“Mama Grizzly” Is Back; Politico Isn’t Happy

2011 April 19
by bc3b

Four years ago we raised a banner of bold colors—no pale pastels. We proclaimed a dream of an America that would be “a shining city on a hill.” Ronald Reagan from his 1984 acceptance speech.

If there is one thing Sarah Palin is, it is a disciple of Ronald Reagan – no pastels for her.

How many times has Palin been written off by the left, the “Lamestream media” – yes I know I am repeating myself – and the Bush Wing of the GOP (Karl Rove, Dana Perino and company)? These groups have been working to kill her off for 2-1/2 years now and she keeps coming back with a solid base of supporters that is even more enthusiastic more determined to support her.

Sarah Palin has rewritten the rules for political communication. The media hates her and distorts her message so she bypasses them utilizing social media – Facebook and Twitter (as of this morning Palin has  2,893,263 Facebook followers). The new SarahPac.comwebsite is the talk of the blogosphere – light years ahead of other potential GOP standard-bearers. Palin understands that the American public has a short attention span. That’s why her Facebook posts and speeches are filled with sound bytes: death panels, blood libel, bullet train to bankruptcy, fight like a girl.

The Republican Party organization has tried to take her down. Her supporters formed Team Sarah (which numbers over 100,000 members) and Palin stuck her finger in their eye by endorsing outsiders like Rand Paul, Susana Martinez, Nikki Haley and Christine O’Donnell against establishment favorites.

The media and the left espouses multi-culturalism and despises Christianity so Palin wear a necklace with a cross when making one of the most important speeches of her career. Sure, she is a devout Christian, but she also is sending a message.

Many in the GOP thought Palin was finished when Michele Bachmann gained greater prominence and Donald Trump came on the scene only to watch Sarah Palin regain promence with a single speech and by unveiling her new SarahPac.com website.

Whether Sarah Palin ever becomes President or not, we are watching one of the most astute politicians in American history – a woman who is hated by liberals and Establishment Republicans and attacked by the media as no other politician ever has been. She is totally unconventional, likes to play by her own rules and has taken risks that few others would dare to entertain let alone take.

Vice Presidential candidates on the losing ticket usually become little more than footnotes in history: Henry Cabot Lodge, William Miller, Geraldine Ferraro, Lloyd Bensten, Jack Kemp and even John Edwards (were it not for his extramarital affair). Then along came Sarah Palin.

And, the fact that “Mama Grizzly” is back doesn’t sit too well with the leftists at Politco: 

It’s a fool’s errand to use traditional indicators as definitive evidence that Sarah Palin is or is not running for president. If nothing else, she’s made clear since her national debut two-and-a-half years ago that she plays by her own set of rules.

But her pugnacious speech over the weekend in Wisconsin, promotion thereof and re-launch of her PAC’s website today, suggests that she very much wants to stay in the political conversation. As has been well-documented, Palin reads most everything written about her. So she surely didn’t miss recent stories about her declining poll numbers and relative quiet. For one who relishes the fight, and the attention that comes with it, there is something far worse than being criticized and that’s being ignored or written off.

After the last three days, that’s not likely to happen again.

First there was the speech she gave in Madison — home to the central state-level policy battle of the moment — in which she made common cause with Gov. Scott Walker, accused her party’s congressional wing of capitulation, and lambasted President Obama.

Included were the sort of Palin signatures she knows will grab headlines and stir speculation about her presidential ambitions.

“[T]hey need to learn how to fight like a girl!” she said of unnamed “GOP leaders.”


Rolling out the new site now doesn’t seem coincidental, either. Splashed across the page is a link to: “Watch Sarah’s Tax Day Tea Party Speech.”

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Hat Tip: Politico and hotair.com

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  1. 2011 April 19 9:58 am
    justrand permalink


    🙂 every LSM outlet is spewing “Trump” 24×7. The NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC…all touting Trump as the man to beat Obama…and how “scared” the Obama Team is. All Grade-A Bullshit, of course, but they had such success with McCain…

    Palin/Cain?? Palin/West??? Palin/Rand??

  2. 2011 April 19 10:01 am


  3. 2011 April 19 10:04 am
    bc3b permalink

    If you look at conservative websites: Hot Air (most everyone is conservative except the authors), freerepublic.com, etc., most conservatives have figured Trump out.

    Also, dump statements are tripping Trump up – “We ought to steal (fill in a country)’s oil.

  4. 2011 April 19 10:05 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Phoenix Coyotes on suicide watch????

