Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

2012 April 19

Their idea of raising the bar is to lower all the standards

LAUSD Looks To Raise The Bar For Graduating Seniors

The change would require students graduating in 2016 to pass a third year of math and two years of foreign language courses. With these changes, the district would no longer require the currently mandated health and applied technology courses.


To help students meet the tougher new standards, the district is proposing to shrink the graduation requirement from 230 to 170 units and making electives optional, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Did you catch that, folks? Dropping the credit requirements by 60 is RAISING the bar. Lowering the bar is raising it. George Orwell, please call your office! This is newspeak at its finest. For any of you who erroneously believe that raising something implies causing it to go higher, just save the government the trouble and admit yourself to reeducation camp.

Eliminating health and technology in favor of a second year of foreign language? Is this so that our newly dumbed down children can offer “fries with that” in more than one language? Look, I know that the times are changing, and that we should want to adapt to a rapidly changing workplace demographic, but at the expense of necessary classes and a more strenuous graduation requirement? What’s next- adding another year to high school, so that “5th year Senior” is no longer a derogatory term?

I know that the Price of Freedom series here on BJG is normally my Dad’s thing…but in all honesty, I have a “Price” of my own for you. Go rent (or purchase) the film “Idiocracy“. Watch it carefully. If you don’t want your child to end up like the general population of that movie, you have to find some way to stop this. What happens in California has the tendency to spread. Is this really our future?

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  1. 2012 April 19 8:08 am
    justrand permalink

    Up is Down, Black is White…and we have ALWAYS been at war with EastAsia!

    yup, we’ve lopped over 25% (TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!) of the credits (60 out of 230) off…and THAT is how we “raise the bar” here in Kalifornicate!!

    Plus, I would imagine…”students” get EXTRA CREDIT if they feel good about themselves!!

    btw…”Would you like FRIES with that??”

  2. 2012 April 19 8:11 am
    JustMary permalink

    Plus, I would imagine…”students” get EXTRA CREDIT if they feel good about themselves!!

    Maybe they can even skip a semester!

  3. 2012 April 19 8:22 am

    Pretty funny even 52% of D’s, and 58% of “non-whites” supposedly support voter ID laws.

  4. 2012 April 19 8:23 am
    bc3b permalink

    Herein lies a part of the problem. Approximately 75% of the students in LAUSD are Latino. The primary language for many is Spanish:

    The majority of k-12 public school students in Kalifornia and Texas are Latino and many have limited understanding of English, which is why those states are challenging Mississippi for the bottom rung on test scores.

    “Don’t Raise the Bridge; Lower the River” might well be one of Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign slogans as that is the way the country is headed.

    In all fairness to Obama, however, this trend started in the 1960s. When you mix bad oil with good oil, the end product is bad oil.

  5. 2012 April 19 8:35 am
    JustMary permalink

    They only have a limited understanding of English because they are allowed to. Ditch the ESL and favor immersion. It worked at our local elementary school because we couldn’t afford an ESL teacher for the 3 students who couldn’t speak a word of English on the first day of school. By the end of the first semester, those kids spoke the same level of English as their peers- and as recently as couple of months ago, I had heard them talking, and their accents were almost completely gone. They assimilated. Using this story, I can see why ESL is necessary- because immersion works too well. They need them to be separate. It is a perverse form of segregation.

  6. 2012 April 19 8:46 am
    justrand permalink

    this thread cried out for an image! 🙂

  7. 2012 April 19 8:51 am

    “These are interviews, not interrogations,” Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos told “They are all consensual. Once it’s done, there is a mechanism in place for school administrators to notify parents.”
    What a load of crap, word play they are interrogations, just like persons of interest are for all intensive purposes suspects.

    I find it pretty darn odd these kids can’t go on a school trip or take a aspirin, or have their photos appear in a year book without all sorts of parental consent forms signed yet cops coming in and interrogating minors and taking DNA samples doesn’t get so much as a letter home with the kid before hand? I don’t know CA law on this but that’s not acceptable in my book.

  8. 2012 April 19 9:03 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    Mary — I put up a post…;)

  9. 2012 April 19 9:08 am

    They go though the trouble of all that for the end result of about $1000 buck, bother to chop up and dispose of the body but hang on to the phone\sim card?
    Clearly they didn’t watch enough movies.

  10. 2012 April 19 9:10 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    Math is hard or should that be

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    Math est difficile
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    Μαθηματικά είναι δύσκολο
    Matematik är svårt
    Математику тяжело
    गणित मुश्किल है

    PS — Mary … you can save my post for later tonight…

  11. 2012 April 19 9:16 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    Mary —

    Idiocracy is a documentary that was filmed in and around DC.

  12. 2012 April 19 9:19 am
    judyt2012 permalink

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  13. 2012 April 19 9:23 am
    judyt2012 permalink


    It should crash anytime now. So many assets deployed for this incident I pray that the pilot can be saved.

  14. 2012 April 19 9:25 am
    JustMary permalink

    I just got home from a really good run…only 3 minutes away from my goal. I’ll check your post in a few minutes and get it scheduled! Thanks Judy! 😀

  15. 2012 April 19 9:54 am
    JustMary permalink

    #6 Thanky!

  16. 2012 April 19 9:54 am
    bc3b permalink

    Surprise: Jobless claims higher than expected; last week’s claims adjusted upward:

    Getting close to 400,000 again.

  17. 2012 April 19 9:59 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    bc3b — funny… everytime the jobless claim goes down it is the lead story on the news every 30 minutes and plays for at least 24 hours… but today I hear nothing but crickets chirping when it comes to the unemployment numbers.

  18. 2012 April 19 10:01 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b…yet once again the week’s numbers FELL…because last week’s numbers got revised up!

    The BLS just never ever gets tired of playing this game!

    The big question is: in two weeks time, how many Americans will have disappeared in order to give Obama a lower “official” unemployment rate?? Fun & Games…Smoke & Mirrors!

  19. 2012 April 19 10:49 am
    drdog09 permalink


    We have the TAAS test here, though I think the name has been changed. Anyway, its part of the No Child Left Behind behmoth. Students are tested in their Sophmore year. Course the way they do that here is if your child is getting low marks in class they pull you out of ALL classes to take TAAS prep classes. Yeah, good move. The very classes you are having difficulty with you are taken out of to prepare for an exam for the subjest you aren’t prepared for. Its crazy and the only one who benefits from this action is the school since part of their funding is dependent on it. Sigh…

  20. 2012 April 19 10:50 am
    TLS permalink

    The change would require students graduating in 2016 to pass a third year of math and two years of foreign language courses.
    To help students meet the tougher new standards, the district is proposing to shrink the graduation requirement from 230 to 170 units and making electives optional

    When I was in school (yes in CA) 20 years ago, foreign language was an “elective” class. They are now mandating it under the guise that, living in CA, we really need to speak Spanish. True or not, making the class mandatory is just a way of helping the Spanish speaking students level out the bell curve with the other students.

  21. 2012 April 19 10:55 am
    drdog09 permalink

    JM, 5,

    Amen Sister!!

    The AISD tried to pull that ESL stunt with my step-daughter. The admin wanted to keep her in the insertion school another year rather than her move onto senior high. The excuse was ESL of course. I asked the Admin — “You have any Russian qualifed instructors on staff?” No was the anser, only Spanish. The lightbulb went off in her and she stopped arguing.

    Sad cause this is a school with a fair representation of asian kids as well Viet/Laos/Cambos. Yet the only ESL is Spanish.

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