Stalking Horse, PART 2: Contraception

2017 February 25
by justrand
StalkingRECAP: ==> ‘Stalking Horse’ def: “a false pretext concealing someone’s real intentions; something that is used to hide a true purpose”
The Left loves to employ ‘Stalking Horses’ to obscure their underlying intent…and thus avoid having the REAL issues discussed.
In a January 2012 debate, George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney THIS question completely out of the blue:
“Governor Romney, do you believe that states have the right to ban contraception? Or is that trumped by a constitutional right to privacy?”
Romney was utterly bewildered…and rightly so. NO ONE in ANY State was talking about “banning contraception”. NO ONE. Romney told him so…but Stephanopoulos continued to press him as though this was a REAL issue.
Go into damn near ANY store in the country and you can find a rack of prophylactics (old school: “rubbers”). Virtually NO ONE is trying to limit “contraception” in any way, except in some cases asking that Public Schools not pass out “the pill” out to underage girls.
George Stephanopoulos had erected a Stalking Horse which they have used over and over ever since. The definition of ‘Contraception’ is: “The deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to PREVENT pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse.”
Stephanopoulos deliberately conflated that with ABORTION, when he threw in the second part: ==> “Or is that trumped by a constitutional right to privacy?”
The “right to privacy” was the Supreme Court justification for FEDERAL legalization of abortion in Roe-v-Wade.
This Stalking Horse was used horrendously in the case of Obama vs. the Little Sisters of the Poor, in January 2014. Obama sought to portray utterly SELFLESS nuns who provide hospice care for the indigent, as clueless nimrods who objected to PREVENTING pregnancy. While they may not be fans of contraception, that was NOT their real objection.
Obamacare’s conscience-trampling “contraception mandate” included TERMINATING pregnancies by the use of ABORTOFACIENTS. And that was the true subject of the Little Sisters of the Poor’s religious objection.
When Obama targeted the Little Sisters of the Poor his various agencies did so because if they could get THEM to knuckle under, no one else would stand a chance.
In an act of sanity, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a New Year’s Eve injunction against enforcing it on the Little Sisters (the Supreme Court later “punted” on directly ruling on the case…but it will return). For now they are not required to terminate lives.
Look at the definition of ‘Contraception’ again: “The deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to PREVENT pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse.”
By expanding the meaning of “contraception” to include TERMINATING a pregnancy, the Left has lumped prophylactics and “the pill” in with everything up to and including late-term abortion. They claim they are ALL part of “birth control”.
The Left has to use the Stalking Horse of “contraception” to avoid straight up discussions of abortion. Why? Because more and more people want to put at least SOME restrictions on abortions…but the Left can abide NO restrictions, or true discussion.
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  1. 2017 February 25 11:16 am
    bc3b permalink

    Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton’s version of Joseph Goebbels. With the incident above, Stephanopoulos officially launched the Dems’ 2012 “War on Women” theme. No one will ever convince me he wasn’t in cahoots with the Obama Campaign of the DNC when he did that.

  2. 2017 February 25 11:17 am
    bc3b permalink

    ip –

    If you are having problems with your password, might I suggest switching to the password “Password.” After all, it worked so well for John Podesta.

  3. 2017 February 25 12:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

  4. 2017 February 25 2:05 pm
    justrand permalink

    Excellent, bc3b…I think the conversation should go JUST like that!

  5. 2017 February 25 2:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Dems elect Obama insider Thomas Perez to DNC chair.

    I guess this means the Dems are racisssst and Islamophobic. I was rooting for the stupid bimbo who said it was her job to shut whites up.

    What this means:
    1. Obama and his team will have control over the Democratic Party.
    2. The hard core activists may become disenchanted (because the Dems are racissssst and Islamophobic.

    Should be interesting. Stock up on popcorn and beer (mostly beer).

  6. 2017 February 25 5:04 pm

    99.95% of DMCA take down submissions to google are either completely fraudulent (url\link never existed in first place), invalid, or duplicate requests. No surprise, google isn’t alone this abuse is everywhere.

  7. 2017 February 25 6:17 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    If you have an hour to kill, an excellent rendition via Gingrich on Trumpism —

  8. 2017 February 25 6:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  9. 2017 February 25 6:38 pm

    9 – Point it’s they’re saying even the ones reported 90%of the time didn’t exist in the first place.

    11 -While at the same time acting like Trump has no reason to be annoyed with the media. All he’s saying is KEEP doing what you’re doing in trashing Trump, but don’t Whine about small things like yesterday when you were not selected for a little pow-wow. It’s good advice that they’ll ignore, but still, fuck him. 😉

  10. 2017 February 25 6:39 pm

    8 – See my remark in prior thread about that. 🙂

  11. 2017 February 25 9:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Piers MorganVerified account‏@piersmorgan 4h4 hours ago

    US media will be absolutely seething President Trump’s quit the #WHCD before they could alll pull out & humiliate him.

    I don’t doubt that Morgan is correct. The media was planning to use the White House Correspondents Dinner to embarrass President Trump.

  12. 2017 February 26 6:54 am
    drdog09 permalink

  13. 2017 February 26 7:23 am


  14. 2017 February 26 7:49 am
    bc3b permalink

    Progressives threaten revolt over DNC election:

    Gotta stop at Meijer to stock up on pop corn and beer … lots of beer.

  15. 2017 February 26 7:56 am
    justrand permalink

    IP, I nearly snorted coffee out my nose when I saw the picture in#16…thx!

  16. 2017 February 26 7:58 am
    justrand permalink

    Good article…and applies to politicians in both Parties. But especially Durbin.

  17. 2017 February 26 9:43 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Even more on the dems from BC #17 — — Guess I will have to tune into the Young Turks for more yucks and guffaws. They are the funniest damn political content on YouTube.

  18. 2017 February 26 12:30 pm

    With his nose ensconced up Obama’s skinny butt,
    he reminds one of jabba the hut,
    This lap dog named dirty dick durbin ,
    feels right at home in a mullah’s turban,
    May the voters dip six this political slut.

  19. 2017 February 26 2:00 pm
    justrand permalink

    IP, to be fair to Dick Durbin, he’ll stick his nose up ANYONE’S butt who offers him more money and/or power…and/or just a favorable story in the NYTimes.

  20. 2017 February 26 3:18 pm

    A non discriminatory ass kisser.

  21. 2017 February 26 4:19 pm

    16.. ah hahahaha haha. rip Bob Ross.

  22. 2017 February 26 5:54 pm
    JBoz permalink

    “Rachel Dolezal, the infamous white woman who for years passed herself off as African American and rose to become head of an NAACP branch, is now jobless, on food stamps and expects to soon be homeless.”

    Jobless and on food stamps? This punchline almost writes itself.

  23. 2017 February 26 6:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Reading the article I wonder which publisher was stupid enough to give her a book deal??

  24. 2017 February 26 8:20 pm
    President Paul permalink

  25. 2017 February 27 7:05 am
    justrand permalink

    traveling for the next few days…so only intermittent postings.

    may actually wind up missing Trump’s sorta-kinda State of the Union tomorrow…hope someone takes copious notes 🙂


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