This just in from the Ministry of Truth! – 11/8/2012 Edition

2012 November 8
by justrand

The Labor Department on Thursday said the number of people filing jobless claims last week swooped down to 355,000 from 363,000. This is the lowest level in a month…and would call for celebrating, except we’re stil celebrating the re-ascendency of Lord Obama to the throne White House.

CNN attempted to throw some cold water on this (and will be “spoken with” later):

Claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, as Hurricane Sandy led to power outages and closed offices on the East Coast and kept many people from filing claims.

 That level is the lowest in a month, but economists say the fall is almost entirely due to the extreme weather conditions.”

Note that these were “economists”…not “LEADING economists” (our favorite kind).  We fully expect Reuters to consult “leading economists” later, and spin report this differently!

So we say pshaw to CNN…even if we’re not sure how to spell “pshaw”  (this is the Ministry of TRUTH…not SPELLING).

Sadly, despite the overwhelming defeat of Mitt “The Monster” Romney (98.5% of America supported our Dear Leader), we do remain at war with  EastAsia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia EastAsia Eurasia Eastasia…whom we have always been at war with.


This week’s Public Service Announcement

Although, as noted, 98.5% of America voted for Lord Obama, that still leaves 2.5% who, misguidedly, voted for “The Monster“.  We need to find them and help them see the light…for their own sake!

To this end we have set up a toll-free number that any loyal Comrade can use to rat out identify one of the 2.5%.  We can then contact them and explain things to them ruthlessly gently.  The number is 1-800-763-2687.

Sadly, one man already thought this was a joke, and pointed out that “7632687”, spells “Rnd-Em-Up” on the keypad.  We were not amused.  The gentleman in question, Fred Schmarowski, has subsequently had the truth explained to him!!  And as soon as Fred recovers from the “explanation” we expect him to become a spokesperson for TRUTH!!

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  1. 2012 November 8 8:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR –

    Are you positive you want to give this up?

  2. 2012 November 8 7:32 am
    justrand permalink

    Dear bc3b,

    Who is this “JR” person you speak of?? Does he need to be “spoken with”?? Please use the hot-line to help us pinpoint his location (for his own good).

    As for “giving this up”…TRUTH! will always live as long as there is a Ministry of Truth. So, even if this outlet for the Ministry of Truth dries up, rest assured another path will emerge!

    Minion 1369.x, 2nd Class Explainer
    Ministry of Truth, Bowel Level 19

  3. 2012 November 8 7:33 am
    JustMary permalink

    #1 It wasn’t ever a matter of wanting to, bc3b.

  4. 2012 November 8 7:43 am
    PRNmeds permalink

    JR/JM et all:

    My $0.02

    Obama winning the election is an absolute and total disaster, and we all know it, and understand it. I also have gathered that this site was started to inform others of the truth. I don’t claim to understand why the site must be shut down, perhaps it is because of the sheer time commitment that it has taken. People needed the truth more than ever, in the last year, and will continue to need it even more in the near future, as the President continues to attempt to lie and manipulate.

    I strongly believe that it is our duty as true Americans to cling to our freedoms, freedoms that men and women have laid down and died for. I will not remain silent, or be herded like cattle in the direction that the President leads me, if it is wrong. When I reflect on BJG, I am met with many thoughts on the greatness of freedom of speech. This is truly freedom of speech at its finest.

    “We don’t have the First Amendment so we can talk about the weather. We have the First Amendment so we can say very controversial things.” -Dr. Ron Paul

    This website has grown to be so great, and all of you, truly are a collection of amazing and remarkable Americans. You stand up for what you believe in, and consider the implications of major political decisions not just for yourselves, but for your children, and your grandchildren. We need you. This is my call out, from my younger generation, to yours. Don’t give up on us. Some of us have seen the truth, and are doing our best to share it with others. Others are still too blinded by the false promises of change and hope, from the Obama campaign. (As my father once called it–The Taupe Hope).

