Obama To Address Dallas Interfaith Service

2016 July 12
by bc3b

Barack Obama will address an interfaith memorial service for the five slain law enforcement officers in Dallas today. We all know he will politicize his address just as certainly as we know the Minnesota Twins won’t be in the 2016 World Series.

Possible talking points:

  • He (Barack Obama) has been a strong supporter of the police; police just haven’t been listening
  • The murder of five law enforcement officers in Dallas last Thursday had nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement
  • A push for greater gun control
  • A push for more federal control over local and state law enforcement agencies
  • A call for greater equality and an end to institutional racism
  • A call for the police to build bridges to the black community

Miss anything?

President Barack Obama told a gathering of law enforcement officials on Monday that he was critical to their efforts to reconcile with the black community: “I’m your best hope,” he declared, according to a police official quoted by the Washington Post.

The gathering took place as Obama prepares to visit Dallas, where five police officers were murdered Thursday at a Black Lives Matter protest. Obama has spoken out in defense of law enforcement, but has also echoed criticisms of racial disparities in policing.

While some fault Obama for worsening relations between law enforcement and the black community — dating to his 2009 claim that police had “acted stupidly” in arresting a Harvard professor at his own home — Obama’s experience as the nation’s first black president has apparently convinced him that he is the only one who can solve the problem.

Hat tip: Breitbart

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  1. 2016 July 12 7:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    As always, it will be interesting to see how often Obama uses the words “I” and “me.”

    Until Obama and new media tell the truth – that far more whites than blacks are killed by the police every year – nothing will happen.

  2. 2016 July 12 8:26 am

    Not one member of PravdaUSA has brought up the fact that Obama has not missed any opportunity to incite blacks to hatred in his entire time in office. That includes the Fox crew as well.

    Obama has their blood on his hands……it’s sickening that he is allowed to lie thru his teeth today.

  3. 2016 July 12 8:41 am
    bc3b permalink

    brucefdb –

    Faux News is now part of the MSM as it positions itself just to the right of CNN.

    When has Obama ever talked to blacks about personal responsibility: if you father a child, it’s your responsibility; we need to cut black crime; black parents have a responsibility to help educate your children; keep your neighborhoods clean.

    I used to work with a women whose (white Jewish) mother taught third grade in Detroit Public Schools. On student evaluation nights, she was lucky if 3-5 parents showed up. Contrast this to suburban or Catholic schools, where you can’t find a parking spot.

  4. 2016 July 12 8:56 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Heard on the radio that the service with the bigwigs is closed, not open to the public. His audience will be small unless its televised.

  5. 2016 July 12 9:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    French face civil war — http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3685561/France-verge-civil-war-sparked-mass-sexual-assault-women-migrants-intelligence-chief-warns.html#ixzz4EAR0jleh — According to a top French intelligence operator.

    However I think the Germans have beat them to it. 3500 ethnic germans took on the PoPo night before last. More to follow. Once Germans get a head of steam they are sort of hard to stop.

  6. 2016 July 12 9:15 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #5

    Apparently the New Year’s Eve attacks were even more wide spread than reported:


    Of course that won’t happen with Syrian refugees that come to the US.

  7. 2016 July 12 9:17 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Cally you got problems. From a Nevada City council member.

    The rot in that state is much deeper than I thought.

  8. 2016 July 12 10:10 am
    TLS permalink


    The WNBA players wore black shirts with the message “Change Starts with Us: Justice & Accountability” in white on the front. On the back, the shirt contained a Dallas police department emblem, the names of two African American men killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana, and the words “Black Lives Matter.”

  9. 2016 July 12 10:55 am
    Eph permalink

    IOWA: Trump +2

    Clinton 42, Trump 44, Johnson 6, Stein 1

  10. 2016 July 12 10:55 am
    Eph permalink

    Monmouth poll…

  11. 2016 July 12 11:03 am
    bc3b permalink

    If Trump doesn’t really screw up, can the media save 2016 for Hillary? You know it will try.

    I am looking forward to the debates for three reasons: 1) Hillary is such a good target; 2) Trump isn’t afraid to attack her; 3) people, especially men, don’t view Hillary as they do most women – she’s fair game.

  12. 2016 July 12 11:09 am
    Eph permalink

    FLORIDA: Trump +5

    Clinton 42, Trump 47, Johnson 2, Stein 1

  13. 2016 July 12 11:43 am
    bc3b permalink

    It appears people are finally discovering that Gary Johnson could be an even bigger disaster than Hillary.

