Goldberg Misses….

2015 October 9
by drdog09

I could write at great length (“You’re telling me!” — The Couch) about the root causes of this dysfunction, but I’ll save that for another time. The simple fact is that this dysfunction exists. Right now the GOP is like a messed up family at Thanksgiving dinner. Even the most innocuous comments and actions are treated as rubbing salt in old wounds. “‘Pass the mashed potatoes?’ I’m sick of your bulls**t! You never came to my school play! I had a solo in West Side Story!”

I got a lot of grief for my column suggesting that New Gingrich should serve as a caretaker speaker. And I get the objections. But even if you don’t want Gingrich — though I honestly think we could do a lot worse — I think the case for a caretaker speaker makes a lot of sense. If Paul Ryan is cattle-prodded into the job, it seems to me he should do it under the condition that he gets to go back to Ways and Means in 2017. Yes, it could work out horribly for him. But it could also work out great. If done right, he could collect a lot of chits that could be redeemed when he pursues serious tax reform. In fact, that might be the key to a Ryan speakership: Find a single unifying policy vision that unites the caucus and put off the other arguments until after the presidential election. But what do I know?

Wrong. I suspect Jonah Goldberg knows this but does not want to tip his ace card. The fact is the Speakership is important this time around for one singular reason. This ‘dysfunction’ as Goldberg calls it is an internal battle that has been going on in the GOP since 2000 when the Tea Party broke onto the scene. It represents a shift from ‘business as usual’ in DC to a more orchestrated ‘get our ducks in a row’ mindset. It means that the Tea Party thru its grassroots has become ascendant. For guys like Goldberg that scares the hell out of them even though they championed the whole idea of it. All those wasted DC dinner cabals with the old guard as he scrambles to attach himself to new contacts in the TP infrastructure.

A TP oriented Speaker is good for but one thing. Whomever it is owns the Rules Committee. Nothing hits the floor for a vote without Rules consent. Passing proposals to committee as well falls under Rules. Controlling the flow of proposals is the whole ball of wax.

McCarthy not being picked to replace Boehner is just an indicator that Tea Party is or is very close to having operational control of the House. This coming election cycle may seal it.

Goldberg’s suggestion that Ryan take it? Reasonable since he is showing only minor traction on the campaign trail.

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  1. 2015 October 9 11:40 am

    Ryan would be a disaster in the speaker-ship, f__k that, f__k that royally.
    I don’t think Newt is a great choice either, only because I fear Newt’s media ego… that said I do agree they could do MUCH worse…like Ryan for example.

    They really need to take the whole, you don’t need to be part of congress part of speaker seriously.
    Rush used to joke about it…and he’d never take the job, but could you imagine him as speaker? I was actually thinking about Newt when I heard McCarthy dropped out, I though nobody in congress would go for it due to their own ego’s and club mentality… but then I heard it already came up in some discussions on the hill and thought… wow that would be an interesting turn of events. The media would be pissed that they’d have to deal with his ass again, and the WH would probably go apoplectic. While I’d have some concerns with Newt returning as speaker, they really do need a take-no-bullsh1t (media especially) fighter similar to him.

  2. 2015 October 9 12:04 pm

    totally ot.. but some of the specifics of the traffic flow from att (and it’s basically the same for others) to nsa.

  3. 2015 October 9 12:06 pm

    The press ignoring news? That’s hard to believe, huh?

    Someone ought to forward this to Francis the Apostate.

  4. 2015 October 9 3:31 pm
    bc3b permalink

    By goldberg, I presume you mean Bernie Goldberg. Bernie Goldberg is a liberal Democrat who made a fortune and renewed his career by writing a book about the onvious – that the media is heavily biased in favor of liberalism and Democrats.

  5. 2015 October 9 3:34 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KH #1 –

    A lot of people wrongly believed Paul Ryan is a conservative. He has proved over and over since his timid VP candidacy that he is anything but a conservative.

  6. 2015 October 9 4:00 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Paul Ryan is a sellout. bc3b – if Ryan gets it, we get amnesty. The Conservative Caucus needs to support someone who will at the least do no harm.

    The Conservative Caucus needs to send a message that we will burn it down. We need somebody who has the stones to speak the truth the rest of the GOP. We are running out of road, politicians and lamp posts go together.

  7. 2015 October 9 4:02 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Sorry about that, Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Facism.

  8. 2015 October 9 4:09 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    BC 5,

    No Illusions on my part that Ryan is a conservative. However if as I do believe we are in a transition phase politically, Ryan might be the only one palpable to the legacy interests in the GOP before they are pushed out. A conservative Speaker that is inherently a TP/conservative won’t ascend till 2018.

    If the Republic survives that long.

  9. 2015 October 9 6:18 pm
    Deckard permalink

    Disclaimer: This is SATIRE. But the way the left is headed, this is the reality they desire (and you thought “Pajama Boy” was bad . . . . ) :

  10. 2015 October 9 8:52 pm
    justrand permalink

    Drdog “If the Republic survives that long.”

    It won’t.

    Obama has hollowed out our nation in every possible way…and the jackals are just about ready to close in. The next 2 years will see war abroad and within. And I see NO ONE who will be our ‘Churchill’ to rally us.


  11. 2015 October 10 7:27 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Finally someone in France got their head out of their ass —

  12. 2015 October 10 7:46 am


  13. 2015 October 10 8:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Over 8000 show up to tell Obama to go home — — Roseburg shooting.

  14. 2015 October 10 8:07 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Somebody needs to develop an History TMZ show…..

  15. 2015 October 10 10:51 am

    Another one to boycott

  16. 2015 October 10 12:31 pm

    Saw last night – Carriers bring pulled from the gulf, patriot batteries being removed from Turkey. Quite the “flexibility” Obama is showing.

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