    Whether this website continues to operate, or ceases to fill webspace, I believe that ‘Being John Galt’ is something that will live on in all of us here. In the heart of every person that cares about freedom, liberty, and the constitution. It is my hope that reconsideration will be made, and that the value of having a strong developed social network will be realized. It is very possible that we will need each other more than ever before, in the near future.

    Now all the sentiments aside, JR–It would be a crime for you to not continue writing. I have learned more in the past 6 months about politics, than I ever could have imagined, and I have you and your family to thank for helping me find my way. I’m not alone out there either, there are more that are hungry for the truth.



  5. 2012 November 8 7:48 am
    justrand permalink

    PRNmeds…we are looking at a way to continue knitting people together. BUT, we don’t want to endanger anyone either. That is the knife’s-edge we are negotiating. Stay tuned…

  6. 2012 November 8 7:49 am
    justrand permalink

    and p.s. to PRNmeds…your post truly got me choked up. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 2012 November 8 8:27 am
    bc3b permalink

  8. 2012 November 8 8:33 am
    justrand permalink

    I am considering get a deer license this year…and going deer hunting (heck, they wander across my front “yard” routinely…though I don’t think you can shoot ’em here 🙂 )

    I then need to learn how to:
    (1) skin
    (2) clean
    (3) butcher
    (4) preserve (freezing I can do…but there are other methods, like jerking, etc)

    Anybody got suggestions for a good deer-rifle?? I need a scope (eyes ain’t what they used to be), and prefer a bolt-action that comes in a LEFT-hand model.


  9. 2012 November 8 9:01 am
    fight on permalink

    As I posted previously I have been a long time lurker.
    Those days are over. One of the many lessons I have learned here is
    that it is time to fight.

    I left So. Cal 6 years ago because my beloved state was in a death spiral. I relocated to the DFW area of TX. It appears my next move is going to be Hut 1369. I hope there is plenty of room. I might as well adopt the Motto of the rest of the citizenry “3 hots and a cot” provided for you by the state.

    JR,JM Thank you for this outlet and to all of the regulars thank you for all your tremendous knowledge and insights. You helped me greatly in my verbal battles with Liberals.

    Fight On

  10. 2012 November 8 9:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    Check your email for BJG College and NFL games. Sorry I am late this week.

  11. 2012 November 8 9:08 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Truth always wins out……as pointed out here by the comments, may be a very painful journey getting there……

    “Millions have been exposed to the brilliant, clarified concepts of human action and have come to understand the corrosive effects of the modern central bank business cycle. This knowledge will continue to percolate. It runs like acid through the fragile facade of illiteracy and socialist lies that the power elite constructed over centuries to try to obscure the truth about human relations.

    As the veil shrivels and smokes, one cannot look away. Once one begins to understand the truth about how the world works, there is no going back. The shock to the system is profound. It tends to take over one’s life. The idea that every nook and cranny of one’s consciousness has been controlled and “directed” is an overwhelming concept.

    People who come to such conclusions find their lives have changed. It is physically and mentally impossible to ignore it. And it is difficult not to proselytize because the reality is so profound.”

  12. 2012 November 8 9:17 am
    bc3b permalink

    Lots of talk about Jeb Bush versus Hillary in 2016.

    My guess is that the “Bushies” (including Karl Rove) and the “Fatman” are not sorry that Romney & Ryan lost. A Romney presidency followed by Ryan was their greatest nightmare.

  13. 2012 November 8 9:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    Fight on –

    As a Michigander, I can assure you that you will love Detroit in January and February.

  14. 2012 November 8 9:26 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    JR & JM I have not posted here in awhile, but have been around. I appreciated your site very much and want to thank you both for your efforts.

    As to your hunting rifle, get a .308 caliber which will simplify your ammo buying since it can be used for defense or hunting.

    Be John Galt – it is time to Go Galt.

    May God Bless You and Keep You Safe…..

