If True, Well the Game is Over for the Resistance

2014 March 5
by drdog09

I must caution, this is coming from the Voice of Russia, but it seems there is already confirmation. The second point to pause is show me the money trail….

The call took place after Estonia’s FM Urmas Paet visited Kiev on February 25 at the peak of clashes between the pro-EU protesters and security forces in the Ukrainian capital.

Paet also recalled his conversation with a doctor who treated those shot by snipers in Kiev. She said that both protesters and police were shot at by the same people.

“And second, what was quite disturbing, this same Olga [Bogomolets] told as well that all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides,” the Estonian FM stressed.

Ashton reacted to the information by saying: “Well, yeah…that’s, that’s terrible.”

“So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened,” Paet said.


Counter ops by the Russians is certainly possible. But consider this is two NATO partners talking.

It will be interesting to see the impact. But certainly the Russians are playing hard ball and they are winning.

Attrib: Voice of Russia

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  1. 2014 March 5 4:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    One other thing to keep in mind. This might have been done by neo-nazi components of the coalition that makes up the resistance.

  2. 2014 March 5 4:52 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “The telephone call between Estonia Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton was allegedly hacked by agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to Yanukovych and uploaded to the Internet. Paet has confirmed the call is authentic.

    The U.S. propaganda media blamed the violence, which resulted in at least 94 deaths and 900 injuries, on Yanukovych. It served to incite U.S. opinion against the Russia-backed Yanukovych, who was forced to flee to Russia and has been charged with numerous crimes.

    But Paet learned from a doctor the injuries being treated were made by the same weapons.

    “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” said Paet.

    In early February, senior U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland was caught selecting the puppet Ukrainian opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to Nuland, the U.S. has reportedly sunk $5 billion in the opposition in order to agitate for admittance to the EU.”


  3. 2014 March 5 4:58 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “Preface: I’m not siding with Putin on the Ukrainian dispute. I don’t like Communism. I was born in the U.S. and have lived here all of my life. I hate Stalin with a passion – a man who killed countless protesters, and sent numerous others away to insane asylums – and have railed against the “useful idiots” who naively supported the Soviets. I also think that Putin is a corrupt kleptocrat. I’m just pointing out that the U.S. Government is completely overreacting and fear-mongering. This is taking place on the other side of the world, and doesn’t effect America’s national security (although we may have heavily invested in the outcome).

    Fear of terrorists made the American public afraid, gullible and easy to manipulate for more than a decade.

    But now – despite the best efforts of the military-industrial complex to intentionally whip up an exaggerated hysteria of Islamic terrorists – Americans are starting to wake up from our fear-induced haze:

    – We don’t buy the “justifications” for mass surveillance

    – For the first time since 9/11, we value privacy more than anti-terror protections

    – We’re more afraid of the government than of terrorists

    – We’re sick of war … and no longer falling for the government’s pro-war arguments

    Indeed, Americans are realizing that we’re more likely to be killed by lightning, toddlers, brain-eating parasites or bad government policy than terrorism.”


  4. 2014 March 5 6:14 pm
    bc3b permalink



    Haven’t been on much this week because of work. Be careful drdog09.

  5. 2014 March 5 6:20 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – this was posted over on AR15.com. Long but interesting. Sounds much like what JR was saying the other day.

    Andrey Zubov, professor at philosophy department of Moscow State University of International Affairs, was fired after he published a critique of the looming Russian military intervention in Crimea.

    The full text of Zubov’s article, translated from vedomosti.ru:

    “Friends, we are on the threshold. We are on the threshold not of introducing a new subject into the Russian Federation. We are on the threshold of total destruction of the system of international agreements, economic chaos and political dictatorship. We are on the threshold of war with our closest, dearest relations, the people of Ukraine; on the threshold of a sharp deterioration of relations with Europe and America; on the threshold of cold, and, perhaps, even hot war with them.

