What it Means to Stand With Ann Romney

2012 April 14
by JustMary

In the last thread, my Dad posted a link to the following article: The real threat that the Ann Romneys of the world represent to the statist left. It is very good, and worth the read. He had posted the parts that he thought were the highlights, but I wanted to share with you what stood out to me, and why.


The doubling down continued when Judith Warner, who writes for TIME Magazine, agrees that Ann Romney is “out of touch” with most women. You see, Ann Romney comes from an intact family where the man is the primary breadwinner. What could be more appallingly regressive than that?


This part really got me, because it was the part I had the hardest time with when I became a SAHM. Giving up control to not only God, but also to my husband, left me feeling overwhelmingly vulnerable. All of those years where my husband could have up and left me leaving me financially unscathed were now gone. I was in a way, at his mercy- but it was God’s mercy that transcended that. How we survived those first few years I can only attribute to God. Many hours of prayer and tears. I fought that life hard. I wanted my independence.

I’m not going to tell you that I am now some kind of domestic goddess, but making a wholehearted effort to become a good wife and mother has made me into what I consider to be a good wife and mother (for *my* family). I attended a series of classes called Titus2, and learned from other women what worked and didn’t work in their home, and I also learned how to pick my battles. Somewhat nitpicky before, I became able to withstand overusing my critical tongue, eventually even without biting it. This also translated quite well into my ability to homeschool effectively.

I scare the left. I know I do. Not content to simply go about my motherly duties oblivious to what was going on in the world, I started reading the newspaper, watching the news on tv, and eventually reading blogs and starting a blog. I have a pretty decent grasp on economics, and on politics, but I can make a mean batch of carnitas (and yes, if you asked me to, I’d probably make you a sandwich).

The important part of defending Ann Romney, at least to me, is defending her right to choose the right path for her family- whatever that path may be. As mothers, we don’t need to pick apart which choice is the right one, working outside or inside the home- what we need to do is respect each other’s right to parent as we see fit. What works for her family may not work, or have worked, for yours. It seems to me, that there is jealousy at work here, at least for the most vocal of the lefty women. They are jealous of her economic status, jealous of her marital status, or that her sons turned out to be wonderful human beings. Internally, they may wish that they had been able to stay at home, or wish that their life choices had been different. They may wish that their marriage had stayed intact. I can’t say. What I can say though, is that jealousy will only lead you down a path of self destruction, because what you have will never be enough, what Ann has will always be more enticing. Allow me to say this though, what do you have if you don’t have your health? Has Ann’s money protected her from infirmity? Nope. Be grateful for what you have, and the health you enjoy. Perhaps at the point where you look to God and say “Thank you!”, you will find the peace that allows you to not care so much about the success of others, because you will truly have found success.

Standing with Ann Romney means that someday, when someone wants to pick apart your life choices, you might just have someone to stand with you. You don’t have to share the same religion, or political views, but what you should do, is respect her right to hers. Calling into question her freedom, may one day, call into question your own.


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  1. 2012 April 14 8:28 am
    justrand permalink

    Wow…just wow!

    I am SO proud of my daughter!!!

    The Left is ALL about “choice”…as long as you chose EXACTLY what they want you to choose!

    My daughter has made (IMHO) the excellent choice to focus on her family…which has included working outside the home from time to time…but always with a focus on the one thing that the Left fears and seeks to destroy: the FAMILY!

    The Left fears the family because strong families support each other, instead of relying on BIG Government for that support. And strong families pass down values and morals from generation to generation…instead of relying on the the Government to tell them what is “right”.

    God bless you, daughter…you rock!

  2. 2012 April 14 8:40 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    who would think a lady named
    Hilary Rosen could have created an election changer like this. I’d say Obama has had the worst 3 or 4 weeks of his pesidency.

  3. 2012 April 14 8:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    JM –

    Great thread.

    Don’t know if you saw it last late last night, but I posted a link to an SI online article on Blake Griffith.

  4. 2012 April 14 9:10 am
    JustMary permalink

    I saw it- you didn’t see my response? 😆

  5. 2012 April 14 9:13 am
    justrand permalink

    MIC: “I’d say Obama has had the worst 3 or 4 weeks of his pesidency.”

    Need proof? The MSM this morning practically never HEARD of Obama. Barack who?