    P.S. If you have the time- go to YouTube and check out “Daniel’s Timeline” which talks about end times prophecy from the bible. It was uploaded in 2005 and we are getting very close to those days, I believe this election result was a necessary part of the prophecy…Ok-taking my tin-foil hat back off….

  15. 2012 November 8 9:51 am
    justrand permalink

    CKO, thanks for the information…good to see you again.

    stick around for the next couple weeks if you can…then we go off the air.

  16. 2012 November 8 10:12 am

  17. 2012 November 8 10:24 am
    TLS permalink

    WEC ~ For the love of God, please give it a rest. If we want to read the daily bell we are very capable of going there ourselves. enough already.

  18. 2012 November 8 10:35 am
    booshkindoggin permalink

    Just dropped in,in time to read the note of PRNmeds, a mid-20s health care professional and truly fine young man representing the best of his generation in values, character, and faith. I’m so weary and despondent about the future of our country, and my thoughts seem to keep sadly escaping to the founders’ acts, and words on the Declaration of Independence; say look, I see it reproduced right there on my mouse pad: “…with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
    I can’t help thinking I’ve somehow failed those brave patriots, and all those that followed, who put everything on the line. Maybe my own son, PRNmeds, can make a difference. He has my support, my respect and my love.

  19. 2012 November 8 10:43 am
    justrand permalink

    Amen, Boosh…the hammer will fall heaviest on that generation, and most do not know it. PRNmeds does…as does my son. I pray for them.

  20. 2012 November 8 11:06 am
    bc3b permalink

  21. 2012 November 8 11:36 am
    mulletover permalink

    Glad to hear BJG will be up a few more days. I may lurk a bit over at Poli, but the sockpuppets and harsh comments will probably keep me quiet. If we all gather elsewhere, I hope to find you all. Maybe bc can keep me informed, at least through the Super Bowl picks.

    Justrand, the Winchester Model 70 has been reintroduced, and getting great reviews in Field and Stream. The Featherweight comes with a 22″ barrel and weighs in at about 6 1/2 pounds. Most any caliber is available, and I agree with CKO on the .308. It is a light kicker, but with plenty of punch for most any North American big game, except grizzly. The smaller calibers, 22-250 and .243 are good, but will lose killing power on larger animals out past 200 yds.

    Your dealer can help you with a scope. I guess Leupold makes a good one.

    I got deer eating my pansies not 15 feet from my front door. Of course, if I shot one of them, I would cause a couple of heart attacks in this neighborhood of old farts. Maybe I should get a crossbow.

  22. 2012 November 8 11:58 am
    bc3b permalink

    Big Sis for Attorney General?

    There are rumors that Eric Holder may be stepping down?

  23. 2012 November 8 11:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    Mullet –

    Glad to hear BJG will be up a few more days.

    Know what it means if we are up through the weekend? Cheerleaders!!!

    I agree that we have made too many online friendships to end them abruptly. Let’s make our gathering point when/if BJG shuts down.

  24. 2012 November 8 12:06 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I have the email addresses of those who have participated in BJG football. Anyone else who wants to be contacted about a new gathering spot if BJG shuts down, send your email address to

    Maybe we can find a conservative site that isn’t getting many hits and hijack it. It could be a win-win, we get a place to meet and someone can significantly increase his/her website hits and get cheerleaders and Sunshine Girls thrown in.

    Seriously, in addition to being a great spot to express our views, BJG has been a lot of fun and a place for conservatives to bond and make online friendships.

  25. 2012 November 8 12:14 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Wylie –

    I just put a James Taylor album on. That means the party’s over and it’s time for you to leave.

    Nobody wants to hear James Taylor!!!

  26. 2012 November 8 12:20 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Rubio is already planning a trip to Iowa. It appears that 2016 started early this year, as Yogi Berra would say:

    Oh well, back to work.

  27. 2012 November 8 12:30 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I got deer eating my pansies not 15 feet from my front door. Of course, if I shot one of them, I would cause a couple of heart attacks in this neighborhood of old farts. Maybe I should get a crossbow. — mullet

    You need one of these and the broadpoints to go with it —

    Then one of these set in the backyard to do it proper —

    I could not however find any `fin favorable’ knife sets…..

