A Glimpse into America’s Islamic Future

2016 October 6
by bc3b

Earlier this wee we discussed the fact that the five countries with the largest percentage of immigration increases are all Muslim countries. An increasing number of refugees and immigrants are Muslim. Arabic is becoming stest growing language in the country.

One of the greatest challenges we face with the mushrooming Muslim population is the refusal of many (most?) Muslims to abandon the culture of their native countries and accept western culture. Many want to follow Sharia law. Nowhere is thie cultural difference more pronounced than with Muslim (mis)treatment of women.

Muslims view women as property and Islamic women are tightly controlled by male members of the family. They are told how to dress, what activities they can participate in and whom they can associate with. If they disobey, punishment can range from reprimands to honor killing.

The US media does its absolute best to sanitize Islam. Things like honor killing and female genital mutilation are seldom reported, but there’s always room to report the slightest offense (real or usually imagined). A ham sandwich left on the steps of a mosque received far more media coverage than an honor killing.

Muslims want to come to the west to live a better life, but many reject western culture. Muslim men are especially concerned that women will become too westernized (wearing western clothing, associate with non-Muslims and date non-Muslim males).

Last week a Muslim father in a Cleveland suburb “accidentally” shot his daughter twice in the head while she was asleep in the early hours of the morning.

The daughter apparently had become too westernized, earning a doctorate in pharmacy, wearing western clothing and who knows what else that offended her father.

While Ohio Police are baffled at what motive Jamal Mansour had when he took a gun into his daughter’s bedroom and shot her in the head twice, but the clues are there for anyone who knows the history and teachings of Islam. As police seem to overlook the obvious, one author on Islamic “honor” killings believes he knows the answer.

Jamal Mansour, 63, who migrated from Jordan to the US and became a naturalized citizen, took a gun into his daughter’s bedroom at around 1:15am Tuesday morning. He then shot 27-year-old Tahani Mansour twice in her forehead. She died nearly 10 hours later at the hospital.

Mansour stood just hours later before a judge and had the audacity to call the fatal shooting of his daughter “an accident.” He is facing murder, felonious assault and domestic violence charges. A bond of $1.3 million was amended to $4.5 million.


“We don’t have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” said Lt. George Lichman with Rocky River Police.

Family members claim that the reason he shot his daughter is due to a medical condition, diabetes.


“Mr. Mansour might have assimilated to Western culture sufficiently to shave his beard and wear jeans but not to accept his daughter behaving like western girls,” said Attorney Daniel Akbari, author of “Honor Killing: A Professional’s Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources.”

Akbari once practiced law in Iran before its top Shariah Court. He converted to Christianity and now lives in Texas.

“Any Muslim who has lived in a society with a dominant Islamic culture adopts those laws to some degree and makes them to be a part of his or her belief,” Akbari said in an interview with WND.

“Muslim men who immigrate to Western countries bring that sense of jealousy toward their female family members with them and enforce the sharia rules in their families,” he added.

He then spoke about the actual Arabic term that is often spoken of as “honor.”

Hat tip: Freedom Outpost

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 Tahani Mansour
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  1. 2016 October 6 11:49 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Children frequently do things to disappoint their parents. When is the last time you read about a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu dad killing his daughter because he was disappointed in her?

    If diabetes caused people to kill we’d have tens of millions of murders in the US annually.

  2. 2016 October 7 1:09 am

    Days later they cops still have no new info about what transpired??

  3. 2016 October 7 3:59 am

    for EPH..

    Trump: 46.2%
    Clinton: 43.6%

    She gained 1.0, he lost .5 yesterday sample.

  4. 2016 October 7 4:00 am

    usc\lat… I figured that was obvious by now but I should have put it in there.

  5. 2016 October 7 4:21 am
    bc3b permalink

    KH #2 – because we never had hurricanes 500 years ago?

    That’s like the excuses the media offers for the decline in NFL TV viewership – mismatches, people watching in sports bars, the presidential election, etc. – like these things never happened before,

  6. 2016 October 7 4:27 am
    bc3b permalink

    One of the interesting things about many media websites (NPR, CNN, National Journal, Time, etc.) is that they have become “safe zones” by eliminating comments sections and alomg with it any opposing ideas.

  7. 2016 October 7 4:59 am
    drdog09 permalink

  8. 2016 October 7 6:59 am
    justrand permalink

  9. 2016 October 7 7:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    amazon.com pulls sexy burka costume:


    Muslims are perpetually offended and have no sense of humor.

  10. 2016 October 7 7:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    Petition to publicly hang man who raped 9-month girl to death:


    Personally, my preferance would be tying him behind a pickup truck (there are plenty in WVA). Start out slowly (bout 5 mph) and gradually increase the speed.

