Where’s the Wabbit?? Where’s the Wabbit?!!

2014 December 4
by drdog09

The Obama administration revealed Thursday that a secret mission launched by U.S. forces inside Yemen last month failed to rescue American Luke Somers — held hostage by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula since September 2013.

White House officials said President Obama personally authorized the mission to rescue the 33-year-old Mr. Somers, the lone American among roughly a dozen hostages held by the extremist group, known by the acronym AQAP.


Not quite the Iranian desert I’ll grant but it slowly is completing the circle that matches Obama to Carter in nearly every respect. The only thing missing is the attack Wabbit hobbling across the 9th tee to complete the circle.

Elmer Fudd call your office!

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  1. 2014 December 4 2:46 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    I wonder if Hagel was consulted on this before he became another scapegoat for the Emperor in Chief??

  2. 2014 December 4 3:15 pm
    fight on permalink

    BC have you sent picks yet?

  3. 2014 December 4 3:22 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Better question would be — Was Hagel even consulted and finding out after the fact is that the reason he left?

  4. 2014 December 4 3:48 pm
    justrand permalink

    When your Rubber-Stamp wears out (or refuses to stamp things!) you get a new Rubber-Stamp.

    The Obama-Jarrett Imperium will brook NO opposition.

  5. 2014 December 4 4:11 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    So, at what point will police officers decide it is time to walk off the job completely in protest against the DOJ and the protests against them? I fear it is the only way they will be heard.

  6. 2014 December 4 4:48 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Ficht On:

    Yes. I just re-sent them to you. You and I are ties for first in the College Division and this is the last week. If we’re still tied, we’ll have to meet in a parking lot in Ferguson, MO or have a tie-breaker like guessing the number of female navels that have appeared on Saturdays and Sundays this fall.

  7. 2014 December 5 9:09 am
    fight on permalink

    I like the navel or nipple idea.

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