  14. 2016 July 12 11:51 am
    Eph permalink


    I actually agree with idiot RINO Bob Corker… It’s Trump’s election to lose.

  15. 2016 July 12 12:28 pm

    12 – Yes; or at least you know they will try, the debates will not be Hillary v. Trump; they’ll be Hillary + Moderator + selected crowd + all post debate spin against Trump, doesn’t matter what actually happened or was during the debate.. only what others will make up afterward trying to convince people they didn’t see what they saw, they didn’t hear what they heard…. you know like seemingly everything else these days.

    ^^On that count I think the saving grace may be that they’re gonna over-play their hand in that regard so hard that it may even insult the LIV’s to the point where they recognize they’re being conned and react in opposition. I little bit of how in BRExit the dialing up the hysteria to ‘eleventy!!!!’ backfired a bit. That’s just my hope… it’s not a prediction.

    I had to laugh at that wapo poll about 56% saying they thought Hillary should have been charged\indicted, and yet 58% in same poll said had she been it would not effect their vote….once again proving there are people out there that basically admit she’s a total crook – even to the point where they want her charged, and yet they’ll still vote for her anyway knowing she’s a straight up crook.

  16. 2016 July 12 12:32 pm

    This Dallas memorial…

    Obama turned it into the Paul Wellstone memorial fiasco on steroids.

  17. 2016 July 12 12:50 pm

    17……well done, Knightie.

    18…..as expected from Soros Toy Boy Son of Satan defender of Islam.

  18. 2016 July 12 1:04 pm

    I’d like to send a few of these signs to my liberal friends as gifts before the November election:


  19. 2016 July 12 1:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Feel the love — https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/

    Charge Hillary — 231k signed
    BLM as terrorist org — 124k signed in 3 days

    What is interesting is if you notice, the Leftist like petitions rarely break the 10k barrier.

  20. 2016 July 12 1:42 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    My bet: Not likely from the HRC camp. They will try the relative situation gambit.

  21. 2016 July 12 2:05 pm
    TLS permalink

    I don’t know how to embed or I’d just put up the screenshot. Ignore the article but the screenshot is the definition of irony.


  22. 2016 July 12 2:25 pm

    Hey what do you know.. more cover-ups and deleted emails at State Dept.


  23. 2016 July 12 2:42 pm

    If you take out a $1000 loan that has a 20% rate, how much will you owe a year in interest?

    about 25% of the public gets that question wrong or answered ‘don’t know’ instead of the correct 200$ anwser.


  24. 2016 July 12 2:44 pm

  25. 2016 July 12 2:47 pm

    fyi: Newt and FNC just parted ways today (contractually anyway).

  26. 2016 July 12 2:55 pm

    27….according to Kelly O’Donnell’s sources. We’ll see.

    If he picks Pence my first reaction is disappointment. Is it a peace offering to Cruz?

  27. 2016 July 12 3:00 pm


    2/3 of Amerikans failed. Hohohoho.

    They had to do a study for this? Please. They will probably use results like these to prove that government needs to manage our savings for us. They WILL want your money, property and assets soon enough.

  28. 2016 July 12 3:01 pm

    correction: They’ve “suspended” the paid contributor contract ‘just in case’.

  29. 2016 July 12 3:11 pm

    28 bruce part of (a) of that… yeah we’ll see.. as for part (b) probably yes, but more toward forces beyond and much larger than ‘Cruz’.

  30. 2016 July 12 3:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Not to over complicate it…..

    * Is it simple interest?
    * Is it compound interest? If compound, then how many compounding periods per annum?

    To an MBA the question is incomplete.

  31. 2016 July 12 3:26 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Newt/FNC parting is SOP for media. Though I sometimes wonder with the pillow talk and the latent connections between media and pols.

  32. 2016 July 12 3:36 pm
    TLS permalink

    They will probably use results like these to prove that government needs to manage our savings for us.

    In an alternate universe, this would be proof that the gov’t shouldn’t be running our schools, but I’m sure your scenario is more likely.

  33. 2016 July 12 3:36 pm
    bc3b permalink

  34. 2016 July 12 3:40 pm

    33- Yeah I know it’s standard; the article mentions it’s not just about VP selection, it’s also about likelihood about being in administration or directly with campaign where a paid contributor thing would be a conflict.

