The Real Reason Behind Black Campus Unrest

2015 November 30
by bc3b

According to Daniel Greenfield, the problem blacks have on college campuses is not racism, but the fact that they are frustrated because they are unable to compete.

Surprisingly, a larger percentage of black high school graduates than white high school graduates go on to college. This is in part due to lax standards applied to black applicants. Many of these marginally qualified students end up dropping out after a year or so and racking up sizeable student loan debts.

Inferior high school educations, poor preparation and other factors, such as home life, were too significant to overcome.

In my daughter’s freshman year, she and her roommate were assigned to a dorm suite with two black girls. Both were quite attractive and attracted a number of black male friends, which made my daughter uncomfortable. One left after her first semester (as much as anything because she didn’t like going to class).

Forget the housing bubble, the education bubble is about to burst.

Student loan debt is at $1.2 trillion. College enrollment increased under Obama, but graduation rates fell. Barely half the students who enrolled in 2009 graduated. His plans for expanding enrollment rates worked, but the plans for expanding graduation rates didn’t.

And some of the biggest casualties were black students.

81% of black graduates had taken out loans and 39% of black borrowers drop out of college. This money helped keep colleges that were deeply in debt afloat. But it didn’t do much for graduation rates.

Black student loan rates had increased by 20 percent since the ’90s. But black male graduation rates had hardly increased at all.

Only a third of black male college students graduate. Among black women, it’s 44%. And the college graduation gap between white and black students has continued to increase under Obama.

71% of black high school graduates have enrolled in college compared to only 67% of white high school graduates. But that just means more black students washing out while burdened with student loan debt.

And, like most students these days, they’re having a lot of trouble paying it off.

Black students are going into debt for a college degree that they never receive. Taxpayers keep bailing out the student loan industry and the higher education industry while more black students are encouraged to repeat the same disastrous cycle of debt, dropout and insolvency.

The education bubble is following the familiar pattern of the housing bubble as lowering standards and the influx of government money created unsustainable minority debt. Black homeowners were encouraged to take out loans they couldn’t repay and now black students are told to take out loans for an education they are unprepared for. The bubble grows and when it pops, it takes people’s dreams with them.

The affirmative action disaster benefits a handful of institutions while costing taxpayers trillions.

Community organizers and teachers’ unions had destroyed local education in black communities by fighting against standards for either teachers or students. And they are still fighting any insurgent attempts at standards-based education from charter schools or religious schools.

Their enemy is the test because any evaluation of their failures exposes the truth about their agenda.

The problem of meeting national standards was solved through promotion. Students who couldn’t read or do simple sums still graduated with a diploma. 1 in 5 high school graduates can’t read. Only 16 % of black high school seniors were even assessed as proficient readers. That’s bound to be a problem when 71% of black high school graduates go on to college where proficient reading skills are a prerequisite.


As David P. Goldman points out, we can’t really talk about what’s going on. Black students don’t feel uncomfortable on campus because of Halloween costumes or a phantom swastika, but because they find themselves unable to compete. Their high school education failed to prepare them for college. Most students panic when they come up against materials they aren’t ready for, but black students have been particularly badly prepared and are burning through money they don’t have trying to cope with it.

The combination of activists and interests that made this mess can’t talk about what’s going on. Instead they blame campuses for being too “white” and not welcoming enough to minorities. And yet Asian and Indian students and even foreign students succeed there despite being “different” from the majority.

The demands by the various “Students of Color” groups are part careerism, creating more quotas for black students, tenured positions and degrees for identity politics where the only wrong answer is “whiteness,” but also part of a fundamental effort to transform educational standards so that they are oriented toward grievance-based racial advocacy rather than knowledge-based learning.

No amount of black psychologists, black student lounges or black housing can address the college graduation gap. Insecure black activists are blaming white students for their own lack of skills. Their insecurity is understandable, but their racism is ugly and hateful. They are victims, but not of the white faculty or white students, but of the liberal embrace of affirmative action as the answer to equality.

Instead of working harder, the “Students of Color” groups have decided to destroy education to secure careers for themselves. Instead of trying to be Ben Carson, they have decided to become Al Sharpton.

Administrators are happy to give them diversity deans and identity politics courses (while raising tuition rates.) They will even resign when told to, because diversity means more government subsidies. As long as the educational industry is subsidized up to its eyeballs, it can keep running up even more debt.

So the Crybullies of Color demand educational safe spaces in which to nurture their grievances. These grievance graduates will then be entitled to get jobs teaching or overseeing the mandatory identity politics curriculums which they are demanding for all students as core requirements.

But 71% of black high school graduates won’t all be able to get degrees in yelling about white privilege. There isn’t enough diversity training in the world to employ all of them. Embedding identity politics into every school and every course will help lower standards for some black students, but then they will have to get actual jobs and in some of those jobs, performance will actually matter.


