What a Contrast

2017 November 27
by bc3b

Contrary to claims by liberals who love the politically correctness and wallowing in white guilt, college basketball is far more popular than the NBA. Compare the buzz generated by March Madness versus the NBA playoffs. No comparison.

The same thing seems to have happened in football with college football becoming far more popular than the professional game. Take this weekend as two top five teams were upset by underdogs. The stands were packed and excitement was in the air.

The NFL, by comparison was far different. There were few exciting games and many stadiums had tons of empty seat. TV ratings have been down for two years and game attendance is following suit. Just as former fans have learned there are plenty of other things to do on Sunday than watch the NFL on TV, they are learning that they don’t need to be at the stadium on Sunday.

Many of this season’s empty seats were actually sold to season ticket holders and others who didn’t attend the games. Sunday Jets tickets were being offered for $10 on Stub Hub. These tickets had face value of $100+. While the teams receive revenue from ticket sales, they are losing revenue from the sale of overpriced beer, sodas, hot dogs and souvenirs.Next year empty NFL seats may produce no revenue.

If fans want to enjoy football, there are plenty of other options – attend a local high school game Friday night or take in a college game on Saturday. In addition to the “major five” conferences, there are mid-major colleges in the FBS, FCS schools and Division 2 and 3 games. Within 2.5 hours of Detroit, Wayne State, Toledo, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Adrian, Albion, Alma, Central Michigan, Western Michigan and Saginaw Valley all have football programs. For the cost of one person attending a Lions game a family of four can attend and spend Saturday touring the campus with the kids.

The NFL is opposing the tax plan that prohibits tax-free bonds to finance new stadium construction. It’s more than just the protests that are killing the NFL. It’s owners’ greed. poor caliber of play, games that have 11 minutes of action that take three hours to complete and the cost of attendance.

Three years ago the Golden Goose seemed unstoppable. Today it’s a very sick bird.

Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals

New York Jets

Indianapolis Colts

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Even T&A can’t bring the fans in.

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  1. 2017 November 27 8:44 am
    bc3b permalink

    Imagine a company that charges top dollar for its products, has declining quality and customer service representatives (the public face) who preach politics when you call to complain.

    That’s where today’s NFL is.

  2. 2017 November 27 8:51 am
    bc3b permalink

    Getting back to the tax free bonds for stadium construction. Studies show that, contrary to the NFL’s claims, NFL franchises are not great revenue generators for municipalities. Most of the jobs created (vendors, security, etc.) are low paying, part-time jobs.

    At least 75% of n the players live somewhere else, where they are spending the majority of their million dollar salaries.

    NFL teams play 8 home games and 2 home exhibition games (not counting playoffs). MLB teams play 81 home games. NHL and NBA teams play about 35.

    These studies also show that if people weren’t spending money on the NFL, they would be spending it in other areas of the local economy – restaurants, retailers, etc.


    San Diego and St. Louis are still standing after the NFL left town.

  3. 2017 November 27 11:57 am
    justrand permalink

    and yet, the NFL claims all their stadiums are FULL, since they count Season Ticket sales as “attendance”. And most of the media is playing along

  4. 2017 November 27 11:59 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Excellent research!
    What do you mean in the first para comparing college and pro basketball?
    I think you mean that libs will claim that Bball is less popular due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of players are black, thus racism.
    By saying college Bball is wildly popular, you refute the claim that Bball is avoided by fans, but it leaves open the charge that fans like the college version because players look “more like America” (mix of races, not black dominance).

  5. 2017 November 27 12:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Not even a fair comparison of BBall vs FBall. Madison Sq Gardens has a max seating of 21k people, and for a BBall event it is even less as they have to give up the floor capacity to hold the game. Most of the other BBall venues are similar or smaller. Seating capacity in the typical FBall venue is 60k or up.

    Disparity in attendance is structural.

  6. 2017 November 27 12:43 pm

    as for the topic…

    Sports can’t downsize quick enough, more people spending less time paying attention to it, really hope it effects college level crap as well, which is another cash cow for many of the leftist institutions around the nation.

  7. 2017 November 27 12:46 pm

    White House May Ban Staff From Using Mobile Phones

    “As part of Donald Trump’s ongoing quest to halt leaks from within his administration, the White House may ban its employees from using personal mobile phones while at work. The move is expected to “raise concerns among staff including that they’ll be cut off from family and friends” according to five administration officials who leaked the proposed ban to Bloomberg.”

    Awww poor babies might actually have to focus on their jobs while at work, why wasn’t this already done like back during last spring?

  8. 2017 November 27 12:50 pm

    “One of those items that didn’t hit the mainstream media, and sadly didn’t hit much of the alternative media, was the opening statement of Cliven Bundy’s son, Ryan, as the trial of the century began nearly two weeks ago…..”

  9. 2017 November 27 12:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    The successful college coach in most states makes more $$ than the Provost running the whole kaboodle.

  10. 2017 November 27 2:16 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    Madison Square Garden has a capacity of 19,812 for basketball. So, if the Nicks sold every seat in a 42 home game season, the total attendance would be 812,292. If the NY Giants sold each of its 82,500 seats in MetLife Stadium for an 8 game season, total attendance would be 660,000.

    By comparison, the Yankees 2017 attendance was 3,146,966 and the Mets attendance was 2,460,622.