    Alas, this has happened before. Austria. Early March, 1938. The Nazis want to round off their Reich at the expense of another German state. The people do not really want this – nobody oppresses or discriminates against them. But the idea of a great Germany spins the heads of the radicals, the local Nazis. To put an end to the dispute about Austria’s fate, Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg Alois announces a March 13 plebiscite. But the Nazis in Berlin and Vienna are not content with his decision. What if the people vote against the Anschluss? They force von Schuschnigg to resign on March 10, and promptly replace him with local Nazi leader Arthur Seyss-Inquart. While this political rotation took place, German divisions creeped into Austrian cities, invited by the new Nazi Chancellor. He himself learned of his invitation from the newspapers. Austrian troops capitulated; Austrian people either met Hitler’s army with joy; or stayed shut in their homes, wallowing in irritation; or fled urgently to Switzerland. Austria’s Cardinal Innitzer endorsed and blessed the Anschluss from the pulpit. March 13 was marked by an avalanche of arrests. Chancellor von Schuschnigg was the first to go. A plebiscite was held on April 10. In Germany, 99.08% of the population voted in favor of the Anschluss; in Austria, which became the Ostmark of the German Empire, 99.75% voted in favor. But it did not stop there. On October 1, 1938, Sudetenland was annexed to Germany. On March 22, 1939, Lithuanian Klaipeda was rechristened as German Memel overnight. It is true that Germans were the majority of the population in all these places, and that many of them were happy to join the Reich. And everywhere the annexation was happening against a fanfare of festive propaganda and the chauvinistic sentiments of the madding crowd, as the other Western European nations looked on indifferently.

    “We must not try to delude ourselves, and, still more, we must not try to delude small weak nations, into thinking that they will be protected by the League [of Nations] against aggression and acting accordingly,” said Neville Chamberlain to the British Parliament on February 22, 1938, “when we know that nothing of the kind can be expected.”

    In the meantime, Adolf Hitler drew a completely different picture. On March 23, 1939, he addressed the crowd from a balcony on Theater Square in the newly annexed Memel, two hours after sailing theatrically into Memel’s port aboard the brand new cruiser Germany. He said: “Germans are not here to hurt the people of the world, but to put an end to the suffering of Germans, which they have been forced to endure for 20 years at the hands of the world… Once the Germans of Memel were forsaken by Germany, when it succumbed to dishonor and degradation. Today, Memel’s Germans are reinstated as citizens of the mighty Reich, which will take back its destiny into its own hands, even if the rest of the world does not like it.”

    And everything seemed so radiant. And the glory of Hitler shone from on high. And the world was in awe of Great Germany. Annexing countries and regions to the Reich without firing a shot, without spilling one drop of blood — is not the Führer brilliant?

    Six years later, Germany was defeated, millions of her sons killed, millions of her daughters dishonored, her cities erased from the face of the earth, her cultural treasures, accumulated over centuries, turned to dust. Almost half of her territories were truncated, and the rest was divided between the winning allies. And shame, shame, shame was laid upon German heads. And it all started so radiantly!

    Friends! History is repeating itself. Crimea is mainly populated by ethnic Russians. But are they really oppressed there? Are they second-class citizens, with no right to their language, their Orthodox faith? From whom must the soldiers of the Russian army protect them? Who is attacking them? Deploying troops and military equipment into another country’s territory without its permission is an act of military aggression. Occupation of the Parliament by uniformed people without insignia is an outrage. The decrees of the Crimean Parliament issued under these conditions are a farce. First, they violated the parliament, occupied it, and installed a pro-Russian puppet there to act as a prime minister, and then this puppet prime minister asked Russia to send help. The same help which installed the puppet and controlled the Crimean government. This is the Anschluss of 1938, or something very closely resembling it. Even the referendum-plebiscite under friendly bayonets. There, April 10. Here, March 30.

    Did the Russian government calculate the risks of this incredible gamble? I am sure that they didn’t. Adolf Hitler didn’t in his time. If he had, he would not have had to pace his bunker in April 1945 while Russian bombs rained down, or guzzle a vial of poison.

