A Tighter Noose

2011 September 21
by drdog09

F&F cranks on —

The question-and-answer period that followed Chairman Issa’s statement focused narrowly on Operation Fast and Furious, with only one reporter slipping off-topic to ask a quick question about the breaking Solyndra scandal.

Perhaps the most important clarification to come out of the call was confirmation that the Oversight Committee does indeed intend to call for a special prosecutor once they have completed their own investigation, which they optimistically would like to have wrapped up by the end of the year. Chairman Issa was quick to point out that finishing the House investigation by the end of the year hinged upon a transparent and timely release of information from the executive branch, including the federal law enforcement agencies involved and the Obama White House.

The White House has thus far refused to divulge any of the documentation the congressional investigators have asked for, and the administration’s political appointees are stymieing all attempts to get information out of the Justice Department, Homeland Security, and other involved agencies. Rep. Issa seemed quite aware that his goal of resolving the congressional investigation in 2011 was going to be obstructed by an administration in full cover-up mode.

Issa also revealed that the reason a special prosecutor has not yet been brought in to investigate the plot is that once a special prosecutor begins to investigate, the Oversight Committee has to stop its own inquiry. The committee wants to be certain that they have explored every avenue and leave no source or witness uninvestigated before turning over the case. He also pointed out that a special prosecutor will be a Department of Justice employee investigating his own employer. Thus, Issa wants to be certain that they have enough knowledge to hold the prosecutor accountable.


At the rate things are going, Obama maybe ineligible to run for a second term if he is a federal felon. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thought?

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  1. 2011 September 21 11:15 am
    justrand permalink

    Issa is handling this fine…and even the media is starting to take some notice. The lower Obama goes in the polls the more enboldened the media is to actually hold him at least somewhat accountable!

  2. 2011 September 21 12:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    My question in this, why does the special prosecutor need to be a DoJ functionary? Ken Starr was not associated with the DoJ if I remember right.

  3. 2011 September 21 12:33 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    At the rate things are going, Obama maybe ineligible to run for a second term if he is a federal felon. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thought?

    Someone would have to produce the federal felony documentation like his birth certificate which would take 2 to 3 years to do.

  4. 2011 September 21 12:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Spoil sport! Man can dream can’t he? 🙂

  5. 2011 September 21 2:00 pm
    retlaw permalink


    Which has been the most effective way that Bamster has killed the economy:

    1. job-killing enviro stuff like his EO banning (U..S) offshore drilling plus the EPA gone wild that declares war on U.S. energy and brings skyrocketing fuel and utility bills, manuf. costs, etc. for everyone (I am sure he will have some sort of “gubment” assistance for “the poor”)?

    2. ObammerCare and all the known tax increases, additional gov.t control, opt outs to his pals?

    3. his incessant screetch for higher taxes on “rich people” (which he currently defines at “millionaires”, which he defines as any family making over $200K?

    4. the turning upside down bankrupcy laws that throws bond holders (investors) under the bus in favor of union workers?

    5. borrowing and spending umpteen trillions of dollars (“stimulus, you know”) that we don’t have and can’t afford?

    6. community organizing “crony capitalism” where you have to pay to play and only friends of Obamster (FOO) get any gov’t sugar to get a leg up on legitimate ompetition?

    7. heavy thumb on the NLRB, etc. that tilts heavily to unions so that it makes U.S. businesses uncompetitive?

    8. abject refusal to cut government spending?

    9. holding the door open for illegal immigration?

    Voting now begins….
    Which GOP candidate is doing best job to take a hammer to Obammer on these 9 nails?

    IMO, ALL GOP candidates should REFUSE to answer any goofy debate question thrown at them NOT directly relate to one of the 9 above.

    No answer to:

    “boxers of briefs”
    “what kind of tree would you be”
    “Grecian formula”
    “Who do you like in the super bowl”
    “national sales tax”
    “why is Congress so bad”
    “2nd amendment rights”
    “Dancing with the Stars”
    “extending fed. unemployment benefits”
    “harsh tone of political debate”
    “what will you specifically do for Cambodian-Americans”
    “how would you fix education in America”
    “should the mint stop making the penny”
    If anybody (debate moderator or audience member) asks any question not directly related to the 9 pertinent topics above–TASER them on live TV during the debate.

    And when Ron Paul first mentions the Federal Reserve or space aliens, then taser his a**, too.

    There, now I feel better….

  6. 2011 September 21 2:13 pm

    10. All of the above.

    I very much like the taser option!

  7. 2011 September 21 2:15 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “If anybody (debate moderator or audience member) asks any question not directly related to the 9 pertinent topics above–TASER them on live TV during the debate.”

    Oh Man! I would pay to see somebody do that to Chris Matthews. Talk about a tingle up his leg!

  8. 2011 September 21 2:19 pm

    Opps. As for which candidate is attacking on all 9… none I think, though slickmitt arguably has bashed Obama most effectively to date on a couple of those listed.

  9. 2011 September 21 2:24 pm

    7. More like tinkle down his leg as he loses control of his muscles.

  10. 2011 September 21 3:22 pm
    retlaw permalink

    BTW, isn’t using the term “noose” racist?

  11. 2011 September 21 3:23 pm
    retlaw permalink

    maybe you’re headline should be “A tighter (word that rhymes with goose).”

  12. 2011 September 21 3:24 pm
    retlaw permalink

    and you make one with a rope.

  13. 2011 September 21 3:44 pm
    justrand permalink

    just listened to the tapes CBS obtained. Good for CBS to help keep some focus on this…but at the same time the DOJ is using the released information to ensure everybody’s stories match up.

    F&F and the Solyndra & Lightbridge scandals should bring this Regime down…should.

  14. 2011 September 21 6:09 pm
    judyt2009 permalink

    All of the above…any one of those items has slowed the economy … but all together …

    When you shoot nine bullets into a body and all are lethal shots can you really determine which one killed?

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