    One of my points was that all the stadiums pictured would have been filled just two years ago. Another point is the Nicks may have fewer vendors than the Giants but they work far more games than the Giants vendors. And the Nicks vendors work half the days that Yankees and Mets vendors work.

    New York is a bad example because the same vendors likely work both the Giants and Jets games while the Madison Square Garden vendors work both the Nicks and Rangers games as well as college basketball games, rodeos and all the other MSG events.

  11. 2017 November 27 2:27 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KnightHawk –

    That’s the great thing about minor league baseball and hockey. It’s affordable family entertainment. The best seats are usually $15 dollars and there are promotions like $1 hot dog night and Thirsty Thursdays ($2 beer nights).

  12. 2017 November 27 2:44 pm

    Another Roy Moore Accuser Outed: Court Documents Reveal Tina Johnson’s Criminal and Abusive Past.

  13. 2017 November 27 3:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink



  14. 2017 November 27 3:49 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – tell the truth. You like cheap beer. Iron City Beer for YOU.

    Oh, by the way, picked up some yuengling beer yesterday.

  15. 2017 November 27 4:30 pm

    11 – I wonder if the kick backs for those concession concessions are being equally reduced? 😉

  16. 2017 November 27 4:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    gn –

    Bought some Yuengling when I was in Indiana last week.

  17. 2017 November 27 5:00 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – could always go to the arm pit of Ohio (Toledo) since Yuengling is sold in Ohio. What is that, about 50 miles from you. Buy it by the truck load.

  18. 2017 November 27 5:54 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Dems attempting to slam Pres Trump for using the word “Pocahontas”. Conservatives only want him to correct his pronunciation to “Lieawatha” or “Fauxcahontas”.

  19. 2017 November 27 6:07 pm
    justrand permalink

    The Swamp creatures do NOT want to relinquish ANY of their power. And there is no better example of the swamp than the CFPB. None.


  20. 2017 November 27 7:02 pm
    bc3b permalink

    gn –

    Actually I became introduced to Yuengling at a Toledo Mud Hens game about three years ago. Most of the Mud Hens concession stands sell Clydesdale p!ss. There is a Meijer in Ohio off I-75 just across the Michigan border so I don’t actually have to go into Toledo.

    I expect to go back to Indiana during the Christmas holidays. I will get more then. We went to Indiana Thanksgiving morning and back Thanksgiving evening so my shopping choices were limited to CVS, which wanted $20 for a case of 24 cans.

  21. 2017 November 27 7:36 pm
    JBoz permalink

    #19 – I actually met the native American gentleman Trump was talking to today when he used the Pocohontas term. He’s a Navajo Code Talker, and I spent the better part of an afternoon with him at a conference in Albuquerque. When I was watching the Trump inaugural parade in January, I saw him riding in the parade in a golf cart. He’s a true patriot, he loves this country, and I know for a fact he’s a strong Trump supporter. The fake Native American is complaining, but you will never hear this man complain about what Trump said.

  22. 2017 November 28 4:18 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “After all that men could do had failed, the Martians were destroyed andhumanity was saved by the littlest things, which God, in His wisdom, had put upon this Earth. ”

    Reading BC’s entries in #23 about Trump reminded me of that ending passage of ’53 version of War of the Worlds. Yeah odd. A Xmas card may seem like a small thing but it does send a message. Make of it what you will… (and remember he is stamping TRUMP on the judiciary that will last for a generation.)

  23. 2017 November 28 4:29 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Imagine an Israel aligned with Russia then think of the implications — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-27/putin-mediating-secret-deal-between-assad-and-netanyahu-bombshell-report-reveals — Will it bear fruit? Who knows but if it did it would start a freeze out of the US in the ME. (Thank God. We have had little interest there compared to the treasure lost doing so.)

  24. 2017 November 28 4:52 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Have we reached the point where we need to investigate the nursing staff BEFORE we go in for surgery? — https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/2017/11/26/iu-health-says-nurse-no-longer-employee-following-controversial-tweet/896178001/ — This and the GA nurses that let the Vet die leads one to wonder.

  25. 2017 November 28 7:35 am
    justrand permalink

    ==> “Richard Cordray also was not confirmed by the Senate which is otherwise required by law. President Obama gave him a recess appointment. Essentially Durbin, Warren and others want the person who is accountable to no one and who was not confirmed by the Senate to have the sole authority to appoint his successor.

    That’s what’s behind the current controversy of CFPB appointee Leandra English suing to keep her acting director’s appointment instead of President Trump’s choice of appointments, Mick Mulvany.”


  26. 2017 November 28 7:45 am
    justrand permalink

    Drdog, your ‘War of the Worlds’ comment (harking back to bc3b’s) was spot on.

    Trump is NOT who most of us would have chosen to hold back the darkness the “Progessives” desire to thrust upon us…but he’s who we got.

    Lincoln’s last choice to lead the Army of the Republic would have been a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed officer with a reputation for bombastic behavior…but that’s who he ultimately needed.

    Trump knows this…it’s why this song plays at most Trump rallies (in case you never noticed 🙂 )

  27. 2017 November 28 8:26 am
    fight on permalink

  28. 2017 November 28 8:28 am

    President Obama gave him a recess appointment”~~~~Such appointment is only good until the next congress is seated, which we now have. Trump should just send in the U.S. marshals and drag the bitch out by her hair, frog march her to the nearest lesbo lock-up.

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