    If the Western powers do not take the road that Chamberlain and Daladier took in 1938, if instead they levy an embargo on Russian fuel and freeze Russian-owned assets in their banks? The Russian economy, already in agony, will collapse in three months. And the turmoil to follow will make Maidan look like the Garden of Eden.

    And what of the Crimean Tatars, who are categorically against Russian authority, who remember very well what the Russians did to them in 1944 and how they did not let them return home until 1988? What if they request help from their Turkish brothers in faith and blood? After all, Turkey is not across the ocean; it is just on the other side of that same Black Sea. And Turkey was in control of Crimea for four centuries, much longer than Russia. The Turks are not Chamberlains and Daladiers: in July 1974 they protected their own, occupying 40% of Cyprus, ignoring the protests and installing their own “unrecognized state,” the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Maybe someone would like to have a Turkish Republic of Southern Crimea? After all, if Tatar hotheads rise to fight, Muslim radicals from all over the world will join them with joy, especially from the North Caucasus and the Volga. Will we bring the storm that ravages Crimean resorts to our own Russian house? Do we not have enough terrorism in Russia?

    Finally, if we acquire Crimea, torn apart by inner strife, we will lose the Ukrainian people forever. Ukrainians will never forgive Russian betrayal. Do you believe otherwise, that everything will come right in the end? If so, you will be disappointed, my dear Russian chauvinists. In the 19th century, Serbs and Croats considered themselves one people, only divided by border, religious denomination, and alphabet. They wanted unification and wrote a lot of kind, smart books on it. Today you will not find two peoples who harbor greater animosity toward each other. How much blood was spilled between them, and all for some pieces of land, some villages and valleys where they could have lived together richly and happily instead? Could have, but failed to. Greed for their brothers’ land made them adversaries. And this sort of thing may also easily happen between individuals, in everyday life. Is it worth losing a brotherly nation to false desires? If that happens, the Church will split as well, and this will be the final split. Her Ukrainian half will secede from Moscow forever.

    But a successful annexation of Crimea will be even more horrific for the Kremlin. If Crimea comes easily, tomorrow all Russian-populated lands will follow: parts of Kazakhstan, and, before you know it, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Northern Kyrgyzstan. Austria was followed by Sudetenland, Memel, Poland, France, and finally, Russia. It all started out small.

    Friends! We have to stop and think what we are doing here! Our political leaders are dragging us into a terrible, terrifying gamble. History tells us that we will not emerge unscathed. We should not fall for their rhetoric, like Germans fell for promises of Goebbels and Hitler. For the sake of peace in our country, for the sake of its genuine renaissance, for real friendship and peace in historically Russian lands that today straddle many states, let us say no to this insane and, importantly, unnecessary aggression.

    We lost so many lives in the 20th century that today our only policy must be the policy professed by Solzhenitsyn, the policy of preserving our nation. Preserving our nation, not gathering up lands! Land grabbing is only ever achieved with tears and blood.

    We do not need to shed any more blood and tears!”

  6. 2014 March 5 6:22 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    BC, safe thing is, I don’t run an exchange. But you have to ask, what if BitCoin was a false flag op run by some fed agency in deep cover and now they are offing banksters to cover some tracks?

  7. 2014 March 5 6:39 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Your “New World Order” government in action……

    “The meetings, however, were a different story. While all the externals of this event were spectacular, the content of the meetings was less than pedestrian. The presenters dressed well and tried to use impressive words. The PowerPoint slides were perfect, but the actual content was… lame. A local VFW or Women’s Auxiliary could have done as well.

    I heard one speech – in the impressive ‘headphone’ amphitheater – where the speaker said that vast areas of her home country would be entirely underwater in ten years (which would have been 2009) and that every soul living there would be dead. As evidence, she referred to impressive names and organizations, who had “said so.”