  5. 2011 April 19 10:11 am

    4. I hope they move, BC. Take the D-Backs with them too.

  6. 2011 April 19 10:15 am

    Marist College: Hussein




    Told you have was at 38%

  7. 2011 April 19 10:17 am

    Told you he was at 38%

  8. 2011 April 19 10:29 am
    bc3b permalink

    Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
    RCP Average 4/3 – 4/18 — 46.3 49.3 -3.0
    ABC News/Wash Post 4/14 – 4/17 1001 47 50 -3
    Gallup 4/16 – 4/18 1500 A 44 48 -4
    Rasmussen Reports 4/16 – 4/18 1500 LV 48 51 -3
    McClatchy/Marist 4/10 – 4/14 1084 RV 44 49 -5
    Democracy Corps (D) 4/10 – 4/12 1000 LV 44 50 -6
    CNN/Opinion Research 4/9 – 4/10 824 A 48 50 -2
    Reuters/Ipsos 4/7 – 4/10 1042 A 46 49 -3
    FOX News 4/3 – 4/5 914 RV 49 47 +2

  9. 2011 April 19 10:31 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Winnipeg would love to have the “Jets” back. It’s embarassing to be the largest city in Canada without an NHL franchise.

  10. 2011 April 19 10:35 am
    bc3b permalink

    Getting back to Palin, the media has created her public image (particularly for the uninformed voters). She is very likeable. I think once voters see the real Sarah Palin, I think she can win. She has some major obstacles to overcome, but if anyone can ….

    Far better than the typical GOP candidates who will “Go along to get along.” Saturday proved once again that there is nothing this woman is afraid of.

  11. 2011 April 19 10:40 am
    justrand permalink

    Obama’s handlers have him out on a “Town Hall” tour.

    uh huh

    “Authentic” questions will abound, no doubt. Like the time a teary-eyed little boy asked:
    “Why do people hate you?”…”They’re supposed to love you. And God is love.”

    ahhhh… Later, of course, the question was shown to have been planted…but it was awfully, uh, sweet…right?

  12. 2011 April 19 10:47 am

    “It’s embarassing to be the largest city in Canada without an NHL franchise.”


    Winnipeg aint the largest city in Canada bro.

  13. 2011 April 19 10:47 am
    bc3b permalink

    Kalifornians –

    What do you know about the arson and vandalism of Catholic churches in your state?


  14. 2011 April 19 10:49 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Winnipeg aint the largest city in Canada bro.

    I didn’t say it was, I said:

    “It’s embarassing to be the largest city in Canada without an NHL franchise.”

  15. 2011 April 19 10:50 am
    theghostofreason permalink

    Would Sarah take a VP role for anyone of the establishment picks this go around? I think not but I do think they would offer it to her again just to shut her up. If she were to take the role I believe she would do her own thing regardless of what she was told as she learned a great deal from the last go at it.

  16. 2011 April 19 10:52 am
    drdog09 permalink

    No way Trump is even a factor when the primaries start. Or so I think. However Trump is providing an invaluable service on two levels right now.

    1/ He’s voicing concerns about Obama’s legitimacy. It goes beyond Birther issues. He’s sowing the seed of doubt that someone like a Palin does not even have to voice now. (“Well Donald said that not me. But if the facts fit…” — Palin to reporter.)

    2/ He’s amped up the volume and people are responding. The ground work seems to be if a candidate can’t do a Hulk Hogan in the political arena then don’t even get in the ring. That leaves out Romney, Pawlenty, Huck.

    Keep it up Donald. “Jeeesh is that man nuts! Take the oil!? Palin has better answers than that.”, is the best thing that has happened to Palin since the Wisc speech. Politics is as much comparisons as any other attribute.

  17. 2011 April 19 10:56 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Rush just ripped Obama a new one… Obama going on and on about his tax return and how he can afford to pay more (his effective rate was 27%) … Rush said, nothing stops Obama from paying the 33% rate. The IRS accepts more money than one legally owes all the time.

  18. 2011 April 19 10:59 am


    I agree with your last point.

    Trump is taking the MSM fire away from Palin…at the moment

  19. 2011 April 19 11:02 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    I think a nominee Pawlenty and Huckabee(spit) would ask Palin onto the ticket. If Romney knew what was good for him he would do the same. (I hope it isn’t Romney’s to ask.) I also think Cain would ask Sarah on board… now that would be a ticket regardless of who was the top of the ticket. Newt would not, nor would Barbour (but I hope otherwise)…

    Who else is a prospective candidate? If I don’t know their name (ever had lunch with them) how can they be important (thank you Gwen Ifill)

  20. 2011 April 19 11:11 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    #16 –DR..very astute…I agree too!