    Top headlines from the major “news” services (no kidding…these are them):
    – Cat cuddles with bearded dragon (cutesy video)
    – Debate rages over ‘stand your ground’ law
    – NASA space shuttles take ultimate piggyback ride
    – Iran nuke talks show progress, diplomats say (at least the IRANIANS think so 🙂 )
    Artist makes George Zimmerman mug shot out of Skittles (that one is my favorite!)

    Yup…Jughead is (for now) mostly off the radar screen!

  6. 2012 April 14 9:38 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    JM — I must appear to be the rudest B on the planet, but I am not. I am just the B that goes to her post office box once every 2 months whether she needs to or not.

    THANK YOU!!!! I am still going through the package… but THANK YOU.

    Eggs… definitely eggs so far.

  7. 2012 April 14 10:08 am
    JustMary permalink

    You’re so funny. 😆 Check your email.

  8. 2012 April 14 10:11 am
    JustMary permalink

    Proof that big boobs are dangerous to your anonymous health.

  9. 2012 April 14 10:12 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    what we need to do is respect each other’s right to ….

    There it is the left does not respect our rights to do anything.

    Now their argument is that we don’t respect their right to choose what to do with their body and there is the irony.

    Their support of abortion is just their symptom of their lack of respect for life, for the rights of others, for people to make different decisions.

    I respect your right to choose your own path for your life, provided you choose my right that I am not obligated to agree with you, support you, suffer the consequences of your decisions.

    I know single mothers have it rough, I know that mothers in general have it rough…I have the right to VOLUNTARILY assist those having a rough time. That is my right. Being required to INVOLUNTARILY support the poor choices and bad behavior life decisions of others is the problem.

  10. 2012 April 14 10:14 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Nice post JM.

    Rasmussen has jugheads approval index at 18, approve 45, disapprove 52, and Mittster up 48 – 43. I can live with that.

    I wonder if I had a bumper sticker that says ‘jughead stinks’ would anybody get it?

  11. 2012 April 14 10:15 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Oops, make that -18 in post 10. :roll:

  12. 2012 April 14 10:16 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    I’d say Obama has had the worst 3 or 4 weeks of his pesidency.

    I pray that the last 3 / 4 weeks is just the beginning of the downhill slide for the next 40 weeks and that the absolute worst of his presidency comes about 9 pm on 11/6 followed by another 75 days of censure hearings, criminal charges, and public ridicule

    ps Thanks for the calendar Mary… not only does it make me smile it gives me a timeframe for my hope.

  13. 2012 April 14 10:27 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    by the way ….excellent post Mary.

  14. 2012 April 14 10:41 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The part that I don’t get, especially on family matters such as this, is why the Left feels compelled to have it only one way. That is every woman SHOULD work. What is wrong with a choice not to? It permeates their entire social order. You must do it only 1 way!


  15. 2012 April 14 12:05 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Great post.

    And here’s interesting interaction from two more pro athletes (besides Blake) to admire.

    I like the direction these men are taking today’s youth.

  16. 2012 April 14 12:07 pm
    mulletover permalink

  17. 2012 April 14 12:17 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JM –

    I think I may have seen Blake Griffith play in college (Oklahome I believe but some team with red uniforms) but since I am not a liberal I don’t watch the NBA.

    Mullet –

    Don’t let the Storm Crew get bored during the off-season.

  18. 2012 April 14 12:26 pm
    mulletover permalink

    bc, I am building an ice rink in my backyard for the Storm Crew.

    Here’s a class act. I wonder if obama might consider giving that million dollars back now that this attack on Ann Romney is doing some unintended damage.

  19. 2012 April 14 12:29 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #17 It’s Griffin- and again- Stockholm Syndrome prevents me from being a liberal.

  20. 2012 April 14 12:41 pm
    JustMary permalink

    2 things about this tax return:

    1. What I wouldn’t give to see the itemized deductions.
    2. Shouldn’t the income be higher? If things like company funded moving expenses count as income for regular folks, why don’t taxpayer funded vacations count as income for them? Not all of those were working vacations, and they know it. Ski vacations? Hawaii? C’mon. One of those Hawaii trips alone was projected as costing 1.5 mil. Some of that was secret service, but not all of it.

  21. 2012 April 14 12:49 pm
    bc3b permalink

    #19 –

    Whatever. I am busy watching the Capitols – Bruins game with the other conservatives. I usually hate the Bruins, but since their goaltender stiffed Obama ….

  22. 2012 April 14 12:54 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Getting back to Ann Romney – where were all the establishment Republicans when Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell and other conservative women were getting bashed?

