The Price of Freedom

2013 November 20
by justrand

I used to think that “insular” described Washington D.C.   Ahhh…those were the good old days!

The definition of ‘Insular’ [ in•su•lar] is

limited in outlook: concerned only with local matters and not interested in new ideas or different cultures

• not close to others: physically or emotionally removed from others

Headlines like these, occurring daily, were the basis for my feeling that those “representing” were insular:

D.C. awash in contracts, lobbying wealth

Survey: Nine-in-10 U.S. adults say Washington is out of touch


The Washington D.C. area is often referred to as “The Beltway”, and if you look at the road structure that gave it that name it really does kinda look like an island…from the Latin: ‘insula‘, the origin of the word “insular”.

But, sadly, D.C. is no longer an island, it’s a black-hole…the outer space kind.

black holeBlack-holes in space grow by absorbing the material around them.  As they grow their gravitational force grows, and they thus can attract material from increasingly greater distances. Once something is pulled into a black-hole it never leaves.

The black-hole that is Washington D.C. has long since outgrown the “Beltway” that used to more less define and confine the District of Columbia, and now the Progressives are intent on seeing its influence extend across the entire country…and ultimately the globe.

True to the functioning of black-holes in outer space, the larger the D.C. black-hole gets, the more “material” it attracts, and the stronger it gets…and once that material (taxes, politicians, lobbyists, etc) falls into the black-hole it never leaves.

Wait, you say, material DOES leave…tax revenues go forth in various programs, and the politicians occasionally return to the areas that spawned them. Yup…but that is simply the “black-hole” extending its influence. In space the influence of a black-hole increases as its gravity increases, and its gravity increases the more it consumes. In our political environment the “gravity” is political influence/power, and D.C.’s black-hole extends its influence by re-distributing wealth with “guidelines”, regulations and laws attached, i.e. STRINGS. These strings pull more material into the D.C. black-hole, and increase its gravity…which pulls in ever more.  And the stronger it gets the more “guidelines”, regulations and laws it vomits forth, further increasing its power.

Our Founders didn’t know about black-holes in space, but they fully understood (and feared) the “black-hole” of oppressive and over-reaching government. They did everything in their power to create a system of government that would by definition be limited, using the Bill of Rights to (they thought) seal the deal.

They knew that once the “strings” of government started to envelop you, they would only grow stronger. In space the only way to avoid being sucked into a black-hole is to avoid the damn thing in the first place. On Earth the same principle applies. But with the “strings” already enveloping us, and more being added all the time, the only hope we have is to cut those strings…and re-erect the Constitutional limits meant to prevent them.

Tragically, the Price of Freedom is apt to be much more than just a really strong pair of scissors…for the “strings” have become ropes, and are on their way to becoming chains!  What to do?  Well, when confronted with a similar situation our Founders set forth a case for cutting those “strings”…which they called “bands”:

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…


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  1. 2013 November 20 9:14 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Boy this sounds familiar…..

  2. 2013 November 20 9:16 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Oh, and ObamaCare website is fixed —

  3. 2013 November 20 9:42 am
    justrand permalink

    I love the “Apply Now” button!! 🙂

    and the Hillary clip…priceless!! “No new bureaucracy” ??

    The Bill itself CREATED a massive new bureaucracy…and instructed the IRS to oversee it!

    And yet I know people on the Left who can’t WAIT for President Hillary!

  4. 2013 November 20 9:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

  5. 2013 November 20 10:53 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, it’s like having 40 lbs of ticks on a 20 lb terrier. Sooner or later…

  6. 2013 November 20 11:48 am
    fight on permalink

  7. 2013 November 20 12:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    As I have been want to say for some time — Pulp publishing is, well grist for the pulp mill. The old rotary press – trucking – home delivery model just can’t compete on a cost basis. I can buy a lot of T1 lines for what the lease is on a rotary press alone. Nor has NYT who is also painting its wagon to digital media yet proved that it can make it fiscally.

    Somebody will figure out how to marry an offer for a new iPad and a branded app with a 2 or 3 year digital news subscription and show a profit. Its the cellphone model the telcos use. I don’t like it, but it has been shown to be viable in the marketplace.