    34 – mmmhhhmmm
    35 – I’m not surprised, I’m glad someone could stomach it all to keep count though.

  35. 2016 July 12 3:48 pm

    32 – They asked a compond interest question as well;

    “You have a 1000$ loan at 20% interest a year compounding annually, if you paid none of it down how many years would it take for the loan balance to double.

    a) <2 years
    b) More than 2years but < 5 years
    c) 5 years or greater but less than 10.
    d) 10 years or more.
    e) don't know.

    Only 33% could anwser b.
    41% got it wrong and about 25% 'didn't know'

  36. 2016 July 12 3:57 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Didn’t see Obama’s speech but from the reports I’ve seen he was the race-baiting asshole we all knew he would be.

  37. 2016 July 12 4:00 pm

    37…..keep those credit cards maxed!

    Best to get on Food Stamps…..those are credit free!!! At least for the user.

  38. 2016 July 12 5:34 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Which goes to prove, never let a Jurno-listist balance your checkbook. Between 2 to 5 years?

    Jurno-listist: How much for that truck over there?
    Salesman: $41k
    Jurno-listist: At a $1000/mo how long would the payments be?
    Salesman: Between 5 to 7 years.
    Jurno-listist: Write me up!

    And these folks are the ‘brains’ of reportage? Sigh. Oh and the real question should be — How soon does your lender foreclose?

  39. 2016 July 12 6:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Lets enter a petition on WH.gov to terminate the DoS — https://youtu.be/3pmbCjNZAfs

  40. 2016 July 12 6:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #40

    Remember back to your college days. J-school students were hardly the brightest and best. Most were in J-School because it was the only way they could stay in college by avoiding math and science, which they were incapable of understanding.

  41. 2016 July 12 6:38 pm
    justrand permalink

    I’m BACK!

    did Obama heal the nation, roll back the oceans and cure cancer yet?

    Thought so

  42. 2016 July 12 6:53 pm

    43… nah he just insulted cops and praised his minion agitators as usual.

    BTW… I had to lookup what this pokemon craze BS was all about…. I still don’t get it… ok I mean I understand what I read but…..why? why?

  43. 2016 July 12 7:37 pm
    TLS permalink

    #44 Just came back from town. There were about 100 people at the 1/2 acre corner park with a pond in the middle. I just mentioned to my lids that something was going on at the park and my son said no, they are all playing pokemon go. I thought he was kidding but then I noticed that every single one of them was looking at their cell phone. It was just weird. 100 people in that space and nobody taking to each other. I don’t get it either.

  44. 2016 July 12 7:48 pm
    bc3b permalink

    TLS –

    It’s a different world. Our kids wonder why people ever used pay phones, typewriters, etc.

  45. 2016 July 12 7:49 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Well if the GOPers were smart they would set a couple of go sites away from the convention. A great way to flash mob a crowd away from an area.

    What I don’t understand is there some prize??

  46. 2016 July 12 7:52 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    BC, 42,

    Vaguely, as I dated a J schooler for a couple of months. It was like having a conversation with a waterfall. Lot of flow, but little water.

  47. 2016 July 12 8:01 pm
    TLS permalink

    Saw this comment in that second link. I wonder, is this one of those “CIA Private Venture Funds” projects that someone linked to a couple of weeks ago?

    JorgeSoros • 7 hours ago

    Poke’Mon Go is a geolocation intelligence app developed to gather real time data and information on public places and movements of the public. Look it up, they have CIA funding.

    2 •Reply •Share ›

  48. 2016 July 12 8:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Might want to read this post — http://www.woodpilereport.com/html/index-434.htm

    Focus on the Dallas police shootings. Interesting observations.

  49. 2016 July 12 9:47 pm
    justrand permalink

    Excellent and scary observations in #51, drdog, …”scary” in that they are SO obvious, yet unspoken for fear of offending those who mean to destroy us. In Germany in the1930s the Jews went out of their way NOT to “offend” the Nazis (and Germans in general)…how’d that work out?

  50. 2016 July 13 6:45 am
    justrand permalink

    got a post coming up later today on “The United Grievances of America!”

    been rolling around in my head for days…can’t wait to get it out! 🙂

  51. 2016 July 13 6:53 am
    justrand permalink

    A brilliant essay, from VDH, one of America’s best essayists. Long…but excellent!


  52. 2016 July 13 11:25 am

    47 – Damn that’s a great idea, did I tell you yet today that you’re f’ing brilliant?

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