2011 October 12
by drdog09

‘Nuf said?

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  1. 2011 October 12 12:59 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Greeeaaaatttt Video as Tony the Tiger would say. Eye Opener.

    I finally contacted Rasmussen with his poll numbers over the past two years. I did some more checking. Almost every polling company has Obama down 5 to 12 points. Rasmussen has him the same as December 2009.

    Will he answer and explain–I’m not holding my breath.

  2. 2011 October 12 1:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    amazing video…scary that the OWS don’t give a DAMN.

    They don’t want “Freedom” (economic or otherwise). They want free STUFF!!!

  3. 2011 October 12 1:34 pm
    bc3b permalink

    There’s an article in the Guardian, claiming that NATO successes against the Taliban have been exaggerated. If it were a more relaible source than the Guardian, I would run as a separtae thread:

    But, we do know how the Obama administration takes “liberties with the truth (aka outright lies).

    One thing we do know for certain is that U.S. and NATO casualties have risen dramatically since Obama became President:

    How’s bout we pull out of Afghanistan and place the troops on the border?

  4. 2011 October 12 1:55 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Nothing — absolutely nothing in this world is free ….

    except GOD’s love.

  5. 2011 October 12 1:58 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    #1 — I think it is a business strategy. Rasmussen wants to get out of the business. The only way to accomplish that task is to repeatedly produce an inferior product until all of your customers go away.

    In other words MI, Rasmussen wants you to stop looking at his numbers.

  6. 2011 October 12 2:20 pm

    I will interrupt my own dining “experience” and never eat here again. They can shove their dining up their wop butts.

    H/T patdollard


  7. 2011 October 12 2:24 pm

    Look at this lady – Let us never forget!
    ~~~irena sendler~~~

    12 May 2008 (aged 98)
    Warsaw, Poland

    During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a

    Plumbing/Sewer specialist.

    She had an ‘ulterior motive’.

    She KNEW what the Nazi’s plans were for the Jews (being German).

    Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried

    and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger


    She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi

    soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto.

    The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the

    barking covered the kids/infants noises.

    During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants.

    She was caught, and the Nazi’s broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely.

    Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and

    kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard.

    After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived

    it and reunited the family.

    Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster

    family homes or adopted.

    Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    She was not selected.

    President Obama won one year before becoming President for his work as a community organizer for ACORN and Al Gore won also — for a slide show on Global Warming.


    It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe
    It’s imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.


  8. 2011 October 12 2:30 pm

    Nobel peace committee~~~ a degenerate euro trash klaven of metro sexual politically correct rump riding faggots, fuster clucking their way to irrelevance.

  9. 2011 October 12 2:54 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Judy –

    You could be right about Rasmussen. The product has definitely gone downhill in the past few years. But, he is not that old – about 56.

  10. 2011 October 12 2:56 pm

    Will this national nightmare ever be over???

  11. 2011 October 12 2:57 pm
    bc3b permalink

    ip –

    Thank you for the post on Ireans. We live in a screwed up world, or at least the elites who run it are screwed up.

  12. 2011 October 12 3:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Problem with that photo is that even with the bow he is insulting the gentlemen in the photo. The custom is even is you bow you NEVER take your eyes off the person you are bowing to. Obama fails AGAIN.

  13. 2011 October 12 3:11 pm
    justrand permalink

    IP, the story of Irena Sendler deserves it’s own post. I’ll cut & paste it into a full post later this evening, if that’s ok with you.

    thank you so very much for that!!!

  14. 2011 October 12 3:13 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    According to the latest textbooks for High School history, WWII is afforded one half page, while women’s libs cover three pages.

    Such is the miserable state of education malfeasance in this country.

  15. 2011 October 12 3:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Read it!!!

    Cain blasting Romney with Tea support. Needs Money Bomb.

  16. 2011 October 12 3:16 pm
    JBoz permalink

    #7 – the left’s predilection for totalitarianism combined with it’s outright hatred of Jews, love of Islam and it’s propensity for violence should frighten the hell out of Jewish people. Their blind loyalty to the left is completely baffling to me.

  17. 2011 October 12 3:24 pm

    JR~~~be my jest.

