“I’ve Had Enough of These Men Being Dogs”

2012 April 20
by JustMary

AMEN! Thank you Lord for Conservatives who do not mince words!!!! Sarah Palin takes on the Secret Service scandal in the following interview with Greta. Chicks on the Right had this to say about the video this morning:

Dude. In case you weren’t paying attention (you were probably too busy posting pictures of chicks other than your wife on Facebook), you just had your testicles handed to you.

HUGE hattip to the Chicks. This video is awesome.

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  1. 2012 April 20 8:35 am
    JustMary permalink

    This is going to be a tough election cycle, folks, but as long as we keep taking it to those talking heads controlling the narrative, we won’t be drowned out by them.

  2. 2012 April 20 8:41 am
    JustMary permalink

    Jim Treacher is still kicking much a$$

    Moose chili = “Crazy redneck murderer!” Dog kebabs = “We need to respect the traditions of people who are different than us.”

  3. 2012 April 20 8:43 am
    JustMary permalink

    From “I’d like to buy that guy a beer” to “I’d like to buy that guy a gallon of paint!”.

  4. 2012 April 20 8:48 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    LOL… well after we are finished with the dog fight is the next step to lunacy the wife woes?


    I certainly don’t like Romney any more than I ever did but I sure do like watching those with their heads up their asses step on their own feet.

  5. 2012 April 20 8:58 am

    WAM continues. 😉 /sarc

  6. 2012 April 20 9:06 am

    4 – They really are going out of their way to step into easily avoided traps this week, sure hope it doesn’t stop in the months ahead. RFR numbers four, five and six are entertaining to watch being thrown back at the Obama campaign.

  7. 2012 April 20 9:18 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    Men are dogs, women are bitches… I thought there was something clever to say but unlike Democrats I realized the double entendre and exercised some discretion. 😉

  8. 2012 April 20 9:22 am
    justrand permalink

    WOW…Sarah Palin (as always) BRINGS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 2012 April 20 9:28 am
    justrand permalink

    and I love that Sarah works “dogs” into multiple sentences right off the bat!

  10. 2012 April 20 9:29 am
    bc3b permalink

    You all know there’s no bigger Sarah Palin fan than me, but there’s no denying that the women is incredibly hot.

    God blessed Sarah with incredible beauty and she does a great job of maintaining it. In fact, I’d be willing to stake JR’s life on the fact that Sarah is in the top 1/2% of all 48 year mothers of five in the world.

    Nevertheless, the Secret Service Facebook remark, like my post, is offensive.

  11. 2012 April 20 9:35 am
    bc3b permalink

    Judy –

    Like you, I am not very happy with Mitt. I wish Sarah was running, but MSM and the RINOs took care of that.

    But, like when I coached youth baseball, you have to use the players you’ve been assigned. Compared to Zippy, Mitt is good. There are two things that could turn me (and most conservatives) off: 1) the wrong VP candidate (Christie, Bush or Rubio) and 2) supporting Marco Rubio’s DREAM act.

    Between his support of Arab Spring and illegals, Rubio is really starting to turn me off.

  12. 2012 April 20 9:45 am

    12- bc3b – On that topic you may be interested in this. Wonder if the etch-a-sketch folks are paying attention to it.

  13. 2012 April 20 10:02 am

    14. Late to the game don’t you think, since Obama’s budget was voted on and didn’t even get a single Democrat vote in the House. As for the senate Harry doesn’t plan on touching any resembling a budget yet again.

  14. 2012 April 20 10:23 am


    Romney 47
    Hussein 44

    Mittens still enjoying his great month

  15. 2012 April 20 10:25 am

    Zimmerman gets bail at $150,000 – for second degree muder???

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his charges get dropped within the next 60 days.

  16. 2012 April 20 10:26 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    During the primaries when Romney won Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Illinois I pointed out that he carried areas that were needed to carry the state in the general election. That being the suburbs around Detroit, Cleveland-Cincinnati, Miami, and Chicago. Santorum could paint the entire state his color and Romney win just those suburbs and carry the state. Anytime a Republican wins those states they pile up numbers in the suburbs. McCain did not appeal to those areas at all and Obama won those states. It’s the Reagan Democrat areas. I tried pointing out that these areas did not like the social issues but worry about money and the economy. Most of these votrers have some wealth but are also middle class struggling workers. Perfect for a candidate like Romney to snatch up.

    Jay Cost has an excellent article (better written and explanation than me) today at the Weekly Standard.

    Read it Here

  17. 2012 April 20 10:41 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Eph, You done real good with that post! An interesting read.
    Question: Is the Labor Dept. Doing this on purpose to make Obama look good?

    (My opinion) Answer: Hell Yes.

  18. 2012 April 20 1:13 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    In this particular case its a WAM I don’t have objections too. It was richly deserved and mostly self inflicted. I am too much of a John Wayne type. Do what is right, your desires are second to the families, you pummel anyone who thinks otherwise.

    Most of the women whose company I enjoy, are the same in reverse. Always a pleasure. My only complaint is the observation that these self same women are for the most part already married. Sigh. It seems that the women in the availability pool over 40, single are emotionally injured, self absorbed, bridzillas or career tracked above all else.

    The ladies are fed the ‘be all you can be’ and I have not problem with that. But many aren’t capable of that but they think they are doing a great job at it.

    All the BJG ladies exmpted. You all are marveleous.

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