Pied Piper

2017 July 7
by drdog09

I can’t believe that it is this easy. How many head fakes can the Trump Administration pull off before the Pressitutes figure out that they are being played?

Several anchors and reporters at CNN have had their home addresses published and have received threats of rape and other violence in the wake of a story published by Andrew Kaczynski, who heads up the network’s investigative K-FILE team. Anti-network trolls are encouraging viewers to wrongly accuse CNN staffers of pedophilia and child pornography. There is also “tons of anti-Semitism.”

“Frustration” is the predominant feeling inside CNN, The Mirror has learned.

Kaczynski published a story on the 4th of July in which he appeared to threaten to publish the name of a Reddit user who parades around anonymously as “HanAssholeSolo.” HanAssholeSolo claimed to be the originator of the wrestling video tweeted by President Trump in which POTUS flattened a wrestler whose face was a CNN logo.

Trump has long accused CNN of being “fake news” and “very fake news.”


One of the cheapest stunts a politician can pull is the bogeyman fake. The funny bit is Trump is taking it to an art form without lifting a finger. CNN is so imbued with Anti-Trump rhetoric that a simple Trump sneeze can be turned into a healthcare crisis by that news org. But what makes it worse for the AntiFA like CNN is that they are playing red meat to Trump’s core following. For Trump he gains —

* A distraction that permits a level of operation in the background that would be 1A headliner any other time. The “How’d they do that” is in full swing over at the WH. I mean seriously, anybody seen the OboCare debate on the front page for the last week or so??

* The ‘Resistance’ meme is being worn down by battles like this. Orgs like AntiFA depend on a level of press presence to make their movement larger than life. Well they have not gotten it of late as of the last two weeks. The press is the oxygen mask that keeps them alive. But when press relevance drops it is like the oxygen bottle is empty.

* Serious anti-Progressive actions can be taken by back channels out of the light of the press. Whole chunks of EPA regs could probably be ripped out right now and few would be the wiser for its loss.

Interesting times indeed.

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  1. 2017 July 7 8:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    CNN has placed itself on a par with MSNBC in terms of public credibility and it has no one to blame but itself, although it will try ro blame the blame with Donald Trump.

  2. 2017 July 7 9:11 am
    drdog09 permalink

    True BC. The MSM cannot seem to get out of the Trump Zone™. They have sucked themselves in all the way back to the primaries thinking they could use Trump to elevate Hillary. Now they are stuck. Trump is like crack to them. Every time they cover him its $$$ in the bank for them. They don’t have the guts to take rehab, hell they probably don’t even know they have a problem.

  3. 2017 July 7 9:24 am
    justrand permalink

    donald trump IS THE ROADRUNNER

  4. 2017 July 7 9:29 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Speaking of roadrunners…. https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/remarks-by-president-trump-to-the-people-of-poland-july-6-2017/ … text of Trump’s speech in Poland.

    He mentions the Katyn forest massacre that to this day the Soviets never acknowledged and the Russians barely speak of. He had a meeting with Putin and now this speech. The man is up to something but it is not apparent how it plays out.

  5. 2017 July 7 9:34 am
    bc3b permalink

    The number of people in the workforce is at an all-time high, but the unemployment rate is up because so many more people are looking for work (and now considered in the workforce).

  6. 2017 July 7 11:16 am
    bc3b permalink

    It appears Trump’s European trip is going very well. The media will not be pleased:


    Trump and CNN are having polar opposite weeks.

  7. 2017 July 7 12:46 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Its always about the money, $$$$$. —

    Watch $TWX stock price to see if effective.#CNN is worth $10 billlion of the $85 billion deal.At $89 CNN is worth zero.Current price is $101 https://t.co/Vboca6c97i

    — Ed (@DowdEdward) July 5, 2017

    The numbers the poster is referencing is TWX share price. This is GamerGate level play against a news org. I don’t think they have the resources to ‘win’ let alone respond adequately.


  8. 2017 July 7 1:21 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Illinois passes first budget in two years. It includes a 32% income tax increase.


    It’s a good thing JBoz is filthy rich.

  9. 2017 July 7 1:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “It’s a good thing JBoz is filthy rich.”

    Or maybe just filthy after the taxes hit. Get ye outta there JBoz, it ain’t going to be healthy in the long run. This will just be the first of many increases to come.

  10. 2017 July 7 2:23 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Why the rationale for low capacity mags are false — https://youtu.be/MCSySuemiHU — Next time I go to the range I am going to time how long it takes me to load the Mosin using zipclips.

  11. 2017 July 7 4:40 pm
    JBoz permalink

    9 & 10 – trust me, I’m outta here as soon as it’s feasible.

  12. 2017 July 7 11:44 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Time to return IL to Territory status. They can become a state again after their house is in order.

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