When Freedom Works….

2015 October 19
by drdog09

…It pisses off the politicians.

Compare Uber’s “No, thanks” approach to, say, that of the teachers’ unions, who provide terrible services for our most vulnerable and resource-poor communities, insist that they must have a monopoly and above-market compensation to do it, and expect to be treated as martyrs on top of it all. The teachers’ unions are like that gangster in Goodfellas: “Test scores down? F*** you, pay me. Schools backward, dangerous, and dysfunctional? F*** you, pay me. Teachers engaged in sexual congress with children? F*** you, pay me. Pulled your kids out and sending them to private school? F*** you, pay me.” But Uber’s “No, thanks,” is what scandalizes our progressive friends. Very odd. Between “No, thanks” and “F*** you, pay me,” the choice is to me obvious.

We are at a very interesting historical tipping point. The willingness of states and political agencies to boss people and businesses around and to seize resources for the use of the political class has not abated, but their ability to do so is being challenged. San Antonio is a left-leaning city; its attitude toward business is far from Singaporean. The city authorities would love to be able to dictate terms to Uber — but they can’t. Nationally, we’re starting to figure out that you can’t really regulate marijuana; you can try to, and pretend to, but you can’t really do it. Trying to ban guns in an age when anybody with a 3-D printer can produce a dozen of them in his bedroom is absurd. In twenty years, when anybody with enough money to buy something equivalent in cost to a refrigerator today is going to be able to 3-D print tissue and molecules, the regulatory enterprise is going to be very dicey indeed. It’s not going to be much fun to be the tax man when real financial privacy, enabled by cryptocurrencies and other financial technologies, is available to almost everybody.

I don’t think it is going to be quite that easy but we will get close to it. The odd thing is it may take the USD to collapse to get there. Only when there is collapse of a dominant currency can a different mechanism come to fruition.

The author does make a fair case that Uber’s approach to market access is a far sight better to some other schemes that are currently being employed across the fruited plain. Whether that translates to other technologies and services is yet to be seen.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. 2015 October 19 6:46 am
    bc3b permalink

    Not defending the NEA or AFT but individual teachers (confession: my wife is a teacher’s aide and my daugher is student teaching as she finishes her last semester of college). Many individual teachers (but not all) are dedicated.

    Political correctness prevents us from discussing many of the problems teachers face. A friend’s mother taught third grade in Detroit. She was lucky to get five parents on student evaluation nights. Compare that to suburban schools or Catholic schools where you can’t find a parking spot. Until we address the problem of the black family unit, nothing will change.

    Then there’s the growing problem of students that don’t speak English. It’s difficult teaching a class of 30 students when five don’t understand English. The mayor of Kansas City, Kansas brags that students in the city’s schools speak over 60 different languages. Greatschools.org rates the city’s schools 1 on a scale of 10.

    Unfortunately the NEA and AFT are more interested in political power than improving the quality of education.

  2. 2015 October 19 8:05 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Unfortunately the NEA and AFT are more interested in political power than improving the quality of education.

    Between these guys and school district administration its the rare teacher that can truly excel. We’re I President, my prescription would be the following:

    * The DoEd is blown to smithereens in its current form. The majority of the budget returned to the respective States. States to form a national corp for online instruction.

    * A nationwide online 6-12 network is assembled. States would advise to the corp teachers whose talents are recognized as excellent. Acceptance is based on:

    ** Instructor passing a battery of tests based solely on their primary academic subject matter. Must have an 80% or better and pass a peer review orals examination. (Yes I am harking back to how they did it in the 1800’s.)

    ** Instructor must collect 4 CEU credits in the primary academic subject matter yearly.

    ** Full re-examination and orals review every 5 years. (Just like certs)

    ** In return the full time online Instructor shall receive a salary double the national average. They shall teach the primary academic subject 6 sessions a day. A part time online instructor shall receive a salary 50% of the national average; the balance from their regular salary. They shall teach the primary academic subject 3 sessions a day.

    * A State may opt for a specific course profile be taught or accept the 50 State standard.

    * No State/District can refuse the transcript of a student so enrolled that possesses a passing grade in the subject.

    * Enrolment is open to all whether in public or private institutions.


    Perfect? Nope. But its a way to bust up the union hold, bust up failing schools, open an avenue for home schooling, pay excellent teachers their worth. If you read what has happened in New Orleans schools since Katrina its striking. To get the schools going again they threw away most of the rules and academic progress of the students has improved.

  3. 2015 October 19 8:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    Trump says that if he’s elected, he plans to abolish the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

  4. 2015 October 19 8:27 am
    bc3b permalink

    At the Democratic Debate Bernie Sanders talked about spending more money on K-12 education. Like everything else, Sanders thinks you can solve a problem by throwing more money at it. The simple fact is that the US spends more money per student on K-12 public education than any country except Switzerland:


    Part of the problem the US has in education is the same as our crime problem – take minorities out of the mix and the numbers are far better. California used to have the best K-12 public education system in the country but its students now test on a par with those from Arkansas and Mississippi.

    American youth have to be disillusioned about the prospects for the future. They can go to college, put themselves in debt and even if they have a meaningful majors (computer science, math or engineering) they have to battle H-1Bs for entry level jobs. Trump and Santorum are the only GOP candidates that want to protect US jobs.

  5. 2015 October 19 9:34 am

  6. 2015 October 19 11:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Something tells me I need to watch post 5 when I get home….

  7. 2015 October 19 11:59 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Newton’s third law of politics — http://www.thelocal.se/20151018/hree-swedish-refugee-centres-in-a-week-hit-by-fire — Oh you never knew Newton was a politician? For every political action there is an equal or better reaction sometime in the future. verbrannten Erde in action.

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