Why the FBI?

2012 September 15
by drdog09

Why the FBI is detailed to the Bengazi compound, er now crime scene, what’s left of it? You look at the history of those embassies that have been stormed the usual situation is the Marines just kept firing till they ran out of powder. Well I think we now have our answer —

The State Department told reporters Friday afternoon that it won’t answer any more questions about the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans until the investigation into the incident is complete.

“I’m going to frustrate all of you, infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened –not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it — until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that’s its got,” State Department spokeswoman Victorian Nuland told reporters late Friday afternoon.

“So I’m going to send to the FBI for those kinds of questions and they’re probably not going to talk to you about it,” she said.


There you have it, `active investigation` so as to provide political cover till the rage blows over.

I am such a pollyanna.

HT:Legal Insurrection

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  1. 2012 September 15 12:14 pm

    Great Great GREAT piece:


    Second look at Santorum????

  2. 2012 September 15 1:07 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Yeah, Willard or “Tricky Ricky” Scantourm will save us…..NOT lol!

    “But one thing is certain: The major battleground, the one that controls the minds of the masses, is heating up with vigor. The Internet Reformation is a process, not an episode, and the end result of endless foreign conflicts, currency debasement and political and media manipulations will bring forth civil chaos in the streets of Western countries the likes of which mankind has never previously witnessed.

    The fraud is global. The meddling reach of the power elite’s agenda seeking global-governance creates an environment in which there are very few places we can turn to protect ourselves and our families. All anyone has to do is take a quick read of the 19th century classic, The Crowd, by Gustav le Bon, to get a sense of the complete irrational behavior that accompanies widespread anger and the accompanying internal combustion.”


  3. 2012 September 15 1:07 pm

    In other words nothing to see here folks (msm), please move on to some other story.

    #1 All that piece does is state the obvious.

  4. 2012 September 15 1:09 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Polls are skewed if they start with 2008 turnout, and ignore what happened in the wave election of 2010. Obama had a chance to move toward the middle after
    2010 yet veered even further left. He is in deep trouble regardless of what these half wit pollsters are trying to feed us. It is way too late for him to save himself.

    I personally believe Florida, NC and Va are already safely in the Romney column, and Ohio and Pennsylvania may well be. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see what obama’s EPA is doing to industry and livelihoods dependent on the use of fossil fuels. The coal miners union did not even attend the dem convention, and will not be a part of obama’s ground game. Only the metro areas of Philadelphia and Cleveland and such will save his ass in those states.

    He is having to spend money in states he should have locked up. His resources are drying up fast, so he is fundraising while the middle east burns. Hardly presidential.

    You can pack this family of thieving raccoons up in a couple of shipping containers addressed to Hyde Park, and call the truckers.

  5. 2012 September 15 2:07 pm


    The dismal record of Hussein is not enough to win. In 1979 we had an awful prez too. However, we had a great alternative in Reagan. Whether you like it or not, 2012 looks a lot like 1996 rather than 1980. The difference is that Reagan gave us a reason to vote FOR him and Dole did not. Romney is much closer to Dole than Reagan – w/o the military record too.

  6. 2012 September 15 2:08 pm


    FYI – Where are all the “anti-media” polls showing Romney up 20 points in Florida????????

  7. 2012 September 15 2:58 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    mullet – I am with you.

    The problem WE have is a dishonest media that WILL NOT report the news. They have gotten so bad about distortion and out right lies they make the NAZI’s look good. Propaganda is an understatement.

    Even with a dishonest media that gets worse and worse with each day, Obama can not get over 47%. They blame the violence in the mid east on a Grade C movie that everyone OUTSIDE the U.S. knows is a lie. Romney makes a perfectly good comment on the situation and the media distorts what he said and then says he is playing politics. No reporting that Obama goes campaigning while the mid east burns. No reporting that there was warnings of violence for 9/11 and the administration did NOTHING. The Marines were not given any ammunition to defend the embassies and no reports on this. No reporting that he misses daily intelligence briefings. Report that he is so brilliant that he can read the reports and KNOW what to do.

    It is amazing that Romney is still in this race, let alone leading in the more respectable polls.

    At this point, I would not be surprised if the media reported Obama won the election even if the results were contrary.

    The media just makes up shit as they go and report it as the truth – just like Obama.

    The one plus is nobody is watching or reading the media.

  8. 2012 September 15 3:20 pm
    JustMary permalink

  9. 2012 September 15 4:30 pm
    TLS permalink

    So in the wake of the collapse of the muslim world, the press was able to ignore Q3, unemployment up last week, U.S. credit downgrade, and God knows what else. But you all will be happy to know that they found time to clarify that the flash mobs of youths are a figment of our imagination, crime is not up, and 12 year old raping a 5 year old at McDonald’s play place is actually normal:


  10. 2012 September 15 5:03 pm
    JBoz permalink


    Jewish support for Obama should be cratering right now. “Should be” is such a wistful term though. Apparently, adherence to the idealistic construct in which one is fully vested trumps the basic human instinct of self-preservation. I don’t look forward to the day when Islam gains a stranglehold on our society, but I will fare better than the unarmed, Jewish people and homosexuals. They are sharpening the blades that are poised to slit their own throats.