The left waged war against educational standards in high school. Now it’s going to war against educational standards at colleges. Tests are racist. Expectations are a microaggression.

But that just passes the affirmative action buck until it can’t be passed any more.

The education bubble is getting bigger while earning power continues to decline. More money is “invested” into the left’s schemes with no way to pay it back. Every failure has to be bailed out. Every bailout does to the national debt what the left’s policies have done to student debt ratios.

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  1. 2015 November 30 8:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    While a larger percentage of black high school graduates go on to college, a larger percentage of whites graduate from high school – 85% – 68%.

    Many whites realize that in today’s world, they can earn as much or more with a non-college skill as they can with a college degree without incurring the $50,000 – $150,000 cost of a college education.

    Like the #BlackLivesMatter protests, many of the campus disturbances are being orchestrated by old white leftists from the 1960s and 1970s.

  2. 2015 November 30 9:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Lets pop one bubble right now — colleges are racist!!

    Take Grambling State. It is a predominately black university. 91% of the student body is black. So are most of the professorate. Of that student body only 27% of the students who matriculated there graduated. Grambling is getting the same results that the racist white colleges are getting.

  3. 2015 November 30 9:25 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Many whites realize that in today’s world, they can earn as much or more with a non-college skill as they can with a college degree without incurring the $50,000 – $150,000 cost of a college education.”

    Yep. If I had kids today I would suggest they become a welder, plumber or electrician. You can’t ship a stopped up toilet to India.

  4. 2015 November 30 9:27 am
    justrand permalink

    Spot on, bc3b.

    In any crime investigation a key question is always: “Who benefits?” In the case of the cries for “Free College Tuition” the most obvious beneficiaries are the Colleges (they can jack prices up even more), the “Progressives” (they can guarantee a continuing stream of gullible children they can program, and the government (which can use this to increase taxes and CONTROL). Perfect!

    Of course, the whole thing is going to collapse…but until then it’ll be a sweet gig for the Left.

  5. 2015 November 30 9:30 am
    justrand permalink

    Exactly, drdog. My grandson who is a Senior in High School this year is going to go after his Welder’s License. He is holding open going to college after that, but wants to nail down a good paying job first. I hope he makes it!

  6. 2015 November 30 9:51 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR –

    Free tuition solves a number of problems for college administrators: as you pointed out, the ability to keep escalating the cost involved with college costs and an un ending stream of students, including even more who are totally unprepared and will bomb out after the first year or two (only to be replaced by equally unprepared students). It’s much like college athletes: it doesn’t really matter whether or not students ever graduate.

    One thing the “mighty” MAC (Midwest Athletic Conference) prides itself on is that it has had the highest percentage of student athletes graduate of any major college athletic conference.

  7. 2015 November 30 10:01 am
    drdog09 permalink


    If he gets his certs have him apply for jobs on the oil platforms. As much as the oil biz is flat, demand for welders on platforms is still high due to high turnover. $80k is not out of reach.

  8. 2015 November 30 10:07 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The NFL and standards —–the-nfl-s-arrest-streak-is-alive-and-well-at-80-months-163506440.html

    I keep asking, “How can two teams meet and not have some members break parole?”

  9. 2015 November 30 1:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  10. 2015 November 30 2:38 pm
    bc3b permalink


    I made the mistake of clicking on the link. AQmy Schumer has what every NFL cheerleader wants – a beer gut. At least JR won’t comment on Amy not having enough to eat.

    The article didn’t mention how much Pirelli will pay people to accept these calendars.

  11. 2015 November 30 2:58 pm

    Scumbag Sheldon Silver finally convicted.

  12. 2015 November 30 3:25 pm

    Dump #7

    325 messages deemed ‘classified,’ one deemed ‘secret’ in new batch

  13. 2015 November 30 5:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    BC, 11,

    Sadly your ObamaCare coverage won’t cover eyeball transplants….

  14. 2015 November 30 7:04 pm
    mulletover permalink


  15. 2015 November 30 7:55 pm


  16. 2015 November 30 8:16 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink


    Stuff like the crap in this article will continue unabated until people drop their blind faith in the abstract metal fiction called “government”:

    “In the course of understanding our relationship to government, we at some point have to drop the facade of political idealism.

    We have to reduce our mental processes to a consideration of first cause.

    Whatever the stated cause of government, it degenerates into a colossal parasite that is immoral, illegal, fraudulent and deceptive.

    By nature and by definition, government under any name is oppressive. In time, we come to understand that it cannot be otherwise.

    Government has to extract its substance from the workers and producers of wealth.

    The compelling authority of government is not legal or moral.

    It is organized force and intimidation.

    Government force is derived from sophisticated mind-altering techniques that cause the people to “volunteer” the transfer of their wealth and assets to the government.

    Government force is a deceptive and esoteric system of getting people to act upon fictions that they cannot understand.

    Failure to do so carries civil and criminal penalties.”

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