  28. 2012 November 8 12:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    This is an old one from LI, circa 2009, but in light of the Obama win and looming Obamacare it is now fresh material again —

  29. 2012 November 8 12:42 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    4Q BLS numbers are going to be a doozy — — Won’t matter if they lie or tell the truth, either way its a doozy. It will be the MoT Extra Special edition.

  30. 2012 November 8 1:03 pm
    beej permalink

    Ok, probably not my last effort at begging the owners of this site to change their minds…but here I go again…

    This is such an awesome place. Is there anyone that perhaps for a time could wear the mantle for a while? There are such great people on here…Then, after an appointed time, you could revisit the issue and either continue or shut down….Or more like be shut down by Big Brother.

    I can’t help myself. The others here have expressed themselves so well, my dittos go to them…Perhaps during the last 4 years I took you all for granted, for which I apologize with all my heart. I may be a day late to say my thank-yous for the hard work and real labor…I was enthralled with the intelligent posts and learned comments…the best education I’ve ever had. Thank you for the greatest site…Faced with you leaving, I see even better what a fantastic job of research, writing, editing, and in some cases, babysitting you all did. You deserve more than probably you got from all the hard work. Love you all so….

    I still think the mission should be carried on….? Anything we could do to change your minds???

  31. 2012 November 8 1:06 pm
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    JR – I will be around, never very far away

  32. 2012 November 8 1:56 pm
    justrand permalink

    dear beej…we are having so many discussions on how/whether to leave it open you would not believe

    this site IS different…different that any other site I can find (though maybe I haven’t looked enough 🙂 )

    we do our share of snark, and grumbling…but the volume of thoughtful posts and comments on this site surpasses any I know of

    we ARE doing a massive amount of soul searching. I have reviewed some of the key posts from the past (mine and others) and literally wept at the thought of not having the ability to have such discourse again

    BUT…there is a raw fear abroad in the land right now…if you are Conservative. The Obama Regime is indeed vengeful…and has promised “payback to all who opposed them”. It may take a while for them to get around to us…but they’ve got plenty of time.

    So the very first time in my entire life I am truly afraid of my own government. They just jailed a man for a year over a petty “parole violation”…in order to make a point, and cover their tracks on Benghazi.

    All that said…we are searching for a way to stay up, and stay safe. Stay tuned 🙂

  33. 2012 November 8 2:00 pm

    “Anything we could do to change your minds?”

    Yeah, if there is please let us know.

    29 – Yup just found out brother in law is likely to be out of work in next week or two – ubs going full force with the layoff plans proffered in early October, he had survived the first 2-3 rounds over the last four years. Said most of it would have happened anyway but a couple thousand of the 14k over the next two years might been kept had fears of this administration been abated. Problem is he saying many of the other houses have plans for the same, all fearing even more regulation they will be exiting certain lines of business.

  34. 2012 November 8 2:05 pm

    JR – If that is the primary concern (government or others finding you) have you considered hosting it via TOR, in that case they really can’t find you without a full on coordinated effort and even then it would be tough? Pretty sure the audience here could figure out how to use the Tor bundle without much trouble and this site could just turn into page with that address and instructions on how to get there.

  35. 2012 November 8 2:08 pm
    justrand permalink

    beej, just for you I changed my gravatar…(no, it’s me…yet).

    you may not recognize the photo…but if you do, then you will know my state of mind right now

  36. 2012 November 8 2:19 pm
    justrand permalink

    the gravatar may take a while to show up

  37. 2012 November 8 4:06 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JR – I understand your concerns and fears.

    Whether this site or another, I hope we all can go on. Or those who choose to.

    Myself, I have only one life to live and one life to give. I believe in my heart & soul that the day I leave here, I go to be with God.

    I will not submit to any man or any government. If I must stand alone, I will stand alone.

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