  18. 2011 October 12 3:26 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Interesting poll drdog. Romney sucks. We have to beat him somehow.

    I think whoever Sarah chooses to back will get a tremendous influx of both $$$ and also energetic boots on the ground. But it is still way too early for her to commit to anyone yet. I think Perry is toast. the anti Romney options are dwindling….it may be just Cain and Newt. And I never thought I would support Newt but any day I would take him over Romney.

  19. 2011 October 12 3:27 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    JBoz, there are a lot of US jews that are not believers. They could care less about Israel.

  20. 2011 October 12 3:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    If Palin was to throw support and stump for the Cain it could be the only thing that can beat Romney.

  21. 2011 October 12 4:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  22. 2011 October 12 4:22 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Yes, I agree doggie (20).

  23. 2011 October 12 4:27 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    #7 – IP — thank you… this reminds me that even in the darkest of days there is still good within the human spirit and people who, at risk of their own lives, are willing to fight against that evil.

  24. 2011 October 12 4:29 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    FYI — I too am brokenehearted that the NBA season is delayed. If those jerks were playing ball then the JERK in Chief would be too busy watching games to run around campaigning, lying, and generally giving “hope” to the kool-aid drinking moonbat leeches upon society that support him.

  25. 2011 October 12 4:46 pm

  26. 2011 October 12 4:49 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    RP — Womens’ lib was more destructive than WWII …

    oh, maybe the truth about womens’ lib isn’t being taught in school.

    Maybe I should teach my own course in womens studies.

  27. 2011 October 12 4:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Our opponents at OWA have resorted to an out right lie. I am not surprised —

    Friend —

    Last night, the American Jobs Act was filibustered by Senate Republicans. There was no vote on the actual bill.

    But it would have succeeded: the American Jobs Act has at least 51 votes — a clear majority — to pass the Senate. And a new poll shows that 63 percent of Americans support it, too.

    Today the President recorded a message he wants you to see, laying out where we go from here in the fight for jobs.

    Watch President Obama’s video — and pass it on to anyone you think should see it.

    President Obama on jobs

    The Republicans who voted yesterday to block this bill weren’t thinking about middle-class families. In fact, at last night’s GOP debate, one of their leading candidates actually refused to say he’d extend a payroll tax cut that puts more than $1,000 in the pockets of everyday working Americans.

    They might believe it’s in their political interest to oppose whatever the President proposes for the next 13 months, but we know that when it comes to jobs and restoring economic security, Americans can’t afford to wait.

    The American Jobs Act would get to work now, providing incentives for businesses to hire unemployed veterans, helping hire tens of thousands of teachers, cops, and firefighters, and rebuilding and modernizing our schools, railways, bridges, and airports. Even though it’s fully paid for and made up of proposals both parties have supported, Republicans yesterday said no.

    Now the President wants you to hear directly from him about what’s next.

    Watch the video — and make sure your friends do, too:



    Jim Messina
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America”

  28. 2011 October 12 5:02 pm

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  29. 2011 October 12 5:13 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Just send Cain some Cash!!!!

  30. 2011 October 12 5:13 pm
    JBoz permalink

    OK, back on the Cain bandwagon. Not a great performance last night, and a few holes in his overall pitch, but he’s still my guy. Mrs. Boz and I were sipping wine last night and the topic of Herman Cain came up. She made an interesting point that I hadn’t really thought of. She said “Reagan was likable, and so was Clinton (Bill, not Hillary)…and there really hasn’t been a really likable candidate since, but Herman Cain is genuinely likable.” Before you excoriate her for the Bill Clinton mention, hear me out. The point is that if this personal charisma is real in a way that translates to votes, it needs to transcend policy. And to be honest, Palin is likable to conservatives in much the same way as Obama is likable to progressives. But Mrs. Boz is precisely correct about Cain. His likability transcends policy or ideology. And to the average American voter, the likability factor is huge. Herman Cain has something that Romney, Perry, Newt, Bachmann, Santorum, and importantly Obama lack…that authenticity, decency and humor that makes you want to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Here I have been dissecting his 9-9-9 plan, examining his conservative credentials, extolling the virtues of his lack of beltway experience, and focused on his business and leadership background which translating to job creation, and how all that would add up to a formidable opponent next November. But the X factor that could take Herman Cain to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is what Mrs. Boz noticed last night.

