Unemployment Rate Drops as Illegals Flee Alabama

2012 January 30
by bc3b

Something unusual … well, maybe not that unusual … happened when the State of Alabama enacted strict new laws regarding illegal immigration. The state’s unemployment rate dropped by 1.7% in just three months  as U.S. citizens started being hired to do jobs that illegal immigrants had fled. You know, American citizens suddenly started doing those “jobs Americans won’t do.”

In three months, Alabama went from being 42nd worst in unemployment to being 28th – not great, but much better than 42nd. The problem is that when no-nonsense governors like Jan Brewer or Robert Bentley and their state legislatures pass tough immigration laws, illegals flee to surrounding states that are much more lenient.

Alabama and Arizona are being sued by Barack Hussein Obama to farther his insidious plan to erase our borders and allow millions of potential new Democrat voters to flow in and snuff out our liberties. 

Both states have taken strong measures to get their illegal alien problem under control and both are experiencing improvements in their unemployment rates, but the results in Alabama have been stunning.

Since putting its tough anti-illegal alien bill (H. B. 56) into effect last September Alabama has seen an overnight increase in the number of her citizens working and a drop in the percentage of Alabamians collecting unemployment benefits.

The numbers tell the story and they are embarrassing for Obama. In the first month after H.B. 56 became law Alabama’s unemployment rate fell from 9.8 to 9.3 percent. Last month the number dropped to 8.1% which is .4% below the national average. Some quick math shows this is a 1.7% drop.

The real life Main Street result of what Alabama’s Republicans have done is visible across their state. Because of H.B. 56 an enraged Barack Obama is suing Alabama. The more than 41,000 Alabama families who now have a bread winner going off to work every day means nothing to Obama because they are not voting for Democrats anyway.  

In just three months Alabama has moved up from being the 42nd worst unemployment state to the 28th  on the national list.  

The numbers from Alabama will continue to improve as more illegal aliens come to understand that the “Heart of Dixie” is not a place to sneak into.  Those with minimal skills, now filling jobs Americans want, will continue to leave and sneak into neighboring states.

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Alabama and Arizona both offer living proof that if states create a climate that is unfriendly to illegal immigrants, illegals will leave. The key, however, is not just shifting illegals from Alabama to Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas or from Arizona to California and Nevada, but back to the countries from where they came. This can only be accomplished by making e-verify mandatory on a nationwide basis, convicting and imprisoning unscrupulous business owners who violate the law and limiting entitlements like food stamps, Section 8 housing and medical care to U.S. citizens.

We don’t need another “Operation Wetback” which would create riots, but simply by taking the possibility of employment and all the goodies away … something that is hardly “inhumane” to paraphrase one of the GOP Presidential candidates (or “heartless” to paraphrase a former GOP Presidential candidate).

Hat tip: Coach Is Right

Wouldn’t it be nice to see them headed south?

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  1. 2012 January 30 9:56 am
    bc3b permalink

    Let’s face facts. Illegal aliens come here because the U.S. government and most states offer them a far better life than they can enjoy in their native lands without even having to work.

    If we strintly enforce our laws and make e-verify mandatory, we can stem the flow of illegal immigrants and maybe, just maybe, illegals will leave the country just as many have left Alabama and Arizona.

  2. 2012 January 30 10:08 am
    justrand permalink

    the “argument” from Crime, Inc. (aka: the “Obama Regime”) against Alabama, Arizona, et al, enforcing Immigration Law would be laughable if it wasn’t dooming our nation: “It’s the Federal Government’s job to enforce immigration law”. The unstated FACT is that the Federal Government doesn’t WANT to enforce the law…and it pisses them off when someone else does!!

  3. 2012 January 30 10:10 am
    justrand permalink

    p.s. to bc3b

    you said: “The problem is that when no-nonsense governors like Jan Brewer or Robert Bentley and their state legislatures pass tough immigration laws, illegals flee to surrounding states that are much more lenient.

    That’s not “the problem“…that’s the SOLUTION!! As those states flounder they will demand their own state goevernments act…except Kalifornia, of course. We will sink beneath the waves with “dignity”!!

  4. 2012 January 30 10:47 am

    Death by thread

  5. 2012 January 30 10:59 am

    Moving the fleas from one part of the dog to another,just pisses off the dog, and has little effect on the fleas.

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