  11. 2012 September 15 5:15 pm
    TLS permalink

    #10 In related news, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a new public relations offensive in the United States. He has recorded interviews that will be broadcast today on important Sunday-morning political shows on CNN and NBC,…

    I expect the editing will be of the usual high media standards. *sigh*

  12. 2012 September 15 6:14 pm

    go long oil,long gold,short the s&p/dow

  13. 2012 September 15 6:21 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    JM, Not to be contrary but you will note that the quote above in this post is the same one that Treacher quotes. 🙂 We just beat him to it.

  14. 2012 September 15 6:25 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    TLS, 13,

    If this triggers a shift by other countries to denominate in Yuan its game over for the US. We would be just like Germany. Which means we have to raise the cash to pay for the oil in Yuan. It also means that the Fed won’t be able to play loose with the finances. That event would be like raising the price of darn near everything another 5%. Scary.

  15. 2012 September 15 6:27 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    IP, I think one would have to be selective about the stock market. In a long run against the dollar there will be whole industries who will take it in the shorts. For example any industry that is sensitive to transport costs will crater. Especially if TLS notation comes to fruition.

  16. 2012 September 15 6:37 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – means world wide depression FOLLOWED by world wide war.

    If China starts a trend with yuan for oil, their economy will implode as most of the world will see an increase in the cost of chinese goods. Resulting in a slower economy and increase in job loses.

    Hold on tight, it is going to get scary.

  17. 2012 September 15 6:50 pm

    go long oil,long gold,short the s&p/dow ~~do it now

  18. 2012 September 15 6:55 pm

  19. 2012 September 15 7:01 pm

    Now that you mention it, we are

  20. 2012 September 15 7:25 pm
    TLS permalink

    “Which means we have to raise the cash to pay for the oil in Yuan.” ~ DrD

    And considering this happened on the 6th and there was a major (but unreported) announcement on it on the 11th, Bernanke knew this when he decided to devalue the dollar again with Q3. He is either totally ignorant or purposely sabotaging this economy. I guess the later.

    I keep looking at the U.S. credit downgrade and wondering why they downgraded it now when the debt has been growing all this time and the election is 7 weeks away which could actually produce a budget and possibly some cuts (and hopefully repeal HC). It made no sense because they waited so long to downgrade us the first time and seemed very hesitant to do it, even after Q1 & Q2. But this would explain it.

  21. 2012 September 15 8:20 pm
    JBoz permalink

    The middle east is in flames, the Fed is printing money 24/7, our debt is over $16 Trillion, Moody’s is ready to downgrade us, the US Dollar has lost stature, the economy is on life support.

    But we can all sleep well tonight, because the Democrats have a solid grasp on the pivotal issue of the day – free birth control for the Gen Y slut brigade.

  22. 2012 September 15 9:16 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #15 Noted, m’dear….but it’s his story that I found compelling, as I have been reading his posts about that injury a lot in recent days. I feel bad for him, especially because my accident was caused by a cop who then covered the whole thing up which royally screwed me financially, left me with a broken back, and almost killed my daughter. What those in high places will do to save their own asses never ceases to amaze me. 🙁

  23. 2012 September 15 9:18 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #23 You’re just trying to distract us from Mitt Romney’s tax returns! Don’t lie! 😛

  24. 2012 September 15 9:34 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Nice read. Some very good points on what might happen. Remember, there is more of US than THEM.


    “If the media lies, the media dies.
    You take a side, you’re along for the ride.
    A traitor in front of a camera is still just a traitor.”

  25. 2012 September 15 10:12 pm
    JustMary permalink

    My heart is heavy tonight with all the Israel/Iran rumors. Tomorrow night at sundown begins Rosh Hashanah, which for my Christian friends, is also believed to be Jesus’ actual birthday (though some speculate that it could have been Sukkot). As with last year, my family and I will be celebrating it as such, vs doing it on Christmas day, which santa and liberals have all but peed on. I enjoy the traditions, don’t get me wrong, but Jesus deserves more devotion than a 3 am trip to WalMart, so we want to focus on his day- minus the presents.

    I took my son to see “Last ounce of courage” today at the movies. The movie was a tad on the cheesy side, but the message was touching, and it hinged on a time when the mere celebration of Christmas would be illegal or at least frowned upon, and how men and women have died to protect the freedoms that we see eroding before our very eyes.

    Anyhow, all the speculation as to whether or not Israel will attack Iran….maybe they will, maybe they won’t….but I can tell you who will attack Israel, what will happen to those people, and who will come out victorious. Israel will come out of it all with a desire for a return to a covenant relationship- complete with a temple. It is just the timing of it all that remains the variable. As we look at the upcoming Fall Feasts of Israel, we can expect to see things heat up over there.

  26. 2012 September 15 10:23 pm
    JustMary permalink

    He is either totally ignorant or purposely sabotaging this economy.


  27. 2012 September 15 10:27 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Whenever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to ensure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery. – Benjamin Disraeli

  28. 2012 September 16 4:31 am

    Make me the master of education, and I will undertake to change the world. –Baron Gottfried von Leibnitz 1716

  29. 2012 September 16 6:24 am
    JBoz permalink

    There is an inverse, leveraged US Dollar ETF. Symbol is UDNT, trades like a stock. If the US dollar declines (against a weighted basket of six major world currencies: the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, and Swiss Franc), this will go up 3X. If the $ declines against this basket by 5%, this ETF will increase by 15%. I’m not recommending this per se, just saying.

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