“endowed by their Creator”

2016 October 21
by justrand

“endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

Those words were written into the Declaration of Independence as a final stopgap to whatever madness might eventually afflict the nation being born.  Our Rights do NOT come from the government…they come from a higher power…and thus are not subject to being watered down or abolished.

The Rights provided for in virtually every other Founding document in the history of mankind come from the GOVERNMENT…and thus the government can re-visit them from time to time.

During the debate the other night, Hillary Clinton stated that the Supreme Court Justices she would appoint would, essentially support social-justice…and an “evolving” view of our Rights.  She carefully avoided mentioning the Constitution…which she views as mere “guidelines”.

Donald Trump rambled a bit, but DID get around to saying that his appointees would be ones who WOULD rely on the Constitution…and our Founders intent for it.

THAT is the clearest choice we have ever faced for President.



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  1. 2016 October 21 8:44 am

    for EPH ….RAS Trump plus 2……..brucefdb daily emotional tracker….Trump +6!!!

  2. 2016 October 21 9:00 am
    JBoz permalink

    And almost as mood elevating (for me anyway) as Trump +6…

    Cubs +1

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