As Corporatists View Us

2016 February 23
by drdog09

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The image above looks like concept art for a new dystopian sci-fi film. A billionaire superman with a rictus grin, striding straight past human drones, tethered to machines and blinded to reality by blinking plastic masks. Golden light shines down on the man as he strides past his subjects, cast in gloom, toward a stage where he will accept their adulation. Later that night, he will pore across his vast network and read their praise, heaped upon him in superlatives, as he drives what remains of humanity forward to his singular vision.

Except it’s not from a sci-fi movie — it’s from Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, and the man is Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. The picture trips all of our “horrible cyberpunk future” alarms, carefully put in place by everything from The Matrix to Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. The former uses evil squid-bodied robots, the latter privileged human elites, but both works see humanity too distracted and preoccupied — by a full-scale replica of late-90s reality, or just sports on TV — to even be aware of the actions of those in charge. Zuckerberg’s picture acts this out: MWC attendees plugged into Samsung’s Gear VR headset literally can’t see the Facebook boss as he breezes past them.


Two things to consider. The first is why do so many just willingly doft the latest gadget and accept the baggage that comes with the electronic toy? Increasingly, these toys, far from being a liberating tool as many envisioned back in the 60’s they represent traps. Don’t think the manufacturers are not applying the “oil premium for free lamps” trick. Half the value of an iPhone 6S has little to do with the device and much to do with services which is the IT oil source.

The second is the view from the IT high kingdom that the user base are just useful idiots to be milked by whatever means necessary. In this case Zuckerberg is touting that virtual reality is the new social interaction platform. Nor is Facebook alone. Google recently released ‘Cardboard’, a stereoscope made up of, yes cardboard, which a cellphone is inserted for the display using GPS to detect motion of the wearer. Useful tools? Certainly. I can see multiple uses. But look at the picture. It encapsulates the reality — Zuckerberg stays in the here and now and the drones are to be VR driven off the cliff like Lemmings.

Am I raging against the machine? Maybe. I am not the only one however. There is a ‘go dumb’ movement afoot. Also consider in 2011 23% of all auto accidents involved a cell phone as a causative agent. Ohio State did a study that identified 2m injuries to pediatricians by what was titled ‘distracted walking’. The distraction? A cell phone of course. Could you imagine the mayhem that will ensue which parts of the population will consider it OK to don a VR headset while driving? The point is, a drone salivates at the phone ringing whereas an adult will treat such opportunities at their leisure.

I thoroughly enjoy my electronic gadgets. Especially this one. They give me a great deal of privacy as I can use them to screen out my distractions. But then that is the mark of an adult vs a child.

Be the adult.

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  1. 2016 February 23 12:48 am

    Haha I was just popping in to post the FT link on the dumb phone story and mention it pretty much describes me… almost perfectly happy with my dumb-phone. While i certainly talk in the car via bt or speaker phone I still tend to keep it short or make it more of a ‘just listening’ conversation because I’m in the fucking car driving at 75mph for pete sake, priority one is the road, not the person on the other end of the line. I don’t even pick up if I’m in heavy but moving traffic typically… it can wait till I’m not 98% of the time.

  2. 2016 February 23 4:39 am


    Saw these two over night,

    I was interested in why the large disparity in results, one is more dated and smallers sample, but the slightly newer one is also d+8 self-id (or d+12 if you look at voter reg on file).
    Anyway what caught my eye was on page 4 of the Elon one, check out the who goes where second choices for NC voters. They have Marco and Donald basically evenly splitting 66% of Bush’s vote, Marco I fully understand, but 1/3 of Bush supports responded Trump as their second choice? How exactly was that working mentally with so many people? Is that people who if they couldn’t go full-on-establishment would then just mentally say “fk it!” and go the complete opposite? What am I missing?

    I see why Kasich is staying in now and why gope isn’t reading him the riot act just yet, I forgot about the 8 state 50% rule; they want mailman to try to keep Trump from taking 51% in MA, where he’s polling right around 50%, same for MI where his numbers have seen the 40’s and may have improved without mailman and jeb! in the race; both states have significant improvements lately for mailman.

  3. 2016 February 23 7:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “How exactly was that working mentally with so many people? Is that people who if they couldn’t go full-on-establishment would then just mentally say “fk it!” and go the complete opposite? What am I missing? ” — KH

    Could be ‘Go with the winner’ syndrome since Trump is in the lead delegate wise. My best guess.

