Trump Dodged a Bullet

2016 January 27
by bc3b

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday.

Hardly sounds like a statement from a national professional news organization, does it?

It appears FNC and Google, sponsors of Thursday night’s Republican primary debate baited the trap but Donald Trump didn’t take the bait.

The first issue Trump had was Megyn Kelly who not only attacked Trump during the first FNC-moderated debate, but bragged about doing so. Kelly made herself a prominent part of the first debate. Good debate moderators are like good baseball umpires. They realize their job is to be impartial and not become part of the action. She has been openly hostile to Trump since he announced his candidacy and has been particularly hostile since the first debate.

But FNC and Google had another surprise in store for Trump and the other GOP candidates – three people from Google, not political bloggers who would ask questions “their followers would want asked.”

The two companies announced Tuesday afternoon that the anti-Trump Muslim advocate would be allowed to play a role in the debate.

Google is teaming up with the Fox News Channel for the final  Republican debate in Iowa on Thursday, January 28, 2016, and integrating three new components into the debate to help people get informed before they head to the polls, including a way to hear directly from candidates on Google; real-time Google Trends data; and questions from three of YouTube’s most prominent voices—Nabela Noor, Mark Watson, and Dulce Candy — who will join the moderators in the debate to ask the candidates a question on an issue that matters to them and their communities.  

If you’ve never heard of these “prominent Google voices,” don’t think you are alone.

Deluce Candy specializes in fashion and “how to” projects. She was born in Mexico and raised in Southern California.

The press release describes her as “a proud U.S. citizen, mother, and entrepreneur who serves as a role model for latinas, women, and more.”

The most controversial is Nabela Noor, a Muslim activist who has labeled Trump a bigot and pictured him as being in agreement with Adolph Hitler. Noor, like many US Muslims, enjoys playing the “victim card.”

 For example, Noor argues that Muslims are individually and collectively insulted when many Americans’ offer sincere and well-argued criticism of Islam’s violent doctrines — for example, jihad, bans against free speech, the death penalty for quitting Islam, sexual subordination of women, opposition to democracy and the separation of mosque and state, etc., etc. That bigoted claim of injury from free speech echoes the demand from orthodox Islam that critics of Islam be silenced – by force if needed – and that the status or honor of each Muslim is damaged if they fail to fight against any criticism of Islam by non-Muslims.

So Noor claimed:

To be hateful and Islamophobic has become so common that it is proudly displayed all around us, online, on the news, and in politics. it is dehumanizing and it hurts. It is hard not to see a bumper sticker of a bigoted presidential candidate and not feel personally attacked when his entire campaign rests on the backs of Muslim-Americans. Where there should be messages of hope and tolerance, there are messages being spread of fear and hate, thus breeding violence.

Noor also claims that US Muslims live in fear of violence. Violence from other  Muslims? Can anyone recall any Muslims being murdered by non-Muslims in the US since 9-11? There was Ft. Hood, where 13 innocent people and an unborn baby were murdered but that was a Muslim murdering non-Muslims. San Bernardino, where 14 were murdered? No, again Muslim extremists killing non-Muslims. The Marine recruiting office in Chattanooga where five were killed? Again, Muslims killing non-Muslims. The simple truth is that no Muslims have been murdered by non-Muslims, but the followers of Mohammad sure like to play the “victim card.”

Breitbart doesn’t delve into Mark Watson. He’s either: 1) a British comedian and author, 2) a black dude who has an automotive site or 3) another Mark Watson. But, Google assures us Mark Watson is “prominent.”

There seems to be disagreement regarding the “prominent Googlers.” FNC claims the Republican Party was aware of and approved them. The GOP denies it.

So, Trump had the deck stacked against him, realized the problems he faced. Not only would he have had his GOP opponents competing against him, but Megyn Kelly ready to pounce and faced questions from latina and Muslim women.

A smart general picks his battles rather than letting his enemies pick them.

It will be interesting to see how Trump’s absence affects debate viewership and FNC ad revenues as well as how his alternate veterans/wounded warriors event will fare.

Stock up on popcorn and beer.

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  1. 2016 January 27 5:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    If the GOP did not approve the debate format then why are ANY of the candidates there?

  2. 2016 January 27 5:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    American lives matter — — Pretty much sums up my political ethos right now.

  3. 2016 January 27 7:10 am
    justrand permalink

    I didn’t know about the Google questioners…which changes my opinion slightly (in Trump’s favor).

    BUT, those Google questioners need to be CHALLENGED when they start their inevitable ethnic baiting. Trump won’t be there to challenge them…it is Cruz’s moment to shine. We’ll see.

  4. 2016 January 27 7:24 am
    justrand permalink

    in more serious news…

    the “standoff” in Oregon ended with the spokesman being killed. Conflicting reports, naturally, but the spokesman seemed to always be the LEAST confrontational of all of them.

    I believe the Feds will cook up whatever story they want…just like Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    and I believe this is just the beginning

  5. 2016 January 27 7:32 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Ditto that on #4.