  21. 2011 April 19 11:22 am
    judyt2009 permalink

    Rush is playing Sarah Palin riping Obama apart piece by piece!!!!!

    Amazing how a mood can change so quickly!!!!

  22. 2011 April 19 12:00 pm

    1. Money cannot buy happiness but…somehow, its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz than it is on a bicycle.
    2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard’s name.
    3. Help a man when he is in trouble & he will remember you when he is in trouble again.
    4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
    5. Alcohol does not solve any problem, but then neither does milk.

  23. 2011 April 19 12:02 pm
    justrand permalink

    you have learned your 5 lessons, Grasshopper!

  24. 2011 April 19 12:06 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #17 He could give more, sure……but why would he? No one is making him. Because he feels this way, about both taxes and charitable giving, he projects those feelings onto others. This is why he views government as charity- because it gets him off the hook. He assumes that no one else will give to charity if the government doesn’t force them, so taxes must be higher so the government can bestow its benevolence upon the masses.

  25. 2011 April 19 12:11 pm
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    IP I believe strongly in #4….and am stocking up just in case there is an amnesty…


  26. 2011 April 19 12:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    A few more for IP’s list —

    6. Always take a gun to a knife fight. You know the other SOB is going to cheat.
    7. If you are in a fair fight, your tactics suck.
    8. A smart President asks where his spies are. It reduces the need for knowing where the aircraft carriers are.
    9. Up to a point, speed and accuracy are worth more than sheer armament weight.
    10. Spend 10x more effort on Plan B than Plan A, as Plan A seldom works as advertised.

  27. 2011 April 19 12:42 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I was working on a different plan where I emigrate to Mexico. If Congress issues amnesty Mexico will empty out and I will have the place all to myself.

  28. 2011 April 19 1:14 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    #4 is so true and if I missed baby sister’s advice that prison is noisy and I wouldn’t get any sleep or have the peace and quiet to read, I would have ignored the illegality issue.

  29. 2011 April 19 1:17 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    nope DrDog… I’ll be there too!!!

  30. 2011 April 19 1:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog & Judy…after this country collapses they’ll all head back South. jus’ sayin’

  31. 2011 April 19 1:27 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I’ll grant they probably will JR. I don’t know about Judy but for me its a short term plan. Hell I already have one foot on the banana peel due to age. So by the time they get back I will have had my run of the place and expired. Like they say — “Man has to know his limitations.”, I ain’t living forever and am counting on it. 🙂

  32. 2011 April 19 1:29 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    Yes — but the premise was that there would be amnesty granted for illegal activities and everyone south of the border would flood in.

  33. 2011 April 19 1:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    By the way JR, this article is for you — http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/04/its_all_coming_apart.html.

    Not a word of it has not been discussed here before. Fact maybe we should change the name of the site to BeNostradamus. ??

  34. 2011 April 19 1:40 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I got to listen to more of Rush today than usual as I was in the car more.

    I think Rush cuts Trump some slack because of Limbaugh’s love of golf and Trump owns some nice courses (including one that borders Pebble Beach, which Rush was discussing today).

    At the very end of today’s program Rush mentioned that Obama is having a meeting on immigration at the White House today with Bloomberg and Trumka.

  35. 2011 April 19 1:43 pm

    “immigration reform” DOA in the house. If not, kiss the GOP goodby.

  36. 2011 April 19 1:43 pm
    JustMary permalink

  37. 2011 April 19 2:13 pm
    justrand permalink

    JM, he had Louie and Jake rough her up first, but that little old lady was one tough bird. So he had to go the “lawyer” route on her. The bastard!

    Seriously, Trump is a chump…and he ain’t even MY chump.

  38. 2011 April 19 2:14 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    Is anyone good with charts? I have done some detailed analysis on the “unfunded wars” being the reason for the deficits… the answer is only13.8% of the deficit accumulated through FY 2010. And given Obama’s outrageous spending it will drop to 11.7% for FY 2011.

    I am also preparing some charts that show the impact of the interest on the debt as a percentage of the deficit … and the cumulative roll forward of the deficits from each year to future “deficits”. Generally, interest on National debt accounted for 79% of Bush’s first deficit and only44.36% of his last. While the interest on National debt is responsible for only 20% of Obama’s first deficit and 25% of his second.

    It is all a bunch of liberal lies…. even if the “unfunded wars” are partially to blame for the deficit. Just like the credit card balance that never seems to go down if you only pay the minimum payment (and keep charging to your credit limit each month) the impact of that cumulative interest on that “unfunded war debt” accounts for less than 9% of the total deficit and compounded interest.

