The Price of Freedom

2012 February 24
by justrand

From roughly 800 AD, when Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ by Pope Leo III, until roughly 1600 AD, the vast majority of people (i.e. Serfs, Vassals, Peasants, etc) were “happy” just to survive. Then America opened up in a big way as a destination for those “yearning to be free”, or “yearning to be rich”…or just “yearning”. Let’s face it, Serfs didn’t have much time for “yearning”.

But don’t worry if you missed the heyday of Feudalism…it’s making a comeback!

This week headlines everywhere proclaimed “Obama promotes modest American dream”.

MODEST American dream”? WTF? It appears Obama’s ‘WTF’ slogan is being replaced with ‘DTF’: “Downsizing The Future”.

Obama explained: “Folks don’t have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream.” (“small measure” he described as: “putting some money away for retirement”. i.e.: survival.

Yup, the NEW American Dream: “Survival!”

America was founded on “unrealistic ambitions”…it is the indicia of what it means to BE an “American”. Sadly, Obama (speaking on behalf of all the “Folks”) has determined that we “Folks” no longer have “unrealistic ambitions”…we’re happy just for a CHANCE to survive, Sire.

Here’s a quick refresher in the Feudal System (so you’ll know how to behave going forward):

  • King (read: ‘Obama’) pretty much did what they wanted. Took lavish vacations, ate while others starved, wenched (see: “Lewinsky”), and ruled by Decree
  • Nobles (read: ‘Congress’ and ‘Wealthy Campaign Contributors’) sucked up to the King, and lived only slightly less lavish lifestyles. They occasionally had to actually DO stuff…but this was rare.
  • Knights (read: ‘The Media’, ‘Unions’, ‘Community Organizers’) protected the realm, and provided the muscle to keep the Serfs/Vassals/Peasants in line
  • Serfs/Vassals/Peasants (read: ‘We The People’, aka: ‘Fodder’) were lucky if one of those above us in the food chain didn’t want to trample or have their way with us. We kept our heads DOWN…hoping just not to be noticed so we could go on surviving!

Why on Earth did ‘We The People’ put up with that crap for 700 years? For the same reason people are lining up to put up with it again: FEAR! Roughly half this country is now dependent on the government. i.e., they receive more FROM the government then they contribute TO the government. And the FEAR of that relationship changing for the worse is a powerful incentive to keep your head DOWN…avoid being noticed…and hope to survive.

Notice that when the specter of a government “shutdown” was raised last year, the FIRST threat thrown out by the Democrat/Obama/media was: “Social Security payments won’t be made”. FIRST. The vast majority of people receiving Social Security paid INTO it…and actually deserve something back. But they were the first ones threatened. Then they threatened to stop Food Stamps until the Debt Limit was raised (Starvation!), stop funding the military (we’ll be DEFENSELESS!), etc.

Every scary scenario possible was thrown out until FEAR overcame any hope of common sense…and the Debt Limit was raised, ensuring an accelerated path to serfdom.

Feudalism died when the “New World” began to open up (soon to be known as: America). It did NOT promise “survival”…it allowed “unrealistic ambitions”. Early life here was hard, and often short. But as America grew, an “unrealistic ambition” arose of “a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”. Whether you’re “unrealistic ambition” was for wealth, religious freedom, wanderlust, or adventure you were free to pursue it.

And a new type of person arose too: “American”. Around the world “Americans” got a reputation for being brash, optimistic…even arrogant. They were known for having “unrealistic ambitions”.

Those unrealistic ambitions came from a legacy of Americans overcoming hardship to not just survive, but to succeed! Overcoming hardship through self-reliance has always has been the Price of Freedom. Self-reliance doesn’t promise survival…but it does allow success. The other path is the road to serfdom.


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  1. 2012 February 24 10:02 am


    Santorum 33%
    Romney 27%
    Gingrich 16%

    Simply amazing that Santorum is still leading

  2. 2012 February 24 10:21 am

    pic: man or woman? I can’t tell

  3. 2012 February 24 10:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    One of your better POF’s Sir!

  4. 2012 February 24 10:35 am
    drdog09 permalink

    More on #3,

    Here’s the interesting thing. For the most part this is a political stunt. Under Texas law no judge is mandated to perform marriages. It is strictly a voluntary/cultural thing. Is Judge Parker acting like a jerk? Yes. Is `it` breaking the law? Nope. But she is hurting her own cause and position. What other decisions legally is she making under the color of homosexuality?

  5. 2012 February 24 10:42 am
    justrand permalink

    thank you, drdog…much appreciated! 🙂

    I just wish it wasn’t happening. Wait…was that an “unrealistic ambition”??

  6. 2012 February 24 10:42 am

    5 DR,

    You sure she’s a she?

  7. 2012 February 24 10:57 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    Sadly — so many of the peasants are more than content to sit in front of the 42″ plasma TVs and watch reality shows while the rest of the peasants work to feed, shelter, clothe the idiots … and pay their electric bills.

  8. 2012 February 24 11:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Eph, 7,

    Pretty sure. Several of the local TV stations here have been covering the situation and the voice, etc tend me to that belief.

  9. 2012 February 24 11:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Judy, don’t forget the free cell phone minutes….

