Lynch Puts Race Ahead of Country

2016 September 22
by bc3b

There was a third night of protests and rioting in Charlotte.

Rather than working to enforce the law, Loretta Lynch, the nation’s chief law enforcement official, is putting race before her job and her country. The protesters have been anything but peaceful. More than a dozen officers have been hospitalized, white people have been attacked because they are white and stores have been looted.

Yet the Attorney General sympathizes with the lawbreakers:

RUSH: Loretta Lynch, the attorney general. When I saw the transcript of this, I said, “This has to be a mistake. This is not Loretta Lynch. This has to be Marilyn Mosby.” Does that name ring a bell, Marilyn Mosby? Marilyn Mosby was the state attorney, the district attorney in Baltimore that came out and announced that she was gonna go after those cops for what they did to that nice young man, Freddie Gray. So I read the transcript here what Loretta Lynch said at a press conference at the Department of Justice today, and I literally thought I was listening to Marilyn Mosby.

Listen to this…

LYNCH: To those who are exercising that most fundamental of our freedoms, we hear your voices and we feel your pain. To all the law enforcement officers who continue to risk their lives day in and day out to keep us safe and to protect those essential freedoms, I extend my deepest thanks and support. But, finally, I urge all Americans to ask themselves what they can do to contribute to the more peaceful, the more perfect, and the more just union that is our shared heritage, that is our mutual responsibility, and that is our common goal.

RUSH: All right. So the first people she acknowledges are the protesters, just like Marilyn Mosby did. I feel your pain, I hear your demands for judge justice no peace. But you gotta get out of the way so that I can do the justice part of that. Well, here’s Loretta Lynch. “To those who are exercising that most fundamental of our freedoms, we hear your voices and we feel your pain.” Pain? What pain? They are the ones inflicting the pain. I mean, they even attacked a CNN journalist.

Is there something in the Constitution that I missed that justifies people committing crimes because of their race?

Hat tip: Rush Limbaugh Show

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  1. 2016 September 22 9:06 pm
    justrand permalink

    MPT: “It’s this fundamental unfairness towards those of us to pay our taxes, follow the law and contribute positively to society that is pissing off a lot of people.”

    And which was the underlying principle of Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’

    Atlas IS shrugging…hence Trump’s strength. If he loses…the “shrug” will intensify.

  2. 2016 September 23 5:22 am

    Every time these asphalt pre-simians chimp out, trump gains another million votes.

  3. 2016 September 23 5:27 am

  4. 2016 September 23 6:27 am
    justrand permalink

  5. 2016 September 23 7:02 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I really detest fear ads. But they are effective.

    “Fear is not real. It is the product of thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.”
    — Buppert

  6. 2016 September 23 7:03 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Gut says she has parkinsons. If she were not running for the highest job in the land it would be none of our business what she has. But she is and does make it our business.

  7. 2016 September 23 7:10 am
    drdog09 permalink

  8. 2016 September 23 10:11 am

    fear is a choice.” mutley

    Hopefully you will choose to be armed and fear the sumbitch breaking into your house.

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