    The question to fire back at the liberals is that the if the unfunded wars account for less than 9% of Obama’s deficit spending, and the interest on the prior deficits accounts for between 20% to 25% of the budget deficit… what accounts for the remaining 66% to 71% of Obama’s deficits? 66% of 1.8 trillion dollars is a lot of f’n debt!!!!

  39. 2011 April 19 2:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Donald Trump is a three-in-one candidate: the egotism and narssism of Barack Obama; the opportunism and flip-flopping of Mitt Romney and the baggage of Newt Gingrich.

  40. 2011 April 19 2:30 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Another words a Republican version of Charles Rangel.

  41. 2011 April 19 2:31 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    –after reading the link in 33 I am going to take Good Friday off and prepare my garden. If I plant beans, squash, onions, and potatoes… maybe with a few jars of peanut butter I will survive.

    When defaults come… first the debt defaults and as it rolls up your financial markets investments default, dry up and blow away.

  42. 2011 April 19 2:35 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    #39 — wow, what efficiency of both explanation and subject matter.

    If Trump doesn’t understand it yet, his campaign is already dead in the water. The electorate is mad and I doubt thinking people will waste their vote on an independent candidate. Although Trump may attract those who don’t want to vote for Obama again but are still stuck on stupid and refuse to vote for a Republican.

  43. 2011 April 19 2:39 pm
    retlaw permalink

    VT just passed Nation Popular Vote law today. Other states that have done so are Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and Washington–all bastions of liberal democrat thought and practice. I think that is 74 ECV. Needs states that will total at least 270 ECV before it takes effect.

    What a disasterous idea. Think about FLA in 2000. Can you imagine having recounts in every state every 4 years, and the expense and turmoil that goes with it?

    Can you imagine the public outrage in state X, Y and Z when canddidate A wins 70% of the vote in the state but candidate B wins the national popular vote and therefore the ECVs from those states go to candidate B? There will be tar and pitchforks involved.

    If this foolishness passes, then no presidential candidate would ever bother to make campaign apearances in the less populated states. Inner cities will pick our president.

    And currently most voter fraud takes place in large metro areas, and NPV legislation would only accelerate the voter fraud. Expect busloads of inner city voters to be bussed across state lines between Baltimore and Phlly, Newark and New York, Chicago and Gary, etc. so they can vote and vote and vote again. Look for 100% (plus) turnout in every major city to miraculously appear. Each state has a voter data base, but those data bases do not talk to each other. How many out of state college students currently vote both back in their home state and also in the state where they are going to school? Nobody really knows.

    Marxists now thinking: “Good old same day registration…and let’s make sure that requiring photo ID for voters never happens…”. [BTW Kansas has now passed voter ID legislation. Eight other states now have voter ID laws and OK’s law will become effective on July 1–making 10 states total.]

    So there is a race between pro-NPV states and pro-voter ID states. The first group will accelerate the disenfranchisment of voters in a state, chaos, political insanity and national suicide. The second group is designed to prevent just that.

    People better wake up!!!

  44. 2011 April 19 2:44 pm
    Deckard permalink

    H/T to Townhall:

    GOP leaders name Cantor, Kyl to deficit panel

    So – who wants to bet that Zero acts like a petulant brat once again when they tell him the obvious?

    I guess the Administration along with the Progressive Left wants the S&P to downgrade us even further.

  45. 2011 April 19 2:52 pm

    “How many times has Palin been written off by the left”

    Almost as many times as she’s been written off by some on the right.

    “the fact that “Mama Grizzly” is back ”

    Back? I didn’t realize she’d gone anywhere.

  46. 2011 April 19 3:05 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    I must listen to Levin tonight… he is back from the first night of passover.

    I wish I knew some kosher Jewish folks down here (I don’t think Cantor is kosher) and plus he lives in the next county. I would so enjoy a good Passover feast.

  47. 2011 April 19 3:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    relaw, I have always wondered about the legality of such a move. It is in direct violation of the 12 Amendment. And just passing a law is insufficient for purposes of the constitutional amendment process.

  48. 2011 April 19 3:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I am sure Mark Levin will have some interesting comments on both Palin and Trump.

    Palin is supposed to be on Hannity tonight.

  49. 2011 April 19 3:13 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    RETLAW — the answer is (1) no absentee voting and (2) the purple fingers with ink that does not wash off … you have to wait for your skin to naturally slough off. So if you show up to vote your purple finger will prohibit a double vote.

  50. 2011 April 19 3:15 pm

    38 – Yes Judy you are correct that while it was a factor affecting and exacerbating deficits from 2002 onward it was not the singular driving force in most of those years, nor is it a driving force at present. That doesn’t take away from the those on either side of the aisle that didn’t and still don’t want to be spending that money, but yes the liberal claim that the engagements in af&iq were or are still the cause of most of our budget problems has never supported well by actual facts.