    And that was the way the whole conference went. The ‘science’ of one group referred to the ‘science’ of another, then another, and then still another, who referred back to the first! Intellectually, the entire show was a sham. I kept thinking that there had to be someone there who was competent, that perhaps they were having the real meetings in some back room somewhere. If so, I never found them, and I had what appeared to be free run of the place.”


  8. 2014 March 5 6:42 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Sorry, this one was too good to omit…..

    “As best I could tell, nearly every person at this event was someone making a living from global warming, or some official’s son, daughter, brother-in-law, or cousin. I found none that had any real substance.

    They were flying first class, staying at magnificent hotels, eating in the finest restaurants, and, as I later learned, hiring the best local prostitutes.

    And they were doing it all on some government’s tab.”

    That last one should really say “some taxpayer’s tab”

  9. 2014 March 5 6:45 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “As I’ve mentioned before, the people who are trying to run the world are not smarter than you. My experience at the UN is part of what led me to that conclusion….”

    Of course, we in the good ole USA should know this best of all with the clown-freak show of Barrack, Meeecheellle, Hilliary, John F Kerry and Biden running the show……

  10. 2014 March 5 8:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    If I were the parents I would call child protective services against the school board, the principal and the on-duty drill personnel. Then sit back and watch the fur fly. While that is going on lawyer up for the payout that will be forth coming. Its out and out child abuse.

  11. 2014 March 5 8:29 pm


    There once was a senator named hildebeast,
    To gaze upon her was certainly no feast,
    With thighs like tyrannosaurus rex,
    Upon her we should deliver a hex,
    Let us not be saddled with this wildebeest.

  12. 2014 March 5 8:40 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #11 Good Lord please save us from this hideous beast!

  13. 2014 March 5 8:41 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

  14. 2014 March 5 8:57 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “Arbitrary power is ugly and vicious, regardless of what pious rhetoric goes with it. Freedom is not free. You have to fight for it or lose it. But is our generation up to fighting for it?”


  15. 2014 March 5 10:09 pm
    justrand permalink

    IP, excellent Ode to the Hildebeast. Still, where’s Van Helsing when you really need him?

  16. 2014 March 5 10:14 pm

    6 – Ha ha, you think like a good novelist, then again since everyone is out to get us paranoia really is just good thinking. 😉

  17. 2014 March 5 10:18 pm

    Something I did not know.
    France to Unveil New Amphibious Assault Ships Sold to Russia Today

    “The Vladivostok is due for an October 2014 delivery (France is testing it today), and the second ship, identical to the first, is due for delivery in 2015.
    The second ship is named the Sevastopol — after the Crimean port so beloved by Putin.”


  18. 2014 March 6 3:36 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Is the `prop falls off the shaft` a free option for this delivery? I mean that is what they ordered when the French tried to sortie their aircraft carrier for the first time.

  19. 2014 March 6 6:06 am

    It will be poetic justice if the reds try them out for real on the beaches of Normandy.

  20. 2014 March 6 6:53 am
    justrand permalink

    Kerry & Obama will, no doubt, hail this as “a positive sign of peaceful resolution of the crisis” (or something):


    And in a few days there will be a “referendum” in Crimea on whether to “join” Russia.

    Russia has already announced that “if” the people in Crimea “willingly decide to join Russia, then immediately “Ukrainian troops would be treated as occupiers and be forced to surrender or leave.


  21. 2014 March 6 6:58 am
    justrand permalink

    huge hattip to Instpundit (a great site 🙂 ) Glenn Reynolds posted this:


    Here are the folks NPR considers “Southern Democrats.”

    Chris Coons (Del.)

    Bob Casey (Pa.),

    Mark Pryor (Ark.),

    Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.),

    Joe Manchin (W.V.),

    Joe Donnolly (Ind.)

    John Walsh (Mont.)

    And of course Harry Reid (Nev.) who did it for procedural grounds.

    Not exactly Sons of the Confederacy.

    Welcome to Dixie, North Dakotans!

  22. 2014 March 6 7:15 am
    mulletover permalink

    Define: Complete and Finished…..