    How long could you go without juice? —

  6. 2016 January 27 7:46 am
    justrand permalink

    Drdog, even though we have a generator hooked up to our big propane tank, we would still be “juiceless” in a few weeks (if we milked the propane by only using it when needed). We live in a forest, so heat for cooking, boiling water (which is abundant), etc would not be a problem. BUT, after a while our food supplies would be exhausted, and we’d have to learn real quick how to hunt and clean game (which, I admit, I’ve never done). Luckily we are surrounded by hunters…so I think we’d be ok.

    But ALL the rest of my family would be in dire straights within a couple days.

  7. 2016 January 27 7:47 am
    bc3b permalink

    In the eyes of Nabela Noor Muslims are always the victims. They were the victims of 9-11, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino and the Chattanooga Marine recruiting station killings.

    Like many other Muslims, she believes Muslims and Islam should be exempt from criticism is the public square.

    In its desire to torpedo Donald Trump, it appears the Fox News Channel has come completely unhinged.

    As I said yesterday, one of these days the naive will wake up and discover that FNC is not conservative and that Roger Ailes and the rest of the FNC management team holds its viewers in the same contempt as the GOP leadership holds its rank and file suppprters.

  8. 2016 January 27 7:54 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b, FoxNews isn’t great…but considering the alternatives they are at least acceptable.

    BOR has been having Trump on for a 10 minute segment every week for months now…like clockwork every Wednesday, including tonight.

    Again, I don’t trust FoxNews completely…but I don’t the alternatives AT ALL. 🙂

  9. 2016 January 27 8:33 am
    bc3b permalink

  10. 2016 January 27 9:03 am
    bc3b permalink

  11. 2016 January 27 9:05 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #8 –

    I dropped FNC cold turkey about six years ago and have been much happier ever since. The difference between FNC and the rest of MSM seems to be getting smaller all the time.

  12. 2016 January 27 9:14 am
    bc3b permalink

  13. 2016 January 27 9:35 am
    bc3b permalink

    Badge of Honor: Breitbart nominated for “Islamophobe of the Year” website by Islamic group:

  14. 2016 January 27 9:39 am
    drdog09 permalink

    An interview with Trump from 1990 — — In a way it explains a lot.

  15. 2016 January 27 9:41 am
    JBoz permalink

    In true Trump fashion, he made a bold move that at first blush seemed like a huge mistake, but in retrospect will be a masterstroke. In one fell swoop, he not only dodged a bullet, but simultaneously he:
    1) Separated and elevated himself from the others, essentially creating a category of one.
    2) Put FNC and all of the media on notice that he calls the shots, not them.
    3) Dominates the media talk for days…yet again!
    4) Demonstrates that he is perfectly willing to walk away from a bad deal, and stick by his guns. He played the “don’t push me, I’m not bluffing!” card. Shows the world what a real negotiator does when presented with a Hobson’s Choice.
    5) Makes the “main stage” debate, a secondary debate in the same league with the Florin/Huckabee kiddie table….because the frontrunner bows out.
    6) Will make the debaters and moderators look small, petty and chickenshit if/when they attack Trump…because he’s not there to defend himself.
    7) Wraps the whole thing in a feel-good rally for our veterans, which will probably draw more viewers than the debate.


  16. 2016 January 27 10:06 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I’ll give you a (8).

    8) Trump by not being at the debate opens the floor for Rubio to attempt to knock off Cruz.

    Word on the street is that the GOPe is backing Rubio as a agent of destruction against Cruz. So Trump bowing out opens the floor for the other candidates to puncture Cruz. Then the thinking goes with Rubio as #2 he can somehow beat Trump in the primaries.

    This is right out of ‘The Art of War’ — The best battle is the one you don’t have to fight to win. That is exactly what Trump has set up here. Cruz possibly gone and he did not even have to lift a finger.

  17. 2016 January 27 10:13 am
    drdog09 permalink

  18. 2016 January 27 11:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    JBoz –

    Rush was saying pretty much the same thing. Trump plays outside the rules.

  19. 2016 January 27 11:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    More than 20 “white privilege” conferences to be held nationally. Many subsidized by state universities (taxpayer dollars):

  20. 2016 January 27 11:35 am
    bc3b permalink

    Sweden’s army chief talks of WW3 within Europe within a few years:

  21. 2016 January 27 11:38 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Freidman call your office! —

    “Premier Li Keqiang recently made a shocking revelation about the industrial capabilities of China on national television: despite the fact that the country is widely known as the “world’s factory” and produces everything from iPhones, aircraft carriers, high-speed railways to spacecraft, until now there is not a single manufacturer in China that is able to produce the tiny rotating ball fitted to the tip of a ball pen that disperses ink as you write.”

  22. 2016 January 27 11:56 am
    fight on permalink

    I was originally in the camp that the Donald finally made a mistake. Then I turned on Kelly last night and saw her making kissy faces with Michael freaking Moore. They were mocking Trump, at that moment I knew Trump won.

    And Jboz was spot on.
    Also I have been watching One America news much better than Fox although I don’t think the are on many packages.

    One last note JR great POF I love how you tie history to current events.