  11. 2016 October 7 8:00 am

    9 – That is good new if true, he was hurting T slightly more than C in NH, VT too for that matter last time I saw a data point in VT (~month ago).

  12. 2016 October 7 8:01 am

    10 – Imagine that.. 🙄

  13. 2016 October 7 8:05 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Keep the hanging. Reserve the drag by, for the one president that has raped a nation.

  14. 2016 October 7 8:13 am

    12 – How do you even rape a 9 month old? /I don’t even want to actually know.

  15. 2016 October 7 8:16 am
    JBoz permalink

    Well, much to the obvious disappointment of the MSM and Clinton campaign (really one in the same), the hurricane is skirting up the coast, and it looks like the eyewall will stay offshore. Some damage, but not the catastrophic damage and loss of life that the left was hoping for. Why were they licking their chops so much?

    1) in the waning days of the campaign, to give them something else to talk about other than email servers and foundation corruption.
    2) to give Obama a tightly and well choreographed “our hero rides to the rescue” photo op and endless MSM commentary about how Bush dropped the ball with Katrina, but Obama got it right.
    3) to gin up more global warming fear mingering
    4) to demonstrate and endlessly harp on the value of big government

  16. 2016 October 7 8:18 am
    bc3b permalink

    Guess the race:

    Two WalMartian Women Fight Over the Last Case of Water Prior to Hurricane Matthew:


  17. 2016 October 7 8:20 am

    12 couldn’t be more right

  18. 2016 October 7 8:23 am

    Petition to publicly hang man who raped 9-month girl to death:

    Just put him the general prison population and let it be known what his crime was. He wouldn’t last long.

  19. 2016 October 7 9:06 am

    Twitter at it again, directly inserting themselves into campaign sabo ops.

    Now they’re shadow banning Donald Trumps tweets and even deleting some.


  20. 2016 October 7 9:09 am
    JBoz permalink

    IP – I agree. Gen Pop, and look the other way.

  21. 2016 October 7 9:36 am
    drdog09 permalink

  22. 2016 October 7 9:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Unemployment back up –http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-07/payrolls-rise-156k-missing-expectations-unemployment-rate-rises-50

  23. 2016 October 7 11:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    BJG College picks are due tonight, Email to: bjgsports@gmx.com

    Miami (OH) @ Akron
    Kent State @ SUNY Buffalo
    Georgia Tech @ Pittsburgh
    BYU @ Michigan State
    Maryland @ Penn State

    Cincinnati @ Connecticut
    Army @ Duke
    Syracuse @ Wake Forest
    Texas Tech @ Kansas State
    Iowa @ Minnesota

    Virginia Tech @ North Carolina
    Notre Dame @ North Caqrolina State
    Oklahoma @ Texas
    Florida State @ Miami (FL)
    Massachusetts @ Old Dominion

    UCLA @ Arizona State
    Georgia @ South Carolina
    Tennessee @ Texas A&M
    Vanderbilt @ Kentucky
    Auburn @ Mississippi State

    Washington @ Oregon
    Colorado @ USC
    LSU @ Florida
    Idaho @ Louisiana – Monroe
    Florida @ UTEP

    Utah State @ Colorado State
    Washington State @ Stanford
    East Carolina @ South Florida
    Arizona @ Utah

  24. 2016 October 7 11:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    Volunteer Youth Football Coach Fired for Making Bully Run Laps for Bullying:


    Apparently no one on the Laegue’s board of directors ever played football.

  25. 2016 October 7 12:56 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Italy leaves, EU collapses? — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-07/coming-collapse-worlds-biggest-economy — Are your preps near complete?

  26. 2016 October 7 4:18 pm
    justrand permalink

    bc3b…I have no access to email this week, so just give me ALL HOME TEAMS this week. Why not?

  27. 2016 October 7 4:40 pm
    JBoz permalink

    28 – if it’s true, and it looks like it is, it’s very bad. Of course, the reality is that crude locker room talk pales in comparison to the outright corruption and treason that Hillary committed, but politics being what they are, and the timing of it all…yep, this is bad.

  28. 2016 October 7 5:14 pm


    It’s meant to have media focus there instead of ^^there^^, which of course they will.

  29. 2016 October 7 6:21 pm

    Ryan bailing
    McTraitor bailing

    All the usual suspects who want Hilda.

  30. 2016 October 7 6:39 pm

  31. 2016 October 7 6:45 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    The following falls into the category “you can not make this crap up”.


    Lynn Forrester de Rothschild disagrees. She thinks being able to “beat the system” is not a presidential quality. “He’s a person who’s gamed the system his whole life for his own ends.
    That whole family has brought more misery to hundreds of millions of people. The entire family should be frog marched out and impaled and left for the birds to feast on.

