Ready for the Next GOP Congressional Betrayal?

2015 December 12
by bc3b

Conservatives fought hard to retake the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 only to be disappointed by the Republican leadership. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner repeatedly stabbed conservatives, Republicans and America in the back by supporting Barack Obama, sometimes getting a majority of Democrats to support them.

If Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is right (and he usually is), we can expect more of the same as McConnell teams with Paul Ryan to work to pass an appropriations bill that includes funding for Syrian refugees, which a majority of Americans and a vast majority of Republicans oppose.

Exclusive — Jeff Sessions Exposes Ryan’s, McConnell’s Plans to Fund Syrian Refugees: ‘It’s Going To Be Jammed Through’ – Breitbart

“It’s going to be jammed through,” Sessions told host and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Thursday morning on the show, which airs on SiriusXM the Patriot Channel 125. “Members of the Senate are very frustrated. We have no idea what the contested issues are [in a forthcoming omnibus spending bill] and how they’re going to be decided and who’s deciding.”

Sessions continued by noting that Congress is in this position in the first place because Democrats are blocking the appropriations process—but then Republican leadership going along with them by negotiating everything in the forthcoming omnibus spending bill in “secret.”

“It’s happening because the Democrats refuse to move the appropriations bills—13—we got one through,” Sessions told Bannon.

That leaves the vast majority of the federal government unfunded. It’s now in one piece of legislation. It’s being—Democrats complain about this or that and Republicans complain about this or that. And a group is meeting in secret agreeing to what will go in and what won’t go in. It’ll hit the floor of the House soon and then the Senate. If you don’t vote for it, you shut the government down and you’re a bad guy. And that’s the way it’s been year after year after year.

No wonder the American people are not happy. It’s not going to do anything to even control in any way the power of the president to bring in unlimited numbers of refugees and in effect require the taxpayers of America to pay for it. It’s going to be a huge cost over time. This ought to be, as you suggest, transparent. It ought to be voted on with experts on both sides discussing the pros and cons and then we vote. I don’t like this—it’s not the way this country ought to be operated.


Sessions has been sounding the alarm about Ryan’s and McConnell’s plans to enable Obama’s efforts to bring Syrian refugees to America and resettle them in cities and towns nationwide. On Sean Hannity’s radio program on Monday, Sessions warned that unless Congress does something—Ryan’s and McConnell’s planned surrender aside—Obama could run roughshod over Americans with this program putting them in even more danger than they’re currently in.

“The president on the refugee policy has unlimited powers,” Sessions told Hannity.

Hat tip: Breitbart

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  1. 2015 December 12 8:34 am
    bc3b permalink

    Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s standings, but it’s been a busy week. In fact, I am at work now.

    BJG Football Standings
    College Division (Final Standings)
    #JBoz 175-90/8-3
    #Bc3b: 175-90/8-3
    Fight On: 171-84/10-1
    MI Conservative: 158-107/8-3
    Deckard: 155-110/8-3
    Mullet: 154-111/8-3
    Justrand: 138-127/6-5
    RP: 137-128/7-4

    # Co-champions

    NFL Division

    Deckard: 113-51/11-2
    MI Conservative: 104-60/1-3
    Mullet: 102-62/11-2
    Bc3b: 102-62/7-6
    TLS: 98-66/8-5
    Justrand: 98-66/8-5
    Fight On: 89-75/7-6
    RJH: 87-77/9-4
    Drdog09: 73-91/5-8

  2. 2015 December 12 8:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    Last evening Paul Ryan ahd a two hour dinner with Nancy Pelosi:

    If Paul Ryan got rolled by Patty Murray and Joe Biden, think what Nancy Pelosi could do to him.

    Are GOP leaders and Obama planning to push through TPP after the 2016 election if Trump or Cruz win?

  3. 2015 December 12 9:24 am
    justrand permalink

    The GOP “Establishment” is utterly clueless…as is the media, and the Dems (duh)

    Call it CWII or ARII…but either way, there are MILLIONS of Americans who are totally fed up, and increasingly see the government as THE problem. And those MILLIONS of Americans are not going to sit by and let their throats be slit…metaphorically or otherwise.

    Why are Americans arming themselves? Why are Trump and Cruz gaining popularity? Why are Bush & Kasich routinely identified as the candidates that will cause MILLIONS TO STAY HOME if they are nominated? Why are MILLIONS of Americans ready to close our borders (even if they hate Donald Trump)?

    The answer to all those questions is the same: TROUBLE IS COMING…internally & externally…and only YOU can save yourself and your family.

  4. 2015 December 12 2:52 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Live by the tweet — — die by the tweet.

    This needs to happen to the SJW’s more often.

  5. 2015 December 12 5:32 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JR – amen. As one person once said about fixing stupid. It can be done one bullet at a time.

    drdog – the left shows you how intolerant they really are. I will not lift one hand to give anyone assistance that comes from the left. Let them sit in their own shit, they made it.

  6. 2015 December 12 7:15 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    I think I found where I want to move to – Hillsboro, Ohio.

  7. 2015 December 13 6:28 am

  8. 2015 December 13 6:32 am

    Hillsboro, Ohio.~~~boehner country I believe.

  9. 2015 December 13 7:24 am
    justrand permalink

    though we be behind enemy lines here in the foothills of the Sierras (until the State or Nation of Jefferson is formed)…we are surrounded by freedom loving folks, who want the smallest amount of any kind of government possible! I don’t think the Jihadis would last long up here 👿

  10. 2015 December 13 7:55 am

    4 – Agreed, though one wonders if the same person will just be re-hired in say 6 months after the stories fade.

    btw: We want back doors, in fact change your whole business models for us…just don’t call them back doors…mmmkay.

    Talking heads like to say this James Comey guy is like Mr. super integrity, sorry I’ve not seen any from this guy, if it was true Hillary would be indited already (or the story leaked that it was recommended and lynch killed it), He wouldn’t have gone along with the BS cover narrative in SB for days, nor would he be pushing for this crap.

    News Alert to dip shits in government – The models changed specifically because you’ve proved, over and over and over and over again to the point where everyone knows you can’t be trusted to even follow your own loose and fast rules, and secondary if such is provided for LEO everyone knows other bad players will also exploit the same gaping hole. Take your requests for backdoors and shove in your backdoor. Besides, you can’t stop it, you tried that before (and that was even before the internet really took off), it didn’t work then, and it will not work now. It’s like banning guns… you’re only hurting those that would follow the law to begin with… which is pretty much everyone you shouldn’t be watching in the first place.

  11. 2015 December 13 7:57 am

    6 – I hate that he’s pulled back saying it was a joke… cause it’s mostly not, and that post was on target.

  12. 2015 December 13 8:10 am

    ” A Russian destroyer had to open warning fire as a Turkish fishing vessel sailed on a collision course towards them and didn’t respond to calls from the warship, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

    The incident happened in the northern part of the Aegean Sea some 12 nautical miles from the Greek island of Lemnos, the ministry said.”

    When the Turkish vessel approached to about 600 meters, the Smetlivy opened small arms fire at a spot in front of the trawler, taking care to avoid any risk of hitting the Turkish ship itself, the report said.

    The ministry said the Turkish fishing ship changed course after that and kept about 540 meters from the Smetlivy, but didn’t contact the Russian warship.

    I actually have to give them a little credit for not sinking it, not that they should have, since it did change course, but given recent events I wouldn’t have been surprised to read they sunk it claiming it to have been a possible threat of some sort.

  13. 2015 December 13 6:37 pm

    Cement simian, meet they fate

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