600+ Words to Avoid Online …

2012 May 26
by bc3b

… if you don’t want “Big Sis” and her friends checking on you.

Department of Homeland Security forced to release list following freedom of information request

Agency insists it only looks for evidence of genuine threats to the U.S. and not for signs of general dissent

And most of us are past the “point of no return” (like the B-52 ip showed in the last clip).

The Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release a list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S.

The intriguing the list includes obvious choices such as ‘attack’, ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘terrorism’ and ‘dirty bomb’ alongside dozens of seemingly innocent words like ‘pork’, ‘cloud’, ‘team’ and ‘Mexico’.

Released under a freedom of information request, the information sheds new light on how government analysts are instructed to patrol the internet searching for domestic and external threats.

Read more (including the “words”):

Hat tip: Daily Mail (UK)

Somebody wants to be your friend.


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  1. 2012 May 26 10:34 am

    “49.1%: Percent of the population that lives in a household where at least one member received some type of government benefit in the first quarter of 2011.
    Cutting government spending is no easy task, and it’s made more complicated by recent Census Bureau data showing that nearly half of the people in the U.S. live in a household that receives at least one government benefit, and many likely received more than one.

    The 49.1% of the population in a household that gets benefits is up from 30% in the early 1980s and 44.4% as recently as the third quarter of 2008.”



  2. 2012 May 26 10:57 am
    JustMary permalink

    So I took the INITIATIVE to get some EXCERCIZE and really enjoy doing it if you know what I mean. So it was off to the TARGET store to get a TROJAN to prevent the chance of HUMAN TO HUMAN EXPOSURE VIRUS. I jumped in my all ELECTRIC car only to find it didn’t charge due to a SERVICE DISUPTION caused by a FAILURE OR OUTAGE of the power GRID due to downed POWER LINES. Then I hopped into my little SMART car and was on my way but half way to TARGET I ran out of GAS. Turns out I had a LEAK in my GAS tank which can be very HAZARDOUS. The next thing I knew there was a GANG of COPS all around me evaluating the mess my SMART car had made. After their quick, but through, evaluation of the INCIDENT they determined it could be TOXIC to the environment and called for a RESPONSE by the HAZMAT team for RECOVERY of the GAS and MITIGATION of any further environmental damage. As one of the POLICE officers said “an ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure”. Fortunately the HAZMAT INCIDENT did not cause an EXPLOSION, DEATHS or even an EVACUATION. I made sure to thank the LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES and FIRST RESPONDERS for their EMERGENCY RESPONSE. I finally reached my TARGET and bought that TROJAN for the SECURITY only a TROJAN can provide. But by the time I made it home I was… well just too pooped to pump and informed my wife our EXCERCIZE session was CANCELLED.

    Yep… every word in caps are just some of those monitored by HOMELAND SECURITY on social networks to keep us safe. The entire list is at the link.

    My favorite FB status about this list today.

  3. 2012 May 26 10:57 am
    bc3b permalink

    Hut 1369 just may be a little crowded.

  4. 2012 May 26 10:59 am
    JustMary permalink

    What’s funny about that list is that I could compile a basic bread recipe using some of those words, post them on FB, and wind up on the watch list. We’re in the very best of hands, folks.

  5. 2012 May 26 11:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    Gee JM – I feed so much safer now.

    By the way: Kings open against the Devils in Newark Wednesday. The Kings are the ones in the black and white uniforms.

  6. 2012 May 26 11:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    With Target on the watch list, it appears we are all going to have to shop at K-Mart, WalMart, or, if you live in the Midwest, Meijer.

  7. 2012 May 26 11:23 am
    justrand permalink

    JM: “wind up on the watch list”

    Wind up on there? Dude, you probably have your own satellite by now…I know I do! 🙂

    Hut1369…here we come!

  8. 2012 May 26 11:24 am
    justrand permalink

    p.s. I have a Price of Freedom going up in a couple hours…Memorial Day themed. And then drdog has one going up on Memorial Day itself.

  9. 2012 May 26 11:32 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I think George Carlin has a new career pending….

    “The 600 Words You Can’t Use on the Internet”

    Next thing you know Conservatives will be required to wear a big ‘C’ on their sleeves ala the Neurmberg Laws.

  10. 2012 May 26 11:33 am
    JustMary permalink

    #7 Very true. If they think I am so fascinating, I suppose I should be flattered? Perhaps JNap will have TSA come frisk me in my own home.

  11. 2012 May 26 11:33 am
    JustMary permalink

    #9 He has probably learned lots of new words in hell…

  12. 2012 May 26 11:39 am
    drdog09 permalink


    At the rate things are going this is Hut 1369

  13. 2012 May 26 11:52 am
    justrand permalink

    Ewwwww…do we have to have the people from Massachusetts in there with us?

  14. 2012 May 26 12:13 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  15. 2012 May 26 12:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I am watching the Tigers-Twins game from Target Field. Does anyone have the hotline number I can turn myself in on?

  16. 2012 May 26 12:30 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    Dr. your 14. Come a tye yippy, yippy yeah, yippy,come a ty…………

  17. 2012 May 26 12:32 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    Some of you will recognize my little ditty in 16. I know the usual suspects will!!!

  18. 2012 May 26 3:05 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Dr. Jones perhaps there RP…..

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