  32. 2016 October 7 7:20 pm

    One wonders which of his buddies ratted him out.

  33. 2016 October 7 7:26 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “Lynn Forrester de Rothschild disagrees. She thinks being able to “beat the system” is not a presidential quality. “He’s a person who’s gamed the system his whole life for his own ends.”

    HaHahahahahahahahah. First what the HELL has HRC been doing all her life?

    Then the little b#$#$% does not see the merely beating system is not enough. That is what got us where we are now. (And following the system is just as fruitless.) We need to blow the system up. Sheesh.

  34. 2016 October 7 7:31 pm

    Genifer Flowers had a nice comment about Hillary and what she likes to eat. 👿

  35. 2016 October 7 7:37 pm

    This Sunday debate will be a total get-Trump event…..how many props will they have in the so-called randomly selected questioners? It will be 3-1 against Trump all night. I am sure the leak of this tape was well timed. Will there be a sweet Muslim girl? A well prepped Black? An offended Hispanic? A shocked fat female? Gosh, what else? 🙂

    And who will question Hill’s lies and deceptions………..they might have one ugly white guy and he will melt with her ‘wonderful’ rehearsed answer.

    Me cynical? Nope, realistic.

  36. 2016 October 7 7:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    You can bet that is exactly what they will do.

  37. 2016 October 7 7:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Vegan, snowflake, sheep — https://twitter.com/iowahawkblog/status/784468669522927622 — Quick, somebody, anybody, invade. We need some culling.

  38. 2016 October 8 6:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

  39. 2016 October 8 6:37 am
    Eph permalink

    Rubio in 2020???? Hahhahaha

    Good news… This is over in 30 days

  40. 2016 October 8 7:55 am
    justrand permalink

    the media have their “OMG!” October Surprise…and will play the MORAL OUTRAGE card the rest of the way.

    It doesn’t matter MORE comes out about Hillary now…the media has one last HUGE excuse (not that they needed one) to ignore anything about Hillary.

    Sunday night figures to be a nonstop “TRUMP IS AWFUL!” fest…with handpicked “undecided” voters slamming him. Can him pivot each answer? I doubt it. If I was him I would start with a comment like: “Hey, I have used crude language in the future, and I’m sorry about that. But if you want this country healed and moving forward, then let’s focus on how to do THAT. I intend the rest of this evening to focus on EXACTLY that…so please understand that my answers to questions are going to keep coming back to what I intend to do to Make America Great Again!

    Then every time a questioner (including Hillary) tries to bring up the “potty mouth” bullcrap again, I would remind everyone what I said to start the evening.

  41. 2016 October 8 8:23 am

    Good advice JR,,,,…

  42. 2016 October 8 8:41 am
    Eph permalink

    Trump should drop out as soon as all the state’s start mailing ballots. That way Hilliary wins all 50 states. And the Dims take Congress. Scorched earth on the RINos

  43. 2016 October 8 8:48 am
    Eph permalink

    Can we buy stock in Garland getting confirmed thus year?

  44. 2016 October 8 9:00 am
    gnqanq permalink

    JR – agree with you. He should apologize (which he has). If the media goes after him, he should pivot and attack. State the obvious – “Bill not only thought it and said it BUT did it with Hillary covering it up.”

    Just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with Mullet and his family. May God protect him and his during the storm.

  45. 2016 October 8 9:01 am

    46 too rich…..but I don’t think Trump has given up just yet.


  46. 2016 October 8 9:07 am
    Eph permalink

    Trumps biggest mistake was to run as a Republican. Win or lose He will regret that decision.

  47. 2016 October 8 9:28 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Maybe true, but the way things are these days running as a GOPer was pretty much the only way he was going to get on the ballot.

  48. 2016 October 8 9:58 am

    50…..the R’s are the ones that will regret it……The Deplorables will never support them again.

  49. 2016 October 8 10:34 am

    Every time hillaskank brings up the P statement,trump should remind the audiance that no one died like at benghazi.

  50. 2016 October 8 10:59 am
    Eph permalink

    53. We shall see tomorrow night,..

  51. 2016 October 8 11:38 am

    43 Ya!

  52. 2016 October 8 12:25 pm

    Raping of women it is devine,
    Killing of benghazi diplomats is sublime,
    Muching of carpets and diving for muff,
    Is considered by the left of all the right stuff,
    But at the mention of “p–sy” all hell breaks loose,
    Do that and you have screwed the goose.

  53. 2016 October 8 12:36 pm
    Eph permalink


    You know what they say….

    If you can’t munch it, drag it

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