  23. 2016 January 27 11:58 am
    justrand permalink

    I just posted this up on Facebook…I am PISSED! It isn’t aimed at the folks here…but at the wider audience of Facebook.

    Just read that a Federal “Judge” in New Orleans has ruled that the city can remove all Confederate monuments.
    Sound familiar? During it’s lifetime, the Soviet Union routinely removed monuments, air-brushed people out of photographs, and made “inconvenient” people and events simply DISAPPEAR.

    My family was almost all from the North during the Civil War…but we had exactly one Confederate soldier who fought honorably for Texas. He and EVERY OTHER CONFEDERATE SOLDIER was made a legal and official VETERAN by act of Congress in 1901, just over 2 years after this speech by President McKinley in 1898:

    Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate civil war is a tribute to American valor… And the time has now come… when in the spirit of fraternity we should share in the care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers… and if it needed further justification it is found in the gallant loyalty to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in the year just passed by the sons and grandsons of those heroic dead.

    My GGGrandfather NEVER owned a slave…never had two nickles to rub together, but he served HONORABLY for the State of Texas, and was an official UNITED STATES VETERAN when he died.

    People may feel that removing Confederate monuments, and even desecrating their graves is just a way of “moving on”. HORSESHIT!

    Today it is Confederate graves and monuments…tomorrow? Sooner or later something you, or someone you know, cares about will be in the cross-hairs. Will it matter then? The Progressive LUST to re-write and even eradicate history will not stop here. They’ll get around to Y-O-U as well.

    I know that ALL-CAPS is shouting…I AM shouting. This infuriates me.

  24. 2016 January 27 12:20 pm

    I wasn’t going to watch the debate anyway… I’m tired of them, nobody is going to say anything new at this point. I will watch whatever even Trump puts on, frankly just because it’ll be more entertaining even if it’s boring it’ll be less boring.

    11 – I record Dobbs on FBN, that’s it from the fox family, outside of some random big breaking events where I’ll flip them on.

    15/16 – Agreed.
    I’ll give you (9) which I’m stealing from John Bolton who said this on Dobbs last night which I thought was quite the observation. Trump also sets him self up well for any falls debates if he gets the nomination, gaining some leverage there because if he threatened to walk over some BS they want to pull there, they’d never believe him, but having walked away from one already, they’ll know he is willing to do it.

  25. 2016 January 27 12:23 pm

    24 – I was bitching about that on BB some days ago when I saw that news about the council wanting to do that, such bullsh1t, it’s about removing history so it can be filled in with re-written history. Something that’s gone on throughout history, destruction of past monuments\historical buildings so that people forget about the past times\rulers\government – good or bad, in favor of the present regime\culture.

  26. 2016 January 27 12:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JR # 24

    Political correctness rules.

    Pretty soon you’ll be forced to attend the “white privilege” conferences mentioned in post #20.

  27. 2016 January 27 12:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  28. 2016 January 27 12:51 pm

  29. 2016 January 27 12:51 pm

    Rush sucking up to Megyn atm is making me sick.

  30. 2016 January 27 12:53 pm

    28 – Cause Delay has so many tight friends in the FBI? 😉 ehhh call me when DOJ actually indicts.

  31. 2016 January 27 1:09 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Thank you for #24, JR. As a direct descendant of a Civil War veteran, I share your outrage.

  32. 2016 January 27 1:14 pm

    Something I’d totally forgotten

    85% say not going to watch so far in this poll – lol <– if you want to vote but don't want to give fox domain traffic.

  33. 2016 January 27 1:31 pm

    What happened to “Hands up Don’t Shoot” media fawning? Oh wait these were some white boys, so it doesn’t matter.

  34. 2016 January 27 2:13 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Danish Teen to Face Charges for Fending Off (Dark Skinned) Attacker with Pepper Spray:

  35. 2016 January 27 2:18 pm
    justrand permalink

    thx mullet!

    to all here who have Confederate veterans in their family trees, may God bless everyone of ’em…because we’re ALL gonna be Rebels soon!

  36. 2016 January 27 3:05 pm

    post 34

    Ruby ridge deja vu all over again

  37. 2016 January 27 3:43 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    So Donald does not want take part in another liberal moderated debate.Good for him!!

  38. 2016 January 27 5:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Actually they only stop making the DMC for a short time. Some guys here in texas bought up all the tooling and jigs back in the 90’s. They can provide anything from an all up constructed delorean to factory restorations of your DMC.

  39. 2016 January 27 6:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Marshall Texas is becoming the patent fast track site for legal rulings. The longest case barely lasts 2 weeks. Lawyers hate it, but any firm with more than 3 partners on the plaque have offices next to the court house. What a racket.

  40. 2016 January 27 6:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Want an ALPR? Several out there — — even free.

    What needs to happen is someone turn the tables. “Ok, you want to know where I am? Fine. But I charge .50c/mile + $1.00/snapshot+$2.00/month service fee.” There is plenty of prior court cases in other venues to support the concept. Winning would blow much of the business models of many a company smithereens….

  41. 2016 January 27 9:30 pm

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