  4. 2016 February 23 7:29 am
    justrand permalink

    I am NOT a “gadgets” guy…never really was. We don’t have cell-service up here, and that a good thing. The only reason I set up Wi-Fi here is that is really hard to run Cat-5 cable through log walls! 🙂

    Oh, and we retain a lot of actual BOOKS…including a full set of encyclopedias. Why? Because information in electronic “books” can be updated…read: altered. Wikipedia, for example is rife with people adding/changing/deleting historical information, and that is a favorite pastime of the Left.

    Luddites of the world UNITE!

  5. 2016 February 23 7:33 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Doggie prediction — The biggest early use of a VR visor? Porn.

    Porn drove the adoption of video recorder/players. It also drove some of the early adoption of the Internet. History repeats.

  6. 2016 February 23 8:07 am

    Radio in ATL area in GA this morning is wall to wall cruz and rubio ads, like literally wall to wall, it’s nauseating do these people not understand moderation when it comes to ads, you know 5 times an hour on multiple stations is a bit much guys. Rubio’s are positive pro rubio (though laughable, hey did you know marco was a certified defense expert..yeah man he’s certified all right), Cruz are hits on Rubio (and at least one lie) that tries to end positive. Have never heard or seen a Trump commercial here in 9 months, and he’s running about ~10pt up. At least the Right to Rise (bush) ads stopped. If I were him though given CD proportionality and stuff I’d do a small positive radio buy here or at least in certain stations\CD’s.

  7. 2016 February 23 8:14 am

    #5- and
    Starting late last year (though there is pushback that it’s too early as many things people want to watch it on don’t have the power to support it) HVEC\H.265

    …Don’t worry I monitor these communities so you don’t have too. 😉

  8. 2016 February 23 8:16 am
    drdog09 permalink

    On a somber note, things getting sporty in VZ —

  9. 2016 February 23 8:39 am
    drdog09 permalink

  10. 2016 February 23 8:43 am

    Potus whining about Gitmo again, bitching that world leaders give him sh1t over it (a. BS, b. grow some balls and tell them to fk off c. makes you look like pussy even saying that). Now he’s bitching we’re spending money on it for only 91 detainees… well mother fucker we’d have move in there but you released them to take the battlefield again.

  11. 2016 February 23 8:46 am

    VZ – “The conditions are right…for a coup.” – Aren’t almost always right for a coup?

    “The socialist government was voted out not that long ago; but what replaced it? The numbers of criminal vigilantes roaming the streets is nothing new either; for over a year now they’ve had endemic street crimes revolving around dirt bikers with machetes and sub machine guns- and it looks to be ramping up further.”

    Sounds a little like 1991-1993’ish Russia I mean not 1:1 but ya know…no?

  12. 2016 February 23 8:58 am
    drdog09 permalink


    But of course! 🙂

  13. 2016 February 23 8:58 am
    drdog09 permalink

  14. 2016 February 23 9:24 am

    “5$,20$,$50, whatever you can spare to help” – 3rd time on that one already (920am) this hour, it’s only 21 minutes into the hour, make it stop!!! 🙂

  15. 2016 February 23 9:32 am

    14 – I know. SonOfAMailman though is trying hard to keep him below the 50% come election day though as it would count as 1 of the 8 he needs to be nominee in addition to delegates.

    Also helpful for determining the different proportion rules for each state, not all are equal. (scroll down a bit, then click the state you want to investigate)

    ..holy fk… 4th time (29min after hour) with the 5,20,50$ ad. Fk you ted, seriously this has got to be working against him, dude at least insist they switch it up and not play the same one.

  16. 2016 February 23 9:35 am

    Forgot to mention one thing about those last two MA polls… one was ~190 people and one like ~290 person sample… almost useless beyond broad stoke.

  17. 2016 February 23 9:49 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Pssssst, turn off the radio! 🙂

  18. 2016 February 23 9:53 am
    justrand permalink

    KH, drdog’s advice is sooooo crazy it just might work!!!

  19. 2016 February 23 11:21 am

    19 – I did, at noon.

  20. 2016 February 23 11:29 am

    Some hard truth reminders. WBF, also why I say phuggit..bring on the destructor, burn it down.

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