Have You Thought About It?

2016 March 3
by drdog09

Cash that is.

There is consistent feed back that the Fed and the TBTFs are positioning for a cashless society. Probably in concert with a move to a negative interest rate policy.

But lets consider the microeconomics of the situation. Another words you and me. Lets say on Friday the Fed announced a NIRP which is essentially a tax on your deposits. You go to cash out. Think you will be successful? I will lay one in eight odds you will not be. The reason why is simple. Of all the monies out there representing the USD only 10-12% is in the form of paper notes. That balance is all digital. So if there was a run on the banks for physical cash they would run out of notes in a matter of hours.

What to do then? Well you could run to BitCoin. It would be a good choice. But I would suggest to you that unless you already have an account and holding BTC’s, you may not be successful. The exchanges will be hammered and the exchange rate will spike something awful on the massive buy signal. Fact that would be the time to be selling on the upswing. But where to land your holdings if you can’t get USD’s in hand? My suggestion is make arrangements thru Cooks or Barcleys for a foreign exchange account. Convert your digits to the Pound or Mark. Then when the dusts settles convert to physical USD on the exchange market. The US central bank will most likely not recall physical USD notes overseas till the end of their program. By then you should have them safely in hand.

Something to think about as a hedge.

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  1. 2016 March 3 1:00 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gee, then I can load all my money into the little chip they want to implant in me! Yippee!

  2. 2016 March 3 1:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    That truly would be mark of the beast!

  3. 2016 March 3 1:59 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Will banks give me money for not doing business with them?

  4. 2016 March 3 3:17 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Mitt kind of put Cruz in a bind. What does he say if someone asks him about Mitt’s attack on Trump? If he criticizes Mitt, he loses party support. If he supports Mitt he appears to be part of GOPe. Not a problem for Rubio and Kasich. They are part of the GOPe.

    Mitt is a very intelligent guy who doesn’t have a lick of common sense. Would anyone with any sense at all strap their dog to the top of a station wagon and drive a couple hundred miles?

  5. 2016 March 3 3:34 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Interesting observation BC.

  6. 2016 March 3 3:38 pm

    L.O.L -> CAIR poll of 2000 muslims in super tuesday states.

    While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
    earned 46% and 25% support, respectively, Donald Trump has the support of 11% of Muslims, more than the rest of the GOP field combined .

  7. 2016 March 3 3:41 pm

    6 – I don’t think he cares anymore, the mask is off, smart people know he’s part of the GOPe.. he’s just the one they like the least personally among their own, he will support mitt’s BS. Cruz does what’s good for him in the moment he doesn’t think that far ahead.

  8. 2016 March 3 3:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  9. 2016 March 3 3:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Rubio camp outright delusional — http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/marco-rubio-2016-path-220190 — He losses his state to Trump, he done, pass the fork.

  10. 2016 March 3 4:59 pm

    Wht happens if the feds prohibit $$ transactions like they did with the gold in the 30’s““ 666

  11. 2016 March 3 5:11 pm

    #TranniesForCruz – Caitlyn Jenner endorses Cruz.

  12. 2016 March 3 5:25 pm

    Once a quisling, always a quisling

  13. 2016 March 3 5:25 pm
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    I just wish one of the people in the room would have stood up and said “One question governor….. Could you please explain to all the people you sodomized at Bain Capital why you are poking Trump in the eye regarding some of his business failures???? That’s what I thought…. Shut the fuck up…. Dick!

  14. 2016 March 3 5:26 pm

    Rubio has canceled his rallies in KY and LA for the rest of the week, will be spending that time in FL. lol

  15. 2016 March 3 6:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Trump has all the right enemies. Just received an e-add from the DNC. Lede —

    “Its looking like this guy”
    “Has a clear path to the Republican nomination for president.”
    “Imagine the kind of Supreme Court justice he might choose?”

    In American politics, when your opponent starts talking about you, you are in the lead and a threat.

  16. 2016 March 3 6:17 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Wht happens if the feds prohibit $$ transactions like they did with the gold in the 30’s““ 666

    Black market baby! There will be a black market in $100 notes if they outlaw them. Bet on that.

  17. 2016 March 3 6:47 pm

  18. 2016 March 3 7:00 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Ghost – I wish one person would have ask Romney about trade.

    “Mr Romney, you bring up trade and how wrong Trump is on trade, for over the last 40 plus years, America and her politicians have bent over and taken it up the ass. For over 40 years we (America) has been running negative trade balances, HOW is that winning?”

  19. 2016 March 3 7:28 pm
    fight on permalink

    Frank Luntz 5 minutes in calls debate for Rubio
    I did not know Wallace is running for Prez since he he is debating the candidates.

  20. 2016 March 3 7:47 pm

    Bygones will be bygones.

  21. 2016 March 3 7:58 pm

    note to rinos


  22. 2016 March 3 8:08 pm

    Trump doing fine….it looks like they are trying to help Kasich in Michigan. Tag team against Trump by moderators and the 3 stooges (sorry Ted).

  23. 2016 March 3 8:25 pm
    fight on permalink

    Trump should just say I will give up my off the record to NYT the rest of you give up all of yours.

    Or Mehgan Chris and Brett do you respect off the record?

  24. 2016 March 3 10:06 pm
    mulletover permalink

    The moderators used graphics only against Trump proving once again their extreme bias.

  25. 2016 March 3 10:32 pm
    justrand permalink

    Trump should have called Cruz’s bluff:
    “OK, I’ll release them…on the condition that you QUIT the race if they aren’t the GOTCHA you say they are. Deal?”

  26. 2016 March 3 10:52 pm

    26 – Nah it’s all about helping him in OH, where he does have a shot. They know FL is lost, they know Marco is cooked, he’s just there to play yapping dog now as the go full deny-delgate strategy through march 15th, that’s the deciding point. I mean they’ve made the decision already but if mailman fails in OH they might pull back, if he wins OH… they’ll be as all in as ever.

  27. 2016 March 3 10:55 pm

    28 – Yeah it was disgusting, it was even worse than the CNBC debate, because there at least it wasn’t all focused on one person. Biggest loser of the night FNC, second biggest Little Marco and liar Ted.

  28. 2016 March 4 6:38 am
    drdog09 permalink

    For all the talk that media types are so ‘smart’, they sure are dumb.

    Those that have joined the Trump camp are not going to leave. Polling has shown that. The more they hammer the guy, many undecideds join Trump because they see the assault tactics being applied and don’t like it. The more it looks like Hillary will be the Dim nom the more Dims flock to Trump.

    GOPe is not helping themselves, quite the reverse by their attacks. Many voters now view Trump as the MODERATE, when he really isn’t. But perceptions are reality.

  29. 2016 March 4 7:22 am
    justrand permalink

    How the hell is the GOP going to turn out big numbers in November WITHOUT Trump…especially if Trump isn’t there because they destroyed him thru attacks like those from Romney?

    answer: They WON’T. Turnout on the GOP side will be anemic…and Hillary will be crowned, orange jumpsuit or not.

    i am STILL pissed about the Romney thing!

  30. 2016 March 4 7:42 am
    mulletover permalink

    Romney is trying his best to lose the third straight presidential election for the republicans.

    He must be leftist democrap.

  31. 2016 March 4 7:53 am
    mulletover permalink

    Megan Kelly has joined the Hollywood whores, and is a perfect fit.

  32. 2016 March 4 9:37 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Update on post: Bavarian bank assoc is recomending member banks hoard cash. — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-04/revolution-begins-german-banks-told-start-hoarding-cash — That should be your sign….

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