    No dictionary has ever been able to define the difference between “complete”and “finished.” However, in a linguistic conference, held in London England, and attended by some of the best linguists in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese was the clever winner. His final challenge was this. Some say there is no difference between “complete”and “finished.” Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand.

    His response was:

    When you marry the right woman, you are “complete.” If you marry the wrong woman, you are “finished.” And, when the right woman catches you with the wrong woman, you are “completely finished.”

  23. 2014 March 6 7:19 am
    mulletover permalink

    In the South, we like to look at this in a different way, so we consider the difference between “involved” and “committed.”

    Consider breadfast.

    In producing the egg, the chicken is “involved.”
    In producing the bacon, the pig is “committed.”

    Easy to understand.

  24. 2014 March 6 7:23 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “Socialism and progressivism at home in America, with their suppression of rights, are going hand in hand with the extension of control and domination across the world. These are the two faces of the spirit and philosophy of control.

    That philosophy marries socialism and nationalism, creating a national socialism at home that has a decidedly control-oriented and nationalistic side in foreign affairs. This philosophy is collectivist, placing the state and society above the individual. It is set against the individual and person, against freedom and rights.

    National socialism paints itself as aiming for the “good” of all, for the welfare, safety, security, education, health, progress and well-being of all. It delivers only a centralized control that prevents people from achieving these goals that can only be achieved in and through freedom and rights.

    Let us be as clear as possible. Criticism of U.S. interventions overseas are not defenses of any of the suppressions of foreign governments. They are criticisms of the attempts by the U.S. to control foreign affairs, which are animated by the spirit of control whose domestic face suppresses rights at home.”


  25. 2014 March 6 7:24 am
    mulletover permalink

    Two Southern democrats, Kay Hagan and Mary Landreiu, voted for this cop-killer cheerleader cowing to the NAACP in their respective states.

    How does NPR square that circle?

  26. 2014 March 6 7:56 am
    justrand permalink

    mullet, NPR is funded in part by our tax dollars…and thus, like every other aspect of our government, feels ZERO obligation to explain their reasoning to us, the Great Unwashed!!

  27. 2014 March 6 8:55 am
    drdog09 permalink

    JR, 21,

    Jurnos are always sloppy. That list of `Southern Democrats` are the unannounced but soon to be formulated Confederacy 2.0. Measures will be taken to tighten up the public relations till we are ready (only two more gun manufacturers to go….).

  28. 2014 March 6 9:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    American Jurno quits on the air at RT — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55izx6rbCqg

    Good for her. Roger Ailes, if you are watching, make her an offer.

  29. 2014 March 6 9:05 am
    drdog09 permalink

  30. 2014 March 6 10:37 am
    justrand permalink

    easy prediction…VERY easy

    (1) Crimea residents “freely” vote to embrace the subjugate unify with them. This vote will be assisted by the Russian Honest Vote Validation Volunteers aka: the Russian Army.
    (2) The U.S., et al, will gnash teeth over this for a world record 1.2 DAYS!
    (3) The Progressive Media (sorry about the redundancy) will (after 1.2 days) start portraying this as “A peaceful and DEMOCRATIC resolution to the Ukrainian problem!
    (4) Barack Obama will release his MUCH anticipated NCAA March-Madness Bracket

    ta da!

  31. 2014 March 6 10:40 am

    Venezuelan “observers” to oversee honesty of the vote.

  32. 2014 March 6 11:09 am


    At a zero rate for the fine….wouldn’t it no longer be considered a tax?
    If anyone runs into Mr. Roberts be sure to ask him for me.

  33. 2014 March 6 11:10 am

    And the hits just keep coming

  34. 2014 March 6 12:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    32, still 40 short of an override, hence the Bamster can veto. All the reps go home and even the Dims can say “I voted to eliminate the tax….”. So what do we set up here? Every other election year there is no tax, but every other non election year there is? Its BS, course I am preaching to the gallery….

  35. 2014 March 7 12:08 am

    re:34 Indeed. 🙁

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