Catholic Suit: 19 Seconds of Network News Time

2012 May 23
by bc3b

The media insists it does not have a liberal bias. It reports about Ann Romney’s equestrian expenses and Mitt’s alleged bully-ism 50 years ago. Yet, between the three major networks, they can only find 19 seconds of air time to report on 43 Catholic organizations suing the federal government over its health care mandates.

There are 60 million Catholics in the US.  The Catholic vote will be the most important swing vote this year.  So it’s not just a major policy issue, it is one with massive political implications.  Yet, 19 seconds of news coverage remains the only attention given by the evening broadcast networks. Two days after news broke, the tally is:

ABC World News – ZERO seconds of coverage. But, last night there was time for a full report on sleep apnea and Katie Couric discussing how she met Queen Elizabeth; how she wore a peach coat and “a lovely peach hat.”

NBC Nightly News – ZERO seconds of coverage. But last night there was time to squeeze in a story on a new computer app that shows America’s eating habits, “graphic evidence” of how we eat badly late at night. 

CBS Evening News – a brief 19 seconds of coverage on the evening the lawsuit became public. ZERO coverage last night.  But there was time in the broadcast for a Cincinnati Reds baseball fan lucky enough to catch two home runs in left field. 
“The intentional, deafening silence continues,” stated Brent Bozell, MRC President, “and we are not the only ones concerned. This deliberate censorship must come to an end.”

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  1. 2012 May 23 2:13 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “We shall never prevent the abuse of power if we are not prepared to limit power in a way which occasionally may prevent its use for desirable purposes.” – F.A. Hayek

  2. 2012 May 23 2:15 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Political leaders in capitalist countries who cheer the collapse of socialism in other countries continue to favor socialist solutions in their own. They know the words, but they have not learned the tune. – Milton Friedman

  3. 2012 May 23 2:17 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes crimes out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded. – Abraham Lincoln

  4. 2012 May 23 2:28 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “The political powers that be are not

    A recent poll from YouGov showed that most Americans are tired
    of political partisanship and believe that they are not well

    Yet, while the political establishment is widely
    viewed with suspicion and frustration, a majority still believes
    that most people are not capable of making good decisions about
    political issues. It seems that many would rather entrust
    legislative concerns to incompetent and corrupt officials rather
    than risk the results of increased choice and personal

    Unfortunately for libertarians, it looks like most
    people conform to what the Roman historian Sallust remarked on over
    two millennia ago, “Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for
    a just master.”

    We are in a situation now where not only are
    liberty and just masters are hard to find, but government intrusion
    is normalized”

  5. 2012 May 23 2:44 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Wylie –

    I think I hear your mother calling you for dinner.

  6. 2012 May 23 3:07 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Mitt or his veep is going to have to call out MSM. (Palin would but the media would make a joke of it) Maybe at National Convention and embarrass them with facts like the ones above.

  7. 2012 May 23 3:17 pm

    The sheeple are well aware of the perfidy of the MSM. The rominator needs to bore in with laser sights on the economy, and not be distracted by any media bravo sierra. IMHO

  8. 2012 May 23 3:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    This is THE YEAR for Republicans to go on the attack against the MSM. Hit them early and often.

  9. 2012 May 23 3:28 pm

    As long as resources aren’t wasted that could be used against the main enemy.

  10. 2012 May 23 3:28 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Going after MSM is really unpresidential for Mitt. But, I agree. It’s gotta be addressed.

  11. 2012 May 23 3:30 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Mocking MSM with jokes would be best.

  12. 2012 May 23 3:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    The MSM can easily be derailed. We have recent examples of it. Warren, Booker are examples. The MSM is even losing the Twitter guerrilla war. Every #…….. seems to blow up in their face.

    How about this. Winston Churchill was 1/16 Iroquois Indian. If a blood smear was the winning card and Winston was still alive he would win by default against Warren.

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