  10. 2012 February 24 11:17 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Eleventh Circuit Finds Fifth Amendment Right Against Self Incrimination Protects Against Being Forced to Decrypt Hard Drive Contents”

    We hold that the act of Doe’s decryption and production of the contents of the hard drives would sufficiently implicate the Fifth Amendment privilege. We reach this holding by concluding that (1) Doe’s decryption and production of the contents of the drives would be testimonial, not merely a physical act; and (2) the explicit and implicit factual communications associated with the decryption and production are not foregone conclusions.

    First, the decryption and production of the hard drives would require the use of the contents of Doe’s mind and could not be fairly characterized as a physical act that would be nontestimonial in nature. We conclude that the decryption and production would be tantamount to testimony by Doe of his knowledge of the existence and location of potentially incriminating files; of his possession, control, and access to the encrypted portions of the drives; and of his capability to decrypt the files.

    — 11th Circuit Court

    All I can add is right on!

  11. 2012 February 24 11:21 am

    9 Dr,

    Could be a chocolate tranny

  12. 2012 February 24 11:28 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    So the rich need to pay more for the privilege for being American… sure, but the not rich have this very same privilege.

    Isn’t it about time the less ambitious, the less productive, the poor choices have made them poor crowd such it up and start contributing for the privilege of being American?

    Why should the small business owner who works a 16/18 hour day, 6/7 days a week owe more for his privilege than the welfare queen who popped out 3 different babies by 3 different baby daddys before age 25, never studied in school, never worked anything close to a 40 hour week, doesn’t pay a dime of taxes but has her food, medical care and housing?

  13. 2012 February 24 11:33 am
    TLS permalink

    JR, this is one of your best POFs!!

  14. 2012 February 24 12:15 pm
    justrand permalink

    thx, TLS! 🙂

    p.s. to judy…years ago (a lot) I read an article by someone that I dismissed as a joke at the time, but which stuck with me anyway.

    This guy’s point was:
    Don’t bother saving, planning ahead, etc. Because someday the government is going to look at all those who have NOTHING because they were either (a) too lazy to earn it or (b) blew it on fun times…and take from those who DO have, because they DID earn it and DIDN’T blow it all in order to produce a LEVEL outcome!!

    His favorite example in the article was the acquaintance we ALL know who BLOWS all his/her money on fast cars, trips to Vegas, fancy jewelry, etc…and winds up broke. THAT guy/gal you always shook your hear at, winds up getting half of what YOU have when the government decides it “unfair” that he/she is broke.

    This article was at least 25 years ago…and I laughed at it then. NOW it looks like prophecy!

  15. 2012 February 24 12:36 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    #17 — JR, I remember reading that same article. At the same time there was also news that social security will be gone by the time the baby boomers retire.

  16. 2012 February 24 12:43 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    Judy, don’t forget the free cell phone minutes….

    Or the free cell phones themselves or the $9.95/month Comcast high-speed Internet.

  17. 2012 February 24 1:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    JR, 17,

    I know of one individual in our circle of acquaintances who has filed bankruptcy twice. Thinks nothing of it and would be on another binge if the bankruptcy laws had not changed.

  18. 2012 February 24 1:07 pm

  19. 2012 February 24 1:20 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Energy prices on the rise due to liquidity overload —

  20. 2012 February 24 1:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  21. 2012 February 24 3:05 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    A presentation to Parliment that blasts the Greenies —

  22. 2012 February 24 3:30 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Excellent PoF, Dad. Really excellent.

  23. 2012 February 24 3:59 pm
    bc3b permalink

    As long as we’re making comparisons with midevil times – Eric Holder as the Sheriff of Nottingham?

  24. 2012 February 24 4:00 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Romney’s superPAC is really into heavy carpet bombing in MI. On the rock stations now.

  25. 2012 February 24 4:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Any reaction from acquantainces as to whether they are finding the Romney attacks a turn off??

  26. 2012 February 24 5:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    No, but they are running constantly. Always a woman announcer. It may backfire, but I doubt it.

  27. 2012 February 24 5:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    World turned upside down dept. I might, the first time in my life, be willing to defend an atheist —

  28. 2012 February 24 6:17 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    I read that. Unbelievable. And, liberals wonder why people want laws to prevent sharia from being used in U.S. courts.

  29. 2012 February 24 6:54 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    #27. Bammer would be King John.

  30. 2012 February 24 7:05 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    How many Holy bibles were burnt when Muslims burned the Chritsian Churches throughout the ages (Often with Christians inside)

    F*ck the Muslims. Piss on their Koran and them.

  31. 2012 February 24 7:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    We don’t even need to go that far back. How about the Coptics that were burned inside their church just recently? The Bastards.

  32. 2012 February 24 10:07 pm

  33. 2012 February 25 4:17 am
    drdog09 permalink

    IP, I think you have determined exactly why liberals act the way they do. Libs self-select. Hence they surround each other with their assholeness. The rest is fiat accompli.~~(fait accompli)

  34. 2012 February 25 6:12 am
    justrand permalink

    ip, #36 is perfect!!

    p.s. to drdog, I finally read the story you linked in #31. Here is another take on this:
    WHY is this judge allowed to invoke SHARIA Law over our Constitution??? There can be no appeal in this case, and there will be no review as a result. So this “judge” has just set a precedent that is troubling in every way, but especially in the remarks the judge made.

    Folks, what’s left of Western Civilization is being buried before our eyes.

  35. 2012 February 25 7:03 am

    There are laws that handle judicial malfeasance In office. He/she/it may not be out of the woods on this one. Of course the voters can always rectify the situation next election.

  36. 2012 February 25 7:19 am

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