  8. 2013 November 20 12:52 pm
    fight on permalink

    DR you are so right. Unfortunately I live it every day. I have been in printing my entire career. What started out as great career has turned into a nightmare. Trying to figure my end game out with constant reduction in income is a pain. Not to mention what our government inflicts on all of us. At 58 I am trying to reinvent myself.

  9. 2013 November 20 4:11 pm
    bc3b permalink

    fight on –

    I have been in marketing all my life and I know where you are coming from. So many industries/professions related to printing have been eliminated – typesetters, color seperators, plate makers, finish artists, etc., etc., etc.

    The biggest challenge to printers has come from the internet. I wish yo the best in reinventing yourself.

  10. 2013 November 20 4:13 pm
    bc3b permalink

    fight on #6 –

    It’s hard to believe, but the Chicago Tribune was once one of the most conservative newspapers in the country. But, that was about 50 years ago.

  11. 2013 November 20 4:27 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Washington DC is, for sure, the black hole of constitutional freedoms.

    The pushback will come from the States asserting their un-enumerated powers.

    It could, and should, start here…..

  12. 2013 November 20 4:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Mullet –

    Your Top Cats looked “top drawer” Monday night. Bet they were cold. The football game wasn’t bad either.

  13. 2013 November 20 4:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    fight on,

    Don’t know what to tell you. If there are any plays in publishing left its at the niches and edges away from the broadsheet mainstream. Funny thing is, if I have my druthers and the costs are only a few bucks more I prefer the printed copy. 800 years of cultural upbringing from the Book is hard to just toss.

  14. 2013 November 20 4:46 pm
    mulletover permalink


    the Panthers are for real, it seems, but the Saints keep winning, staying just out of reach of Cam and company. As usual, the show is on the sidelines.

  15. 2013 November 20 5:29 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Governor Walker clarifies his remarks on immigration. Sounds like he is against amnesty, and for secure borders and legal immigration.

    Sounds also like he’s running.

  16. 2013 November 20 5:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Venzuela has become latter day Rome — — Free smart phones for everyone!

  17. 2013 November 20 6:09 pm

    16 – Obama phones catching on.

  18. 2013 November 20 6:11 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    Black holes suck all light. Sound like the Obama administration.

  19. 2013 November 20 6:24 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    Outstanding article, JR

  20. 2013 November 20 6:58 pm

    ““Look, I like where your head’s at, you’re going by what we call Rule No. 17, Rule No. 17 is — and I told you is — do whatever it f***ing takes.”

    ha ha, Rule 17… gonna be, or ought to be a ‘thing’ as the kids these day say.

  21. 2013 November 20 7:00 pm
    mulletover permalink

    All those 501c3’s ought to lose their tax-exempt status and pay fines.

    Yeah right. I forgot they have “progressive” in their names or their mission description.

  22. 2013 November 20 7:37 pm

    If you have the time you guys should check out past the 2m mark hook. I’m like an hour in and this cat Tarango is an interesting form of political animal, quite the self-salesmen too. GOP’s party people should probably pay attention to a couple tidbits in the video.

  23. 2013 November 20 7:55 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Scott Walker was for amnesty before he was against it, much like Mitt Romney was for abortion, gun control and government health care before he was against it. Funny how seeking the GOP Presidential nomination causes people to alter their views.

    Here’s an interview with Gov. Walker from July with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Walker sure sounds like he not only is pro-amnesty, but also for open borders (even questions the need for border security):

    If you listen to Scott Walker, he basically says that anyone who wants to come to the U.S. should be able to come here. Other North American countries – Canada and Mexico – attempt to limit immigration to educated professionals who can help the country advance, not just pick cherries.

    Unfortunately, for Walker – like Romney – with you tube it only takes a couple minutes to find what they have actually have said in the past.

  24. 2013 November 21 6:34 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Bill Gates blue screening in bed?? — — A rather odd product for a foundation to be supporting don’t ya think??

  25. 2013 November 21 7:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #26

    I think it’s rather appropriate. No one screws his customers like Bill Gates. Maybe it’s his way of protecting them from getting AIDS.

    Stealing from Bill Gates/Microsoft isn’t really stealing.

  26. 2013 November 22 12:48 am

    26 – Not really when you think about it, if you want to increase use, improve the product. I think it’s money well spent. 😉

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