  23. 2012 April 14 12:59 pm
    JBoz permalink

    The liberals just got caught in another “whoops, we accidentally said what we believe” moments. Cue up the spin machine.

  24. 2012 April 14 1:17 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Behold!!!!! The power of conditioner and potentially a flat iron!!!!!

  25. 2012 April 14 2:09 pm
    TLS permalink

    Boy JM, you nailed it here. I can’t tell you how many women have criticized my choice to quit working to stay at home with my kids. Looking at it through the wider view of age, I realize that stay at home moms represent all that is good in society; the ability to work for the good of a team, putting the success of others before your own interests, taking care of your own responsibilities, the acceptance that no matter how much money, success, whatever that I achieve, the only lasting earthly thing of value at the end of my life is my children, and raising healthy, normal, secure children is a major benefit to society. Strange how the things that benefit a society the most ~ upstanding citizens, religion, etc ~ are the things the left attacks the most. How can people not see that the left’s motives are not good for this country?

  26. 2012 April 14 3:10 pm
    justrand permalink

    TLS…that was a splendid comment!!!

  27. 2012 April 14 3:12 pm
    justrand permalink

    and to all the Ladies of BJG…you ALL rock! You think for yourselves…without waiting for NOW to tell you what to think! You make you own choices…from a list that includes LIFE!

    I salute you all!!! 🙂

  28. 2012 April 14 3:54 pm
    TLS permalink

    #27 Thanks JR. The thread set a very high standard of excellence.

    #29 ??????? How the…..what in ……never mind.

  29. 2012 April 14 4:03 pm
    justrand permalink

    TLS…exactly! 🙂

  30. 2012 April 14 5:09 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Somehoe (typo, leaving it) I don’t think she’ll wind up as mother of the year.

  31. 2012 April 14 5:12 pm
    JustMary permalink

  32. 2012 April 14 5:19 pm
    justrand permalink

    #32…excellent typo! 🙂

  33. 2012 April 14 6:00 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Not sure if anyone posted this but Bill Maher sticks foot in mouth on purpose to help take down president. What a fool!

    Fan the Flames

  34. 2012 April 14 6:00 pm
    womanontheright permalink

    JM — pure awesomeness in writing! 🙂

  35. 2012 April 14 6:02 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #26 and 36 Thank you, m’dears

  36. 2012 April 14 6:08 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    I just read the comments under my link in post35. Is this going to be one NASTY election!

  37. 2012 April 14 6:09 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #38 It really is.

  38. 2012 April 14 6:09 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Ann Romney better have thick skin, and good secret service, who aren’t looking for prostitutes.

  39. 2012 April 14 6:12 pm
    JustMary permalink

    I think Ann’s boys need to start getting in the media talking about their mom.

  40. 2012 April 14 6:16 pm
    justrand permalink

    JM agreed…one has so far, but they all should!

  41. 2012 April 14 6:18 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #42 Yeah, but like you said, they really all should. I think that in this case too we need to think like dems. Trot out every hard working mother, stay at home or working outside the home, and make the dems look like even bigger aholes. Have a conference with them all holding hands, or hugging and supporting each other. That would be awesome. lol

  42. 2012 April 14 6:20 pm
    JustMary permalink

    That’s one way to wreck a marriage. Romney could use this too, yanno. Twist the knife.

  43. 2012 April 14 6:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JustMary –

    I think Ann’s boys need to start getting in the media talking about their mom.

    Kinda like it the 2008 primaries when they were “serving the country” by campaigning for their dad?

    Ann Romney makes a better impression than Mitt. When the boys open their mouths, they usually stick both feet in.

    Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig aren’t the brightest and best. My advice to Romney: keep hiding under the desk, let Ann do the fighting and heavy lifting and send the boys to Fiji until November 7.

  44. 2012 April 14 6:24 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    A better Read—–

    Ann Romney Media Target from Breitbart

    Use Bing and search ann Romney news and the list id getting bigger and meaner.

  45. 2012 April 14 6:58 pm
    justrand permalink

    After the Dims blew the Sandra Fluck/Fluke/Fukit comment by Rush into a “War on Women”…they are tired, oh so tired of the outrage from the Right vis-a-vis Ann Romney. Poor babies.

    Fact…Rush is a radio host.
    Fact…Hilary Rosen is HIGH RANKING Democrat operative! 35+ visits to the White House!