  31. 2011 October 12 5:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Clinton has the ability to suck the oxygen out of a room. You might not like some of his policies but you could not hate him. That and he was a left leaning realist. When he knew he could not get the end game he would not push it like the idealogue that Obama is.

  32. 2011 October 12 5:40 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Mrs Boz has the sees the forest while us political wonks count trees. Clinton had tremendous charisma. She is right about Cain. Gingrich was on Hannity today and spoke about how Cain is really his friend and he likes him. It is also that both Cain and Gingrich are enjoying themselves campaigning.

    Face it… all Republican voters already know Romney. He was rammed down our throats four years ago. Romney spent all those millions in 2008 but it had no carryover.

    70+% of us were always looking for an alternative to Romney … we already know him. As Levin said today Romney is a liberal, not a conservative. We don’t need more liberals in DC.

  33. 2011 October 12 6:11 pm
    JBoz permalink

    DrDog # 31 “Clinton has the ability to suck the oxygen out of a room. ”

    And he demanded nothing less from his interns 🙂

  34. 2011 October 12 6:24 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JBoz – your wife is point on. Likable.

    To quote William Shakespeare:

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.:

  35. 2011 October 12 6:45 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Like Reagan, Clinton had the ability to make light of himself. Neither Bush nor Obama have that ability.

  36. 2011 October 12 7:24 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Bush had a little of it… but with the wars it became harder for him to be lighthearted about much. Obama can’t tolerate anyone making light of him.

  37. 2011 October 12 7:34 pm
    justrand permalink

    Obama gives narcissists a bad name.

    In fairness to Barry (always my goal 🙂 ) he comes by his narcissism honestly. He has been TOLD he is the “chosen one” his entire life. He lived a life of privelege, never earned anything, and was promoted and lauded consistently without EVER doing anything to deserve it.

    He is SURROUNDED by people who tell him only what he wants to head, and so when someone DARES to utter a negative word against him it is beyond the scope of his entire life

  38. 2011 October 12 8:17 pm
    mpthompson permalink

    I’m finally getting caught up on yesterday’s story involving the hamhanded Iranian plot to hire Mexican drug-cartel assassins to kill the Suadi ambassador on US soil? WTF? It sounds like a rejected plot from “24”?

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help, but be suspicious that this is just a diversion thrown up by the Obama regime to deflect the pressure on Holder at the DOJ because of F&F and to gin up support for a possible “wag the tail” war against Iran. Do others have similar suspicions?

  39. 2011 October 12 8:45 pm
    TLS permalink

    Do others have similar suspicions?

    Yes, and apparently Iran does as well.

  40. 2011 October 12 9:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Do others have similar suspicions?

    Yes. But I would also suspect the Saudis as well. They are nervous Nellie’s about the Persians.

  41. 2011 October 12 10:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    To Geeks everywhere, time to lower the flag to half staff. One of the stalwarts and grizzled wizards of the age passed away — Dennis Ritchie. Accomplishments —

    * Co developer of the `C` programming language.
    * Co author of the K&R book on the `C` Programming language.
    * Lead developer of THE Unix of AT&T fame. The parent of all that came after, including Linux.
    * Awarded Medal of Technology and the Japan Prize.

    “UNIX is very simple, it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity.”

    A sad loss of an outstanding pioneer in technology.

  42. 2011 October 13 12:26 am

    7 & 13. I agree, really should be above the fold, what a great story and what a contrast to the 2009 winner.

  43. 2011 October 13 12:31 am

    41. Indeed RIP.

    Do others have similar suspicions?

    That was my first thought ie both potus & holder would love an international distraction right now, though seems to be legit and quite the moxie being shown by Iran, though not really a surprise given thier other operations for at least 1/2 a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. I doubt this administrations response (overt or otherwise) will change the trend.

  44. 2011 October 13 2:15 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    mpt — “woof”, ineptly obvious wag the dog (Obama informed in June)

    JR–#37 Agreed. And reason #193 why I dislike Zero. He makes the rest of us narcissists look even worse.

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