mugs of beer shouldn’t vote or breed.”

    if we removed the mugs of beer they COULDN’T breed!

  45. 2011 January 13 9:19 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care
    I don’t care, I don’t care, care if it’s old
    I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind
    I don’t mind, mind, don’t have a mind

    Get away, get away, get away
    Get away, away, away from your home
    I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid
    I’m afraid, afraid, ghost!

    by Nirvana

  46. 2011 January 13 9:20 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Even if you have…
    Even if you need…
    I don’t mean to stare.
    We don’t have to breed.
    We can plant a house,
    We can build a tree.
    I don’t even care.

    by Nirvana


  47. 2011 January 13 9:23 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Mischief breeds in bored minds.

  48. 2011 January 13 9:24 am

    MI needs crisis intervention.

  49. 2011 January 13 9:25 am

    if we removed the mugs of beer they COULDN’T breed!~~~jarhead

    Exactamundo, they need to be plastered so their ugly women won’t look so bad.

  50. 2011 January 13 9:28 am
    MI Conservative permalink

  51. 2011 January 13 9:30 am

    anorexic Michigander.

  52. 2011 January 13 9:31 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Being plastered doesn’t HELP

  53. 2011 January 13 9:34 am

    If I had to live in michigan, I would be plastered as well.

  54. 2011 January 13 9:34 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Hope some of you lighten up now! Tomorrows another day and the snow will still be falling.

    People who drive snowplows shouldn’t vote either.

  55. 2011 January 13 9:34 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Have ya’ll missed me, eh????

  56. 2011 January 13 9:35 am

    What time is your visiting hour??

  57. 2011 January 13 9:36 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    From 7 am till 2 AM (24/7) now that you can drink on Sunday mornings in Michigan!

  58. 2011 January 13 9:37 am
    MI Conservative permalink


  59. 2011 January 13 9:45 am
    JustMary permalink

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, eh, MI? 😆

  60. 2011 January 13 9:47 am
    JustMary permalink

    People under 50 shouldn’t vote.

    I’d say under 25. I’d also add that they have to be taxpayers, not unintentional welfare recipients via the earned income credit and various other credits.

  61. 2011 January 13 9:48 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    5:00——-You mean 3:45!

  62. 2011 January 13 9:49 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    JustMary reminded me that —-People who collect unemployment for 2 years shouldn’t vote either.

  63. 2011 January 13 9:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Its really simple, bring back freeholder but with a twist. To vote in a federal election you must bring ID, and your 1040. If you did not pay tax in the previous tax year you will not be permitted to vote.

    Solves the liberal democratic problem.

  64. 2011 January 13 9:56 am
    TLS permalink

    #41 ROFLMAO!!!!

  65. 2011 January 13 10:16 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    I am really starting to like MI’s voting qualifications…

  66. 2011 January 13 10:29 am
    drdog09 permalink

    And glad to have you back MI! 🙂

    So are you starting a beer party or just a beer putsch?

  67. 2011 January 13 11:07 am
    mpthompson permalink

    Who Will Speak for Conservatives?

    Sorry dudes, we’re on our own.

  68. 2011 January 13 5:11 pm

    64 – Good point – Actually anyone taking any significant form of government assistance in the proceeding 12 months (including most of those that work for government) should not be allowed to vote in federal elections.

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