    The assualt on MOMS is real!

  46. 2012 April 14 7:14 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Ailes’ lecture was laced with stern advice for aspiring journalists and disdain for declining journalistic values, such as abandoning traditional standards of multiple sources for a story, crusading for political causes, or citing Wikipedia and other unreliable Internet sources.

    “Remember, bias is not necessarily what you write in a story, it may be what you leave out of a story or refuse to cover,” Ailes said.

    He railed against the proliferation of regulations choking business growth and intruding on personal life, telling the future news representatives “it’s up to journalism to make sure we don’t tie ourselves up in something we don’t want” by examining regulations for their erosion of personal liberties and exposing them.

    Roger Ailes calls out the aspiring news correspondents at the UNC School of Journalism.

    Pretty good stuff considering this is a hot bed of near-communism.

    Read more~

  47. 2012 April 14 7:16 pm
    bc3b permalink

    O/T Best Buy announces the closing of 50 stores (7 in Kalifornia, 6 in Illinois – mostly Chicago area – and 6 in Minnesota).


    Sign of a recovering economy? Circuit City reduex?

  48. 2012 April 14 7:17 pm
    mulletover permalink

    moderator, messed up my blockquote. hope it closed.

    please pardon the fish.

  49. 2012 April 14 7:52 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Mullet –

    I would be far more impressed if Ailes wasn’t so political and agenda-driven himself. He’s also converting FNC to official membership in the MSM.

  50. 2012 April 14 8:04 pm
    justrand permalink

    mullet: “please pardon the fish.

    no problem…we LOVE our fish! Battered, fried, broiled… 🙂

  51. 2012 April 14 8:36 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JM – excellent.

    A few things about those stay at home moms. They perform a dirty job with long hours, no pay, very little thanks and a potentially bleak future (who is say that the hubby after 30 good years decides to look for greener grass). But they are the ones to guide tomorrow’s future leaders. They give their children a sense of right and wrong, what is fair and what is unfair. They lay the foundation of what is moral and ethical. They give a stern lecture when it is needed and a hug and a kiss when their little one (and not so little one) is down and out.

    A building is only as sound as the foundation it is built on. We are told in the bible that our foundation (corner stone) is Christ. I would bet, that mothers is the stone laid upon that corner stone.

    For those critics of stay at home moms like Ann Romney. They have a far better idea of what is going on in the economy than those high paid professional idiots who are insulated from the real world.. These moms KNOW how tight it is. They are totally dependent upon a husband bringing home the bacon AND if he loses his job – they are screwed without a paddle to go through the rapids of life. Ann Romney went through these things in her life. If Mitt had not performed well in those early years – she and her five sons would have been screwed.

    To those stay at home moms – thank you for a job well done under trying conditions.

  52. 2012 April 15 6:00 am

    Hilarious, just when you think things can’t get more absurd they do.

    Canada Post Files Copyright Lawsuit Over Crowdsourced Postal Code Database

  53. 2012 April 15 6:17 am
    judyt2012 permalink

    #45 — I am with bc on this … keep the 5 sons out of the spotlight… they will not help.

    Watching Axelrod on Fox News all I can say is I need another shower, and breakfast I can keep down

  54. 2012 April 15 6:37 am
    justrand permalink

    geez, judy…you watched Axelrod? I can barely READ what that scumbag says…I cannot abide watching/listening to him. I know my limits.

  55. 2012 April 15 6:53 am
    justrand permalink

    Drudge has this headline up regarding Obama’s trip to South America:

    “‘Tremendous embarrassment to USA’… “

    oh…and it appears there was a scandal involving the Secret Service too.

  56. 2012 April 15 9:16 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Color me weird. I was reading the link in JM’s 44 and this caught my eye —

    “U.S. Rep. Peter King, who was briefed Saturday on the investigation, tells The Associated Press that “close to” all 11 of the agents involved had women in the rooms at their hotel, which was separate from the one where Obama is now staying.

    That seems kind of odd doesn’t it? If I was on a SS detail I would demand to be on the same floor across the aisle in the SAME DAMN HOTEL. Jeeez.

  57. 2012 April 15 9:21 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Mullet, 50,

    That is a bit rich coming from a high ranking operative of the Murdoch empire. Especially when other member of that empire got caught doing wire taps on high public figures.

  58. 2012 April 15 9:28 am
    JustMary permalink

    #55 Thank you so much for those words. I couldn’t agree more.

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