    I saw some comments from DJ allyn or whatever yesterday and some of his ‘facts’ were way off in this regard as well, one such example was claiming that the war spending was not included in any of the FY deficit totals, simply not true, the supplemental spending were absolutely ‘counted’ in the final FY accounting of what was actually spent in any given FY even if they were not included in most of the WH budgets or even congressional top line budget proposals in those years.

  51. 2011 April 19 3:28 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    Can anyone find the quotes from 2006 when Democrats said that the 6.6 million jobs created by the Bush administration from 2004 through 2006 were just burger flipping jobs… I would like to compare that to the Obama administration being all excited about the McDonald’s hiring fair today.

  52. 2011 April 19 3:35 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #49 Nah, that only prohibits repeat Republican votes.

  53. 2011 April 19 3:35 pm

    Bush jobs=========burger flippers

    Obammer jobs==== culinary engineers

  54. 2011 April 19 3:36 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #51 And WHY was McDonald’s able to hire all those folks? Ta da!!!!! Obamacare waiver.

  55. 2011 April 19 3:45 pm
    JustMary permalink

    At least he’d be alive to make choices about his own care. With Obamacare, he’d be sent before the death panel to decide. Even if he could indeed afford care, he would be counseled on ways to die. An ad to that affect wouldn’t be that hard to make, and make well.

  56. 2011 April 19 3:50 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #46 Our church is doing a Seder on Thursday night. I wish you lived closer!

  57. 2011 April 19 4:02 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JM #54 I am not sure the 50,000 number is anything but PR. With their turnover, my guess is that McDonald’s is always looking for 50,000 people.

    The fact that more McDonald’s locations have a drive-in open 24/7 also requires more personnel.

  58. 2011 April 19 4:03 pm

    51 – Good memory, you know you’re not supposed to remember stuff like that from the left. Don’t worry the lamestream will do the digging for you and I’m sure air it tonight. 🙄 You probably have a better chance of a comedy show digging that up than the news networks.

    /over and out for the evening

  59. 2011 April 19 4:10 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #57 True. So I guess they got a twofer. Did something they were planning to do anyway, and got out of something no other business in America wants. Publicity for them, and the white house.

  60. 2011 April 19 4:12 pm
    bc3b permalink

    judyt2009 – #51r

    Remember when rising gas prices or 6% unemployment was the evening news lead story? Remember when U.S. casualty numbers were reported weekly, if not nightly?

  61. 2011 April 19 4:16 pm

    Remember when all we heard about every night was the “homeless”??

  62. 2011 April 19 4:18 pm

    first wookie dodges a bullet.

  63. 2011 April 19 4:20 pm
    bc3b permalink

    McDonald’s has approximately 14,000 restaurants in the U.S.

  64. 2011 April 19 4:21 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #62 We weren’t sleeping this time! We are just really bad at our jobs!

  65. 2011 April 19 4:25 pm

    “I wish I knew some kosher Jewish folks down here (I don’t think Cantor is kosher) and plus he lives in the next county. I would so enjoy a good Passover feast.”

    move to AZ and I’ll invite for over. And we keep kosher too

  66. 2011 April 19 4:25 pm
    justrand permalink

    McDonalds hired the same number last Spring…they just spread it out over two months leading up to Summer. They wanted a splash this year…and as JM said: THEY GOT A WAIVER ON OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!

    in fact…it would not surprise me one bit if the lump sum hiring wasn’t a PAYOFF for the waiver!!

  67. 2011 April 19 4:30 pm

    ” my guess is that McDonald’s is always looking for 50,000 people.”

    50,000 people who want to flip a burger. That aint gonna cheer up the folks

  68. 2011 April 19 4:34 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    EFF rips Righthaven LLC — a new one

  69. 2011 April 19 4:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I have read several times that Walmart’s minimum hire rate is 30k/month nationwide.

  70. 2011 April 19 4:39 pm

    69 Probably b/c they fire that many. lol

  71. 2011 April 19 4:40 pm

    Gallup economic confidence index now at -38

    one point off the all time low

  72. 2011 April 19 4:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Mich police using cellphone busters in routine traffic stops — http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/34/3458.asp

  73. 2011 April 19 5:04 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #72 WOW. I wonder if that wallet they were marketing for the safekeeping of your debit cards in your purse is effective against this. I ask this, because I think they make a protector for cell phones as well.

  74. 2011 April 19 5:08 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #68 GOOD. We will still have a no posting rule for them, but then it will be just because they are dbags.

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